Alpha and Beta Behavior + Greek Mythology = Great Piece


Greek mythology gives men valuable lessons on male/female behavior

Gregor Wayne, author for Return of Kings just posted one of the more interesting and original pieces of writing I’ve seen from the manosphere in some time. In it, he compares and contrasts Alpha and Beta male behavior by telling stories of how two of his friends acted with women on a recent trip to Greece, and likens them to the wisdom awakened men can glean from Greek mythology.

Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Some guy friends accompanied me during my trip, and they also fancied the women. Two, however, stood out for their vastly different foreign dating outcomes.

I jokingly referred to one as the sink of the group. He drank like a motherfucker, and his experimentation with drugs bordered on rehab levels. He enjoyed acting like an asshole at times, but hanging out with him always amounted to a good time. That guy, not surprisingly, acquired a harem. He led one girl on, fucked another, and had the other girl literally show him texts the first girl had sent to her about wanting to fuck him, all the while his girlfriend waited patiently back in the states.

My other friend wasn’t so lucky. The nice and faithful Christian man that he was, he fell hard for one girl. She was a seven at best, but he did everything for her, hoping to one day marry her and have a family. I recall him excusing himself from a week-long drive around Greece that we had planned out because of “stomach flu” when in fact he used the week to hang out with her.

She enjoyed dating other guys on the side while always appreciating him as a “great friend.” By the time we left, my friend could spill only bitter words on how he was so done with her and the other women who turned him down (there were a lot). He never did shut up about them, though.

Indeed, some men can just never cross the line from being a faithful, lapdog Beta male and transform themselves into devil may care Alphas (or Sigmas) who never truly commit to women. (I have a close friend who has descended into religious piety as a way to avoid dealing with the truth about women, while I embraced how rotten they are and have been running harems in multiple countries, for better or worse.) It seems this was the case even thousands of years ago, as the mythological story of the willing, forgiving cuckold Hephaestus, his wife Aphrodite, and her lover Ares shows us.

Ares, the temperamental lover of Aphrodite (who she had multiple affairs with) went on to father multiple children with Hephaestus’ wife, while Hephaestus died a genetic dead end. It’s a classic tale of Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. Predictably, Hephaestus built his princess a castle while she spent her life getting her womb filled with the seed of another god.

As is the case with all religion and mythology, the lessons men can glean from them are far more important than the gods and myths themselves. Abandoning patriarchal Western traditions goes hand in hand with the secularization of Western culture. It’s as if liberalism brought us a cultural lobotomy, and we are rediscovering lessons about men and women, and male and female behavior the hard way.

A culture familiar with the lessons gleaned from the story of Ares and Hephaestus perhaps would not be suffering the cancer of feminism as the West is. You can read the full piece here.

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  • it seems obvious to me we have betas and women trolling this liberals that live in a fantasy world


  • Rely, can you write more on trucking? I know others who want to follow in your footsteps. Here are some questions:

    Did you take a paid CDL program?

    How many miles did you run a week, as a newb?

    How did you stay fit on the road, driving 12 hours + per day?

    Has trucking affected your health?


    • maybe i can help// i have a class a for over 10 years.long hauled, low boy, dump truck, hazmat, north dakota oil fields etc.
      there are 2 ways to get a cdl..go to class and pay to use their truck or find someone that will sponsor you and use their truck.
      if you look in craigslist under transport there are many companies that will train you and sponsor you if you agree to a certain length of time working for them.
      now, when it comes to miles, most companies will push you to the legal limit as the truck only makes money when the wheels are turning…
      some companies will match you with a partner so when you are sleeping the truck and you still makes money.. partnered can be a good gig if you are the kind of person that can handle that kind of thing.. there is more money in it.
      as far a health concerns, trucking take a devastating toll, kidneys are the biggest problem..the stress factor is huge..
      driving on ice and snow not being able to stop is a real pants shitter..blow outs, tire fires, weigh stations, huge fines if you fvk up..etc.
      and all the while there is the law that states if you could have in anyway avoided the accident and you didn’t ..which includes self sacrifice.. you are off to prison if you kill or maim someone..


      • The other driving alternative is as a road rep sales agent. I averaged 65,000 miles per year. These day’s you can earn 100 G’s but not on a bread truck or chip truck and not with the big companies. You need a regional supplier with broad product lines. The kidneys, and liver, best protection is rosehip tea a couple times per day. It can actually restore a toxic liver and few things can.
        As far as progressive liberals go I would vote for Trudeau if the vote was about hanging. As far as Trump goes, he is going to get the US in a shit load of trouble, but, it can’t be avoided now by anybody. Buy silver not gold and sure as hell not cryptos. That is just stupid.


      • i bought litecoin at 40 and sold at 300..never made so much money so fast in my life..silver has been at 15 to 18 for years.. i own plenty..the cryptos have taken a big dive and now would be a good time to consider finding one you like and trying a small sample..
        diversity and not playing more than you can afford is the key.. don’t get emotionally attached. i am now playing on binance over in hong kong and coinbase here in the states..
        of course before you invest in anything make sure you have your beans and bullets and the systems to send them down range first.. now for long range forecast. water..find a property that has plenty of water and start bottling it..


      • Without writing a book on the subject I can simply say that Silver is the only currency, period. This has been so for all recorded history. The ratio in the earth is approx 13 to 1, silver over gold, as the ratio has also been in monetary use for all cultures and economies similarly up to 16 to 1.
        It’s value in current US dollars is a deception and its real value would be in the range of $70,000.00 per ounce. Cryptos are going to bankrupt millions of people if not 100’s of millions. How?
        Taxes will be levied in US dollars, or those of your host country wherever, as will penalties for failing to declare as many will not. The US dollar will stay strong as ever, even with fluctuations, until its total collapse when silver will replace it. Gold is portable real estate not currency.
        Silver, primary mine, is scheduled for total depletion within 5 years according to the USGS and the Silver Institute numbers and both primary and secondary mine production agrees. Secondary mine production will not meet current demand or future if our civilization continues apace. Monetary use would use up all present holdings overnight. Silver can explode in value anytime. The last great example was in 79/80. That will look like a fart in the wind compared to the shit storm we can expect any day. Tomorrow or 10 yrs. Who knows. Be ready. Your other advice is sage except storing water does not work well except in a rock or clay cistern.


      • we will never go back to a metal based currency..ever..unless it is some form of electronic metal backed crypto they are now setting up..if it gets to the point that pms are being used for money, will you trade you last can of bennie weenies for a hunk of metal because the only way a silver coin will be used in day to day transactions is when tshtf and people are eating each other. silver is used in many more applications than gold, the s/g ratio is at 80 which is way off the charts but the situation could be gold taking a hard dive while silver goes nowhere to even up said ratio. to sit in this chat and state that silver will make you rich and there is no risk and you are a fool to believe anything different is a bit narcissistic don’t you think? we in the realm of investment call it promoting your book.. food water weapons/ammo real estate comes first..after that..a crystal ball..


      • I did not say to buy silver to get rich. I said it is the only currency and that it is way undervalued. Cryptos are not even close to being a currency. I don’t need a crystal ball when I have the bible. Prophecy will be fulfilled and we will not go back 200 yrs but more like 2,000 yrs. And, we will rebuild. Those who survive.
        Gold will not collapse because not only do the wealthy want it more than anything but off planet species want it too, and, gold will play its own critical role in the new creation. Gold presently only has 100 uses, many of which will not be needed in the future, whereas silver has 10,000 uses.
        Most importantly, silver is antibiotic, antiparasitic and antibacterial. Nothing else is even close to the degree that silver is the critical mineral in our immune system function and alone it acts as a secondary immune system. Simply wearing it or handling it picks up ions into our body. You might want a few to put in your bottles of water also. Essential oils are preferable to silver in these respects but they are hard to produce without technology and energy. Silver is real easy. A coin in a bottle with a few grains of salt.
        Actually, you, like most, are buying cryptos to make fast gains. To get rich quick. There are bigger, smarter, faster, controlling players that are gaming you and many others. One of them is named Donald Trump.
        If you can’t listen and learn then you can watch and learn. Like it or not.
        I’m telling people now so I can laugh at them later.
        Learning from other’s mistakes is way better than learning from your own, but, be my guest.

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      • bible you say..
        King James Bible
        They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity.
        Ezekiel 7:19
        i just explained this.. beannie weenies..remember? and yes i made fast profits and you didn’t.. so sad for you.. i transferred to bank account and yes my accountant is figuring the taxes.. again. too bad you don’t have that problem..
        bitterness about someone else taking the risk and profiting is unbecoming of a true investor.. jealousy is ugly..


      • Again, you are thinking ‘get rich quick’. I am saying buy and hold silver until ‘after’ the SHTF. PM’s won’t buy your survival in the ‘day of Yahweh’, which is the day that scripture, quoted, is referring to, but, salvation does not come until long after that day and after the Great White Throne Judgement. This is 1,000 yrs down the road. You better have a lot of beans and bullets if you want to last that long. You better have some silver too if you want to have, or participate in, an economy. Silver is currency. It’s the only thing that is. The rest is fiat as you well know.
        Cryptos are more fiat than anything. They have nothing backing them whatsoever. Not the full faith and credit and certainly not goods and services of any note. You surely noticed that small ticket items are the hardest to get at reasonable cost and only elephants, like real estate or yachts as examples, are easy and they are all hypothecated and primed for collapse at the same time consumables are hyperinflating. What a nice mix!!
        Hyperinflation which is running rampant elsewhere, has already started in the USA. That will erode your earnings faster than the tax man. Not that he won’t get his cut.
        As far as jealousy is concerned, that’s funny.
        I have made enough in a year to give away mid 6 figures. which is more than enough for any sane person. After that point people get really, really greedy. Greedy people commit murder without a second thought.
        You are quite welcome to your concept and your plan. I simply suggest a backup plan for survival. Every successful backup plan for survival in history has involved silver AND gold, or just silver, or very small pieces of gold. Otherwise you can’t make change and you don’t have currency.
        The FACT that cryptos cannot get transactions processed with reasonable speed, and at reasonable cost, dooms them until that is rectified. By that time the government, who are behind the cryptos or they would have already been stomped, will have instituted full control of the ‘currencies’ and the mechanism/system.
        We are not quite ready for a cashless system but we are ready and primed for hyperinflation as you also well know.
        I don’t need more silver than I am wearing on my body right now. I can go anywhere in North America and live in and eat from the woods.
        Your argument and presentation are notable for two things:
        You concede you made a profit in a speculative bubble which is still going on.
        You failed to give any rationale for investment in cryptos; like an example of any kind of value whatsoever. You basically conceded that they are essentially worthless as currency and only useful if you can find another sucker to sell them to.
        Congratulations! You win!
        Oh, don’t forget Karma!
        Have a wonderful day.


  • Shills and trolls lurking in the shadows. Come out, come out whoever you are.
    We have a party planned and you are the star,
    replete with buffet, on a rail, with feathers and tar.
    You think you got my goat? Think again mental midget star.
    Who cares if the world cries or laughs with you? Not I!
    Must be a cuck with no cock, or, a cunt with no balls. Same diff.
    Only 6 thumbs down??? No honor but no shame.
    Thanks for the honorable mention, troll.
    Must be a Trump lapdog sitting in a hot car.
    Hyper inflation is right around the corner.
    Buy silver!


    • @moriyah

      Who the fuck are you talking about?
      Do you wanna share your fantasy delusions about the aforementioned invisible people who thumbs down these comments?


      • I already did. Maybe you have the balls to ‘thumbs down’ AND comment. But it is obvious from the numbers that others do not.
        I appreciate your candor AND comments.
        P.S. As a rule, I don’t vote up or down as it causes heads to swell in either case. Nor do I really give a fuck who votes me up or down. Nor do I write for writings sake or for ego. It is to educate and inculcate. No more, no less.
        When I meet my match I am in awe and appreciate. When I meet the average reprobate I just shake the dust from my feet.


      • Note that your first comment here at 11:53 was quite reasonable yet received a thumbs down. To what point??? There is none!

        All in all it is nice to have a few retards around just to set a really easy standard to beat.
        And, I have spent my whole life trying to not be a retard and I’m not going to quit now.

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      • Seriously dude, what the fuck are you talking about?

        Where on earth was my comment thumbed down?,…..I can’t see shit
        Does only paying members of see comments that get thumbed down?…… because I see nowhere on this article or others where there is an option to thumb down a comment

        I’m beginning to think you are seriously having paranoid delusions about people thumbing down comments or something, and having fights with imaginary people that don’t exist except in a fantasy world you created


      • I’d send you a screen capture if I could but I can’t.
        You might try a different browser. I use Chromium for this site and I can thumb up or thumb down anybody who comments. And all others should be able too.
        You have 3 comments and one vote which is a thumbs down.
        In my humble opinion the web, the internet, is breaking down. I see more and more errors in software code every day. That is fine except that airplanes could start to fall out of the sky from other than ManPad missiles.
        Which, by the way, 40 commercial airliners have been blown up in 40 yrs with the average annual increasing.
        As far as commenting on this or any other blog goes; I just do it for writing practice.
        I could care less about fucking or not fucking the average bitch. If they don’t want to make babies, and most don’t, then I don’t want to waste my breath or semen.
        Women, I have found, are far more work than reward. So? That is what is required in being a man. So be it. However, we get to pick and choose, not them.
        I have fucked well over a hundred women and turned down as many more. In general, if you chase them you won’t catch them. Find the ones that want to be caught and not chased. There are lots.
        And, keep in mind, lots and lots of women are lezzies or burnt and neither is going to give you anything but grief.
        Looking forward to your comments. Watch out for the green rocks.

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      • @moriyah

        Thanks for responding to me…sorry if I came across as quite blunt with you
        I’m going to try another browser and see if I can see the option where you can thumb down comments

        I have a feeling this option is only available to paid members of……I only have a free version

        If you can screen capture it, I would really appreciate it

        Thanks Moriyah


      • Your apology graciously accepted SIR. And, I have overreacted myself on occasion achieving levels of fool far beyond your simple faux pas.

        I thought I could post a pic on here of my screencap but cannot. You still have only 1 vote down. I have 16 down votes in total which is a new record for me. It has to be a real jerk-off with a twitchy finger and time on his/her hands.
        If I was the typical attention whore female I would be wetting my pants.

        As it is, the great compliment given me yesterday by a woman talking to me on my phone while talking to another genuine BITCH in person was a REAL kick.
        In fact, it was one of the nicest compliment of my life from a person with well disciplined parents and an excellent education and upbringing. A woman who actually gets embarrassed on occasion and blushes. When she hugs you it feels all warm and fuzzy. Not feigned or fake.

        That, on top of learning about a certain herb which everyone in the world has heard of but very, very few know this characteristic about it. That same herb which can entrance women; hint, hint!

        What a great day. It also went from -20 C at midnight to +5 and sunny at 1 pm, during which I got in a half hour of biking, and then back down to -10 by midnight.
        AND at the drugstore I used that same herb to fluster a woman. I love doing that. She loved it too.
        By the wayside, that herb is the focus of my thesis study which has so far entertained more than 6,000 references in botany, ethnobotany, ethnoloby, biology, etymology, languages, history as well as field trips to historical reference points.
        And that is why a downvote IS a piece of shit when not accompanied by a comment. It ads nothing to life and actually interferes with the finer points of living.

        Please note that, above all, I believe the way into THAT special woman’s pants is through her heart. Red Pill, Galt, MGTOW, are not very effective when you want real satisfaction in life. They just help blow off some steam which is OK.
        When you speak to the heart you will find out IF the heart speaks back. If not, then there is no love there. Contrary to some popular opinions, there are women who can and do love. That’s the kind for me, especially now that I’m old and wise. Ha, ha, ha, ha…

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    • you come off like you might be coming unhinged..relax..seriously..freaking out over down votes gathers more down votes..
      maybe take a cruise over to zerohedge to gather a few calluses might be in the picture..?


      • Nah, I go to zero hedge enough.
        Seriously, people who vote, without .comment, are as low as Trolls and Shills and even stupider. In fact that goes for people who vote in general. Does anyone really believe that their vote can change an out of control system which is based on Canonical Law? To vote without active voice is pathetic at best. I’d say retarded at worst but that would be inconsiderate and unfair to retards.


  • Never argue with an idiot…or a damn fool.
    They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

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  • There is much to be said about this whole blog but let me address two points only and the original not withstanding as I have not read it.
    First, the Greeks are the harbingers and not the architects of our current system which is entirely Roman. The Greeks were, and for the most part still are, moderates, temperate and determined in their way of life. It would take volumes to elaborate on what they have gifted all humanity with in their studious learning and applications. Olive oil and Oregano come immediately to mind even though others initiated those.
    The Romans, by contrast, abused and aborted most all of those and others associated, like the Persian discoveries as example.
    Second, there is no question that today most Anglo/Western males are cucks and their wives cheat on them and fuck them over without mercy or remorse. Those women are whores and witches and to be avoided by any MAN.
    Apparently this CHRISTIAN was not a MAN. That’s OK, he may yet learn. On the other hand he may have, ALSO, avoided a tragedy.
    For the rest of us, what is the lesson within his trials? I’m not completely sure but I will definitely meditate on that question. In the meantime I consider that the Greek gods and Roman gods are now one in our culture. Fornication comes to mind.
    Accept and nurture the proven, and provable, values and reject the, 99.999%, rest.
    As a rule, for eons, the Greeks were sober, judicious, reverent, productive and wise.
    As a fact, the Romans were composed of former barbarians, and, still are.
    Welcome to the USA.
    Full disclosure, I’m Canadian, and not proud of it. But, at least I’m not American.
    Ha, ha! And fuck you too.
    Speaking of Americans! Is Trump really the best you can do? I mean, really???
    Be careful what you answer. He is probably reading this blog.


    • The one thing I detest above all others on earth, and beyond, is critics who thumbs down and don’t comment. Cucking, fucking, fornicating, gutless, stupid, pieces of shit.
      Who do you think they are? Let you comment this, assholes, you get what you give and you now see it in your flesh. That would be conspicuous sores and your curse applied.
      No thanks required. You are welcome. May you learn well my friends.
      so glad to be of service.


      • Is it possible to thumbs down comments here?

        I didn’t know that was possible….but yes I agree, whoever is doing that should have the balls to show themselves and make a comment in here


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