5 Tips to Maximize Savings for the Minimalist Traveler


Spend more time outside the matrix with these common sense travel tips

You’ve worked hard and saved money using TNMM articles on minimalism to use for world travel and exploration. But, what to do now? Blow your wad all at once, or try to stay gone as long as possible from the matrix? You should already know what we recommend. Don’t know about you, but when GloboWorldCorp treats people like crap in order for them to enjoy the “privilege” of earning some of the master’s money – the awakened man makes these bastards work just as hard to get it back.

Here are 5 easy ways you can save money and maximize your travel investment now that you’re ready to go live some “real life” off the GloboWorldCorp plantation. All these methods are Relampago tested and approved ways to save some bucks on international travel.

5. Fidelity Debit Card. The Fidelity Gold Visa Check Card/Debit Card is a fantastic way to keep from being needled with incessant ATM fees when you’re abroad. While the Fidelity web site touts the virtues of having ATM fees automatically reimbursed stateside, Rel has been using the card to get international ATM fees reimbursed. ATM fees are automatically reimbursed at machines with the Visa, Star, and Plus logos – which means virtually anywhere. Depending on how often you decide to withdraw cash, this could amount to big savings. Signing up for a Fidelity account is easy, and funding the account is also easy on the Fidelity web site.

4. Get a Cashback Rewards Credit Card. Rel uses Capital One’s Quicksilver cash back card (1.5% cash back) and a Discover “it” cash back card (2% cash back). Book your flight with the card that suits you best. Most importantly, pay off the card before the grace period expires to avoid losing any money you saved. On $1,500 worth of travel, that’s $30 in savings – which amounts to a couple of “free” nights at a low-end, minimalist style hotel abroad.

3. Book Flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Flying on off-peak days is the only way to go. Mondays and Fridays are obviously busy, as are fly dates around holidays. By being smarter about choosing fly dates when prices are low, the minimalist man can literally save hundreds of dollars on airfare with each trip, and potentially thousands of dollars per year. Additionally, if time allows, try bidding on airfare on Priceline. Rel has saved an average of $150-200 per trip by doing smart bidding on Priceline vs. paying retail.

2. Catch a Bus to Major Airport Hubs. Yeah, everybody hates the bus. But what’s more important? Saving money or coddling yourself? When every dollar counts, the minimalist man chooses saving money. As an example, Rel recently caught a bus from DC to Miami for $79. During his travel dates, an equivalent flight would have cost $400. The sum of $321 in savings might not sound like much to some, but once a man realizes how much freedom, amusement, and food that will purchase him abroad he’ll no longer quibble with sacrificing to maximize his travel funds. As another example, Rel also caught a bus to Chicago for $79 and flew to Asia for $660 by choosing his bookings the smart way.

1. Eat and Sleep Cheaply. Don’t be like the American tourists who go into Señor Frogs and pay $70 for some watered down drinks and a soggy, bad taco salad. Do yourself the favor of leaving the tourist areas and getting out to where real life happens. Some of the best meals a man can ever have cost $5 or so at street vendors. Often, better than $50 meals at white tablecloth restaurants. In addition, when taking a break from street food and eating at restaurants choose wisely. Don’t waste money on food when there are so many good meals to be had for incredibly low prices.

Additionally, there are many good hotels that are harder to find than the well-promoted corporate chains. But, there are web sites to help you find these mom and pop establishments. Booking.com and Hotels.com are two sites Rel frequents. If you’re looking for a basic bed, WiFi, and A/C, you can find reputable hotels for $15-20 a night in many destinations. The difference between a $19 a night hotel and $35 a night hotel might not sound like much until a man looks at the total cost of his stay. Over a month’s time, staying in the $19 a night room saves $500 – enough for another flight to and from many world destinations.

These considerations will help ease the burden travel places on a man’s wallet. The wisdom of Ben Franklin stating “A penny saved is a penny earned” goes double when the minimalist knows his penny will go twice or three times as far outside the matrix as in it. Be safe, and have fun.

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  • It’s best that let THE ANGLOSKANKS pay for their US$400+ a night (an entire month’s salary for those in the Caribbean except Cayman Islands, US territories, British territories and European departements of course!)
    Angloskanks price up everything into Bubbles like Soy Boy Chinese “foreign investors”.


  • Thanks for the tips man, always good to learn more ways to save. Here are some from me to share:

    •Book flights on a VPN from a country with less gross income, ie Mexico. The airlines oftentimes offer lower rates to these regions.

    •Another card to add is the Aspiration checking account. It may require less for approval

    •Use the Skiplagged app to snag ‘hidden’ flights. Here’s an example of one I used: A flight from Lima, Peru to Atlanta was over $900, but a flight from Lima to Austin with a layover in Atlanta was $350. Only caveat is that you can’t check bags, and that’s fine, because if you are checking bags you probably packed too much shit anyways. At the ticket counter don’t let on that skipping the last leg is your intention- they could deny you the flight. It’s all legal, and the airlines have sued and lost. Fuck them for offer dumb ass ticket prices.

    •Pack protein or meal replacement bars, so you don’t have to eat the overpriced and bland airport food. Customs will not take the prepackaged bars

    •Don’t exchange money at the airport- get it done before you go, or use an exchange booth in the city. You will get fucked in the airport- I have seen people in line to get hosed for a minus 25% + exchange rate. The airport ATM’s offer a decent rate, but it’s just best to have the money part sorted before you arrive for less stress.


  • That one’s a keeper for the travel folder!


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