A Week of Hookers and Drugs


Results from a week-long experiment in personal pleasure

Recently, I decided to take a walk on the wild side with some hookers and drugs to see what the undercurrent of that subculture is really like. I experimented with both in a location in which prostitution is legal, and where small amounts of cocaine and marijuana have been decriminalized. Night after night, for a week, I went out in search of female company. I was nothing short of surprised at what I found.

I never purchased drugs. But if I was offered free use of them, I didn’t refuse. The women I met (many of them very attractive and clean) destroyed popular myths about ladies of the night. There were some honest to goodness 7s, 8s, and 9s in my bedroom each night. Popular culture paints them as nothing more than rancid skanks who fuck anything that walks.

Here’s the truth. Many of them just like to party. Many of them just like to fuck. Many of them don’t want to work at GloboWorldCorp jobs with shit pay and the torture that is endless office courtiership. Many of them turn down potential Johns. I saw it happen right in front of me where they work. Most of them are not helplessly addicted to drugs. (Though most will have some in their possession.) None of them were forced into the trade by pimps, or blackmailed into being “sex slaves”, destroying the “human trafficking” narrative Anglo America is spinning. None of them felt victimized by men, nor did they make me feel like what we were doing was “oppressing” them.

I must say, dealing with whores is perhaps the best way for the inexperienced man to learn about female nature. The unvarnished truth about women comes out when you deal with hookers on a regular basis.

Women want money, period. All women. Including that one you think you have locked down in a relationshit or sham of a marriage right now. (Reference my article on the topic of all men paying for sex – not just those who rent a whore.) But that’s the nature of the beast. The good thing about hookers is they don’t hide female nature from you. Money for sex is the transaction, up front, and when it’s over both parties go their separate ways. You don’t have to lose your life savings in a frivorce to learn female nature. Just rent a whore once in a while, observe, and you’ll get the gist of what women are inside.

Most women try to hide their true intentions behind layers of well-practiced sophistry, but a man who is well-experienced with women of both high and low socioeconomic status knows that deep down he’s nothing but a meal ticket to the predatory female. I actually appreciated the honesty of most of the hookers, and the fact they fucked better than the “high-class” women I had to deal with when I wore a suit and a tie in my previous career.

The recreational drugs were an added bonus. Far from destroying my life and turning me into an instant addict, they only enhanced my experience as I took a walk on the wild side. The sex and drugs were good, in soul-satisfying way. I remember becoming very pissed off that Anglo culture robs men of the experience of recreational drugs and recreational sex, instead telling them a career in a corporate job will satisfy every desire they have.

After I had my fill of pussy, blow, and grass, I remember walking away totally satisfied, and not at all remorseful for having conducted my experiment.  I came away with a new appreciation for hookers and occasional use of recreational drugs. The key is balance. Being starved of both is probably why most guys go completely crazy and destroy their lives when they encounter cheap pussy and cheap drugs.

One important footnote: Dealing with ladies like this isn’t risk-free. Far from being “victims” some women let their predatory nature roam wild and free when they work as whores. One night during my experiment, I came across two hookers who wanted to drug me into passing out and then rob me. One of the two kept dropping massive amounts of blow into my nose with a straw she had. I caught on to their game fast, and got the fuck out of there. Yes, that’s a risk of dealing with this subculture. If you want to be completely safe, stay at home beating off is my view.

All in all, I never felt more alive inside than I did during my week-long experiment. I certainly felt happier than I ever did in my decade toiling in the fake news business, trawling the bottom of the pond to see what kind of “date” I could find. Why these passing pleasures are made “immoral” and taboo in a deeply sexually repressed culture is still beyond my comprehension. Why men put up with having their basest desires shamed is amazing to me.

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  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    When a man realizes women only deal with them if they are extracting benefit(time, money, commitment, etc), he can truly see past the facade and then explore the “wild side” like you do Rel. This post was some good shit brotha! Cheers


  • @ Fuzzie Bear:
    Commiefornia is very costly because of the Silicon Valley industry, but Canada doesn’t have that high average wages except those who are elitist and 1%.
    The MRA Movement is failing to find ways that men can ‘vote with their feet’, create networks to employ young men, and start a way to secede, either physically or involuntarily separate from this Angloskank plantation.
    Even these Black Panther groups like Black Hebrew Israelites, or ISUPK, (where the infamous Tumblr feminist was pushed onto the ground of the sidewalk for accusing them of harassing her lol), they have a very cohesive brotherhood than the MRA movement in USA and Canada.
    I can borrow an idea from these Hebrew Israelites that rather than “spiritually separate from the mainstream America”, ALL MEN regardless of race or religion, separate from Angloskank society. Let those feminists and their Blue Pillers pay $1,500 a month for a moldy basement and $10 coffee at Starbucks.
    Luckily in the USA, one can live off the grid in a warmer climate for way less than living in Canada or commiefornia. I saw land being sold at the Southern part of Georgia (USA, not the country) for $15,000 a plot of land! In Canada, that plot would go for over $300,000!
    I believe that the Mra movement is wasting time trying to negotiate with these feminists.How much longer until the pitchforks come out? A starving populace of angry men eventually leads to anarchy.


  • learn a trade and go mobile..


  • The midwest is the place to find love and create a family. The traditional family values are still there. For how long is anyones guess. However right now its the best place to find women who value marriage and family.


  • The sad part is that American men work 70 hours a week only to be eligible for dating a fattie on Tinder, while in Toronto Canada, a Canadian man would have to own a lakefront condo, a sportscar like Porsche, Maserati or Ferrari, and earn over $500,000+ a year in earnings in order to be given a dinner date which sounds like a job interview. I’ve heard that even fatties in Toronto would turn down a man if he doesn’t own his own condo or drive a Ferrari. Pussy bubble needs to burst lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Take comfort. Nothing is more brutal than demand deflation.


      • I hope so….MGTOW material to endorse the idea that a single MGTOW can live on US$10,000 a year is becoming outdated in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand….Real estate prices are thru the roof, which eventually increases the costs of rent for a MGTOW.
        Unfortunately, Captain Capitalism’s idea that MGTOW can live on welfare is also outdated as welfare rates in Canada and USA are discrimination against single men. A single mother who pops out thugspawn every year receives way more welfare than a single man.


      • I hope that there is an answer to that too. One thing that I see coming is the automating of the office. In the meanwhile, women pulling down welfare and all the rest of it are living a far higher equivalent to what people working bottom end jobs can pull in. Landlords can charge them more.


      • Remember that corporations will be scared to lay off HR departments and paper-pushing feminists because of sexism lawsuits and false accusations.
        In Canada, a single man receives only $700 a month on welfare while a single mother with thug spawn collects $1,800 a month from the government. Renting a basement in Ontario starts from $1,000.

        Single mothers are also likely to qualify for Section 8 Housing than single men. I’ve heard horror stories how war veterans with amputated limbs and mobility issues living under a bridge are refused Section 8 housing in favor of a single mother who brings in her Alpha fucx into those communities to increase crime.

        In Canadian colleges and universities, Angloskanks are pairing up with these shady-ass “international students” from China who come to Canada and immediately purchase the latest year Lamborghini or Ferrari while causing Real Estate bubbles with their ill gotten laundered earnings from China.

        Single men in the Anglosphere are totally at a disadvantage in Angloskank society because of these feminists and their policies. It should be noted that in Canada, the average cost of a bungalow in the year 2011 was only $255,000, but as of 2017, it’s $685,000. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal are extremely higher than the Canadian average. Hipster couples also increase rental costs. The MRA community is not focusing on this, but rather fighting a losing battle negotiating with militant feminists set to look for the blood of innocent men under their misandry.


      • Single and younger MGTOW men are facing the full force of this hidden inflation in North America. Feminists in their age group at college vilify them as rapists and potential harassers of women, while feminists earn degrees that increase the feminist force in North America.

        I don’t know what is the end game of this misandry agenda, but it sure ain’t the Red Pill theory of ‘shit test’ where men who ignore the male bashing and false accusations will win in the end….I don’t think that is the case here. Feminists are causing tensions all over.

        If you read Canadian news, several politicians and male political leaders have been falsely accused of sexual harassment in the past 7 days!, even a disabled man in a wheelchair was not immune from allegations of “sexual harassment” for using the wrong elevator pitch to women while commuting on the elevator!


      • Japan doesn’t encourage mass immigration, repression of sexuality, stifling men to gather and communicate in groups, and also Japan doesn’t have a real estate bubble.Japan also exports tremendous amounts of vehicles, machinery and they have thriving game and anime culture. Unlike USA or Canada where mass immigration is promoted, men are vilified and even labelled “rape promoters” for holding events under Roosh V’s name, real estate prices are skyrocketing and it’s difficult to even find a low skill job to pay poverty lifestyles in North America.


      • I’ll take your word for it that the cost of living is out of control. I left California in 2010 because of that. Odd, how wages aren’t that much different. I think that all men are going to have to start “voting with their feet” over this. We”ll never get any relief from government. I do remember once, there was a significant increase in the minimum wage in California, but it was so low that no one was paid it. The whole world came in for boxes for moving. The landlords jacked up the rents to offset the raise and then some.


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