Video: The War on Men

The War on Men has now become an acceptable topic in right-leaning news outlets. In fact, Paul Joseph Watson just featured it on his podcast. Let’s keep pushing the envelope in that Overton Window until the truth about women reaches the public conciousness.

What are your thoughts on PJW’s video?

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Something to consider: use the crime statistics features of rental and home property Web sites to figure out what level of “legal opportunism” exists in your neighbourhood.

    The urban block where I live now: 110+ “domestic violence” calls within the past 2 months.

    Where I’ll be moving later in the year: 3 seatbelt violations, 2 speeding tickets, and 1 miscellaneous misdemeanour within the past 4 years along that mile-long stretch of road.

    The urban area where I live now is highly risky for men who want to “hook up locally”.

    The rate of petty crimes, theft, carjackings, and so on are what most family-minded people look at when they’re looking at crime in an area.

    Readers of this site should look at the armed robbery, DV, and rape reports first instead. You’ll get a look at how you might be messed with by the legal system as well as by certain types of opportunists, mainly the female variety, who want to use burly men in blue and black clown suits as Human Extortion Pry Bars being wielded on you.


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