Adventures in Amsterdam


After an unforgettable South American adventure, Rel heads for Europe

Expect updates and original photography from Amsterdam as Rel heads for Europe soon! Amsterdam is only one destination for the International Man of Mystery in 2018. Other goals for this year include:

  • Lima, Peru
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • Cartagena, Colombia (yes, an encore of this lively city)

Other destinations could be added to the itinerary. Updates will be added to the front page and Rel’s International Travel Guides.

While in Amsterdam, front line reports from the city’s famed Red Light District will be forthcoming as will a visit to the Royal Palace of Amsterdam – which houses the sculpture that is the TNMM site logo. Side ventures to France and Germany are also possible. Stay tuned, as yet another adventure begins.

Sure beats corporate drudgery.

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  • Just got back from two weeks in Amsterdam. Not terribly cold but very wet.

    Many great things and many aspects of Amsterdam that really grated on the nerves. Was reminded of the effects of socialism on a once great culture.

    Enjoy the positive aspects and have fun!


  • Jesus Christ, now they are going after Shaun White just hours after winning the gold medal with a “me too” crap allegation against him from some bitch in 2016. They can’t even let a man be a hero for his 15 minutes of fame. Ridiculous. This whole this is a well planned seditious campaign to agitate women into a revolutionary class. The media is just an arm of the Democratic Party, or perhaps you can say the Democratic Party is just an arm of the media. But seems they have shifted their prime focus of revolutionary agitation, from getting blacks pissed at the cops as they were three or four years ago, into making women a revolutionary class to vote in these scoundrels due to the utter foolishness of letting females vote.


  • I am looking forward to reports. One thing does worry me. You are going from the tropics to dead of winter Europe. Dress warm, and maybe get some more warm clothes once you are there.


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