China Prepares to Dump Debt-Laden U.S. – Will Slow or Stop Buying Treasuries


The world’s largest holder of U.S. treasuries – China – is signaling its days of buying American debt are winding down

It doesn’t really come as a surprise to see a declining America with few friends in the world these days. For so long, it used its power to impose its will on the world. But these days, things have gotten so bad – the sociopaths who run the shadow government of the U.S. in a totalitarian mood of late – the imperial machinery has also been turned against its citizens.

Billionaires think projecting power onto the world stage as well as using it to oppress citizens and micromanage their lives is a good strategy. But, reality proves otherwise in a civilization built upon the foundations of freedom and personal liberty:

Senior government officials in Beijing reviewing the nation’s foreign-exchange holdings have recommended slowing or halting purchases of U.S. Treasuries, according to people familiar with the matter. The news comes as global debt markets were already selling off amid signs that central banks are starting to step back after years of bond-buying stimulus. Yields on 10-year Treasuries rose for a fifth day, touching the highest since March.

China is the single largest holder of U.S. debt, holding one-fifth of all foreign-held U.S. Treasury securities. Meaning, as everyone knows, the U.S. is heavily indebted to China. This move, China signaling it will soon refuse to bankroll the decadent U.S. will be the financial equivalent of the Titanic hitting an iceberg. China dumping American treasuries will only inspire other nations to do the same:

The market for U.S. government bonds is becoming less attractive relative to other assets, and trade tensions with the U.S. may provide a reason to slow or stop buying American debt.

Surely, the U.S. constantly trying to reinvent the wheel on gender and family structure while simultaneously debasing and marginalizing millions of hardworking, productive men with toxic feminism, a Leviathan government stripping away what few civil liberties and freedoms that remain, the jingoistic American MSM spreading hate whitey vitriol round the clock, and legislators creating a massive welfare state replete with increasingly polarized makers and takers in which the makers have to work like slaves and the takers get equivalent lifestyles without lifting a finger has nothing to do with this bombshell news. *sarcasm*

Memo to social engineers: You can’t turn the men who create your economic might into third-class citizens and expect to stay dominant in the world.

The truth is, many of us in this sector of the Internet saw the end of this corrupt empire coming at least a decade ago. Decay is a slow process, but the U.S. has cultural cancer. The oncologist’s prognostication isn’t good for the future.  As historian Ariel Durant put it: A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

Liberalism and feminism destroyed the U.S. from within. It’s all over but the crying. And the dumping of U.S. debt.

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  • “the makers have to work like slaves and the takers get equivalent lifestyles without lifting a finger”


    Great article and there are a hundred great quotes in it but this is the one that’s been on my mind lately. The “poor” (LMAO) have better lives, more kids, work less i.e. more free time, easier jobs which are often fun, quantitative jobs. Meanwhile the “successful” people are working 10, 20, even 40 hours MORE per work at very difficult, draining, stressful jobs.

    The lifestyles are the same. Same food, same entertainment, same infrastructure, same police safety net. Everyone has a car, a phone, the internet, libraries, parks, mountains, forests. IT’S THE SAME LIFE, once you get over baubles like marble countertops etc. The poor in the USA have it so well.

    I haven’t even begun to discuss the people who simply don’t have to work at all.

    I haven’t even begun to discuss degenerate, unemployed tatted up idiots who get far better tail than any given middle-aged engineer, scientist, dentist etc.

    The greatest trick ever pulled was tricking dutiful white boys into thinking that slavery is ‘success’.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    The PRC government does this kind of posturing when they want to see if they can gull other countries into toeing their party line while they do what they’re going to have to do anyway …

    It’s especially amusing to see Americans reacting to this because the United States does this sort of thing even more frequently.

    China has made a number of bad domestic investments and could stand to increase its reserves. Roughly ten years ago Chinese financial analysts were talking about China increasing its gold reserves, and the PBOC in 2015 increased its gold holdings substantially.

    So they’re going to shift more into gold as conditions permit because of a long-term policy move toward it, but of course it doesn’t hurt to give the US the impression that this shift away from US Treasuries is something they could avoid through some tactic of appeasement …

    The people most concerned with this are journalists, and that’s because they can make you want to care.


    • If I was a Chinese in China I would certainly try to get any local or international idiot to take my worthless USD for gold any time I could.
      No, I don’t care particularly but, if you take the global debt, in USD, actual or imagined does not matter, and divide it by the number of ounces of gold in existence then you have the value of gold (which is portable real estate) per ounce IN USD.
      Further, if you divide that same debt by the number of ounces of silver in existence you have the value of silver (which is REAL or Royal currency AND portable real estate) per ounce in USD.
      This is basic history and math.
      What is wrong with the tabulation figures you have arrived at versus the market stated values of PM’s? Hmmm! Worth thinking about.
      The ratio of gold to silver, or more correctly, silver to gold, is the only constant in global or household economics over eons. Not even food or water can compare. Right now it is subject to some radical correction.
      To personally err in this respect is always going to be catastrophic.
      We are approaching that catastrophe.


  • Mass emigration of minorities into predominately European white male dominated nations is the minority’s version of the appropriation of white male achievements. It’s white male oppression sprinkled with minority victimhood. Oh yeah, I said it, baby. You don’t like it? Go fuck yourself. The minority’s appropriation of the majority’s achievements – that’s what leftist white haters, capitalist haters and America haters do. It’s the victim class’s thing. Do you see how easy it is to appropriate the language of the marxist left? Feminists appropriate masculine achievements. Minorities in Murika appropriate white male achievements. If you’re a white in Mehico and/or SA, you don’t get to vote nor collect welfare. You don’t get to own property. You don’t get to attend their institutions of higher learning. Not true in America. You can come to America and have the taxpayers foot your victimhood obsessed minority azz – and your entire family’s victimhood minority azz. Come to Murika – and you too get to practice your socialism, marxism, communism, libertarianism, feminism and perpetual victimhood.

    Whites bent on overpowering minority nations are evil – but blacks and browns bent on overpowering white male dominated nations are victims? I don’t fucking think so. Leftist minorities in Murika are white male achievement cultural appropriators. LOL.


    • In other words, Whites ARE colonialist assholes, murderers, rapists, and, anyone who wants to do the same, what a surprise, is out of line?
      Yeah, you are correct.
      Thank you for your superior brain power interpretation. What a comfort and relief.
      Now, back to realitiy!


  • The basis of an economic transaction: (BUYER) You have something I want and I’m willing to pay for what you ask. (SELLER) I have something you want and I’m willing to sell it to you at a price that’s fair to me. That’s capitalism. You do capitalism every single day of your life – all day every day. Anything else is someone’s BS agenda. Anything else is socialism/marxism/communism/libertarianism. The problem in America isn’t capitalism. The problem is America is quasi-capitalism. Socialism, marxism, communism and libertarianism destroy all they touch – and they’re destroying America. What are the libertarian’s pushing? Why open borders, of course. But why are they pushing it? Open borders means corps can offshore jobs to slave labor pools and can mass import cheap slave labor; labor that can’t quit because they’re on visas. In case you’re an ignorant fuck; that’s feudalism and serfdom, folks. Libertarians are socialist-globalists feigning capitalism. Libertarians are cunning slave masters – just like the freaks we refer to as feminists.

    Feminists are cunning stunts – and so are the white haters, cop haters, capitalism haters, masculinity haters, America haters, borders haters, free speech haters and gun haters.


  • White hate, cop hate, America hate, borders hate, capitalism hate, 1st Amendment hate, 2nd Amendment hate, marxism, socialism, communism, minority victimhood, female victimhood. These are what gave us Trump and all can be found a plenty here. Trump’s future is assured.


  • America & capitalist haters are just like feminists; they’re consummate liars and deceivers. They speak with forked tongues. Here’s how the feminist churn their yarns:

    The problem with feminism is that the underlying primary premise of this collectivist ideology is a gigantic lie. It’s a lie told to force wealth and power from men to women and the state. Feminism is collectivism. Collectivism is socialism. Socialism is the want of redistribution of wealth; the forced redistribution of wealth by the state to the faux victims we know today as feminists. The patriarchy existed to protect women – not enslave them. Men are the oppressed, not women. When you drive down the road – everything you see – including the road – was built and maintained by men. It was men’s lives that were trafficked, exploited and disposed of in war for the safety and welfare of women and the state. Men were last in the lifeboats, not women. The patriarchy created a system in which a man got down on one knee, offered up a diamond, the bigger the better, and vowed to provide for and protect his cherished bride for life. That sounds like the physical and financial enslavement of men to women and the state to me. Why would any sane man get married under patriarchy? Feminism is obviously the most monstrous of lies ever told. Feminists are quite literally monsters.

    Feminism is a wicked lie. Feminism is the manifestation of women’s greed, narcissism and jealousy of masculine accomplishments. Feminism is quite simply hyper-gynocentrism – and both exist in reality as the appropriation of masculine achievements for women’s and the state’s advancement – through the HUMAN SACRIFICE of men and boys. Feminism is the forcing of wealth and power from men to women and the state. Feminism is the appropriation of the masculine for the betterment of women at men’s & boy’s expense. Feminists are the grand liars & manipulators.

    The other lie the left tells is that of white privilege. The left are masters of historical distortion. The vast majority of whites throughout all but modern history were enslaved through feudalism and serfdom – which is the basis of the creation of America. The slaves that came to the US were sold by the wealthier, totalitarian, dictatorial minority leadership (majority leadership is their own nations) of their nations of origin to slave traders globally. Even former slaves in the US were known to own their own slaves. All of human history, from the earliest beginnings, is chock to the brim with horrific injustices – by every race that ever existed – against other races. Inter-Race genocide, based upon class, is not uncommon in human history as well. Feudalism and serfdom can be seen as said genocide – and the ancestors of those of European decent now living in America mostly lived within that framework. Millions of whites died to end black slavery, too.

    Feminists distort history and manipulate statistics to promote an anti-male agenda. Common men built and maintained all upon the earth. Pretty much everything you see when you drive down the road was built and maintained by common men. It was common men’s lives trafficked, exploited and disposed of en masse for the safety and welfare of women and the state. Some might call that the mass human sacrifice of males on women’s behalf – but you’ll never hear that from feminists (female supremacists). Feminists are liars and deceivers. Yes men do bad things – but so do women. Feminist’s idea that there would have been no wars if women ruled is also a lie. Powerful women in history have sent men to their deaths en masse as well.

    Hitler: “The Future is White!”
    Hillary: “The Future is Female!”

    It doesn’t get any clearer than that. The patriarchy was a gynocentric institution born of chivalry, courtly love, cultural misandry and male disposability. Feminism is about manipulating masculinity into that which best serves women and their state husband. Feminists are in fact the real oppressors. Feminism is hyper-gynocentrism.

    Feminists are sociopaths. Feminists are deceivers. Feminists are man-ipulators.

    What we need now is a female only draft and a 100% female-only front line combat force – for the next two centuries – in reparation to the human sacrifice of men and boys on women’s and the state’s behalf. If feminists want to rule nations, maybe they should try building, maintaining, fighting and dying for their own – rather than disposing of males for the same.


    • Your core argument is wrong but who am I to argue when your extended argument is so intriguing. Yes, let the women fight the wars and …
      If we have a human race left we will go on…
      Ok, let’s back up and try again.


  • America – The land minorities hate yet can’t stay the fuck out of. It’s why they all mass emigrate here; to be closer to their white male oppressors and to escape the socialist/communist/marxist/corrupt dictatorial shite holes they themselves created. Note: I’m a proud white male capitalist. I’m not privileged either – I work for my keep. There’s no room in my heart for socialists, marxists, communists, America-haters nor libertarians. If your wealthy forebears hadn’t sold you minority victims into the global slave trade, none of you would have had enslaved forebears. But you go on ahead and blame whites, capitalism and America – and ignore the fact that humans throughout history – of every race – have enslaved and genocided their own and others. No one has clean hands. All of Europe was once enslaved through feudalism and serfdom; hence America.

    If you don’t like America – get the fuck out. No one will stop you. Just get the fuck out.


    • And that’s your excuse???
      You get the fuck off the planet and don’t come back till you have an alternative viewpoint, asshole, OK, thanks sweetie!
      Eat shit and die colonialist asshole.
      In other news today; women decided they will no longer blame men for their bitchiness and will work on improving themselves.
      Whew, what was that? Oh, a breath of fresh air!
      Dang, the news gets shittier every day. Who is making this stuff up?


  • I had a thought that no has considered. It could be that China has too much US debt and they need to balance their portfolio. Also, we have become too dependent on them buying our debt. It was bound to happen at some point. Better now than in the midst of a crisis.


    • Heck, if you watch the news, America is ALWAYS in the midst of a crisis (when not causing one elsewhere)!

      Only time will tell whether the headline should read “Chicken Little wrong again – – the sky isn’t falling” or “Welcome to the End Times.”
      If only we knew with certainty.


  • *Liberalism and feminism destroyed the U.S. from within*

    Nailed it 🙂


    • Actually, Capitalism did it and is doing it and will do it very, very well.
      Unlike Rome, which had largess but not capitalism, the USA and the exported Western ways of capitalist industry has been able to stave off bankruptcy while financing predatory, expeditionary colonialism.
      Not for much longer though.
      The only question is whether they will take down the whole first world along with themselves when they go.
      Most probably!
      The global economy is so interlocked now that none can extricate themselves from the morass and ultimate collapse.
      Third world nations may, if they can overcome their patriarchal slave masters without all consuming bloody revolution, end up owning a much, much better world.
      Meantime, if anyone really cares about the tax on sugar then they would be better off lobbying for removal of the global subsidies which keep its price at a tenth of real market pricing.
      For myself, I never use ‘sugar’ but only raw honey and maple syrup. At 6 to 7 CDN $ per lb it is a steal, without being cancerous to our health.
      For those hooked on soda, as I was in my teens, the easiest way to quit is with swizzle, the Vermont farmers energy drink.

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      • While not a fan of cultural Marxism, I hate Capitalism with a vengeance…so yes, that would be the 3rd pillar to bring down the U.S from within as well


      • I was going to mention that but since you did; Marxism, Socialism, Communism, etc. are symptoms or tools, one or the other, of Capitalism.
        Kind of like there would be no rich without poor and vice versa.
        Somebody always has to crack the whip and they always have to invent a boogie man.

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  • This is a bit off topic…here in the Great State of Alabama we have a large selection of very large women, if you can still call them women. Single and ready to eat.
    As one of the fattest states in America, you never run out of plus size fun!
    Man, I hate what this country has become. It’s sometimes really depressing being red pilled.

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    • In the latter half of the 20th century America committed suicide in a orgy of ideologies: diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, queer rights, state welfare, (the biggest ones).
      Lumped together, they are what I call liberal progressivism, or secular progressivism, even better, how about ‘atheistic humanism”?
      Now, I’ve never been a religious person. And I think a individual can live a just and upright life without religion.
      But for an entire society to jettison its traditional moral foundation- well, you get amnesia. Which laid the groundwork for liberal progressivism to grow and flourish.
      We are entering a 2nd dark age.
      What do you guys think of that diagnosis?


      • Though the bulk of your comment is a diagnosis, and I disagree with its construct. it is your second last sentence which I wholeheartedly agree with it. That ‘prognosis’ is indeed not only a second Dark Ages but in probably worse survival conditions.
        The symptoms of sickness you delineate are definitely a result of the Liberal mentality, for sure, but that liberality could only exist with Capitalism to fund it or finance it far into the future.
        Capitalism was inevitable, as all of the churches utterly failed to rebuke and refute usury.
        If a person does not have to be productive for a living, whether because they earn moneyr with money and not with brains or labor, or, because they get a check to just shut up about the excesses and extravagances of the nouveau rich and bourgeois.
        And, their gold and silver, even, will not save them if there is no food. Never mind USD, Bitcoin or other Monopoly monies.


    • Everyone forgets how unbelievably fucking FAT they are. The manosphere in general will go off into gender dynamics discussions and the fact that 90% of females are unhealthy just never comes up at all. The obesity issue is EVERYTHING right now.


  • Hey, that slut in the middle front, isn’t she from… didn’t we get it… nah, that’s a different slut.
    Never mind.


  • It must be noted that ALL, except maybe 3, of the countries in the world back their own fiat, worthless, currencies with US T-Bills. They do not back their own currencies with their own assets as they have none until they are CAPITALIZED.
    This inaction by China, of not buying US debt instruments, will not hurt the US as the US manufactures currency/assets out of thin polluted air. I.E. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. which are preparing to tip the scales, again, on their heads.
    It is a great game for the players which we are not. Thankfully.
    If you think you are a player, but are not, you will get badly burned.
    If you are a player, it matters not.
    If you are an intelligent minimalist it matters very little.


  • what America & Canada is imposing on the world, that even dirt-poor countries in Africa & Caribbean are telling America to fuck off!

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    • Even more disgusting that those fucking whores is that faggot male feminist. The worse thing is that they think that their Beta faggotry turn women on. Lolollzzzzllzzz


      • What was suspicious that one “comment” from a random police officer in the City of Toronto created a large “backlash” from a “grassroots movement which begs for donations on Kick-starter. Some fucker is bankrolling these feminist movements. The 2010s decade will be remembered for the polarizing hatred of men, obscenity, ultra-wave feminism and the attack of men through false accusations of sexual assault as a political statement. In 2013, if one didn’t give a shit about Ameriskanks and Canuck whores rights to walk naked on the street, no one cares. In 2016, if a man disagrees with Slut walk and LGBT he is slandered as a “homophobic rape apologist”. Even being labelled a “homophobe” results in social ostracization and a Scarlett Letter over one’s reputation.


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