Feminists Continue Expanding the Definition of Rape to Absurdity


Now even thinking of a scantily clad woman you know while rubbing one out is “rape” in the minds of feminists

Feminists are putting the word out that there are two new forms of rape we deplorable men need to be aware of. These stunning new (and totally illogical) definitions of rape have arisen as a result of overvalued pussies and massive female egos in the Western sexual market. Anglobitches think mere possession of their fish taco is the anatomical equivalent of a no limits American Express Centurion card. But, the “golden” pussy enterprise is an economic bubble that’s getting ready to pop as men stop investing in sagging vagina futures.

As men continue to abandon women in droves feminists continue pushing the boundaries of what does and does not constitute rape in a mad attempt at totally controlling male sexuality, which is slipping from their frigid grasp as men don’t want anything to do with crazy.

In any case, here are the two new definitions of rape feminists have spun up, hot off the hamster wheel press and now making their way around social media:

Reverse rape is the refusal to sexually engage with women of the wrong body type and is just as horrific as rape. Say no to the sexual advances of Big Bertha? You’ve just committed reverse rape. To illustrate how insane this is, it’s the equivalent of telling men they have no right to refuse sex with women – which is the very definition of rape. But, it’s the men who are being raped, while manipulative women (their most innate talent is manipulation) twist the definition around 180 degrees to their favor.

Portly feminist Anne Gus even went so far as to say this when she created this new definition of rape: No means no unless you are a man; then you are disempowering me when I want sex.

How’s that for objectification? And a total negation of men’s rights as human beings who don’t want to fuck every warthog that comes along? What happens if you get pregnant, Anne? Ever thought of that in between eating Ho-Hos?

Telepathic rape happens when a man masturbates to a woman he knows in real life without her consent. Attend a pool party full of hot chicks, let the views of their scantily clad asses and tits get you hot while (of course) Anglobitches at the shindig friendzone you, then get caught rubbing one out and you’ve just committed telepathic rape.

Believe it or not, a Utah Omega male did the bidding of a human sloth who commanded him to shoot a neighbor who was telepathically raping her. From the NY Daily News:

A Utah woman ordered her husband to shoot their trailer park neighbor because she said he was “telepathically raping her” and “using crack cocaine to control her mind.”

Meloney Selleneit, 55, allegedly bought a gun for spouse Michael, 53, who then gunned down Tony Pierce, 41, as he worked outside his home.

Pierce survived the October 2011 shooting, being hit in the back and leg, and was taken to a hospital for treatment, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Michael Selleneit was found competent to stand trial, and pleaded guilty to attempted manslaughter and use of a firearm by a restricted person.

What can the awakened man make of these new definitions of so-called rape?

Feminists continue marginalizing men in what can only be seen as a colossal societal shit test which weak, effeminate men are failing colossally. The definition of rape is becoming so broad it threatens to debase its original definition. Worse, women lie about rape and sexual harassment so often (20% – 50% or more of rape cases are fake according to numerous crime statistics) it’s becoming dangerous to even be caught in a room alone with a female.

There’s one caveat to this crazy. This is only happening in the Anglosphere. The rest of the world still reserves a modicum of decency and sanity when it comes to its dealings with men.

How long before any male sexual desire is classified as rape?

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  • There has to be an originating virus to this increasing deconstruction. Chem trails? Msg? House cats? Economics? Overpopulation? Drug use of previous generations? A current of supernatural force sweeping the collective consciousness? Humans left to thier own devices, on a sphere of accident. One giant westworld theme park, and your all a bunch of robots except for me. Why take any of it seriously? Im going to rape my computer now.
    P.s. what up with all the dang virus style popup ads on this site?


    • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.
      Any animal con be reconfigured mentally, physically and integrally with the use of implantation of mental memes and accompanying physical conditioning using various agents of effect. Certainly we have plenty to deal with.
      You started a list on a lark but could actually turn it into a serious work of analysis and probably come up with some constructs for consideration. Give me a half hour and I don’t think 100 would be a long list at all.
      However, what we really want to do is just survive them and remain as we were designed. The fact that we are being redesigned is prima facie evidence that we were designed in the beginning. Yes, that beginning.
      To see, and deny, the ongoing process, as in chemtrails for example, shows it is effectively working. The vast majority of people do deny chemtrails even if they physically recognize them and mentally make note. Cognitive dissonance, especially intentional as from fear of the unkown, has serious hazards. Better to resist.
      Women generally just submit to that real rape going on and blame it on their lack of testicles. Or the nearest real testicles.
      So, Danyo, you might feel a little crazy but are likely still sane or you would not be making questions or concept proposals.
      Hang in there. It is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.
      You better check your anti malware and pop up blocker. I’m not getting any shit here.
      By the way Ottawa saw a once every two decades 30 C temperature shift, over 12 hrs, last week. So did much of the East Central Contiguous USA, in concert with serious Chemtrails so they get the majority of blame this past week.
      I have no forecast for this next week except more ‘SHITHOLES’ and less sanity.
      Stand by for more fun. Keep looking for a real woman as we were designed to function as teams.
      Believe it or not!


      • Keep up the good work Moriyah, always a crimson capsule!


      • Oh, Yuck! You just defined the Red Pill.
        A gelatin cap with menstrual blood it it.
        Dang, I’m so glad to be not a woman. sometimes. Most of the time. actually.
        I really do sympathize with them. Especially their having to put up with assholes like us.
        Heaven forbid, I mean, forgive, me.


  • This is getting out of control now

    Feminists and all their beta male supporters have overplayed their hand and revealing just how batshit crazy, and mentally retarded they really are

    The only possible reason we could even allow this to happen in a rational society is if we have elevated women and the PUSSY to Godlike status, and that’s exactly what these pieces of shit have done….women are now Gods, and there will be hell to pay if we dare offend them in any way, or feel sexual desire towards them

    I don’t know if any psychotic bitch Feminists would ever read these blogs but in case any of them are reading these comments, I want them to know that I intend to go to Pornhub, find the hottest sluttiest, filthiest sex I can find, and I’m going to perform some masturbation rape to what I see in there

    I’ll be damned if I let some bitch tell me that looking at a mere female is “raping” her


    • What they really don’t like is when you pierce their eyes down to their souls.
      That is the rape they really can’t handle; to be revealed for what they really, really are.
      Every one of them. Not just the freaks. Try it. It’s amazing.
      Works wonders. Slays dragons even.
      Did I ever tell you about the time… nah!

      Liked by 2 people

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed while writing this, but there has to be a point at which feminism goes too far. “Reverse rape” is only plausible when women have been raised to the position of goddess while men are made slaves to them. As for the other, it requires belief in the paranormal. For insane stuff like this, moderate women are walking away from feminism in droves. Sources from 2015 show that only eighteen percent of Americans and seven percent of British self identify as feminist. It is a massive society wide shit test and they will not like when the test is passed.

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  • http://canlii.ca/t/fzhs0

    “[5] On the evening of Sunday, August 7, 2011, the applicant picked K. up at her place of work, and they drove and parked in a parking lot. At this time, they began kissing and K. willingly performed oral sex on the applicant. K. then took off her dress and laid down in the back seat of the applicant’s car. The applicant asked if he could have sexual intercourse with K. and she said yes. K. says that she then decided that she did not want the applicant to ejaculate inside her, so she told him to stop. The applicant continued and K. says that she told him again to stop and tried to push him away. K. says that the applicant then ejaculated inside her.

    [6] K. says that she then told the applicant to take her to a pharmacy to get the morning after pill. The applicant drove to a pharmacy, and K. says that she told him to go get her the pill. The applicant refused and K. would not get out of his vehicle. The applicant then drove to the police station for 52 Division and asked the police to help him, as K. would not get out of his vehicle. The applicant states that K. refused to leave his vehicle unless the applicant would give her $500 for an abortion. The applicant states that this was extortion, and says that he explained this to the police officers.

    [7] The applicant states that when he initially stopped the police officers at 52 Division, they spoke to him first and then went to speak to K. separately. After the police officers spoke to K., the applicant states that he was put in handcuffs and transferred to another police station at 41 Division. The applicant states that he tried to give his statement to the police, but they refused to take his statement until 6:00 a.m. the following morning. The police synopsis indicates that K. was taken to a hospital to have a sexual assault kit administered, and then attended at 41 Division and provided a video statement. The applicant was interviewed after K. had given her statement.

    [8] The applicant was arrested for sexual assault and held for a show cause hearing. He subsequently was released on bail on August 10, 2011. The charges against the applicant were withdrawn on October 18, 2011.”


    Anglo-Canadian women are very Orwellian…What if the man suffered premature ejaculation?!!!!!


  • “How long before any male sexual desire is classified as rape?”

    In Canada, if a woman is naked on the street, and she “feels uncomfortable” at a man, armed police are there to arrst the man for ‘Criminal Harassment’ if the man didn’t even do anything at all other than existing at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  • I’m pretty sure this is a manifestation of some kind of new STD sweeping the western world which has invaded the perfect bacteria producing environment known as the pussy. After reproducing it heads straight for the brain attacking all of the weakest emotional and sensual sensors resulting in raving, and fucking,idiots.
    Ultimately death cannot be far behind.
    Might be time to invest in casket factories. Or, Zombie dispatch devices.


    • Have you attended Toronto universities like Ryerson, York and University of Toronto (UofT)? I’ve heard horror stories there how women hate men at those campuses, and how the pussy there is over-inflated that an ugly Paki dirt colored chick with fat at her stomach is surrounded by 8 to 25 male orbiters on campus. These orbiters are “international students” or Canadian beta males who never left Toronto.
      Toronto is a paradise for ugly women, and hell for masculine men. I’m not that aware of University of Ottawa other than their totalitarianism against free speech from Dr. Janice Fiamengo…I also heard that she was an Israel firster, but she doesn’t appear to be vocal on Zionism or reveal her ethnic identity on her videos, so that’s a relief, because Men’s Rights is supposed to be about men and boys rather than Neo-Con tricks to encourage men to fight some war in some shithole part of the world where it’s a desert.


      • I have been on all 4 of those campuses but none in under 5 yrs. I’m in the West end of the city and deal with mostly either Algonquin college preppies or Ottawa U suburbanites as opposed to the import students. Fucking universities cannot make a profit even with imported idiots. Not that we don’t have enough of our own but even they are too smart to pay for the crap education at Lamborghini prices.
        Nonetheless, I do ride the buses to support my minimalist economic position, but a bike in the summer, and I see the droves of orbiting cucks.
        Surprisingly, that woman, Janice, reminds me so much of the Cuckold who married my ex-buddy. Janice is probably WASP but they do tend to support the Neocon and Zionist agendas. Personally I think both of those agenda have become so fractionated and dependent on disparate, even opposing, supporters that it is going to collapse. There is little cohesion anywhere today to any kind of global hegemony by a global order. Everybody thinks they are king shit and can take on anyone else, Uh, so long, that is, if they have a best big buddy, whether Russia, China or USA this week or whoever next.
        Thngs are on a really short fuse because of the wild nukes out there. There have to be several now.
        That is one blessing in disguise though.
        You will see a sea change in female attitudes when the first city of one million, or more, gets nuked. Seriously. It will be night and day.
        They know they can’t do shit without either one or the other. That is, either lot’s of money to buy men or a man of their own, so called.
        Who gives a fuck as long as we get fucked properly and everyone gets along.
        Right? Right, right, right? It’s Ground Hog Day, almost!


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