The Sexual Market is an Economic Market

Attractive passionate couple is having sex on kitchen.

The laws of economics are intimately linked with the human sexual market

The mysteries of the sexual market aren’t mysteries at all once logic is applied and a few lessons from economics gleaned. The sexual market, as with all markets of man is an economic one. It’s just that the sexual market is the supreme economic market of mankind, reigning over all the others. Get left out, i.e. live life as a “broke” low-SMV male and become a masturbating incel and/or genetic dead end.

On the topic of sexual and economic markets, Days of Game typed up this succinct description of how the human sexual market operates, and how it conforms to the rules of other economic markets:

I don’t understand the manosphere’s interest in “hypergamy.” It’s the most obvious thing… girls are looking for the best opportunity. That’s not girls… that’s everyone.

And then: Eggs are expensive, sperm are cheap. Got it.

So… girls have more bargaining power, and thus… a lot of guys lose (due to low SMV)… and girls hop around (because they can)… as that egg is in demand (until it isn’t).

Why does this need a billion hours of analysis?

This particular research continues the pattern of underwhelm: A seller with a high-demand product (her pussy), that can find more and more markets (online)… can charge a higher price, and/or burn more potential buyers (for fun or profit).

Econ 101.

Indeed, there’s a lot of overlap between financial and sexual economics. And it is simpler than most men realize.

Women are “sellers” of sex and men are “buyers” of sex. Men pay for it whether or not they realize it. Some guys leave a $100 on the nightstand after a ONS with a pro with a mouth like cocaine. Others have their entire life savings siphoned off and end up living under a bridge for a frigid piece of Anglo ass. The price of entry into the tunnel of love is dependent on numerous factors: supply and demand of sex. Supply = Number of women willing to spread her legs for the average guy. Demand = Male thirst.

There’s one looming conclusion that the awakened man must come to when he realizes the sexual market is an economic one. As TNMM has revealed countless times in the past: Marriage (and relationshits) become sophisticated forms of prostitution when seen through this new set of glasses. Every woman has her price. And sex is never free. Even in the animal kingdom, females trade sexual favors for resources and/or good (bad boy) genes. Even if you think you’re getting it for free, you’re paying in ways you haven’t yet realized.

About the only quibble with the above statement from Days of Game one can find is his diminishing the importance of hypergamy. Hypergamy is an important concept to know because many men are oblivious to the fact women are keenly aware of socioeconomic status while to men such status in a potential poon conquest is largely unimportant. In layman’s terms, men will fuck a hot bitch regardless of if she comes from a poor background or not. How often do we see men marrying hotties who happen be broke, and how often do we see women marrying broke guys? Answer that question and you’ll have an idea of how things work with hypergamy.

That said, we must not always conflate sexual economics with money. In sexual economics, social dominance is more important than economic dominance because social dominance often leads to economic dominance, while idiots with more money than brains end up getting used by women and the world. (The reptilian brains lurking inside all women subconsciously know this, which is why you want to be Alpha Fucks guy and not Beta Bucks guy.)

The takeaway lesson is, study economics and you will understand the human sexual market far better than those who cling to notions of love.

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  • Furioso… my thanks for the mention, Sir. I appreciate it.

    >> About the only quibble with the above statement from Days of Game one can find is his diminishing the importance of hypergamy.

    I have two POVs about this, actually.

    For MAINSTREAM GUYS (what we call “bluepill”), yeah… just get that women are after the best deal, and that there is NOT SUCH THING AS CONTRACT WITH A WOMAN. No such thing. So that means,they are opportunists. Emotional and romantic opportunists. If that is shocking… you might consider it for a while… and look around… you’ll see it everywhere.

    For MEN’S CULTURE GUYS (what we might call “redpill”)… this concept is used and abused. And it takes us off of our OWN opportunity, while we howl about “the womenz ain’t loyal.” It is a distraction. And a debilitating one.

    My point about MUH HYPERGAMY… is that we LOVE to talk about ALPHAs… and get uptight about MUH HYPERGAMY. They are the same concept. The girl that runs off… runs of with an “alpha” of something. Alpha vs the guy that loses. This is a psychological fear/confidence split for men. If you are talking “MUH HYPERGAMY,” that’s fear. If you’re talking ALPHA, that’s confidence.

    For “educated” men, we should spend ZERO time talking MUH HYPERGAMY. That is to be in the dust of an alpha. We should spend all our time, talking about leveling up… as that is how we claim more of the pie for ourselves. We are not going to change women. But we can move across the line into getting more than we’re losing.

    That’s a real opportunity. And when Chicken Little tries to sell you on MUH HYPERGAMY… he is trying to sell books. He is not helping us.

    Levelup… In game… or economics… or influence… or time in the gym… or better style… or all of the above. And you move forward in the pack.

    Viva daygame.


  • The juice is never worth the squeeze.


  • This is perhaps THE best evaluation of what’s “really” going on between the sexes that I’ve ever seen
    It explains perfectly the actions and behavior of women in society….but at the same time fills my life with dread knowing that I will never be lucky enough to score pussy, as I don’t and never will fit the “economic demographic” that women unconsciously choose from

    In the end, ALL women are whores bartering their extremely over priced pussy’s for those lucky enough to be very wealthy, high status and or both


    • Krypto… see the 2nd to last paragraph.

      There is an old note from guy in pickup:

      — Fame
      — Cash
      — Looks
      — Game

      For most men, realistically speaking… GAME is the easiest path. It is not EASY, but it is easier, and more direct, than anything else.

      So yes… men with “high game and low dollars” get more pussy than men “high dollars and no game.” Rich guys pay for pickup lessons all the time… that is a fact.

      It is hard, but it can be learned. I didn’t get started until 35. I had two dates today. I have two tomorrow. It can be done.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I think the description of the sexual marketplace is an extreme oversimplification. To begin with, women are far more highly valued than men and the demographics of parity does not support this. Women are acting as if there are at least four men for every one of them. Why this is happening is a big headscratcher. That it is should be painfully obvious. The problem with irrational markets is that they can stay irrational longer that you have time, money, or patience.
    I have to take issue with “eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap” argument for overvaluing women. It is a cover and it is comparing apples and oranges.
    The only thing that I see turning this market around is women hitting a brick wall in realizing there are only as many men as there are women. All this about male “thirst” is like the North Platte in summer, a mile wide and an inch deep. I hope we are getting close.


    • You’ve touched on it with “irrational markets”. Women are not rational: they decide based on how they feel right now and they crave for instant gratification. They couldn’t give a flying fuck about the demographic picture and the need to procreate. Their attention span does not encompass generations to come. Ergo, any society that loses control over its women is doomed to fail.


    • The total number of women may be near equal to that of men, but the scarcity of attractive women is real. So yes, for every attractive woman, there is easily at least four plus other men competing for them.


      • While there are unattractive women, there must be unattractive men in the same proportion. What is more to the point is the number of women with low to no libido and these account for forty percent of women.
        I can’t help feeling that this whole mess is female led and in their rush to take advantage, they are shooting themselves in the foot.


      • fuzziewuzziebear: “While there are unattractive women, there must be unattractive men in the same proportion.”

        You’re looking at it from any objective viewpoint, but women and society do not. Note that (POF?) study where the woman rated 80% of all the men’s pictures as “below average”; women also routinely rate men’s bodies as “unattractive” – – they have captured/distorted the market through bending the curve of defined beauty. By merely being male, you have an 80%+ chance of being defined as below average in attractiveness.


    • “To begin with, women are far more highly valued than men and the demographics of parity does not support this. Women are acting as if there are at least four men for every one of them. Why this is happening is a big headscratcher. ”

      Now we move into evolutionary biology.

      — Getting pregnant is physically dangerous, and challenges survival
      — Raising a baby is a tax that goes on for years


      >> I have to take issue with “eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap” argument for overvaluing women.

      Guys can sex and run. Girls, not so much. “eggs are expensive, sperm is cheap”

      So girls SCREEN… for men that might stick around and help with children. That creates a sexual bottleneck, with buyers taking their time and sellers increasingly horny.

      That drives up the value of the buyer’s purchasing power… thus, women have a lot of power.

      It’s not scarcity of women… it’s scarcity of sex.


  • Eggs are expensive, sperm are cheap. Got it.

    Not quite. FRESH EGGS are expensive, non fresh eggs are as expensive as sperm. After age 20-30 those eggs are mostly useless. So a woman offers only a place to park your penis for a time. After that- they offer few things that a man can’t get ,buy, or rent for himself. So when you hear this “eggs are expensive” thing- remember the details. Kinda shakes the pedestal- doesn’t it?


  • The only thing I don’t understand is why you place such importance on women at all? They’re good for one thing and if you’re confident and indifferent you’ll get all of that one thing you ever need. Of course you need to be decent looking and not a fat slob but my general misogynistic attitude towards women has served me quite well in my 46 years.

    Women are such simple creatures and once you understand how they work you can leverage exactly what you want out of them.


    • Relampago Furioso

      True. But I’m trying to educate here. It took me years to learn that. I want other men to learn.


    • Thots that Hurtz

      Very useful to emphasize, Rel, especially for the nice guys who won’t ever get being confident and assertive while simultaneously being indifferent, negging, charming, approaching more, not caring about outcomes, yet caring enough to approach, pushing, pulling, dating, no-dating, and and and …. !!!

      And yes the bill does come due sooner or later.

      It’s darkly funny how as I get older I see how men pay one way or the other. Even those who think they haven’t or don’t obviously do. It’s better to accept the reality and move forward.


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