The Face of Sex Offenders in America’s Public Schools

These are mug shots from some of the most well-known cases of predatory females sexually assaulting young male students while entrusted with educating them in public schools. Notice anything about all the teachers arrested for sexual misconduct in America’s schools?

All of those arrested in some of the most prominent sexual assault and/or rape cases (except for three by our admittedly hasty count) are Anglobitches i.e. white females, the supposedly asexual, sacred cows who comprise part of the “protected class” mainstream mierda, academia, and law enforcement regularly go to bat for. The very women #MeToo purports need saving from that awful, awful sex.

What to make of this? This thought crime fact, that women have sexual urges and can be just as rotten as men when it comes to gratifying themselves – with adolescents, no less – goes against the carefully constructed, feminist narrative that only men can be evil sexual predators. Statistics only further complicate the picture. A Department of Education research paper on educator sexual misconduct found some interesting facts:

  • 42.8% of sex offenders are female (American Association of University Women analysis)
  • 44% of victims are male
  • Average age of sex offenders is 28
  • Black and Latino children are more likely to be targeted

Interestingly, race/ethnicity of the offenders was not included in the Department of Education report. (But, we can glean from press reports many if not most of them are white females.)

What makes this deconstruction of the “only men can be evil sexual deviants” narrative all the more interesting is the fact culturally sanctified women are conducting sexual assaults on par with culturally villainized men. But, as always, Anglo culture turns a blind eye to sexual misdeeds conducted by women, since they have been the cultural “owners of sex” since Puritan days.

As one men’s rights organization puts it: “We are stuck in a generation where glorifying women and denigrating men is what people consider equality.” Even mainstream mierda rag USA Today reported on the hypocrisy of Anglo culture a few years back:

It’s a double standard brought by society, experts say, to female sex offenders — one that not only minimizes the victimization of young boys, who are left with lifelong emotional scars, but contributes to lighter sentences for the women involved.

Yep. The good old pussy pass means women only serve a fraction of the time men do when they have sex with minors. Even USA Today’s cherry-picked statistics say women commit 1 out of 5 sexual assaults, a whopping 20% of all cases. But, only men are serving hard time:

According to the Center for Sex Offender Management, a Department of Justice project, less than 1% of incarcerated rape and sexual assault offenders were females, or fewer than 800. By 2006, however, the FBI reported that females accounted for nearly 10% of sex crimes. And studies indicate that women commit approximately 20% of sex offenses against children.

There are a number of conclusions to be drawn. First, if your child is molested at school there’s a good chance the offender is a white female. Next, contrary to Anglo cultural narratives women are just as sexualized (and horny) as men are. They’re also quite capable of sexual deviancy and predatory behavior. And finally, we live in a culture that almost always turns a blind eye to the real sufferings of men to placate the imagined sufferings of women.

Worse, the corrupt media will often go to bat for women convicted of sexually assaulting young boys, as in the case of Mary Kay Letourneau. When is the last time we saw the media defending a male coach who diddled one of his female students?

Where’s a #HeToo movement directed at saving our boys? Don’t expect it in a misandrist culture. Where’s the “equality” in that?

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  • I went over to Canada to get laid because the Superbowl Human Trafficking hysteria is causing my regular p4p to close down.

    I paid C$120 for sex with a latina at a massage parlor for 30 mins, roughly US$100.

    When I have to pay for sex in another country, an Angloskank teacher is taking cock up her ass from her 10-year-old student. Fuck this life.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Remy,

    I hear that in-cab cameras facing the road and the driver are going to become standard in trucking. Is this true?

    Seems as if the Murkan Surveillence State is invading your truck also. Some say they can record audio as well.


  • This sort of thing is so common it doesn’t make NEWS anymore…


  • I would like to see parity in sentencing on this matter. It would go a long way to discouraging women from playing with boys they end up manipulating and messing up their heads. While the laws were written to protect young women from ending up pregnant and alone, with eighteen forms of birth control and abortion on demand, pregnancy is at the woman’s option. The laws are still written as if that had not happened.
    I know that I write a lot of contrary comments, but we need to start thinking. Laws that deal with how the sexes relate to each other need review.


  • I wonder what goes on with the women that chose to work in male correctional facilities?
    If someone took a serious look at that, I`d bet they would find a lot of sexual exploitation of the male inmates, not only the male on male prison rape of course, but also involving female correctional officers.

    That being said, I think it`s a mistake to further the `men are victim`s of sexual assault also` narrative that the men`s right groups promote. Aren`t you falling for the anti-sex, atomizing the genders, reducing the fertility rates agenda that the Marxist-Feminists are pushing? I think so!


  • I think it`s better for society to be a bit less judgemental of male teacher`s having sex with young (but adult) female students, as long as it`s consensual sex of course, rather than falling for the anti-sex narrative promoted by the Marxist-Feminists.

    I`m not saying it`s a good idea to have sex with a student, and that you shouldn`t lose your job etc, but there`s a risk in promoting the `men are just as much victims of sexual assault as women` narrative that the men`s right`s groups usually do. You risk furthering the agenda of atomizing the genders, lowering the fertility rates etc, which is probably the real intentions of feminist “intellectuals” in the first place. Read (((them))).


    • Teachers aren’t supposed to fuck their students, but I get where you’re coming from. I doubt it that a 17-year-old female student coming to class in a miniskirt and flashing herself to the male gym teacher is actually the same level of victimhood as victims of serious crimes like rape and murder.

      The MRA wants to raise the AOC to 21, and trannies have stated that any man who likes17 year olds are pedophiles, but at gay pride 5 year old boys in drag are dancing sexually, and some of them are having dry sex with older faggots, so typical double standards in leftist and MRA society.


  • A Canadian news program recently portrayed one of these woman as a victim and regarded her sexual crime as ‘a romp.’ 20 minutes of crocodile tears and poor poor pitiful me…


  • I’m sorry but Mary Kay Letourneau and Deborah LaFave aren’t publicly shown on the Sex Offenders’ Registry. Meanwhile in Canada, the most popular and non-threatening male in TV is now accused of ‘sexual harassment’

    while your local female feminazi teacher is fucking schoolchildren for sport. When will someone wake up and smell the coffee?


  • Why can’t some of those women be around when I was attending school? lol
    I would have let them fuck me haha
    I still have hots for my French/German teacher in her sexy mini skirt when I was 16….She could molest me 24/7, it wouldn’t have bothered me haha

    Yeah but seriously though, I’m sick and tired of women getting a pussy pass when it comes to sex crimes….The double standard is a joke, and once again serves to prove that it is only the male sex drive, and male sexuality that is to be condemned in our twisted society


  • The Vag Pass is a real thing, make no mistakes about it. Women can and do get away with every little thing to major things, it’s simply the way the world works.
    Guess what, until men openly and actively start saying enough is enough, this shit will continue. A few guys on internet boards like us, ultimately won’t change anything.
    True change in men’s rights will start at the grassroots level where like minded res pilled men spend time together and grow their groups and become more visible, but this is far off. For instance, I have zero friends or colleagues that are red pilled or even semi masculine. Men are so beta these days. Straight guys dont really look like straight guys either. It’s a long road ahead but sites like these help and are a start.


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