Eye Candy of the Week | December 31, 2017



Let’s close out 2017 with an exotic bang. Here’s a sexy model who’s representative of the local chicas as I write to you from South America. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for December 31, 2017 as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.

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  • JD, Herald of GenX

    Happy New Year, RF.

    Feminist stupidity is gonna go hockey-stick next year.
    But, as a direct result, so is MGTOW.
    They will keep sawing off the branch they’re sitting on.
    So, as Napoleon famously said, “Never interrupt your enemy while they’re making a mistake.”
    Keep doing you, boys.



  • Happy new year Mr. Furioso!!!


  • looks like an ugly bitch


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