The Need For The Mentorship of Young Men

Disposable dads are the new norm in today’s dystopia

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

Sons need their dads.  Despite what many single independent woman that don’t need no man” moms might say.

I was real lucky.  When my mom left my biological dad we moved to the Bronx from New Jersey.  Around that time I had several “father” figures in my life.

Starting with my step-dad.  He hooked up with my mom after we left NJ and they made my beautiful baby sister.  The princess of princesses!  Although the parents had a rocky relationship, at least HE was around, unlike my biological dad who did not put up much of a fight to be in my life.

Aside from step-pops, I also had two of my uncles living close by…and I spent a lot of time with these younger brothers of mama-eagle.  She would plop me in their laps and put them on baby sitting duty.

So many positive childhood memories involved being around these men and learning things like how to shave, work on a car, and the proper way to hold a New York slice of pizza.  I never thought much of it as a child….I just was hanging out with pop and Tio’s (Spanish for “uncle”).

To this day I still look to these men as mentors and advisors.  As far as I am concerned, I won the damn lottery.

Growing in NYC in the 80’s and 90’s, there were thousands of kids running around the streets without ANY adult supervision.  Many instances I observed the mom leaving the apartment to go work because dad left them, then the older brother or sister had to play parent and watch over the younger siblings.

These were kids raising kids….before that term became synonymous with teen pregnancy.

When kids are unsupervised and BORED they do dumb shit.  Running from roof top to roof top.  Fighting.  Stealing.  Making babies.

In today’s age fathers are repeatedly bullied by the media and population at large.  It has come to my attention that the idea of being a dad is now a bumbling fool who must be rescued by the all knowing super mom.

Meanwhile, young men are going through childhood without positive male figures.  Certainly there are dead beat dads, but a lot of good men are being ripped from their son’s lives by the pro-mom court systems.

I have countless acquaintances that are not allowed to spend time with their sons.  This shit is fucking barbaric!  

I’ve resigned to opt out of marriage already.  And given the state of affairs here in the Matrix, I probably won’t have kids either.  However I still feel a responsibility to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.

Last year, I volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.  It was fun.  I mentored this young man whose dad split up with the mom.  I took him to the movies, fishing and we played video games in my apartment.

He was only 11 at the time, but I managed to nudge a couple of red-pill traits into his mind.  It’s never too early to learn a fundamental truth.

If you’re like me and don’t have hell-spawn of your own….perhaps consider bringing a young man under your wing.  We are fortunate to have survived this long in life and we can take the lessons we’ve learned the hard way and help someone avoid the BS in the first place.

The job of the new generation is to surpass the previous generation…but these young men won’t make it if they don’t get help.  Even if you’re just making youtube videos and sharing it with the world you’re doing more than so many shit-bags in this country can account for!

Consider being a mentor.  Peace and stay focused!

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  • Reblogged this on Fathers Rights and commented:
    The importance to all children, particularly boys, of having a father figure and mentor cannot be emphasized enough. My father worked a lot of overtime when I was growing up but at least we spent some time together.


  • In the end all you did was bash your dad which is probably all your mom wanted, I wouldnt let you mentor my cat.


  • This article resonates with me as I’ve had several conversations with a friend recently about the lack of role models for men growing up. Even if you have a dad around growing up, it doesn’t mean he is a role model. I’m talking about real role models/fathers that teach you how to be a man, about women, etc.
    Most fathers these days are complete betas, and as such, not role models for young men.
    I’ve never had a role model in my life, luckily I found the red pill to give me some guidance.
    J. Cole’s song No Role Models hits the nail on the head on this subject.


  • I get the idea this is some kind of a joke but it is not funny.
    You, by definition, were NOT ‘mentored’.
    You, by definition, are NOT a mentor.

    Start with the dictionary definition and go, grow, from there.
    ‘how to shave, work on a car, the proper way to hold a New York slice of pizza, go to movies, play video games’ are not mentoring; those are ‘hanging out’.
    ‘Boys’ do that until the age of 11 or 12.
    ‘Fishing’, plus; making a fire without a ‘light’ and then building an entire campsite from scratch with a pocket knife might be mentoring if they are key components of survival for the civilization in which you live. ‘Men’ would learn all of those and much, much more by 16 at the very latest.
    In North America the required skill set also includes have a business or trade by 16 plus all of the above. It does not require a university, college or business degree to do so. Nor military service.

    The Boys and Girls Club is just that. Run by boys and girls for boys and girls.
    Just like the Boy Scouts are run by cucks and fags who get along fab, apparently.
    Neither of those organisations are run by ‘adults’ or ‘mentors’. That ended 30 yrs ago.

    50 years ago a ‘boy scout’ started learning at 7 years old and by 16 he could plan, organize and direct 80-100 men, on the fly, in activities and operations of his own device with fully qualified ‘mentorship’ as needed but not obligatory.

    A mentor would have been a successful, profitable businessman, a respected father, a discharged soldier, skilled tradesman, etc.

    Congratulations on your initiative if not discernment and qualifications.
    You can get an excellent dictionary at any Good Will or Value Village for $2-3. You MAY still find a few mediocre How To books for $5-10. They are definitely worth the money while you can still find one.
    But, I would hurry before before Nuclear War starts or the women, and MEN, decide that Ivanka should be the next President of the USA.
    Oh, Heaven, please forbid.



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