Anglo America Continues Pushing Largely Fictitious, Anti-Sex “Human Trafficking” Narratives


America works lustily towards forming an all-out War on Sex

The Anglo-American Matrix is anxious to eliminate all forms of economic competition, and prevent people from existing outside the clutches of the matrix. One of the main ways people who don’t lick the corporate boot make good money (tax-free money, too – something government revenuers hate) is through the drug and sex trades.

Alongside the lust to eliminate other avenues for people to make a living outside the corporate-government complex, we find a dovetailing of a similar nefarious agenda in the fact the matrix is hard at work trying to screw up human sexual behavior in any way it possibly can. Ostensibly, social engineers want to get the birth rate down. But beyond that, broken human beings with shattered sex lives make excellent consumers to “sell” sex appeal back to.

For over a decade, the matrix has been trying to legally and socially conflate prostitution between two willing, consenting adults with a largely fictitious “human trafficking” narrative. Rent a whore, and you’ve just “trafficked” a woman. Even if she was willing, even if she didn’t have a pimp, and even if she likes fucking. Of course, penalties for this newly created “offense” will be blown completely out of proportion (taking it well beyond the scope of a misdemeanor, which it is in most states) just as penalties were with the Drug War. Senator Rand Paul speaks to to the related insanity of the Anglo-American Drug War:

We went crazy on the War on Drugs. We have people in jail for life for nonviolent drug crimes. I think this is a crime in and itself.

The latest push at getting the human trafficking campaign (i.e. War on Sex agenda) rolling comes out of Texas. The official line from government operatives in the Lone Star State is that “human trafficking” affects men, too. Krista Leeburg Melton with the Texas State Attorney General’s Office (the same office that enforces child support slavery and estrangement upon fathers) says:

“Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It is the exploitation of men, women, and children by third-parties for their own profit or gain.”

That line sounds good on the surface, but make no mistake a gynocentric society doesn’t give a fuck about so-called trafficking of men. The true aim is foisting another Puritan Prohibition on the populace, centered on “protecting” perfect, asexual Anglo goddesses.

This is quite simply another infamously Anglo-American moral crusade to crush the sex trade altogether, forcing men who have figured out the scam that is modern marriage and moved to save their live savings by opting for P4P back onto the gynocentric plantation. Call it a clandestine War on Sex, one that will be just as Draconian as the War on Drugs.

The matrix has to give The War on Sex an air of legitimacy before it moves in for the kill – seeking worldwide bans on prostitution. We find the oft-used Hegelian Dialectic being employed again – creating a “problem” that largely doesn’t exist (certainly not to the extent those pushing the human trafficking narrative claim) so the government can have a pretext to step in and strip yet more personal freedom away from its subjects, while simultaneously extending the financial tentacles of the matrix.

Just as Puritans were sure the devil was going to tempt the flock with “obscene” sexual satisfaction, Neo-Puritans (secular nutcases this time around) or those creating this social hysteria out of whole cloth are conjuring up all kinds of participants in the charade, including a “reformed sinner” or former pimp Joshua Jones. No doubt eager to reduce his prison sentence by playing along with authorities, Joshua says:

“Sit your daughter down and let her know. There’s people out there really ready to manipulate her.”

While there’s chilling truth to his statement, the Hegelian Dialectic is served best when the actual danger to your daughter is blown completely out of proportion.

Here comes more typical Anglo-Americn social hysteria from another participant in this money-making, freedom stealing scheme:

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves defines it as “a relationship in which one person is controlled by violence through violence, the threat of violence, or psychological coercion, has lost free will and free movement, is exploited economically, and paid nothing beyond subsistence.

The rehabilitation business is no doubt expected to be huge. In similar fashion to modern drug rehab houses that don’t really rehab anything, prostitutes will be “rehabbed” and Johns will be persecuted at an even more extreme level than they already are in America if the human trafficking campaign reaches full steam.

Importantly, if the above statement from Kevin Bales doesn’t perfectly describe every GloboWorldCorp job I’ve ever had, nothing will. Corporate drones don’t have free will and free movement (if the government’s regulations don’t get you, corporate policy will), are exploited economically, and paid nothing beyond subsistence. Sure, they can “quit” their jobs but they’ll soon have another master, just at a different company.

Hidden in the details are the campaign’s true intentions. Now, we finally get a taste of the truth behind all these machinations:

Human trafficking is a media buzz word that often conjures images of brothels in Thailand or confusion with the ongoing immigration debate. This innovative digital training tool cuts through the confusion, arms the viewer with an understanding of what human trafficking is and is not, and helps them recognize that this is a Texas problem with Texas buyers, sellers, and victims.

The goal is to muddy the definition of “human trafficking” so much that it turns into whatever the state says it is.

It refocuses our attention on adults and children who are regularly exploited but are unlikely to self-identify as victims or seek help. This video walks the audience through actual cases prosecuted in the state of Texas, identifies the tools of traffickers and how they are typically utilized to obtain and maintain victims, and equips viewers with red flags and a reporting protocol. Most of all, it challenges Texans to change the culture in which we live from one that identifies with and honors perpetrators to one that provides safety, security, and genuine reintegration for the survivors of trafficking.

It bears repeating that the truth behind all this hot air is the human trafficking facade is just another attempt by the government to whip up a social hysteria so legislators and lying politicians will have the pretext to seek bans on prostitution worldwide. Just as with the War on Drugs, the corporate-government complex wants to eliminate all forms of economic competition and all ways out (including men choosing to pay up front for sex rather than mortgaging their entire lives for wives who can dispose of them with one phone call) so every person on earth is dependent on their system.

The faux human trafficking scare is yet another expression of the ingrained Puritanism Anglo societies are rife with. Sex and drugs, nay any form of personal pleasure are verboten in a deeply repressed society.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “American exclusive: New chewy orange flavor.”

    You need a photo recaptioning contest, BTW. 🙂


  • Excellent piece. I just said much the same thing in correspondence I had with an old friend, a female, who was curious as to why I think feminism is harmful (we had been out of touch for a bit). I told her to ask her “sisters” about prostitution and I told her to expect to get replies about trafficking. I told her she should know better, as she is a native San Franciscan and the legalize prostitution movement in the United States was started there in the 70s by Margot St. James.

    I never heard back from her. The trafficking bullshit is bullshit. Study after study has shown that most women go into the sex trade voluntarily and a large percentage enjoy the work. But this fact won’t stop the maniacs from doing their neo-Puritan thing. I think you can safely say by now that 3rd wave feminism is just Puritanism in new clothes.


  • If anyone remembers you NEVER heard this “Human Trafficking” nonsense before around the year 2000. Just go back and watch how prostitution is portrayed in 80s media. Usually sort of comical, like on “Hunter” hanging out with Sporty James telling Hunter and DD “the word on the street.” Now you have fictional movies like “Taken” inspiring crackpot Natalie Holloway conspiracy theories when the rational explanation is Joran Van Der Sloot killer.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Human trafficking is a scam, designed to make men afraid of getting hookers. That way, he’ll stay at home and be berated by a feminazi wife.

    Fellas, just head down to the Tokyo massage. No worries…


  • The United States and by extension, the entire Western world, is THE most repressed, puritanical, sex hating frigid nation in the entire history of the planet
    Never before in the history of mankind has such an insidious hatred of sex, and especially male sexuality been systematically attacked than what is happening right now in the States

    This attack on prostitution is just the evil fruit of a puritanical mindset, and another way feminists can try to control male sexuality and destroy it


  • {Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves defines it as “a relationship in which one person is controlled by violence through violence, the threat of violence, or psychological coercion, has lost free will and free movement, is exploited economically, and paid nothing beyond subsistence.}

    Notice how closely this description fits the relationship of citizens to the State..


  • It’s damn near impossible to obtain sex via relationships and meeting women the natural way since women have a heavy dose of ‘my shit dont stink’ in this day and age…And we cant engage in p4p for fear of going to jail and friends/family/employer finding out. So, what are western men supposed to do to satisfy their natural God given sexual desires that are a necessity to function as a normal, sane human being?
    The States are truly f’d up.

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  • I heard recently that there is some truth to this. However, the women are not employed in prostitution but as staff in Korean beauty parlors.


  • Of course, Muslims will be allowed to have multiple wives or underage wives. No problem there. And they will probably be isolated from or exempt from the reaches of western family law.


    • What’s your point?
      In a healthy culture a man should be able to have multiple wives and in Muslim countries it’s accepted.
      The under age thing? Really? Check the age limits for marriage in the States. States in the South have minimum age of 13 or 14 years of age.

      Liked by 1 person

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