Downward Mobility: Retirees Are Also Becoming Nomads


A “precariat” class is the new norm in America as the middle class is squeezed out of existence; seniors are now adopting nomadic lifestyles – often living in campers

Downward mobility has become part and parcel of life in 21st century America. While life in general has become more uncertain for everyone in the so-called “new” economy, a misandrist Anglo culture is particularly targeting its men for economic disenfranchisement. Racial Bolshevists are targeting the white middle class in this era of the dissolution of the American Dream. And now, senior citizens are feeling the pinch.

In fact, a term has been coined by the elite classes to describe the new underclasses they’re creating: the precariat. What is the precariat? According to Wikipedia:

In sociology and economics, the precariat is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare.

Reading between the lines, we can glean the moneyed classes are endeavoring to make the former middle classes live hand to mouth lives. People are easier to control when they don’t know where their next dollar or next meal is coming from.

This is why jobs are no longer reliable, even for college graduates. Predictably, the term precariat carries socialist overtones…fitting for a nation conducting a clandestine socialist revolution.

The term is a portmanteau obtained by merging precarious with proletariat. Unlike the proletariat class of industrial workers in the 20th century who lacked their own means of production and hence sold their labor to live, members of the precariat are only partially involved in labor and must undertake extensive “unremunerated activities that are essential if they are to retain access to jobs and to decent earnings”.

Here’s the real thrust of what the elite want to do to the public by combining precarious with the Soviet-era term proletariat:

Specifically, [the term precariat describes the] condition of lack of job security, including intermittent employment or underemployment and the resultant precarious existence. The emergence of this class has been ascribed to the entrenchment of neoliberal capitalism.

Actually, the economy we are in is not capitalism at all. More like corporatism, since 16 corporations control virtually everything we consume and all the images we get to see in the media.

As a result of the elite squeezing the economic life out of average Americans, senior citizens who either had their retirement blown out by the manufactered 2008 economic crisis, or who didn’t make enough money to save properly for retirement (once pensions were dropped for dubious 401k plans in the 1980s) are now adopting nomadic lifestyles, similar to the nomadic lifestyles displaced men have adopted.

A mainstreamer has caught on to this trend. From MarketWatch:

In her powerful new book, “Nomadland,” award-winning journalist Jessica Bruder reveals the dark, depressing and sometimes physically painful life of a tribe of men and women in their 50s and 60s who are — as the subtitle says — “surviving America in the twenty-first century.” Not quite homeless, they are “houseless,” living in secondhand RVs, trailers and vans and driving from one location to another to pick up seasonal low-wage jobs, if they can get them, with little or no benefits.

Bruder’s expose jives with what I saw while trucking, as I drove across 47 states and into virtually every major city.

The one impression I got from driving all over the nation after I left the ivory tower of lies (a career in mainstream media) to drive a truck was the fact the “image” America broadcasts of itself to the world certainly does not match the reality. The carefully constructed, public relations image of America is nothing short of full-on deceit and propaganda intended to convince Americans, and the world, that becoming a subject on the corporate plantation is the only way to live happily and prosperously when nothing could be farther from the truth.

The real-life image of America’s elders living precarious, nomadic lives in a camper is a far cry from the much-ballyhooed fantasy of every American owning their own home and retiring comfortably. (Much as the “college will get you a good job” fantasy is now crumbling.) Those who do own homes are often debt slaves mired in 30-year mortgages for them. Student loans have become tickets to debt slavery. And not many Americans are optimistic about the future, anymore. Retirement will be the next plank of American life to be swiped by the kleptomaniac elite, it seems.

Here’s some reality for you rather than the glossy image of retirement Americans are force-fed. Wage slavery well into retirement at companies like Amazon is becoming commonplace for gray-haired Americans:

The “workamper” jobs range from helping harvest sugar beets to flipping burgers at baseball spring training games to Amazon’s “CamperForce,” seasonal employees who can walk the equivalent of 15 miles a day during Christmas season pulling items off warehouse shelves and then returning to frigid campgrounds at night.

The numbers certainly paint a precarious existence:

Living on less than $1,000 a month, in certain cases, some have no hot showers. As Bruder writes, these are “people who never imagined being nomads.” Many saw their savings wiped out during the Great Recession or were foreclosure victims and, writes Bruder, “felt they’d spent too long losing a rigged game.” Some were laid off from high-paying professional jobs. Few have chosen this life. Few think they can find a way out of it. They’re downwardly mobile older Americans in mobile homes.

The only conclusion the rational man can draw from this juxtaposition of fact vs. fantasy is that America is completely full of shit country, just as George Carlin was telling us a generation ago:

Every time you’re exposed to advertising in America you’re reminded that this country’s most profitable business is still the manufacture, packaging, distribution, and marketing of bullshit. High-quality, grade-A, prime-cut, pure American bullshit.

And the sad part is that most people seem to believe bullshit only comes from certain predictable sources: advertising, politics, salesmen, and lawyers. Not true. Bullshit is everywhere. Bullshit is rampant. Parents are full of shit, teachers are full of shit, clergymen are full of shit, and law enforcement is full of shit. This entire country is completely full of shit—and always has been.

America has now thrown both its men and its elders overboard in mad pursuit of the Socialist fantasy of women ruling the nation – lording pussy and power over men in some sort of sick, twisted dystopian vision of the future. All while selling the fantasy of “progress” to the dim, 15-watt bulb masses.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out a system like this is doomed to fail. And once again, we find feminism and liberalism as the root causes of the malaise. Feminism chose to destroy men and liberalism chose to destroy the productive classes to pacify the unproductive classes. All that’s left is playing out the string. Enjoy the decline.

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  • The true social distinction is between settled peoples and nomads. These two types are always in conflict, by definition. If the American State is deliberately creating more nomads, it is only shoring up more problems for itself. Besides, the Nomadic lifestyle has become more viable with the emergence of the Internet.Indeed, the Tech-Nomadic lifestyle looks eminently attractive compared to Divorce-penury and debt-slavery.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I agree. This creates problems for the elite, who merely think they can direct people to a preconceived solution once again. I thought about this a lot, and the answer as to “why” this is being done came to me with the next volley of MSM news stories. It’s now obvious to me the next chess move of the elite is offering Universal Basic Income – after having made people’s lives financially unstable, chaotic, and miserable.

      While UBI sounds good on the surface, a government that provides you with income will also someday tell you what you can spend it on – and what you must do to keep it. A frightening proposition in a totalitarian world. This is a major plank of The American Socialist Revolution and New World Order, IMHO. Making people totally dependent on the matrix.

      Those who control the purse strings control the world.


      • GAI has been unofficially scheduled for all Ontario 2 yrs hence. Hyperinflation is now assured; indeed, it has already begun with the 14.00 minimum hourly wage.
        Since Justine, Trudeau, is visiting Chicago, San Fran and La La Land, you can be pretty sure it is coming to those cities also if not those states. Heads up. They will descend into madness.
        Take the GAI money and run to establish some kind of small business and/or buy silver as much as you can.
        The fight for resources, not money, will consume the world with war, famine, disease.
        The battle for a small piece of planet earth has begun in earnest. The psychopaths will not be satisfied with a penthouse on 5th Ave.
        I can tell you this also; those psychopaths cannot hold a couple of acres in the wilderness without an army they cannot support.
        There is a little hope yet.


  • Quantitative Easing which ironically funded feminism and feminists’ web of lies is also responsible because retirees savings lose purchasing power every year. Currently, the highest returns you get in your ‘High Interest Savings Account’ or Treasury Certificates are lower than the rate of Inflation, which wasn’t the case before QE.

    While feminists and their manginas borrow tremendous sums of loans at low interest rates to purchase housing bubbles, retirees have to move out because the rent or mortgage is too damn high!

    It is perplexing how if you save $1.00 in 2006, that $1.00 can only purchase 0.80 or even less worth of goods in 2018. The Federal Reserve is robbing us blind! They are increasing the monetary supply to enrich corporations, banksters and fund feminism! This should be challenged by Dr. Ron Paul. It’s an upside down world where banks give you less interest than inflation for savings, and every dollar you earn today dramatically loses purchasing power the next year.


    • All of it is too true. America is the land of bullshit. I first read Dr. Paul in the Spotlight Newspaper 45 years ago. That was the year I also read ‘None Dare Call it Conspiracy’. That book is around 160 pgs and can be found as a PDF download for free.
      Any American who has not read it should read it NOW!
      Dr. Paul has taught his son like any diligent father would. Neither of them wants to die, worthlessly, for their country and I don’t blame them.
      In 2006 you could buy a 14 oz can of Mackerel for 1,50 USD. I have not been in USA for a while, thankfully, but suggest it would be hard to find a can today for 4.50.
      The Roman empire collapsed but was reborn as the USA. As the Bible said it would.
      The second collapse will take your breath away.
      Maybe permanently.


  • 401K is an absolute racket. After decades of “savings” you’ll have a grand total of a few tens of grands worth of dollars that you should be able to survive on from say 65 to 67 then what? As if all these $11 dollar an hour jobs even HAVE money left over spare for “saving for retirement.” I really hate hearing all these fat cat white people on the radio on weekend mornings spewing all their retirement advice as if America were still great and people out there had good jobs where they could save for retirement. After twenty years of working I had $40K saved up,(in regular bank accounts, I avoided letting them hold my money hostage in their 401K scam) that will allow me oh well about one year of normal living during retirement. I got sick of being fleeced for $800 every few months for repairing this or that sensor on my so called 11 year old “value” older car (as the huckster Dave Ramsey recommends we all drive beaters that can’t get us reliably to point A from point B and cost a fortune in repairs to keep on the road.) So I took my savings and bought a new Honda and at least have reliable transportation for a while. Remember these motherfuckers all prepared us for this precarious existence around the end of the Reagan administration with their propaganda line about how “the age of a lifetime job is over, nowadays the average individual will work a dozen jobs over their lifetime.” Making this sound like a good thing, as if this uncertain lifestyle was VOLUNTARY and the average citizen was doing this from some newfound “power” as a sort of Lebron James type free agent go getter playing one prospect against another to get this great contract. In reality it was a cover from treasonous corporations throwing you out of work in favor of coolie labor and forcing you into long periods of unemployment with accompanying depression just to survive hand to mouth in some part time no benefit Mcjob.


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