Fox News Host Jesse Watters Eats Steak as He Debates Feminist Vegan


Jesse Watters eats a thick steak in front of a self-righteous, feminist vegan

Ever notice that like feminists, their sickly cohorts – vegans – enjoy loudly passing judgment on supposedly inferior, knuckle-dragging men who not only like sex, but (gasp!) also enjoy eating meat?

Our latest foray into the land of deranged women comes from the normally irrelevant, plain vanilla MSM. A feminist vegan (who looked pale, sickly, and yellow, in her Fox News interview like most vegans) recently descended from her perch inside the moldering halls of an institution of higher learning institution of lower living to blame – you guessed it – meat eaters for fostering the evil, evil patriarchy. From Meninist:

Over the weekend, Fox News host Jesse Watters decided to troll a Penn State University doctoral candidate who he invited on his show. This specific young woman was arguing the point that her studies in Argentina showed that the presence of meat reinforces gender stereotypes.

Let’s examine some of Anne DeLessio-Parson’s academic gobbledygook she espoused during the interview.

In patriarchal societies where hegemonic masculinity implies an imperative to eat meat, vegetarianism disrupts food culture, raising questions about how vegetarians do, re-do, and rework gender. Analyzing 23 interviews in La Plata, Argentina, I find that the narratives of conversion and social pushback reported by women and men expose gender enactment and social reinforcement of the binary. At times, vegetarians compensate by drawing on scripts of femininities and masculinities that uphold difference, e.g. women cook meat and reassure meat-eaters; men make rationality-based claims and demonstrate strength.

What? Eating meat is associated with masculinity? Hmm. Sounds pretty sexist to me, Anne. I know a lot of women who enjoy eating meat, too. If this doesn’t illustrate how far Western academia has fallen, nothing will. Also, notice the important subtext: Anglo feminists are doing their best to infect Latin America with their cultural degeneracy and misandry. She did her research in Argentina for a reason.

Anne goes on. Grab some Excedrin before trying to untwist this hamster-wheeling, logical pretzel she twists:

Yet in other moments, vegetarians defy attempts to hold them accountable to gendered social expectations. Women, for example, assert authority over their diets; men embody rejection of the meat-masculinity nexus by adopting a worldview that also rejects sexism and racism. I contend that in such a context, we cannot separate the ways people ‘do vegetarianism’ from how they ‘do gender.’ Doing vegetarianism in interactions drives social change, contributing to the de-linking of meat from gender hegemony and revealing the resisting and reworking of gender in food spaces.

Gender stereotypes evolved for reasons that have little to do with meat. Women are better at some things than men; and vice versa. Feminists never realize that trying to turn themselves into the very men they hate rather than embracing their female qualities is the height of irony. Feminism is, at its core about women trying to be men rather than trying to be women. How’s that for a gender study?

So, where does feminism and veganism lead? If the priests of these liberal creeds have their way, we’ll all be reduced to herbivores. Those who know biology know men are meat-eaters, and we always have been meat eaters. Our anatomy helps prove the fact man and meat are inseparable because top-level predators have forward-facing eyes rather than side-facing eyes. Forward-facing eyes give men the depth perception necessary to hunt and kill animals for food. (Cows and other herbivores have eyes on the sides of their heads to help them see all around – scanning the landscape for predators.) Meat-eating gave us the nutrition we needed to become a successful species.

It seems women marinated (pun intended) in toxic, man-hating Anglo culture want to drag the entire human species down to prey status. Deranged feminists want us to become cud-chewers rather than meat eaters. Their lack of understanding of biology is also plain to see in other ways, as it confuses them about penises, vaginas, and gender.

Luckily, Fox News host Jesse Watters had producers bring out a nice, thick steak laid that he proceeded to enjoy in front of the haggard-looking harradin. The interview ends with Anne calling for universal healthcare for animals (mind you – this is a doctoral candidate at a once-respected American university) and Watters asking how America can afford it now that the nation is $20 trillion in debt and sinking faster than the Titanic after hitting ice in the North Atlantic.

Ultimately, the interview makes for a cutesy challenge to feminist doxy, but TNMM would have liked to see Watters getting in Anne’s face a little bit more. He did do a nice job making a mockery out of her. At least feminists are now getting some pushback from mainstream media outlets.

In a related story, millions of college graduates like Anne can’t repay their student loans because they can’t find real jobs after creating nonsensical narratives like “meat-eating fosters the evil patriarchy”. The implosion of the education bubble looms.

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  • *”Feminists never realize that trying to turn themselves into the very men they hate rather than embracing their female qualities is the height of irony. Feminism is, at its core about women trying to be men rather than trying to be women. How’s that for a gender study?”*

    Nailed it!!

    Any retarded bitch tells me that eating meat is a symptom of toxic masculinity will have me deliberately ordering the juiciest steak I can find, sitting down right in front of her, and eating it with gusto….then I will loudly proclaim, “do you have a problem with that?…..there’s the door, don’t let it hit you on the way out”


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Oh this is rich …

    A badboy in a suit sits in front of a hectoring mother figure so we can see the stereotypes in action.



    This wasn’t about civil discourse: if you watched this crap at all and took it seriously, you were the one being made fun of.


  • Bad ass dive watch, probably a Rollie, that he has the nutsack to wear with a suit. COOL.


    • He has never been diving more than 50 feet and he is not going diving in a $2,000.00 suit.
      You miss the point and I’m wondering what you are doing here?
      Maybe you have a smart ass comment to contribute or maybe you have something intelligent to say that you are reticent to present for some reason.
      Hey, give it your best shot.
      That last one was pitiful.
      If you need a cheap watch to feel better I have a couple available for connoisseurs such as you.
      Otherwise, men stand up hereabouts. More every day.
      Come on!


      • A Rollie is a Rollie Fuckface.


      • Rolexes are actually a very poor value in a watch. Or for precious metal value, or for any other reason at all.
        Actually, the only reason the Swiss have a reputation for their watches is because they invested gadzillions of dollars in advertising, and, they got the Tank watch, which I like fundamentally for construct and not because it was inserted in the War meme.
        The French make much better watches, for the money, and, have have made the vast, by far, majority of improvements in watches and clocks for 400 yrs at least. The Swiss like the Japanese, are copiers. They are incredibly conservative and non creative.
        Comparatively, Rollies!!! are pieces of shit. The Germans make far better for far less.
        I would, and do, go for the French Yema, if you can find one, Kamatz or Beuchat, by far, for value, cachet, functions and look. You can pay more for others but why would you. Got money to burn???
        It will cost you 240.00 USD + every 5 to 10 years to clean, lubricate and adjust your Swiss dysfunctional watch???
        You can go for Rollies if you like. Just as you can go for cheap ass street whores too.
        Have a nice day, or hour, or minute, or second, or tenth of second, or, in my case, twentieth of a second with a Kamatz which I love. No, I will not except bids.
        Now, lets talk about the best woman if you ever had one.
        I had at least a hundred and would relish discussing them one by one. Though, not necessarily with you.
        Wait, that’s one calling now. Excuse me please.


  • In case you need a reminder, here are some good reasons not to be vegan/vegetarian
    from the world`s (in my opinion) foremost authority on nutrition, dr. Loren Cordain.


    • The Doctor’s poor arguments and his admission of being old and tired does not help him.
      Iron and covalents, principal being magnesium, can be found in many plants of which one is particularly suited to all mammals and birds and even for women and their greater need for regular Iron nutrition; Rose Hip, the fruit of the Wild Rose, assists women in particular and men in general with phenomenal nutrition including Vit’s. A, several B, C, D, E, K and minerals Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium and IRON and probably others. Other parts of that plant provide valuable enzymes, deworming agents, energy, anti-virals, and another 300+ known chemicals with several hundred beneficial activities. B-6 is included and maybe B-12 though I have not seen a statement of that.
      B-12 and Vit D are available from several yeast strains.
      Fermented vegetables come to mind as culture agents for a host of essential vitamins.
      Fact is that we require very little meat and are generally far better off with fish as a protein, vitamin and mineral source than land meat of any kind. Meat raised and processed in North America is becoming unacceptable to every other country in the world.
      Further, a great many diseases of our time can be traced directly to too much meat consumption. Number one would be constipation. From that come hundred of diseases including terminal ones, like many types of cancer, and just uncomfortable ones, like hemorrhoids.
      There are well over 100 different parasites hazardous to human health found in various meats.
      Cooked meats have common carinogenic agents.
      Notwithstanding the forgoing I eat no more than 2 lbs of lamb a month, 1 pound of fish, 2 dozen eggs, 2 lbs of cheese usually goat. I often eat half of those quantities. If I had a real woman to train it would be less than that. In addition, I consume all kinds of fruits, veggies, lentils, nuts. All of which are organic or wild harvest, normally.
      I am in far better overall health than anyone I meet my own age and even most people a third of my age who all eat crap.
      There is little justification for more than a modicum of meat and dairy consumption. More will most likely, in all cases, lead to disease.
      Supplements have little benefit unless they are the most expensive and advanced formulations which will cost you several hundred dollars a month.
      Whole foods, not standardized extracts, are the best diet.
      Ideally, all diets should strive for, fundamentally, a 3:1 potassium/sodium balance as this directly drives the intracellular pump ability to flow nutrients in and waste out of the cell.
      Sufficient clean, alkaline water is required for all body organic, organic, functions and most people are dehydrated. 2% dehydration can cause mental disorder and 4% death.
      In summary, you could live only on meat and you would die a very early death.
      This is the nutritional summary that allopathic/pathological doctors and dietitians disregard. It has been fairly well known for almost 500 yrs.
      You read it here first.


      • Loren Cordain is doing fine. He`s 67 i think, but generally doing well.
        I don`t know how closely he follows the diet himself though.
        Diet alone can not stop aging though, but not elevating Insulin/IGF by avoiding
        carbs will slow down the rate of cell proliferation, and thereby the process of ageing and
        the chronic diseases that follow. Most Vegetarians end up mainly consuming grains/legumes, which in addition to accelerating cell proliferation-telomere shortening, will glycate proteins and lipids, and often cause autoimmune and allergic reactions.

        -Meat/animal fat is not a carcinogen, and is highly nutritious. (not processed meats mind you.)
        If you cook meat with sugary barbecue sauce it`s not the meat that causes the problems.

        -Parasites in meat is a vegan myth. (Again I`m talking about “real” meat)

        -Check out Mat Lalonde`s extremely well researched nutrition density chart.
        Organ meats, muscle meats and vegetables win, in that order.

        -PH balance is regulated very efficiently by our cells. Another Vegan myth.
        (although sugars will promote loss of bone density via insulin resistance-calcium loss, and
        training your metabolism to burn sugar/starch, which means proteolysis of intra-skeletal muscle
        when sugar is not available.)

        I totally agree that eating a lot of veggies(and also fermented veggies) is a great idea.
        Modern “fruit” however have been cultivated to contain levels of fructose that will promote ageing and disease for the reasons I described above. Paleo folks generally consume a lot more veggies than would be typical for the SAD though, and also more than many vegetarians, since they are usually grain/legume based as I mentioned.
        Remember however that nothing in nature really want`s wo be eaten. So all vegetables have
        defences in the form of anti-nutrients. Even spinach has oxalates that interfere nutrient absorption. Animals defence against predation is to fight or run. Hence meat does not have this
        problem. So a balanced diet of Meat, seafood and vegetables is clearly the best way to go.
        And this is also the foods we evolved with. Modern bananas for example is a very novel food in human history, like grains, refined sugar and seed oils.


      • Hi JohnnyVee
        I reiterate for emphasis in argument with your position as a whole; the intra-cellular pump is the primary control you have over aging.
        Water, potassium, sodium, in balance as required, is the key to nutrient supply and waste removal. Residual waste is what kills us the fastest. Exercise makes the pump work. Work is exercise. Yin Yang, round and round.
        All nutrients in sufficiency is the engine as provided in Rose hips and other special wild foods.
        Rose, according to Dakota-Sioux legend, was the first flower/fruit and, according to the Cherokee, i is the senior of that kingdom and all other kingdoms. Indians knew a lot.
        All native peoples had and have considerable problems with lack of internal cleansing and immune response. Each tribe has their preferred medicines though there are thousands available. This was due to two specific aspects of their diets; excessive animal products many of which were contaminated with parasites as a norm for that species. I.e. bear, boar, rabbit and others. Pig in the store has parasites of all types which people consume and breed till death, Candida albicans, recognized as a bacteria but is pleomorphic, is most notable amongst those; and excess grains which were relatively easy to harvest once cultivation began several 10’s of thousands of years ago. That which is easy, or cheapest, is not usually best.
        Rose hips and other produce of that plant, wild, assist in rectifying those problems in too many ways to mention. As do other fruits, carbs, and veggies, starches, as available to satiation.
        The North American Indians lived into their 100’s until they took the white man’s poisons of sugar and alcohol. Then they lost their strength and immune systems and were 98% wiped out within 50 yrs. Every sickness that the white man carried, in their average life span of 40 yrs. they gave to the Indians along with their poisons.
        What we have left today, is a pale shadow in ourselves, of the first humans; the red man.
        Meat as a primary food is not healthy but nor is any other. Biblical meats and seafood within reason. All others are contaminated for humans.
        Lots of alkaline water and everything else in balance.
        Cooked meat,not burnt, is safest and easiest to digest in conjunction with plant enzymes.
        We only need one crisis now to decimate the entire human race world wide.
        There are very, very few humans alive who could endure an average native day of even 100 yrs ago let alone 200 ys ago.
        We are in sad shape and the first global pandemic will wipe us out 80-90%.
        If you have not had a cold or flu in 10 yrs you might be OK. If you recover from sprains in a month and breaks in 3 months you might be OK.
        Otherwise, I assure you, from 60+ yrs of practice, error and correction, we have a big challenge far beyond getting some pussy.
        We have to keep the pussy alive. They don’t even know how to shop let alone cook.


      • I would say that the data suggest that short telomeres, oxidative damage in general, and glycolysis are the main causes of aging. If you are referring to lymph movement caused by movement, yes that is a good thing. Moderate exercise also impact tons of genes in favourable manner.

        I don`t agree on the parasites though. Cooked, well sourced meat will not have parasites
        living in it. Also the cooking process would kill any larva etc. Offal can contain worms yes,
        but with modern health and hygiene that is really an obscure problem. Wild berries can
        also be contaminated with intestinal worms from animal urine etc, so their is no guarantee. But we want to emulate the exercise and dietary habits of hunter-gatherers, not their lacking food safety etc.

        Rosehips are great, good source of vitamin C if I remember correctly. I`m experimenting with adaptogenic herbs in tea form these days. Can recommend that if you`re into herbal remedies.
        Backed up by a lot of studies as well. I`m doing this tea at the moment with great results;

        BTW: Candida overgrowth, like dandruff, like acne, like caries are all caused in various ways
        by dietary sugar, starches, caffeine and even alcohol.


      • I would suggest that the data is incomplete, leading to wrong conclusions, and that, in measurable fact, ‘failure to deliver nutrients, including especially water and oxygen, and remove waste, which would ultimately entirely clog the pump, is directly responsible for death and anything else could otherwise be accommodated’.
        Furthermore, Candida Albicans overgrowth, abbreviated C.A., precedes Cancer, abbr. as CA, ALWAYS according to Quinlan and others.
        Yes, I admit to speculating on that even prior to my reading Quinlan’s statement 10 years ago. However, I believe Raymond Rife speculated on that 50 yrs ago and Beauchamp more than 100 yrs ago in spite of Pasteur’s misgivings, ignorance, arrogance or stupidity.
        Notwithstanding the forgoing, undoubtedly, Candida thrives in an anaerobic environment rife with refined carbohydrates i.e. simple sugars, processed grains, reticulated alcohol.
        Though commonly accepted that Candida is native to humans I pointedly reject that entirely assumed notion and state that Candida is acquired at birth while in the birth canal or ingested by age 5 in the provided diet.
        The nature and behavior of Candida A. strongly suggests it is not native to human hosts, which is the almost universal argument. The nature and behavior of humans suggest they are almost entirely ignorant of their place in the universe.
        Though certainly parasites can be acquired in the wild, or the grocery store, through unwashed produce it was not native practice to neglect basic hygiene. Indeed, the red man on the whole was/is, whenever possible even while living in deprivation, far more hygienic than the white man except for ignorantly adopting the white man’s stupid habits; like uncleanness and fornication. They, the red man/woman, paid dearly but it is not required we do so also at this time.
        Since I have no fear of ostracization, nor much fear of the badge and the gun, I reject Paine’s warning.


  • Are feminists from the Anglohell going to attack men because their farts stink worse than men because their digestive system ferments foods longer by at least 5 to 12 hours extra than men? That’s why females cannot consume alcohol because their livers can’t process it like men.
    If you give an empowered women red meat to eat, she will fart like it’s smelling worse than decomposed roadkill at the Interstate highway at 98 degree weather!


  • It finally got to the point where a talk show host would eat a steak in front of a vegan guest. This is how far feminist lunacy has gone. It is good that she got some pushback in the most demonstrable way.


    • It was never about the virtues of eating veggies over meat. It was always about finding something to beat over the heads of men.


  • The only outcome that misandrists are de-working to is a communist state, period.
    These loons are being handed doctorates for useless theories, in exchange for student loan debt servitude…


    • Yeah, just remember that loons are calling for a reason.
      That is, a male, with reason, who can subdue them from their own destructive wants.
      Otherwise they will go and fuck a dog expecting something different.
      Such is what history tells us.


    • Student loan debt servitude will soon be forgiven. It’s up on a tee for any politician to use for votes. It’s mostly females who go into massive debt for useless degrees so, of course, our culture must save the damsels in distress aka ‘ass kicking, fight like a girl girls’. Also, the ‘wage gap’ will kind of justify it. Student loans will be forgiven and likely it will be 85-95% of the forgivees who will be female. That will be the next male-to-female wealth transfer as more men go MGTOW, forego rape frenzy colleges, get a skill early, minimalize, save….and congratulations Galt! You get to pay for McKayla’s women’s studies degree debt of 80k.

      It’s so over. Trump is the last roundhouse prayer punch of the overwhelmed conservative American. He’s not the beginning of the turnaround. Be smart because some real hopeless shit is on the way.


      • Student debt cannot be forgiven. It alone would collapse the global economy. It would also expose the fraud for what it is; degrees that are not worth a dime.
        No, it is far more likely that a massive move to collect it at any cost will be undertaken. Prison or slavery or both. Indentured servitude is still legal in ‘death bonds’, that is mortgages, and student loans, apprentice obligations.
        Meanwhile, Ontario has scheduled Guaranteed Annual Income and the accompanying hyperinflation.
        Buy silver young men, and old.


      • “a massive move to collect it at any cost will be undertaken. Prison or slavery or both.”

        Hilarious, man. It’s mostly women who took on the debt and can’t come close to paying it back, due to their own spending and their hobby degrees (poetry, art, sjw horsheshit).

        Skilled, minimalist Galts who stack paper will be increasingly targeted to pay for Madison, Kendall and McKayla’s ‘Solipsism as Science’ women’s studies, social justice degrees.

        Women barely get jailed for murder. You think they’ll be ‘enslaved’ as a result of being victimized by the ‘pay gap’?

        They’ll get their money refunded due to all the rape they endured at uni, lol.

        What you’re basically saying is the females will be held accountable. HILARIOUS. They vote as a group. They can vote themselves out of accountability and have been doing so for 50 years now, if not more.

        Can’t wait to see a bunch of 32 year old ex Kappa Kappa Gammas being ‘enslaved.’ Laughable


  • “It can’t get any worse, we have reached the end of sanity and next comes the nuke.”

    Unfortunately it can and will probably get worse although I can’t wrap my mind around what the next boneheaded idea will be. I never even though we would get this far. It’s like a slow motion train wreck- you can’t help but watch in horror in what you know is going to happen.

    When you hear crap like this from a Penn Educated woman is there any wonder why no one will take them seriously anymore ?


    • I do take them seriously.. They are calling for help. They are not getting it, and won’t get it, on their own.. You young man, must, step up to the plate. Yeah, you!


  • Universal healthcare for animals- seems a bit non sequitur for a Vegan- Or maybe she is referring to Cats only. Seems this is the most likely animal to share her hours. I wonder how she thinks that a Cat scan ( pun intended ) for every animal or a MRI if fluffy looks a bit funny would be paid for. Women just get stranger and stranger


  • That’s just perfect. Stupid offensive host, stupid insipid guest, stupid useless subject, stupider still is our spending any time at all reviewing or discussing it.
    What does it matter whether you get your B vitamins and protein from meat or yeast?
    What matters is that you don’t eat the factory farmed meat in America if you value your life. Maybe New Zealand lamb or Argentinian beef or Organic domestic if you can find it or afford it.
    Otherwise, you might as well eat Soylent Green. It would be just as healthy for you. Human flesh must have all essential 22 aminos plus B’s. Right?!!!
    And let’s not conflate the subject of feminism with a woman trying to help the planet even without much sense to help her.
    It is men’s fault for not stepping up to the plate and batting feminism out of the park and getting a woman to submit to his higher, even if presently unqualified, authority.
    Serves you right if you don’t get any pussy.
    One thing is for sure; female want to be dominated by male but they don’t want to submit to it. Huh?
    Yeah, they want to be ruled by a king so they can be a queen, but, they want to rebel since they really should be in charge cuz…. not sure why! They will get back to us when they figure out why. And, yes, in the meantime they want to be men and not women.
    Holy fuck. We hope.
    It can’t get any worse, we have reached the end of sanity and next comes the nuke.
    Batten all hatches submerge to cruising depth, periscope up. Prepare missiles for launch.
    Nuke em all and let god, I mean Satan, sort it out.
    Where’s the Scotch?


    • Rude behaviour just lowers you to opponent’s level. While being a Vegan has some positives, the man just acted like an Ass and only validated her arguments.

      But then, TV news isn’t news; it’s just infotainment. (Break to a Commercial for Penis Pills or some such.)

      Just a thought.



      • Absolutely agree with your concluding statement.
        That must surely be the worst, stupid or even foolish, behavior of a TV host I have ever seen. Made more arrogant and poignant by the woman’s obvious conviction of her beliefs. There is wrong, in which I consider her beliefs the same as my ignorance at one time, and there is wrong, in which I consider his behavior to be in the extreme realm of total tom foolery. How the producer ever went along with it??? How did the advertisers go along with it?
        You are correct that TV, and movies also, has reached the level of Romes debauchery and inhumanity. What next?
        As a rule, I watch no TV which has not been vetted by my news aggregators; None!
        I watch no movies for which I have not seen several trailers and reviews. None.
        The older you get, the more precious time becomes. Not your life, as we know not the hour of death, but time with which we can do much.

        As an aside; your comment has to be one of the most balanced and respectable I have read online in 23 years.
        Hope you are active.


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