Legacy Media and Liam Neeson Now Say #MeToo Sexual Witch Trials Went Too Far


Liam Neeson joins the chorus in the pushback against #MeToo witch trials

As TNMM has been stridently proclaiming ever since the #MeToo sexual witch trial insanity began, Anglo America is quick to lose all reason when it comes to the topic that terrifies it most culturally – sex and sensuality. And, its baked-in cultural biases against men (being the deeply misandrist culture it is) in favor of women only helped add to the raving lunacy whenever the “he touched my behind” train left the station.

Women started castigating men for supposed sexual advances and favors that often happened decades ago, and almost always without any proof except a woman’s word. We the public were expected to believe women – unquestioningly – throughout the entire event. For Anglo culture subconsciously believes women are perfect goddesses and men are nothing more than heathens and beasts of burden.

The latest batch of Neo-Puritan witch trials has gone so far it’s now provoking a backlash against feminism and the culture that fosters a fear of men, sex and sensuality. Narratives that first appeared here are now making their way into the Overton Window and therefore the mainstream consciousness. Andrew Sullivan, columnist for mainstream legacy New York Magazine put it this way:

The early exposure of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Harvey Weinstein — achieved by meticulous, scrupulous journalists and smart, determined women — quickly extended to more ambiguous and trivial cases.

Indeed, the vast majority of the sexual witch trials we witnessed were ambiguous and trivial as you would expect in a culture that has a history of irrational witch trials based on totally baseless female claims going back some 400 years. (Not to mention a prudish, grasping female attitude toward sex!)

Ailes, O’Reilly, and Weinstein may be assholes – but were the women who made the claims sterling individuals, as pure as the driven snow? Any man who knows female nature well knows how ridiculous it is to make that assumption.

Anglo culture remains blind to the fact that women, too, often use sex to get their way.  Not just men. They know men want it. And if it comes out an aspiring starlet laid down for one of these guys, who automatically comes out looking bad? Why, it’s the man in a culture that thinks women are above sex and sensuality. Who seduced who? Why didn’t she say no? As Dave Chapelle put it:

Sexual abuse is real and evil, but if you’re talking to someone on the phone who appears to be masturbating, you can always, you know, hang up.

Returning to the original story, we find New York Magazine echoing TNMM narratives:

Distinctions among many different types of offenses — from bad behavior at private parties to brutal assault and rape of employees and co-workers — were being instantly lost in the fervor. Punishment was almost always the same — social ostracism and career destruction.

Insert some militant feminism and it isn’t long before you have a clusterfuck on your hands. A wild prairie fire, running out of control with women able to totally destroy men’s lives with just the claim an ass was groped in 1975.

Within a few weeks, the righteous exposure of hideous abuse of power had morphed into a more generalized revolution against the patriarchy.

This kind of mania will always at some point exhaust itself and this kind of zeal will always overstep. In a free society, a pushback was inevitable, and healthy. The extraordinary journalist Masha Gessen led the way, with ruminations on sex panics.

The reality is “extraordinary” journalist Mesha Gessen was predictability plain vanilla as he discussed Anglo sex panics:

Of course, the balance of power favors men so much that it’s more likely that the guilty will get away with it than that the innocent will suffer. Still, we would do well to be aware of the risks to our perception of sex, and to this culture, as it grows ever more divided.

Notice, Gessen still blames men rather than the wanton, manipulative, and often predatory nature of female sexuality. In fact, his entire article reads like controlled opposition to #MeToo.

But Gessen wasn’t alone in questioning the motives of #MeToo. Even veteran actor Liam Neeson has been challenging the Neo-Puritan feminist brigade. The AP writes:

Actor Liam Neeson says the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal has sparked “a bit of a witch hunt.”

Neeson uses precisely the term TNMM used before the term was cool. Continuing from AP:

Asked about the issue on the Irish broadcaster RTE, Neeson said: “There’s some people, famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee or something and suddenly they’re being dropped from their program.”

He referred to U.S. radio presenter and writer Garrison Keillor, who was dropped by Minnesota Public Radio last year over an allegation of “inappropriate behavior.” Neeson said that wasn’t the same as the “other Harvey Weinstein stuff.” Neeson also said he was “on the fence” regarding sexual misconduct allegations against Dustin Hoffman.

Of course, Neeson couched his commentary with some brown nosing to perhaps avoid becoming a target himself.

But the 65-year-old “Taken” star also said in Friday’s Late Late Show that the “#MeToo” movement taking place “across every industry (is) healthy.”

As usual, the pushback against wanton female abuse of power is tepid and muted at best in a society that loves berating and castigating men with normal sexual urges and desires. But, at least these things are being said.

We only wish a complete firebombing of feminist narratives was coming out and getting the big titty headline treatment the #MeToo fiasco did.

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One comment

  • You know, I was just thinking today about what it used to be like in the old days.
    I think they are almost back again.
    Where, more often than you might imagine, you would hear the phrase by Damsels, or dimwits, in distress, where the hell is a man when you really need him?
    Not, where the hell is a cop when you really need him. Which is, of course, hilarious as cops will more likely arrest or kill you.
    There are lots and lots of women waking up to the reality that, they need a man, they better find a man, they better keep him joyful, or they are really fucked as in raped and raped and raped until they bleed to death.
    If I was a woman I would be really, really scared to death or I would be really, really stupid.
    Now, men should decide in advance what they will do when the time comes.
    If you are going to be the man who just wants to rape and rape and rape all day. You will die in a couple of days. Good riddance to you. So sorry for your victims.
    If you are the kind of man who is going to make something of that disaster then you will probably live to die another day, or, survive into old age with lots of wives and children who love you deeply.
    Outside of that you have nothing to look forward to at all.
    Some day we will have to talk about the shortcuts.


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