Traveling the World Makes a Man Realize There is Very Little Freedom in America


Modern American propaganda makes the nation resemble a scene from They Live (1988)

America might have been founded on the principles of freedom and personal liberty, but there’s very little of those ideals left in the nation since the clandestine corporate takeover of the Land of the Fee slipped the attention of a credulous, sheeplike population. Those are tough conclusions most any awakened man will come to when he starts spending extensive amounts of time abroad.

There is much more freedom abroad than in America, particularly in Latin America for the Libertarian-minded individual. So much freedom, in fact, it makes this author realize just how much of it we have lost back home. Notions of “freedom” and “liberty” proclaimed by politicians and businessmen make a man who knows scoff at those who falsely promote them.

Here are two important examples of how the Puritan-derived prohibitions on drugs and sex in Anglo America have needlessly curbed personal liberty and contributed to the development of a leviathan police state breathing down our necks.


Leaving America is in many ways, like leaving a jail cell


Marijuana is the rage right now in Anglo America as state after state plays with convoluted legalization schemes. But I’m way past that. The entire Nixon-era Drug War needs to be ended permanently. Personally, I’d like to see cocaine legalized. I’m living proof a high-functioning adult can dabble in it without becoming a hopeless, basket case drug addict.

For instance, since arriving I’ve realized cocaine is everywhere in Colombia. Taxi drivers have been offering me free samples, virtually everywhere I go others are offering me free samples. Of course, I don’t turn them down. The men and women offering me these samples often do so in public areas with police presence. It doesn’t take a genius to reach the conclusion that police in Colombia obviously have decided lax enforcement of drug policy is better than ruling your citizens with an iron fist, pushing the drug trade into the underground and making it violent.

Has this destroyed the society creating a nation of drug addicts? Absolutely not. People in Colombia are healthier looking and healthier acting than the avaricious, slovenly slobs and welfare queens back home.

In fact, as Portugal has proven decriminalizing most drugs actually makes rates of use and abuse go down. From The Independent:

Portugal decriminalised the use of all drugs in 2001. Weed, cocaine, heroin, you name it — Portugal decided to treat possession and use of small quantities of these drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal one. The drugs were still illegal, of course. But now getting caught with them meant a small fine and maybe a referral to a treatment program — not jail time and a criminal record.

The result? The lowest drug overdose rate in Europe.

Among Portuguese adults, there are 3 drug overdose deaths for every 1,000,000 citizens. Comparable numbers in other countries range from 10.2 per million in the Netherlands to 44.6 per million in the UK, all the way up to 126.8 per million in Estonia. The EU average is 17.3 per million.

Once again, it seems to me the propaganda machine that runs America has been successful in making people terrified of recreational drugs – when in fact there’s nothing to be afraid of but a police state meddling in everyone’s lives, and ruining people’s lives with criminal records.

The Drug War demonstrably makes the drug “problem” worse, as any prohibition does. Anglo America apparently did not learn from its wildly unsuccessful prohibition on alcohol. Who’s winning the Drug War in America? The drugs.


Sex isn’t banned abroad


Each night, shortly before midnight prostitutes line up to ply their trade in front of the clock tower in the walled city of Cartagena. Johns select the lady of the night they want to spend their night with, in full view of police who are there to keep the peace – not arrest lonely guys for hiring a willing adult to enjoy some pleasures of the flesh with.

Of course, prostitution is legal here as it is in many countries.

And the whores here are some of the most stunning, beautiful women anywhere. They aren’t strung out on drugs (even though most of them WILL have powder in their purse, use of it is commonplace and modest in a tolerant society), they aren’t being taken advantage of as most of them earn more money than they would at an exploitative GloboWorldCorp job, and they don’t look down on men as the “perfect” princesses in Anglo America do.

Just imagine – the juxtaposition of militarized police throwing Johns to the ground in Anglo America (often teachers, blue collar workers, and professionals who just need to get laid) alongside the image of prostitutes working in full view of the national police in Colombia. If that doesn’t strike you as worrisome when it comes to the loss of freedom and liberty in America, nothing will.

Then imagine a society in which getting caught with drugs will get you in trouble, but at the same time possession of drugs is tolerated up to a certain point. That’s Colombia. Then you’ll see another loss of freedom and liberty.

It doesn’t take too many experiences like this to make a runaway slave want to stay gone. America can shove its fake promises of freedom. I want real freedom, not the corporate trademarked, fake kind: the freedom to consume. I do know this. When those founding fathers cried, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” they weren’t kidding. A little liberty, when given to a former corporate slave is indeed a life-changing experience. There is, quite simply no other way to live.

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  • Though I used to be anti-drug, I’m now in agreement with you, Rel. I say legalize everything; Portugal has shown us the way. Also, Prohibition was a wretched, miserable failure, so we have our own history to guide us here. All Prohibition did was make The Mafia bigger and more powerful. Finally, why is it ok to do alcohol, which causes more problems than all illegal drugs do COMBINED, but it’s not ok to do Coke?


  • The Anglosphere forced all the nations of the world to criminalize prostitution as a condition of joining the UN. Most countries just shrugged and put these silly laws on their books to be ignored as if it was a ridiculous prohibition on eating blueberries on a Wednesday. One of the best red-pill experiences for masses of Anglo men was serving in the military and being stationed over in Asia. When these men see just how normal and cheap sex is for men it helps all but the sissies amongst them realize how sick Anglobitch culture is. Sadly our presence over there has drastically shrunken, our bases in Subic and Clark were closed after we acquiesced to the female leader Corazon Aquino kicking us out of the PI. Liberals let us lose Vietnam, the end of that conflict ended our need for airbases in Siam, the Japanese want us out of the bases in Okinawa due to gangbangers in our military going on crime sprees. And the Korean presence is drastically reduced not to mention a newly affluent ROK with Anglo style “feminism” anti-prostitution pograms. Now the poor boys who join up get stuck in the sands of the middle east, not the boys playground of Asia, and don’t get the same red-pilled experience.


  • I agree with what you say definitely for the most part. All drugs and prostitution should be legal and cops are ALL over the roads harassing you for driving a few miles an hour over the speed limit. BS. BUT….I carry weapons for defense everywhere I go and I’m well trained so at least I have a chance if a criminal decides to try to harm me. Contrast that with Brazil where my buddy a native was himself kidnapped, and they will murder you for $10. Same in many other Latin American countries. For me, my hot button is self defense and guns and until I’m free to carry them in other countries the legal pot, pussy and lax overt authoritarian police presence doesn’t equal more freedom.


  • Just read that the DOJ is back in action on persecuting marijuana crimes after they loosened things back in 2013. Great job guys! Get those evil weed sellers and users!! tax payer dollars well spent as always.


  • I don’t even do any drugs but want it legalized. Our jails are overflowing with drug “criminals”. No ones life should be ruined for getting a buzz now and again. Alcohol is legal and can cause problems too but as we saw, criminalizing it just booster organized crime to new levels. Much like the “war on terror”, the war on drugs is a waste of time and cannot be “won”. Same goes for sex-we have tons of sexual imagery everywhere in the US but heaven forbid we actually have sex, the most natural thing you can do next t eating and sleeping. Busting johns and hookers is another colossal waste of law enforcement as well. TO ruin a man’s life over getting laid is beyond insane. If both parties are consensual, who gives a shit? Who is getting hurt by a guy getting his rocks off for cash? If a girl wants to make some side cash boning lonely guys, it should be no ones business but hers and the clients. I’ve met escorts and they are for the most part normal chicks just hustling for cash to pay off debts, loans, etc…


  • Sex is overtly overpriced in the Anglosphere, even in Canada with its lower exchange rate than the US dollar.
    C$120 for full service? That would get you way more mileage and poon in Colombia.
    I’ve heard men getting an entire night of a Colombian escort’s time for US$50, with the usual cocoa powder to boot.

    George Bush jr, tradcuck of America, tried to coerce Brazil into criminalizing prostitution, but how come Angloskanks don’t criminalize when Angloskanks posts videos of themselves fully naked with children in sexual poses? Fuck George Bush, fuck Angloskanks, and fuck the feminist infestation in America.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    When a countries government needs to constantly remind people of how free they are, it shows how unfree they really are to the trained eye. If you feed people a lie long enough, they’ll believe it.


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