Being Too Hard on America


America is decaying, and becoming a shadow of its former greatness

My recent writeup on President Trump’s shithole comments and how America is a shithole received some criticism from one of TNMM’s readers. Judge Shredd writes:

I have a problem with all the things you listed as well and they suck but it’s all taken out of context. Our roads are paved, the electricity, internet, law enforcement, basic services, garbage is picked up, stores are stocked with food, we grow food, hospitals are everywhere, etc etc..we are an advanced first world society with first world problems. There are criminals, lowlives, Anglo cunts the Matrix sucks but they push that in the Western world but at least you have the opportunity to break out of it or build a business to advance here. Clue: why the fuck are people from almost everywhere else trying to come here?

Dude, I get where you’re coming from but the US is NOT a shithole taken as a whole compared to other countries. You just don’t like they General way of life here.

I understand his concern with what I wrote. But I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t believe it to be the unvarnished truth. All I can think of when I’m in America is how I can get back out of it again. I distinctly remember saying “I hate this place” at least a couple of times a week during my time trucking as I kept myself motivated to stay financially on track with memories of life outside the matrix.

My views are harsh in part because working in the media then seeing America from coast to coast in a truck presented quite the juxtaposition for me. The candy coated lies I saw broadcast to the world on a daily basis vs. the bitter, workaday wage slavery reality I saw as I drove through countless towns, nearly every major city, and nearly every state in the nation. I realized the entire premise of America is built upon fantasy and deceit. I typed up this thoughtful rebuttal to his comment, and felt it important to share with everyone.

“Our roads are paved, the electricity, internet, law enforcement, basic services, garbage is picked up, stores are stocked with food, we grow food, hospitals are everywhere, etc etc..”

If you travel around you’ll see most of the world has all that, too. The rest of the world is not filled with heathens living in the Stone Age longing to get into America (the media puts that notion in the mass mind) as much as it’s filled with people brainwashed by the idea of America just as many of us were until we found the truth.

Once people actually come to America and see life doesn’t match what they see in Hollywood films and in the American media, many become disillusioned. I’ll never forget the looks on recent immigrants’ faces when they get stuck in shitty jobs at warehouses or processing plants (I meet them all over the nation when I’m trucking) after everything they had to go through to get into the U.S. They expected a land of milk and honey, and what they got was subsistence wage slavery sucking up all the hours of their lives and the same carrot on a stick we’re all told to chase until we die. They’re confused, but a part of them knows they got burned. Reality just hasn’t set in yet.

America is more about marketing than reality. There are 8.7 million Americans living abroad, and the number is growing as more and more people flee the dystopia it is turning into. I’d bet many millions more want to leave but don’t know how, or are cockblocked from leaving by voluminous immigration and customs laws intended to keep people in their respective cages. These numbers are never discussed because they’re not good for business.

The only way we can fix the problems of the nation is to admit they’re there, and not try to wallpaper over them. America was once a great nation, but I feel it’s not so great anymore.

If I’ve created an entire lifestyle out of my motivation to leave America, have become happier as a result, and help lead a growing movement of men who either want to go MGTOW, John Galt, or become expats, shouldn’t that tell us there’s something deeply wrong in The Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave?

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  • After traveling through much of Asia and even parts of the middle east like the UAE and Morroco I can back RF in stating that most places around the world have adequate infrastructure. Sure it may not be to the level of western countries, but it’s pretty darn close.
    I know too many people well into their 50s and 60s who have never left the states to travel to non-western countries because they view these countries as being unsafe or lacking the infrastructure to satisfy their basic standards. Don’t be one of those people. The world, generally speaking is a safe place. It’s just your mind subconciously telling you it isnt because you dont have the balls to change your life and travel to non-western countries. But trust me, once you do it you’ll quickly ascertain that it is the best thing you ever did.


    • I’m glad you emphatically made that point as I would but I can go so far talking about the US; being as I am Canadian.
      However, since the USA fueled the Mexican drug war by buying their drugs, and even shipped them the guns to fight it, does any American really think that war is not going to cross the border even WITH a wall?
      L.A., Chicago and Baltimore gun fights do not compare to Mexican gun fights.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    A higher standard of living does not necessarily lead to a higher quality of life.


  • While this doesn’t slam feminism, one of the things that has happened in my lifetime is the the loss of so many owner operated businesses. This is not good and it was a reason that a lot of immigrants came here.


  • “Reality might almost be defined as that which we constantly seek to escape from”- Theodore Dalrymple


  • @Moriyah: I believe feminism and feminist components of racism against “other” men was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even in Harlem, Blacks and Puerto Ricans are angry at these white feminists for increasing police presence at their communities (in order to protect white liberal career women from “catcalls”). As you know, putting police where Blacks and Puerto Ricans congregate is a recipe for disaster and eventual civil, then racial tensions between non-whites and White Americans.
    America is going to fall from within than without.


  • In Canada immigration law, a married man has to bring at least C$10,001+ to Canada before immigrating to Canada. This is not like the EU where they willingly import penniless men of military age and physique.

    When a married man immigrates to Canada, he loses his entire life savings while his wife will later divorce him. He eventually is forced to work for dead-end jobs in order to pay child support. His passport is also used as a security collateral. In Toronto, for every vacancy there is at a factory job, there are 100 applicants begging to be hired for that job without benefits, and even offering to work below legal minimum wage.

    In the USA, one has to find an employer who is willing to hire foreigners for a Work Visa. Permanent residency, or Green Card is very difficult to earn, but it’s almost the same as Canada: Work in dead-end jobs under Anglophone rule, but less oppressive.

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    • Without going into details;
      It is still possible in the USA to operate a business on the side and do fairly well.
      In Canada it is very difficult unless it is a tolerated one. Like drugs as an example, which I neither condone nor condemn.
      With the removal of cash that won’t be possible anymore, though, I believe the USA Deep State can’t operate without cash.
      We live in interesting times.


  • I would go a lot further in rebutting his critique than you, sir.
    America has always been a shithole, shipping their shit around the world. Primarily through Hollyweird, Holy Shit, Batman, Inc.
    The USA is so fucked it cannot be redeemed and will be taken down to the ground in ashes.
    Some few will survive and rebuild a totally different image NOT founded on the GOD AWFUL Roman empire.
    If the evidence in front of your eyes is not sufficient then look at the news of any country that has done business with, and been backed by, the USA. Any, any, any!
    The USA has broken every treaty it ever made with every country and people it ever conquered or bought. They are still doing it. Every, single, day.
    The CIA engineers it and the FBI covers up the evidence of it, the Marines enforce it, with the backing of the USN and USAF, when it’s mostly over they send in the USArmy to mop up.
    To make it look good, Canada, Great Britain and a few other butt fucked countries go along with Allied regime change operations.
    America no longer has any credibility and not much credit to speak of.
    The writing is on the wall, as Nebuchednezzar would tell you, and you, we, all better read it and wake up.
    America’s only hope at this point is to humble themselves, not wait for another to do so, and return to the only thing that ever made a lick of sense which is a fundamental belief in the laws delineated in the Bible. Unfortunately, that agenda has been hijacked by those were given liberty and obligation, at varying times, to obey and manifest that and their promise. That would be the Jews first, the ROMAN, as in Constantine Roman, Catholics, along with the Greek Orthodox, the Eastern Orthodox, the Russian Orthodox, the British Protestant, and, the American Protestant in that order more or less. We now have more hope in the latest religion, Heaven forbid, the Feminists.
    Otherwise, without internal regime change, and individual moral change, you, we are totally fucked, and, already headed down the tracks at full speed with the bridge out ahead.
    Seatbelts will not help.
    Take an enema and call me in the morning.
    Have a nice evening.


  • I can’t be patriotic about a country that goes out of its way to stab me in the back.


    • Poor fuck, he should start his own business. That is the only way out of the Matrix at this time. You can’t even escape to the woods. The Forest Ranger or Park Warden will hunt you down and kill you. No, Colonel what’s his name, as in Rambo, will not come and save your sorry ass. In my case I have an out which does not include suicide, necessarily.


  • You are totally right, Rel. America blows goats in every way that matters and I am so glad you and (hopefully) more and more red-blooded American men make it out of this sterile repulsive hologram of a country. Worst women, greediest oligarchs, most intrusive government/corporate apparatus, abortion-loving place on the planet. Most people here are miserable landwhale, walking, talking zombies. America hasn’t had any semblance of a real culture in many, many years.


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