Saludos from Cartagena: I Feel Alive Inside


First impressions of Cartagena are very positive

I’ve begun my first foray on the continent of South America. Ever since I landed in Cartagena I feel as though I’ve been transported into an alternate universe compared to staid life in Anglo America.

The first night went like this. A random taxi driver picked me up at the airport shortly after midnight (minimalists always take the cheapest flights) then charged me a very reasonable $5 to take me to my hotel. Right off the bat, being a gringo that speaks Spanish and who doesn’t look down on people flipped the magic switch and thus began my latest trip down the rabbit hole. (A good rabbit hole.)

As I write this, this is the first breather I’ve taken as it’s been go, go, go from the minute I got here. My driver invited me to the historic district the night I arrived. Of course, I accepted because he told me there’s “mucho movimiento” (a lot of movement) there and that’s definitely a good thing to a man who understands the lingua franca. We got there shortly after 2:00 a.m. since the tourist-heavy historic district is only minutes from my hotel. I’ve never seen so many beautiful women lined up and ready to party if you’ve got the time and the dime. It was astonishing.

Colombian women are known around the world for their beauty, and I must say I was not disappointed as my eyes first gazed upon them in person. After hanging out with several of them the past few days, I must say Colombianas are everything Anglo women are NOT. Their humanity impressed me right away, as is usual in Latin America. Easy to talk to, easygoing, non judgmental, svelte, beautiful, and feminine are adjectives that quickly come to mind.

Somehow, after driving by the Juan Valdez Torre de Reloj in the historic district several times and admiring the hot chicas I ended up in a night club. Since I was peacocking a bit (dressed up…fedora and all) I had no shortage of female attention. I felt like a parched soul ready to thirst to death in the dry desert who had found a mythical poon oasis.

I ended up dancing and drinking with a real stunner. Long, black hair. Fantastic ass. B-cup but perky breasts. Tight cutoff jeans. Loose fitting top. Light caramel complexion. She was a total babe. Think of a South American model and you’ll have an idea of what Sofia looked like. Little did I know we’d end up at my room hours later, as the sun was coming up carrying a bottle of Jägermeister and some other intoxicants with us partying in my room. We partied and talked for hours. It was so nice to share that intimacy with someone. Oddly, when sex is in abundance a man tends to think about it less and enjoy the person he’s with more.

Needless to say, when we finally enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh it was real and rich experience. Most men from my country never get to realize women like this even exist.

Final notes on this first installment. Taxi drivers often give out free samples of Colombia’s most famous export if that’s your bag. A founding philosophy of this blog is that many (if not all) drugs should be decriminalized, following the successful model of Portugal. While I don’t encourage sampling the merchandise, I don’t judge those who do. Another taxi driver I met told me these very Libertarian words which sum up my experience thus far: “Aqui en Colombia es fiesta libre.” Roughly meaning, “We do whatever the fuck we want when it’s party time.”

Indeed, true freedom of this kind is rare and so precious. I feel alive inside. This is why I travel. This is why I work so hard and have such self-discipline. So I can escape the matrix and experience real life. I already know this is going to be one of my great travel experiences, and this adventure is only beginning. In short, Cartegena nightlife and overall quality of life is world class for the Red Pill man. It doesn’t get much better than this. More soon.

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  • Yea met my Colombiana wifey there in Cartagena in 2002. Love the city, love the culture, love Colombianas. American men go to there now!!


    Not everyone, however, was glad to see them go. Among those left behind were over 300,000 people of mixed European and Indian descent, who traced their English, French, Dutch or Portuguese ancestry from the paternal line going back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Of all the European traders ( and colonists as time went on), the British gained dominance in the guise of the East India Company. At that time, few women were up to making the arduous sea voyage (and the cultural transition) from the soft green countryside of England to the searing plains of “Hindoostan”. Consequently the officers, ensigns and clerks of the Company were encouraged to marry local Indian women and their children carried no stigma of mixed blood in those far-off days.

    Later, however, with the construction of the Suez Canal in the 19th century, the travel time between the two countries was greatly reduced and women no longer hesitated to sally forth from England to join husbands or seek marriage prospects among British army and the civil service officers. They brought with them all the class snobbery and insularity of the Victorian era, and offspring of mixed descent came to be regarded with disdain.

    Where Rookh at? This is interesting…..British men fled Victorian England to settle in India, procreate with India woman, until when MEN built the Suez Canal, it was then ANGLOSKANKS went to India in droves to cause mischief such as playing an indirect role in future anti-race mixing laws between whites and locals in India. Angloskanks also spread their “snobbery” & Victorian era ideals into India, which can explain contemporary India’s caste system, and that the theory of “Indian Race Troll” who lurks on Roosh’s forums is actually “Anglo-Indian” & his Ode pious complex makes him long for that European British Angloskank mother.


    • Leeway
      It does appear that mental memes and psychoses can be handed down through generations. Even today you will seldom find a woman who wants to help a man build a kingdom but you can find many thousands to help him spend it.


  • You have good taste, RF. I am in Pereira.


  • US/Canadian/Euro & Pounds go far in Colombia….However, Angloskanks don’t go too far playing do-gooder & snitching all over the place like they do in their police state countries such as feminists falsely accusing men of crimes #Me Too shit…In Colombia & even gang-occupied narco cities in Mexico, playing a snitch is literally going into a criminal’s face & messin ghis livelihood…Thus, Angloskanks are only confined to resort areas and very gated communities because no Blue Pill donut eater Anglocuck is going do jack shit against a masculine man in Latin America!


  • Enjoy Colombia and the Colombianas!


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    This is awesome. Any man that has been awoken sees this as a success for his fellow brethren. I will be joining to travel and live abroad myself one day, for now, these reports are great to hear and keeps men like us inspired and focused on the prize: going abroad for good.

    Please keep us posted on your experiences with the Rolas, Paisas, Calenas y Costeñas.


  • Congrats on making it to Columbia, it’s a country that has long been on my bucket list. I spent the last few months in Thailand and SEA in general and return to work after five months off this coming week, the dream is over for the time being for me and has just started for you. Please do make a few posts about the various cities in Columbia and how things are there women wise.
    Have fun.


  • I am happy for you. Would that it would be as hospitable here in the US.


  • Young man, I’m not envious but I am truly glad for you. I thought you needed a break.
    Yesterday was interesting here. The best looking little lady I ever met in her age group, 50, coyly asked if I was married. This is not the first time I met her but the first time she showed initiative. This was at her workplace and I am very careful not to offend as it is possible to do so.
    Another lady, that I have fancied for some time, she’s a blonde bombshell, chose to welcome me with the most wonderful words and a stunning view of her cleavage before flitting off like a butterfly; it was her work place too. She is 21 and this was also the first time she showed initiative.
    I don’t always show the same patience but in this case it is almost time to move.
    You have to appreciate that I am an off the chart introvert, very, very picky and I play hard to get.
    Most of North America is frozen solid. It is -4 F. in Ottawa with wind chill at -20.
    Get a tan for me would you.


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