Planned Parenthood Pushes Sex Change Drugs to Transgender Children


Planned Parenthood moves to drug children with powerful sex hormones

TNMM regularly documents the twisted (and often, downright strange) nature of sexuality in Anglo America. Now, an organization that made its name killing the unborn is moving to offer drugs to children confused by so-called gender dysphoria. Which is, of course, a product of the brainwashing of children in schools and the media by social engineers bent on eliminating sex differences from humanity. From Life Site News:

As the U.S. abortion rate continues to decline and regulations tighten, Planned Parenthood is looking toward a new source of revenue – hormone ‘sex-change’ treatment for minors at Medicaid expense.

That’s right. They want the Beta male dupes who pay the majority of taxes in the United States to fund a new attack upon civilization via the welfare state. (Often referred to around here as Big Daddy Government.) To its credit, Planned Parenthood has already got one sex change revenue stream going.

The abortion giant has been dispensing ‘hormone therapy’ drugs to gender-confused adults since 2016 – giving out transgender hormones to 250 gender dysphorics in the Sarasota area alone last year. The Guardian reports that “Planned Parenthood is one of the largest sources in the U.S. of transgender healthcare.”

Treating adults is one thing. But bringing children into the fold is quite another. How this push to drug minors – in ways that can damage their undeveloped bodies – isn’t considered child abuse is a testament to the manipulative power of such leftist organizations like Planned Parenthood, and a compliant, corporate media that focuses on headlines that really don’t matter while other issues like giving powerful, sex and life-altering drugs to children are swept under the rug.

But, hey. There’s profit to be had in the world’s preeminent sellout culture.

The nation’s largest and most lucrative abortion conglomerate has now “decided it was time for us to expand the care that we were providing to minors,” Vice President of Medical Affairs Suzie Prabhakaran told the Sun Coast.

Insert some typical, liberal hamster rationalizing.

Reasoning that gender confused youth may have difficulty getting sex “change” hormones because “a lot of doctors can be judgmental,” Prabhakaran says it’s important to give children “medications that affect the changes they’re looking for.”

You’ll need boots to wade the rest of this statement.

Planned Parenthood’s website explains that some youth feel their gender “doesn’t match…the gender that they feel they are inside.” Contrary to many mental health professionals, the abortion-and-sex hormone business teaches that “the mismatch between a person’s body and gender identity isn’t in itself a mental illness.”

The devil is always in the details. Giving sex-altering hormones to children is part and parcel of the ongoing Androgyny Agenda, which ultimately seeks to eliminate sexual dimorphism in America and the world. Meaning, social engineers want to eliminate male and female and turn humanity into unisexual pods. (Perhaps this is the real reason the related, and mostly bogus “Human Trafficking” narrative has been spawned as a way of tormenting lonely heterosexual men?) Those who run the world truly hate the human species, it would seem.

This is why men are being feminized and women are being masculinized. But now, why wait until adulthood to confuse people about gender?

Mission creep (which happens every time government funding is dumped into an organization like Planned Parenthood) will eventually mean “gender confused” or “dysphoric” minors will be able to elect to be sterilized at a young age. This is no doubt one of the desired outcomes.

Meantime, Planned Parenthood continues the rest of its bloody mission:

The report shows Planned Parenthoods committed 321,384 abortions last year alone, and received $543.7 million in tax dollars.

A total of 58,220 mostly men died in the Vietnam War. Planned Parenthood is responsible for 5 Vietnams in its killing centers each year. And now, they want to eliminate male and female in their latest science experiment.

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  • In Montreal, Canada, they celebrate an 8-year-old tranny who says on TV that if his parents don’t like it when they become a faggot, they should change their parents (or likely use false accusations against innocent fathers to break up the family).
    In Dominican Republic, American & Canadian feminists are trying to change the law which allows parents to oversee marriages of 16 and 17 year olds, using ‘child marriage’ as the Scarlett letter.
    HOW THE FUCK can an 8 year old become a tranny so that gays and dykes and other trannies can have sex with those youngsters, but 16 and 17 year olds who marry are considered “child marriage”? It doesn’t fit the narrative.


  • Glad to see this blog. A subject, abortion, and wickedness against the defenseless, that cannot have too much press devoted to its critique.
    One thing I give Trump credit for is his definite stance and operation against abortion. I hope he sees that War, anywhere, is not much different and that he will temper his rhetoric.
    Meantime, it is not so long ago that there were abortionists murdered for their actions. These murders were only wrong because society said so as they abdicated their responsibility to respond themselves.
    This time will be different. If you listen, if you smell, if you look you can see the steam from the fire boiling the pot. Prabhakaran may find herself in a bodybag not of her choosing. But she did, in deed, choose.
    I don’t condone murder but justice, like water, finds its own level.


    • Abortion has always been around for whores, it just shouldn’t be available to the majority caste of women who by nature should be wives and mothers. There are three types of women: Mothers, Nuns, and Whores. Problem is nowadays women seem to be blurring the lines and being neither. The Whores aren’t really Whores nor satisfying that niche in society of relieving blue balled men, nor are they being wives and mothers. The nuns aren’t being nuns anymore either, but radicals engaged in feminist subversion. All this attack on normal gender roles and castes has everything totally out of whack.


      • Absolutely brilliant statements, both clear and determined. Worth consideration by every man who thinks himself one.
        I, personally, without overt prejudice or pressure on others, use the bible as a guide, but, I use the original languages and interpret it into english. That is a little different than the KJV.
        Let me say, the world will find peace when every whore finds a husband and every John finds a wife. I copywrite that now by my stating so.
        Boy, was that every easy.

        Kudos Sebastian


  • her she is in full color
    evil flourishes when good men do nothing


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