Prostate Cancer Kills More Than Breast Cancer, But Receives Half the Funding


Prostate cancer is overtaking breast cancer in annual deaths – will another men’s issue go ignored?

The flood of pink we see each October reminds us of the tragedy that is breast cancer. Pink ribbons, wear it pink, pink everything. Breast cancer awareness is a worthy cause. However, another deadly disease – prostate cancer  – curiously doesn’t receive near the same amount of attention. This, even though prostate cancer is now killing more people each year. Some new medical data suggest we might need to instruct women to be a little more “inclusive” about men’s issues.

Illustrating Anglo culture’s gynocentrism and innate misandry, we don’t see nearly as many blue ribbons fluttering each Blue September. (Did you even know that’s what Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is called?) This needs to change in order to adhere to the much ballyhooed doctrine of “equality” in Anglo culture.

The script has flipped as prostate cancer is now deadlier than breast cancer, so we need to see Blue September elevated in a such a way it becomes more prominent than pink October. New statistics published in The Guardian show the doleful details:

New figures reveal that 11,819 men died in the UK from prostate cancer in 2015, overtaking breast cancer, which resulted in the deaths of 11,442 women.

These are long-term trends, and the number of prostate cancer deaths is likely to rise not only in the UK, but in other Western nations.

However, breast cancer receives more than twice as much research funding despite declining death rates.  The Daily Caller reported the lack of funding for men’s cancers a few years back:

In fiscal year 2009, breast cancer research received $872 million worth of federal funding, while prostate cancer received $390 million. It is estimated that fiscal year 2010 will end similarly, with breast cancer research getting $891 million and prostate cancer research receiving $399 million.

Prostate cancer researchers only wish they received the attention and financing breast cancer researchers do. From The Guardian:

Angela Culhane, chief executive of the charity Prostate Cancer UK which collated the figures, said the number of prostate cancer deaths had risen as a result of an ageing population, while improvements in research and screening meant the same effect was not seen for breast cancer.

“We want to learn from what they have been able to achieve [for breast cancer] and we can see the correlation between that investment in research and the progress that then follows in terms of reducing the number of deaths,” said Culhane.


Judging by the illustrations, breast cancer groups seem to think all nipples are pink

Surely, we wouldn’t be in a culture that actively discriminates against men, would we? A culture that is frequently the opposite of the patriarchal “hell” for women we’re told by the media it is? A culture that offers little sympathy or even acknowledgement for men who lead women in combat deaths, industrial deaths and accidents, homicide deaths, homelessness, length of jail terms, and now sex-specific cancer issues, among other unflattering statistics.

Further, holding modern women and feminists to their own standards, we might offer the criticism that pink ribbons for breast cancer are “inappropriate” in this day and age, the age of über political correctness. Pink has been traditionally associated with femininity, but that color association might be out of date in today’s “gender neutral” culture. Worse, it gives the impression that all nipples are pink, when only the pastiest Anglobitches have pink nipples.

It’s time for men to take a page out of the feminist playbook, put on some penis hats and go march in the streets demanding more funding for prostate cancer research. All exaggeration and righteous indignation aside, Anglo culture can never truly claim “equality” until serious men’s issues like prostate cancer are acknowledged and funded on par with women’s issues.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    A cashier in an American shop: “Would you like to round up to the next dollar for breast cancer?”

    Me: “Not particularly, since I would rather round up to the next dollar for prostate cancer. Got anything for that?”

    I’ve been pushing back against this for years, but nobody seems to give a toss about men.

    However, the male cashiers do recognise in an instant how they’re being screwed when I say this.


  • Not surprised. Men are just the enslaved work mules rowing the ship, while women on the upper deck gossip, sip champagne and get tanned.

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  • Eating processed food significantly raises the risk of cancer, experts warned last night.
    They said the disease was claiming more lives because of the popularity of ready meals, sugary cereals and fizzy drinks.
    The products put middle-aged women in particular danger from breast cancer, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.
    ‘Ultra-processed’ food – any product involving an industrial procedure – now makes up half of our diet.

    Read more:
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  • While reading the post, the thought occurred to me that the only diseases mentioned are gender specific. What about all the rest? I think a good case can be made for men getting second rate medical care. That would go a long way to explaining the higher mortality. In the UK, women use seventy five percent of NHS expenditures. In the US, women had to pay far higher health insurance premiums until the government forced equal premiums.


  • I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, haven’t missed a post since I discovered it. You’re not only a lightening bolt. You are a sword that cuts right through the bullshit. Man! I love it. Thank you!!!


    That was not intended as a slur against motor mechanics.
    The best mechanic I ever met, motor or physique, was a shade tree mechanic who deduced THE problem the second of visual examination. That which had evaded 6 others for days, weeks or months.
    There are, I am sure, many mechanics from high end motor and electrical to low end brake and tire changers, who, if diligent and followed the manual, would make better Doctors than 60% of those employed as Physicians; at least.
    However, I got all new tires once and the monkey failed to fasten all the rim nuts taught. You should have seen me driving around the block with loose rims.
    I had another monkey burn up the wires on my engine while attempting wire replacement. Holy fuck, 10 hrs at the shop that day. Sure glad I came in early.
    If we fuck up those kinds of jobs we probably should not be a doctor. Well, Ok, if you keep at it you could be a practitioner to help a master. Which I’m not.
    Needless to say that, after dancing with a couple of the above monkeys, they were so cute, I read my manuals and took care of the Lincoln, Cadillac and Mercedes myself. Of course, since then, I sold the cars and bought several bicycles instead.

    P.S. Things are going great with the Muslim girl. She, of course, wanted to know my views on multiple wives because they, the Muslim women, hate it and love it at the same time. I told her I had 3 girlfriends but decided they were all to much work and I had to choose one.
    She now hates me already. That is one of the best openers you can have. Why?
    She can’t get you/me out of her head. Your dick is the dominant determinant. Until you actually give her, GIVE HER, a nice ride she won’t be yours.
    Give her a mental/emotional challenge, and success at solving or resolving it, and she will be much sooner up to a physical as well.
    Just my introverted perspective. Worked ok so far.

    No, I did not give up on the 38D. How else can I describe her? Blonde, doe eyed, statuesque, lithe, hard working, attaining to personable, amenable, not overt or argumentative but inquisitive, articulate, concerned, compassionate, attentive and forgiving.

    If your girl looks like the above please insert her number below. Thank you.


  • Let’s be clear here.
    There is no research into the causes of breast cancer nor the elimination of such causes.
    There is only research into the money-making (NON)-cures which can be profited from.
    There are lots of cures for existing cancer if people stop doing what causes cancer. Start with Essiac.
    If women want to avoid breast cancer they should avoid the BC pill, abortions, IUD’s, brassieres and a few other lifestyle and immune system modifiers like sugar, processed grains, highly saturated oils, burnt foods, etc. We need not mention drugs to excess, I’m sure.

    Similar goes for prostate cancer except for the additional recommendation to have sex every day. That requires more than one partner. Get it?

    If you are a man it is essential you take control of your woman from the second you meet her. Mentally first and physically at some point not too long after.
    Only then can you influence her sufficiently to secure her future, and yours with her, against the plagues being manufactured by corporations, governments, churches and banks in cooperation.
    If you cannot take control immediately, albeit as slowly as necessary, you will fail and lose.
    Know when to cut bait and find another fish or fishing hole.

    As I have pointed out a thousand times, the medical profession cannot CURE anything. In some cases they can put a body back together after trauma or remove a parasitic tumor, but, they depend on the body healing itself in spite of all the infections they expose it to in their workplace. That is not an easy job for the body.
    Orthodox medicine has not progressed very far in the last 3 centuries except as far as profitability goes.
    They have not progressed at all in the eighty years since they tried to bomb the American Naturopathic Association out of existence.

    If you don’t have a book on herbs you need to get one at least. One that addresses women’s particular concerns as well as men’s. The Herb Book by John Lust, c.1974 is a great place to start.

    I have around 200 books on herbs and botany and continue to collect them at a average price of 1.50. I also have another 1,000 digital books spanning centuries.

    These same books are being trashed every year. Millions going into landfills every year.
    If EMP is factual then all of your digital data can be wiped in seconds. Your physical data is more resilient.

    I have one herb book from 1941. There is no Table of Contents, chapters, author, index or bibliography. It is almost entirely composed of anecdotal testimony. That is when they were bombing, burning, arresting and incarcerating herbalists. You think the inquisition is over?

    Plants keep you alive. You might want or desire animal products but you require plants.
    There are around 1,000,000 types of plants on earth and less than 5,000 have been seriously studied by fucking failing motor mechanic doctors. Of those several hundred extracts have been synthesized as drugs. Ascorbic acid is an example of a chemical synthesized, but not equivalent to, anti-scorbutic natural Vitamin C and the associated, covalent, bioflavinoids.
    All of those one million plants are known to some degree by natives. Some to a very, very great degree. Turmeric, Cat’s Claw and Oregano are almost ubiquitous in the laboratory, the herbarium and the market place.
    The natives who know and care are dying out and will soon be all gone.
    Soon thereafter, with a keystroke, all of their records and testimony can be wiped out. Probably will be.
    Along with our species.

    Right now you can get a thousand books on natural medicine online as free downloads. Spanning a thousand years. Be judicious and question everything just like you would do if you were going to get nuked for cancer treatment. Right???

    Getting a partner is one thing, staying alive is the same thing.
    Otherwise it is all pointless. TOTALLY, FUCKING, POINTLESS.
    Get it?

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