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Women fake love to get what they want from men

As I sit around my hotel room and reminisce about my notch count which now sits somewhere between 150 and 200 women, and having gone through a dozen or so hotties (and a couple of ugly but fuckables) in the past few weeks I’ve come to realize much of the reason I become a cad was the fact I wanted one, just one woman to love me. I have yet to find that.

Being nice doesn’t help, it makes it worse. In fact, the more of a jerk I am the more women want to stay around until they solve the mystery of what makes me a jerk.

But, knowing what I now know about women I just don’t think it’s possible for them to love men the way we love them. Many if not most are adept at faking emotion, and faking love, but by virtue of having been through so many of them my senses have become keen. I can now see through each and every female facade that used to trick me.

Women can love what a man represents, his social status, finances, and power, but never the man himself because if he loses those things he ceases to exist in a woman’s eyes.

This is precisely what makes the equal pay myth, female “empowerment” and the diminishment of men in Anglo America so evil. Without holding something for women to reach upwards to, men cease to exist in the eyes of women. For they will never reach down to lift us up the way we have done for them since time immemorial. Men built the entire world for women, and our thanks will be repaid with women taking over the levers of control of the world we built and casting men into lives of abject bondage once feminism and its evil stepsister Socialism become the de facto social order.

Women have never loved men. And they never will. They only feign love to get what they want until the Hedonic Treadmill can’t spin any faster. Then, they treat men as the slaves and utility objects they’ve always seen us as.

Only a fool expects love from a woman.

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  • Feminism and faggotry isn’t going to become the globalist social world order. Writing and sending Editorial letters like these which would cause a local SWAT team to knock down your door in Canada, France or England is being published in Caribbean newspapers:

    The letter writer is stating that smaller Caribbean countries should not emulate the Anglofaggot agenda. I’m puzzled to what the writer refers to as “gender issue” activists, but that sounds like a reference to feminazis.

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  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    This is one of the harshest realities a man must face. Once he accepts this, he can see through the bullshit as Rel stated


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    You’re assuming that most women even know themselves …

    There’s this chick I knew in High School Daze who used to come on hot-and-cold, but most of the time like a bratty little sister.

    Ten years after graduation, I’m back for the reunion (because I was a sucka, and I only went once), and there’s the chick, married.

    But look out, here comes the Hamster Shit: she flat-out tells me she’s with Dude X because she couldn’t get me, and that she “still” loved me.

    Funny shit that, because we’d never once gone out, and the reason why: she was a hot-and-cold scold, the type that’ll pretend she’s into you when she’s trying to cut you down with what she thinks are witty comments full of snark.

    I was “attractive” because I was going to be her ticket out of her crap family situation.

    She latched onto Dude X because he actually fell for the bullshit, and how did that work out?

    The chick kept him just long enough to solidify her position as a teacher in a city in another state.

    After the divorce, Dude X went back to working at the family’s small company — they’re in a fairly grim line of business, which I strongly suspect further limits his options with many women.

    But given that most women don’t even know themselves, he’s probably settled into a life of peace.

    I know that without various scolds and wealth harvesters to feed and care for, mine’s certainly been going that way, even with a few bumps along the road …


  • I thought I’ll post this here because I’m sure most guys have no idea this is going on.

    Either guys are CLUELESS when it comes to women or just plain ole’ CONFUSED… in most cases, BOTH.

    This is the new trend amongst women and their gay BFFs.. and as a side note (if a woman has a gay BFF.. that’s a major red burning flag).

    THIS IS FURTHER PROOF HOW DEAD-ON THIS ARTICLE IS… “Women fake love to get what they want from men.”

    Here’s the yahoo link,

    Rel, what’s your perspective on this article….. is America becoming the current day Sodom and Gomorrah?

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    • @zan

      Yup, just another proof that sex bots is the way to go forward for men lol

      That article on Yahoo proves that women can live without sex, and the ONLY reason women have sex with men is to either 1: ensnare him for some financial gain, or other type of gain, and 2: to get men to “love” them, whatever the hell that means

      When you have a society that is rabidly anti-sexual like the United States, and condemns healthy heterosexual unions between consenting adults, and pushes instead sodomites, and homosexuality you become Sodom and Gomorrah


      • Your conclusion is correct but your way of arriving at it leaves something to be desired.
        If men can’t fix women then they, women, can’t be fixed and you are indeed left with a plastic robot. You might want to check the cleaning protocols necessary before you commit to purchase, in order to save money on whores, because you won’t have a ‘woman’ to do your ‘dishes’.
        The level of intelligence of men under 50 is not worthy of discussion but only disdain. I hope that changes and that the IA and AI increase that intelligence or we have no hope as a species. The women have already left the theater. Don’t wait on them to make the change. Millenialists are totally fucked from current projections. Those defined as such better get at it if they want a life.


      • @ Kryptonian…Yes.. you’re right on. Women use sex to get what they want from men… but since sex is often a temporary thing as in a one-on/one-off situation. Women needed a more permanent/ long-term solution. Enter fake love. While sex may be men’s kryptonite. it’s Love that is his Achilles Heal.

        The reason why women need men to fall in love because “in the name of love” men will DO THE 3S’ (SHARE, SACRIFICE, SUPPORT).

        Men will SHARE their time, wealth, resources and wisdom… voluntarily SACRIFICE their hobbies, friends, opinions and dreams, even their very safety and security and SUPPORT the selfish, materialistic, vain lifestyles of both her and her children.

        Sure I can list many others but you get the point. When a man falls in love he will beg, borrow, steal and kill for his woman… this is why women push love over sex… because sex is just a physical thing, so after the sex, you’re gone… but love, love is an emotional thing, lasting much, much longer..it’s the thing that makes you stay and pay her way.

        At best, women can ONLY love a man conditionally. Unconditional love is only reserved for her child, never the man.
        Love is the greatest tool a woman has in her “Trifecta,” to control and manipulate a man (the other two being sex and deception).

        Sorry for the long response… but love always benefits the women and eventually destroys the man.

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      • So all knowing and stupid as to be under 40 at least and probably under 30. You just go ahead and follow your logic and see where it gets you.
        There is fucked, fucked up, and, fucked over. Which one are you?
        I guess door number 1!


      • @Zan

        “While sex may be men’s kryptonite. it’s Love that is his Achilles Heal. ”

        Nailed it!

        “At best, women can ONLY love a man conditionally. Unconditional love is only reserved for her child, never the man.”

        Nailed it….men need to really consider your wisdom here, if they listened to that little snippet of wisdom, men wouldn’t get hurt by bitches when they find out that she will never love you the way she loves her children, and she will ALWAYS choose her children over you…..you’re just not a priority in a woman’s life, so why should we give them our best


      • “Yup, just another proof that sex bots is the way to go forward for men lol”
        Are you kidding me? You think a sexless future for men with nothing but over glorified blow up dolls is the way to go? With the planet exploding in a vast excess of human biomass and automation eliminating the need for more and more work there is going to be an excess of billions of useless females on the planet with nothing to trade for resources but their bodies.


      • Finally, a sane comment in a sea of insanity.
        Women are not stupid, though they might be a little slow on occasion, they see this coming and are waking up every day.
        R. is right that women don’t love INITIALLY but I am right that once they get pregnant, have a baby and nurse it at their own tit, then they will love the baby and the one who is the other half of that baby, namely, their husband/partner/etc.
        The problem then becomes that FFFF, an acronym from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, is no longer applicable or acceptable and men must, also, finally act morally in all cases of intercourse and commerce.
        Then we may have a moral and peaceful world; which we have not in recorded history except under Solomon.
        The alternative is what we see developing right now on the edge of the Euphrates in the NW corner of Syria.
        It’s Groundhog Day! Almost!


      • @Sebastian Hawks

        I think you misunderstood me….I’m saying sex bots are the future because Anglo bitches refuse to have sex with the average man…these bitches only have sex with highly successful, rich men with lots of status
        The “sexless future” that I alluded to is not caused by male choice, it is caused by women refusing to have sex with us men, EXCEPT if you are the top 5% of wealthy individuals

        So yeah, bring it on, I would rather have sex with a sex doll than deal with me being constantly rejected by Anglo bitches, and to be quite honest, I could never afford the price of what’s between her legs anyway….women have priced themselves out of the market with their retarded fussyness, ludicrous demands and expectations


  • It is pretty simple actually.
    Women will not, cannot, love you until you get them pregnant and they birth, and nurse, the child. At that point they get hooked on oxytocin which you get with orgasm but they don’t.
    Since women have been taught to MURDER their children, which is what even the Birth Control pill does let alone abortion; you don’t have much hope of having a woman love you. NOT no hope, just not much.
    If you want to look for love in all the wrong places then you get what you got and nothing more except STD’s.
    These facts are easily proven. Ignore them at your peril.
    There is, of course, a whole lot more to this general subject and some of the specifics of it.
    You can take this as really bad news or really great news. Your choice.

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  • Another fantastic and spot on article….agree 100%

    By the way, the chick in that pic is hot! lol


  • I am a woman and I agree, for the most part. I wrote a piece based on this concept too. I do feel there are exceptions to the rule, however, they are very few and far in between and usually raised with a heavy male influence.


    • Excellent point.
      I would argue that what the father has not done, and cannot/should not, for his daughter only the husband/mate can and must for woman to be complete.
      Conversely, what the mother has not done for the man, the wife must.


  • Agreed, according with my personal experience and observations I can say without hesitation that women don’t love. They just can’t, it is a biological impossibility to them, love is beyond what they are, at best they can act or fake it as long as they get something in exchange (money, tingles, validation, etc). No even mothers love unconditionally, in women’s world everything is nothing but complex objects that can give status, validation or whatever. Most men can’t handle this truth.

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    • That is your experience based entirely on the women’s mentality and spirituality developed since 1970. It has nothing to do with what women are or can be but only to do with what men can bring out in a woman.
      If you are not up to the renovation and reconstruction job then that is OK as someone else will take up that role in your place.
      So sad, too bad, you been had.


  • Nailed it…. another hard truth men do not want to come to grips with about women until it’s too late. Even then I still have my doubts whether they can accept the real truth about women’s nature.

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    • That is not a hard truth.
      A HARD Truth is that men have failed to accept responsibility for half a century and blamed it on women all along.
      Time is now for men to realize that the situation currently unfolding is a result of MEN FAILING to accept their responsibility to LEAD women without regard to what women want or do.
      FFFF is not LEADING by any stretch of imagination. It is entirely self serving current lust and greed and has nothing to do with long term justice, mercy, compassion, equity, trust, etc. etc. etc.
      The HARD truth is sad and sick but it is what it is without regard to personal opinion.
      The collapse of society falls exactly where it belongs, on the men who have failed to lead.
      The weight of that collapse will destroy everything and throw the human race back in time 2 thousand years or, probably, more.
      Welcome to YOUR future.


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