On Sale: Rearview Retrospective, The Best of 2017 from TNMM


eBook cover above, Table of Contents below

Now available…a compendium of our best articles from The New Modern Man for 2017! Included are 20 articles and 125 pages in total in this new eBook. Download a free sample of the eBook here. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • The Top 10 Most Popular Articles of the year
  • The Top 5 Most Commented On Articles of the year
  • An additional 5 Editor’s Pick Articles – Hand selected by Rel

Here’s the TNMM reading material the eBook has to offer:

  • The Rationalization Hamster: 10 Ways It Affects Women and Society
  • My Visit to Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Carson City, NV
  • Wine and Milk: Male and Female Sexual Market Values
  • Women Will Do Anything for an Alpha – Including Having Sex with Other Women
  • Female Expiration Dates: Women Only Offer Baggage After Age 35
  • Women and Monkey Branching
  • Feminists Want Beta Males to Pay for the Upcoming Spinster Bubble
  • Defining the Sigma Male
  • Why You Should Ignore Women
  • Even Women Are Now Saying Feminism Has Gone Too Far
  • True Ice Queens: Why High Numbers of Anglo Women Have No Libidos
  • How Does She Benefit Me?
  • Matt Lauer Taken Down as Sexual Witch Trials Continue
  • Is MGTOW the Ultimate Destination for Successful PUAs?
  • Sleeping, Drinking, Playing Pool, and Screwing in Thailand
  • 4 Interesting Situations I Saw on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand
  • When I Die, I Want to Remember How This Felt
  • Can a MGTOW or John Galt Build a Tiny House for $10,000?
  • The Gender Tax Gap: Men Pay 200% of the Taxes Women Do

All available for a lucky $7, and ready for immediate download. These top shelf articles will be good reading for years to come. As always, your support helps us continue writing and raising hell! (Rel’s first original book, ESCAPE, is also coming soon.)

Rearview Retrospective, The Best of 2017 from The New Modern Man
125 page PDF eBook | 20 of Our Best Articles | $7 

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