New Oppression, Old Values: The True Origins of Modern North American Misandry, Repression and Usury

Witch Trial

Puritan sexual and cultural repression has 400 year old roots in Anglo America

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

The dysfunctional state of modern North America seemingly embodies all the worst qualities of sterile Anglo-Saxon culture: usury, legalism, hypocrisy, misandry, socialism, repression and rampant gynocentricism. While Canadian and American men consider their downtrodden situation unique and unprecedented, their benighted region is extremely reminiscent of the English Commonwealth (1649-60), which was in many respects a template for the future United States. This period in English history saw puritans under Oliver Cromwell take full charge of government and impose savage repression on the British people for over a decade.

All objects of beauty were systematically smashed, free speech punished, taverns and innocent pastimes outlawed while dour cruelty came to dominate law and punishment.  In sum, the Commonwealth embodied all the cold, frigid inhumanity of the Anglo-Saxon soul. As I have written elsewhere, this period left a permanent mark on the English national character – and by extension, the whole Anglo-American world.

Although the terrible state of modern North America is unendurable for men, it does serve a positive instructional purpose. Because it is so close to the English Commonwealth in values and outcomes, it allows us to trace the true origins of modern Anglo feminism, misandry and usury to their true source.

To begin with, modern North America’s ongoing sexual witch hunt is really a puritanical war against physical pleasure itself: it is not ‘revolutionary’ at all, just a feminized restatement of traditional Anglo values. The real motivation behind such ‘abuse’ claims is reflexive hatred of male virility and indeed, sex itself; in short, the erotophobia of Cromwell’s Commonwealth. As Matt Damon opined, the accusations lack any notion of moral proportion; a slap on the ass or an unwanted verbal proposition is arbitrarily conflated with full-on rape, as though they were legally or morally commensurate misdemeanours. All sexual manifestations are equally heinous to the modern Anglo-feminist mind, just as they were to the Commonwealth puritans.

Closely allied to this systematic war on pleasure is a deep Anglo tendency to hysterical herd conformity. This moral socialism tries to drag everyone down to the lowest common psycho-sexual denominator: a hypocritical, repressed, embittered Anglo shit-heel. In sum, North America’s cultural Marxism is really the same old ‘Commonwealth’ moral equalism in modern guise.

Because of it, the Anglo masses will follow whatever they believe to be the ‘dominant ideology’ like a horse with blinders – even if that ideology works against them and their own interests. For example, some of the most fanatical modern sexual witch hunters are men who work in the entertainment industries. On course, this lemming-like hysteria is linked to and fed by sexual repression: hystericus means ‘womb’ in Latin, and the repressive Anglosphere is uniquely renowned for its frequent ‘moral crusades’.

The Puritan witch trials in 17th century England and North America are eerily similar in tone to their modern sexual counterparts: teenage girls making wild accusations are lionized by the authorities; the accused are duly removed and punished without a shred of evidence; and in a few years people will be scratching their heads and wondering what it was all about. But forever fixated on reflexive repression, the Anglo nations never, ever learn… Go figure.

As Lord Protector of England, Cromwell restored usury for the first time in centuries; he was the true architect of modern North American debt slavery. In truth, the definitive Anglo-Saxon obsession with material wealth while neglecting all else begins at this time in English history. And now, trans-generational social dysfunction is so rampant across the Anglosphere that its criminally-acquired wealth is largely wasted on costly public crime and welfare programmes. Moreover, trillions of dollars in unsecured debt generated by women pursuing useless college degrees have permanently wrecked the North American economies. Again, go figure.

As the English Commonwealth had no real ruler, just a Lord Protector (the tyrant Cromwell), so America lacks any coherent leadership. Despite his dynamic rhetoric and intentions, Trump is a toothless force who has been completely nullified by the Marxist Deep State. Whatever the expressed wishes of the American people, they might as well have Killary for President. A rudderless nation with no confident pilot is a ship adrift on stormy seas, at risk from every peril. Without a properly-defined psycho-social template emanating from a tried and trusted leader, no nation can hope to thrive.

Both the English Commonwealth and modern Anglo-America are defined by a futile hatred of reality itself. The Commonwealth was obsessed by banning pleasure in all its forms, whether visual, physical or sexual. Unfortunately for them, pleasure has too deep a root in the human genotype to ever be arbitrarily abolished in this manner. Meanwhile, the ‘progressive’ wing in modern Anglo America tries to deny the brute fact of human gender differences while promoting the LBGTXYZ fiction that anyone can self-identify as anything – even inanimate objects.

Aside from being obviously insane, these attitudes repudiate the classical Greek roots of western civilization. Just imagine applying such absolute semiotic relativism to activities beyond politics and society. What if scientists or engineers decided tin was iron, and iron was mercury? In a few days, half the population would be buried under rubble. Yet the Anglo ‘progressive’ brigade demand that such arbitrary values prevail in social and sexual affairs.

Although pleasure-repression and gender denial seem very different, their underlying motivation remains identical: deluded puritanical rage against reality itself. In sum, Anglo-American ‘progressives’ embody the same puritanical values they claim to challenge; and the same can be said for Anglo feminists.

Of course, there is one important difference between the Cromwell’s English Commonwealth and modern North America. The Commonwealth was a true patriarchy, not a gynocracy like modern Anglo-America. But if we replace Cromwell’s dusty Old Testament God with Anglo women – America’s new deities – the two regimes are essentially identical in their goals, aims and methods.

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  • Wow. A very well written piece that absolutely nails it. We need more people like you Rookh.


  • *Bermuda, Grand Cayman and BVI are all British territories, but they aren’t Angloskank. Former Caribbean British territories like Jamaica and Belize do not repress sexuality and free speech like the Anglosphere with regards to criticizing feminism and homosexuality. Try writing a letter against feminism or homosexuality to your local newspaper in USA, Canada or UK and find yourself getting a knock on your door by armed thugs in steel boots and uniform. Canada and America drive on the right, while UK drives on the left….It’s not the British Empire which caused feminism, but something else, like a Deep State.*

    The British Commonwealth was a direct antecedent of the British Empire, not the Empire itself. It was also the zenith of Puritan power in the British Isles; after the Restoration in 1660, that power declined somewhat (though it simmers away under the surface). However, the same Puritans who founded the United States (the Pilgrim Fathers) and who laid the template for future American society were exactly the same English Puritans who later founded the short-lived Commonwealth in England. Cromwell’s Commonwealth is very interesting for that very reason, as it gives a pure glimpse of what an English Puritan society might look like (and it looks eerily like the modern United States). The British dominions you describe were not directly founded by English Puritans as was the United States, but by others from the British Isles; this is why they are not governed by the same oppressive Puritan values.

    My writings are most appreciated by Americans for this very reason; they still feel the Puritan lash on their lives to a far greater extent than other Anglosphere peoples. And this is because their country was founded by Puritans.


    • I have read that Cromwell was either a crypto-Jew or directed by the financial Jews of Amsterdam; after he took over the British isles he let the Jews back into the country after they had been kicked out decades before. Most Jews like control of any kind, as long as they are on top; controlling the masses is something of a perverted hobby. In fact, the
      Anglo countries are controlled by the same type of “Jews “(tm), fifth columists, and traitors within the Church; and Puritanism is one of many useful tools for control.
      As for the Anglo-Bitch, there are many others like them in other parts of the world. For instance, in the Western Balkans, men are mostly denied custody of children by courts headed by females.


      • After taking power, Cromwell decided ‘more money was needed in the land’ and some Hebrew merchants were allowed to return. However, the Anglo-Saxons created Puritanism a century before, when the Jews were still in exile.

        Do the women in the western Balkans have a #metoo campaign? Is prostitution illegal there? And are they arrogant landwhales?


      • Does your country have wealthy 1%ers who comprise of mostly last names like -berg, -witz, -stein, -baum, -man, etc?
        In the feminist capital of North America, Toronto, it’s mostly people with those last names who live in wealthy parts of Toronto like Rosedale, Bridle Path, Forest Hill and Bayview. The most vocal feminists also have those types of last names.


    • I’ll do research on Puritans…It looks like UK is not a monolithic society. You should also note that this 21st century post-feminism is all over the world, even in the Balkans as one replier complained about the fatties with attitudes.


  • Canadian cities like Toronto rely on British colonaist elitism, hyper-capitalism and raboid feminism.
    Montreal hides under the facade that they are “French”, but universities like McGill and Concordia university are no different from elitist universities in Toronto.
    Quebec City tries to proclaim that they are Frencher than Montreal, but they are elitist and closed in as a society, unlike authentic European culture.

    America and Canada lack the European essentials like a work-life balance, authentic socialism, pub culture and romantic culture, even if it’s in theory. Unfortunately, not only the Anglosphere is infested with feminism….Cities like Madrid, Spain and Libson, Portugal ban manspreading, and Feminists in Paris are enforcing legislation to increase the AOC to 18+ while criminalizing “catcalling” of women in public transit under criminal harassment laws…France, Spain and Portugal are not Anglo….There is something else that’s to blame….I wouldn’t have sex with an Anglobitch in England even if she paid me, but the feminist repression and Orwellian feminist laws such as if a woman is naked and she feels offended that’s a criminal offense, is not originated from the British empire.


  • Bermuda, Grand Cayman and BVI are all British territories, but they aren’t Angloskank. Former Caribbean British territories like Jamaica and Belize do not repress sexuality and free speech like the Anglosphere with regards to criticizing feminism and homosexuality. Try writing a letter against feminism or homosexuality to your local newspaper in USA, Canada or UK and find yourself getting a knock on your door by armed thugs in steel boots and uniform.

    Canada and America drive on the right, while UK drives on the left….It’s not the British Empire which caused feminism, but something else, like a Deep State.
    Blaming the British or french Empire is a tactic that feminists use to convince countries like Jamaica to repeal laws which criminalize homosexuality. Feminists forgot that homosexuality was illegal throughout the world since Biblical times.

    Men find it easier to get laid in 2017 England than in 2014 Canada or 2016 Pussy Hat USA…..Canada and USA forsaken their European way of life for something else—It’s a weird mixture of hyper-capitalism, Puritanism and feminist oppression.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Relampago Furioso

    Rookh, once again I’m entertained (literally laughing out loud at how right you are as someone who is a native of this so-called culture), educated, and convinced I made the right decision to leave this culture in decline by your writing. Great piece.

    Liked by 2 people

  • their biggest fear is back to the old saying of someone somewhere might be having a good time..


    • Maybe that can explain why Canadian and American feminists are travelling all over the world insisting that those countries enforce Orwellian and totalitarian feminist laws against men? In the past 4 years:
      Spain increased its AOC from 13 to 16 (2013)
      Spain criminalized manspreading (2017)
      France is in the process of increasing AOC from 15 to 18; though Macron fucked his teacher (his wife) when he was 14 and she was in her 40s (2019).
      France criminalized “harassment” of women (2017)
      Portugal criminalized manspreading (2016-2017)

      Slutwalk feminist started in Canada from York University in Toronto. Since then, naked feminists are popping up all over the world, even in Eastern European countries such as FEMEN and Pussy Riot sympathizers.

      Britain could never use that much force to force other countries to adopt Slutwalk feminism and man-hater laws. This is usually done by America and Canada. Britain only copies Canadian laws such as “hate crime” when a man approaches a woman.


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