Male Uber Drivers Earn More Than Female Competitors


Even in a gender-blind environment, men earn more than women

Feminists love to gnash and wail about the supposed wage gap between the genders. But what happens in a completely gender-blind environment? From Dangerous:

Male Uber drivers are earning more than female Uber drivers, despite the equal paying field, according to a new study. Is it discrimination? Is the gender wage gap real after all? Is the patriarchy alive and kicking?

Not at all. Men are just better drivers than women.

The study was released by Stanford University, the University of Chicago and Uber itself. Uber pays its drivers based on a gender-blind fare algorithm that factors in how long the drive is in both time and miles. After analyzing data from more than 1.8 million Uber trips, researchers discovered that male drivers earn 7% more per hour than women on average.

So why did the Stanford study find men earned more than women?

  • Men drive more than women
  • Men drive faster
  • Men drive in areas with worse traffic

To put this more succinctly, men work harder. We aren’t accustomed to society bending to our whims when we flip a bitch about things. As is the case in the society at large, we find men also take on more difficult tasks than women do, like driving in heavily congested areas. This is why women are grossly “underrepresented” in dangerous and dirty jobs they avoid like the plague (they don’t want to do them) instead opting for jobs that allow them to wear fancy clothes, sit on their asses, and gossip.

The Uber stats are only one of many ways scratching the surface of popular progressive myths yields massive truth bombs lurking underneath the powdered and lipsticked surface. Like the “Gender Pay Gap” myth ultimately being an effort to recoup the deficits women’s reckless, spendthrift lives create.

Of course, the feminist state will find some way to twist the Uber wage gap around and make it men’s fault. Why, we need Uber income redistribution and female preference rather than merit-based pay. That’s the only way women can earn the same as men while doing less work. They deserve it, because ya know, the Golden Vagina and all.

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  • Not sure if comparing men and women can drivers can explain gender in equality..
    There are too many factors in play.


  • I’ve been watching the Olympics this week, and the difference between men and women is ASTOUNDING! For proof, look no farther than the snowboard competition. The guys not only catch a lot more air than the women do; they take more risk. The men catch 15-20′ of air; that means they go that far ABOVE the lip! The women may only go a few feet above the lip. In terms of tricks, the guys take a LOT MORE RISK than the women do; the men do double and triple spinning backflips and all sorts of CRAZY tricks; if anything goes wrong, they’re going to the hospital. Hell, the guys have pushed the envelope so hard and so fast that what would have gotten them a medal the last Olympics wouldn’t even QUALIFY them for the medal round this year! Even in qualifying, the men were THROWING DOWN, big time-especially the big dogs like Shaun White. You want to see WHY men earn more than women do? Just look at how men and women COMPETE-even at the highest level, the Olympics…


  • “To put this more succinctly, men work harder.”

    Worked as a clearance logger (clearing trees from power line easements) when I was younger. Very necessary work, or the power grid goes down. Never saw a woman doing that job and yet it’s actually far more critical to our communities than being a lawyer or some easy desk job.


  • One more point;
    Men are used to having to chase women and, for professionals of many stripes, to chase clients.
    You can be sure that more than a few male Uber drivers are cultivating lists of special clients, including special girl clients/prospects, for rides which they do not log with Uber. As a result they are probably earning what I would have expected the study to show but didn’t; 25-50% more than women drivers.
    These would be drivers with higher end cars in the 60-100,000.00+ range. From Beamers to Caddies to exotics. Some of them could be easily making 200.00 per hour even waiting at the curb. No, I’m not going to driver for Uber.
    I know when I drove an exotic Sebring Kit Car girls would hand be a piece of paper with their number on it. No shit! In those days they did not know auto brands but they still knew what they liked.

    Tonight, with 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground, I rode my BIKE home and met a girl I’d met before in business. She very much enjoyed a chat. This will be the biggest challenge you can imagine. I have Jewish blood and she has Arab. I am 62 and she is, maybe, 20. I left her laughing, smiling and looking forward to our next meeting. No, I don’t look 62.
    Some say shoot for the moon. I say shoot for Andromeda.
    Sure beats fapping to porn.
    Would I marry her? Time and talk will tell. Arabian women are well known for marrying off young to older men WITH the blessings of their parents.
    Some would say I talk to women outside my league. That is true. It is also true, like Roosh, I have over a 100 different bangs, with many multiples, and 3 wives on my notch count. I could have a lot more if I wanted. I don’t. Too many whores/prostitutes and not enough righteous virgins will make you sick in more ways than one.

    May every man reading these words recognize that I am no movie star, no rich bastard, no ladder women can climb. I am average in many ways, but, full of heart and vigor in a world of fear and horror that they can take refuge in. I have a mind of my own and study daily to show myself approved to my maker.
    Women want security and protection first and foremost.
    Money helps but it won’t buy you joy, peace or love in the end. The women that know that also are the women you should want.
    It is your job to find them.
    They are out there.

    Further reports as they become available and relevant.
    Patience is a virtue. Permanent pussy requires practice of patience, it is a virtue for men chasing same. Ask Roosh; that might be the only thing he admits.


    • That’s great! You’re in very good health because many men in Toronto end up dying at 50 because of cancer or heroin overdose. I’ve heard that in the anus of Canada, Toronto, men in their early 20s feel like in their 80s, and men from 30 to 50 end up very depressed that they jump the subway tracks en masse that newspapers don’t report on these for fear of a mass copycat.

      I’ve read great reviews about Ottawa in terms of single women, but I didn’t expect it that it was not entirely a man-hating feminist dystopia where there is literally a feminist hiding behind every tree waiting to pounce on a man. I guess the real estate bubble and pussy bubble isn’t as high in Ottawa compared to Toronto.

      Once a man reaches past 29 in Toronto, he’s done for. Toronto man-hating women is evidently a major issue for Canadians. Imagine a rural Quebec town where Quebecois chicks give it up easily end up allowing Toronto femibots into their province?


      • I’m pretty sure Toronto is going to take a nuke when that time comes. I don’t know either way about Ottawa. Don’t really care except if I have a wife. In that case we are not staying in this city or any other for any reason. I got out of Toronto after knowing it well. Kensington, Yonge, Forest Hill, the Beaches. Couple of fist fights, couple of gang showdowns. I’m merciful.

        I’m not looking for pussy. I’m looking for a mate, a match, an equal in her own way.
        It could be her, it could be another, for all I know it could be her mother.

        One scripture comes to mind with every woman I talk to about anything, anywhere, at anytime: ‘water another man’s garden and your garden will be watered’.
        I like gardening for its own sake; the produce is a wonderful bonus.

        After doing a study on the incidence and reasons for suicide in Toronto, and Canada at large, I came to a few conclusions; Ontario Works recipients, Quebec welfare recipients, and, Inuit have the highest suicide rates in the WORLD. Higher than Tokyo even or that obscure South Pacific island. The subway and rail line suicides are weekly and caged in abstract terms if reported at all. Now Ottawa has 2 rail lines and soon a third. I talked to the head of OCTranspo to find out what was their contingency plan. He paused before answering ‘we have one’.
        I don’t know what the breakdown is but I have studied it in depth. Mental illness comes from many causes. Poor nutrition is high on the list. Spend less on rent and more on healthy food. Trauma of many types is next. Avoid conflict. Win if you must fight. Kill if you need to survive. Consider that women suffer more though men suicide more.
        As humans we have the power to heal every illness on the planet but that is not profitable.

        A man chooses his path but Yahweh directs his steps. Choose wisely so your vine may bear fruit.


      • Isn’t Forest Hill one of the most affluent areas of Toronto? I can imagine how uptight they would be there….I’m actually amazed that single, frustrated incels aren’t making news in Toronto.
        I spoke with some male York University students, and they told me that their female peers on campus avoid talking to men.

        I laughed at them thinking it was a joke, and I asked them, “What is this place? Saudi Arabia?”, and then one of the students, from Egypt told me that even women in Saudi Arabia want to talk to men, but it’s only ‘haram forbidden’ for them to take off their hijab in front of men or to act suggestively in front of men. Some of the York freshman also told me that security would usually call Toronto Police for no reason when a female complains of being subject to ‘unwanted conversations’ on campus.

        If Arabian women want to speak to men in their sexually repressive culture, then what makes Toronto? An incel shithole? At least Canada imports some fine escorts and my US dollars go further in Canada these days; that is, until Canada bans any business which shows women in lingerie and cleavage, excepting public schools of course lol hahahaha LOL?


      • Forest Hill is considered one of the two wealthiest political ridings in Canada. The other being the Bloor St. W. condo district.
        Old Montreal neighborhoods come next.
        I have not been to the heart, Lytton Blvd., in 4 yrs at least. They are uptight. Lots of academics, lawyers, politicians, mafia, people with money of all types. Average house is probably 4.5 million and going up to 50-60 million. The number of home invasions there has been rising steadily for 10 years and that’s where the billionaire pharmacist and his wife were murdered a few weeks back.
        Toronto decay has set in deeply and now rivals some American cities. It will continue to deteriorate rapidly.

        Ottawa is full of single women. Most don’t have a clue what they are doing or where they are going. They believe what they read and see on media. Really, really clueless.
        Any man who knows how to lead and is patient can find work here in this city and will find a woman who is ready to submit to a MAN who will care for her and protect her. It won’t be easy but it is possible. I said ANY MAN. Real women do not judge a man visually or economically and are prepared to help build a future uncertain as it may be.

        Any such man would grab her and get the fuck out of town as soon as possible.
        Meanwhile, save your money and have an escape plan.
        Every single day things escalate globally and soon to the point of no return. At some point they get out of control.
        Every city will be a death trap. Towns of 1,000 or less may survive. Better a village of 250 or less. Like a tribal thing.

        Some parts out west may be safe. But, lots of crime in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver. 90% of Canadian crime is hidden. In the US it is what sells papers and TV news. In Canada it discourages immigration. Canada thrives on immigration as it kills off the old people and aborts the new with its efficient ‘Health’ system.

        It should be noted that the middle east and asian women recently immigrated to Canada are not like the rich bastard men who killed and looted so they could afford the gate fee. These women are terrified of the old country and terrified of the men who immigrated when they did. Those women are ripe but need kid gloves to handle their trauma, it’s not that hard, with respect for their beliefs, like no pork (poison anyways), and a firm hand to guide them.
        That all reminds me of a western song!!!
        What do you get when you play a country & western song backwards???
        You get your dog back, get your truck back and you get your wife back.

        Breaker, breaker 1-9er. You got your ears on? Come on back! We got us a convoy.


  • I have no desire to drive for Uber but their info is priceless. There is one other factor mentioned elsewhere but not here. Men are more likely to work high volume hours. So, the the seven percent is earned by working harder and smarter.


  • Slow isn’t always that bad.

    If I’m sitting in the back of vehicle as a paying passenger, do I really want the person driving to speed or be reckless in heavy traffic?

    The guy driving might get me there a few minutes faster, but the woman driving will most likely get me there alive.

    (Not being risk takers and doing things by the book, women in fact make excellent airline and transport pilots for just that reason.)

    Just a thought.



    • Generally I have to agree with you. Women are less aggressive drivers when in professional positions as are also the men in those positions. When talking about Uber you are not talking about professionals for either gender. They are just average drivers typically in short term positions.
      Women are more timid in general and safer drivers as a result whereas men are more aggressive and have more accidents as a result.
      I would like to see the comparison in accident statistics from Uber’s drivers separated by gender. That could be a boon for women who need jobs.
      Additionally, I see far less mistakes of all kinds by female drivers in non-professional transport positions. They are more careful because of radical differences in their perception. Number one being that they focus more on objects whereas men focus on spaces.
      If more men knew this they would probably, hopefully, stop honking their horns at women which is often unnecessary and definitely unnerving for women.
      I will address one thing that no one is talking about. A.I. driven cars will not, cannot, determine when eye contact has been made with another driver. They cannot, at this time anyways, recognize hand signals. Will they hear a horn honk, will they honk their horn, will they even recognize the appropriate need? This is a serious oversight as far as I can tell.
      I will not drive in driver-less vehicles for a couple of years at least.
      And, speaking of transport, I recently became aware of the number of Commercial Jetliners brought down by Manpads!
      40!!! Approximately one each year.


  • I’m not impressed with either men or women Uber or Taxi drivers. A 7% spread is pretty pitiful and actually surprising it is that small. 10% would be the minimum to expect or accept if you are a man.
    I wrote the Taxi driver test in Nepean and achieved the highest score, 95%, ever registered. I thought I did poorly at that.
    I rented my car and plate and made more money than people who owned both as well as every other rental driver in the company.
    I drove for a year always nights. Always put in more hours. Always made the most money in the last two hours of my work-night (airport runs).
    Glad I did it. Learned a lot. Would never do it again because it is not a decent paying career for a life but only for a time. Also, you get little to no respect from customers or even other people who drive for a living.
    Fact is that men are way better than women at many, many jobs. In fact, women are udder-ly unsuited for HUGE numbers of jobs.
    Women are better, or were, at a few jobs. In particular; motherhood. Murderesses excepted, of course. And now, with abortion commonly accepted, most women ARE murderesses.
    We are at the point that most women are not worth much, except to fuck, and then maybe not even at all. So sad. Too bad.
    On the other hand, the only thing that will make honest women out of them is honest men.
    Men who put their whole heart into living and not just their dick.

    As Samuel Clemens said; ‘thinking is the hardest work’.
    As Mom used to say; ‘if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen’.


  • The truth somehow always comes out. Of course, progressives will find a way to twist this to their advantage.


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