What Used to Happen to Bad Leaders


The Corpses of the De Witt Brothers by Jan de Baen

This is what used to happen to traitorous or incompetent leaders in the West. Or, when the populace just happened to get pissed off at their rulers. Now, people just bend over the barrel and hope the latest loss of liberty or tyrannical power grab foisted upon them by the elite and those who do their bidding in the political class doesn’t rip their anus as it’s inserted.

In this case, after repeated invasions of the Dutch Republic, the people decided to make their voices heard to the ruling class and let it be known that they’d had it. Jan de Baen was there to capture the carnage on canvas.

Other than Rembrandt’s The Night Watch showcasing the Dutch Golden AgeThe Corpses of the De Witt Brothers by Jan de Baen was my favorite piece during my visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum describes Jan de Baen’s work like this:

The ultimate humiliation: the nude, flayed corpses of Johan and Cornelis de Witt on public display in the Groene Zoodje, the execution ground on the Vijverberg in the middle of The Hague. On 20 August 1672 they were assassinated by their political opponents. Johan had been the most powerful man in the Republic for close to twenty years, steadfastly supported by his brother Cornelis. But they were held responsible for everything that went wrong in the year 1672, known as the ‘Year of Disaster’.

A little more digging reveals:

De Witt held a key position in Dutch politics, being a kind of Prime Minister avant la lettre. In that role, he was repeatedly in conflict with the Orange faction, led by Prince William III of Orange (later King of England during the so-called Glorious Revolution), who felt menaced in his authority. When De Witt came to power, a collective aversion to monarchical power dominated among the Dutch people. But things changed in 1672, the ‘Disaster Year’, when the Dutch Republic was attacked by a large alliance of hostile countries. Popular feeling suddenly turned in favor of William III, and mistrust grew against Johann de Witt and his brother Cornelis.

The latter, who was also an influential political figure, got imprisoned in The Hague on false accusations of treason. On 20 August 1672, when Johan was visiting his brother in prison, the brothers were dragged out of the building and lynched outside by an angry mob. The rage seemed to be spontaneous, but was in fact well-organized and planned by Orangist militiamen. The frenzy was so immense that the De Witts were not just killed, but literally ripped apart by the inflamed mass. Body parts like heart and fingers were removed to be exposed as souvenirs, while other parts were roasted and eaten by the hysterical crowd, in a bizarre outburst of cannibalism. Their corpses were eventually hung upside down on a scaffold nearby. The disgusting sight was captured in this dark painting, whose artist (attributed to Jan de Baen) seems to have witnessed the lynching and presents us his gruesome experience in this early form of visual journalism.”

Of course, this scene and story offend politically correct, soy boy sensibilities today as the populace has become accustomed to revering leaders who repeatedly betray them and heap scorn upon them. One might imagine traitors wouldn’t be so bold if we lived in a nation in which irrational things like this still happened.

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  • One thing I love about the web is how people can click thumbs up or thumbs down so easy but have a hard time expressing an intelligent and lucid opinion.
    So much of the web has degraded in just 20 short years from the gold rush days but it is intelligence which has been the greatest casualty.

    The USA is Rome renewed and in Rome originally thumbs up or down signified life or death.
    So it is today, only, reversed.

    Those who thumbs down Truth, no matter how far fetched that truth may be from their own personal conceived reality, condemn themselves to the death that Fascism, Marxism, Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism ultimately brings to the masses and sometimes even their leaders.
    Their are hundreds of National/NAZI examples throughout history to show that the USA is about to implode in a bath of blood.

    Most interesting article I read today was about ‘what happens if the internet goes down?’.
    It only focused on the payments of bills for food. There would be at least an 86% drop in transactions at both retail and wholesale, immediately, and ongoing, for however long.
    Further, there is not enough cash in existence to replace the internet until that cash is printed.
    In summary, massive inflation would take place until the conclusion of the outage or replacement of the currency whatever its form might be.

    Actions, without thought and intelligent expression otherwise, are most often just barbarism at its worst.

    Hats off to those who do comment, and blog, with deep though and clear articulation so that the ignorant and fearful, or dangerous and oppressive, may learn and live.


  • If anybody in America still believed in their constitution the last 4 presidents would have to be hung.
    Obama, Clinton, Bush Jr., Bush Sr. were all on the same team as far as business goes.
    Bush Sr. was knighted by the Queen of England upon his retirement. Why is that?

    The Constitution is clear;
    No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.

    Furthermore did not Obama bow to her idiocy, I mean, majesty?
    Did Mrs. Clinton not sleep with the King of Arabia and who knows who else?
    We know Mr. Clinton slept with anybody including the dog.
    Bush Jr. was an MK Ultra idiot.

    How is it that a nerd Canadian knows US law better than Americans. Especially the Americans who supposedly keep the law.
    OH! Sorry, nobody keeps the law, not even the CIA, FBI or NSA.


    • How come on the $20 Dollar bills of Canadian banknotes they have a pic of the Queen at the front? Is Canada still a British colony? I don’t even think British colonies in the Caribbean use headshot pics of the Queen on their currency in the days of plantation slavery, except for Trinidad & Tobago, which is now infested with Anglo feminist garbage.


      • First, before I answer, let’s clearly understand that the Queen is the ‘titular’ head of the British Empire. That is to say, in name only. She and her cuck receive 40 million a year pay. That is all. No royalties, pun intended.
        Her ancestor, Edward the Confessor, ceded all authority and ownership of all his lands to the Pope around 1,000 yrs ago. Elizabeth and Phillip were called to Rome just a couple of years ago to be reminded as they were not towing the line.
        So, yes to your question but it is actually Rome that pulls the strings and gets the lions share of the profits. That is true in the USA, also, and throughout the entire planet.
        This is why we live under the laws we do. They are all canonical laws. Canon is church law. It is mercantile and has been most effectively applied since the renaissance.
        To be more specific; the Prime Minister of Canada is told what to do by the Governor General and Privy Council who take their orders from the Bar of London. The orders don’t come directly from the Bar but that is where they originate. Everything is managed through corporations.
        The top 4 most profitable companies in Canada are the Banks. They collect everything and distribute the profits accordingly.
        All banks work for the tax agency of the country government who work for the global government which is not the UN. It is the Vatican.
        This will continue until Rome is destroyed.
        That event looks to be about 4 yrs out.
        No nation will go to war until one goes rogue.
        That is why N. Korea cannot be allowed to proceed. Nor Syria, Iraq, you get the picture.
        However, one of the little political factions will level Damascus with a stolen nuke, broken arrow, and the big players will ultimately leave the reservation and go head to head with ICBM’s.
        And so it is written.
        My dad retired a Captain. My mom said he would have retired a General if he had learned to keep his mouth shut.
        I take after my dad. He didn’t give a fuck either.

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