Purdue Ups the Ante on Misandry: Says Eliminate “Man” from English Language


Anglo culture hates men so bad it wants them removed from the English language entirely

Proving that deconstruction is in full swing and misandry is reaching astronomical new heights in a post-democracy, post-feminist America, an institution of lower living that was formerly an ivy league school is now recommending words with “man” in them be expunged from the English language.

It’s the latest, stunning display of hatred of all things male in the Anglosphere. This culture hates men so much it doesn’t even want words like “policeman” or “fireman” or phrases like “the common man” to exist, anymore. This is the thanks men get after dreaming up, engineering, and constructing the entire world that women now want to rule like petty tyrants. From the National Review:

A writing guide at Purdue University advises students to avoid words with “man” in them — such as “mailman” and “mankind” — in order to write “in a non-sexist, non-biased way.”

This is deconstructionism at its finest, a philosophy that academic Webster Tarpley tried to warn us about a generation ago. Tarpley thinks deconstructionism (i.e. destruction of the world of philosophy, language, and science males of European descent created) could ultimately end in the deaths of billions. As rationality is replaced with irrationality, and the scientific discoveries of dead white males eviscerated, Tarpley and others think the carrying capacity of the planet will ultimately be reduced.

In that sense, sterilizing the language is the beginning of a frightful decline into the abyss. Truly, the beginning of a new Dark Age. That isn’t stopping Purdue University, however. Purdue writes:

“Although MAN in its original sense carried the dual meaning of adult human and adult male, its meaning has come to be so closely identified with adult male that the generic use of MAN and other words with masculine markers should be avoided.”

Of course, identity politics are never far behind.

“Writing in a non-sexist, non-biased way is both ethically sound and effective. Non-sexist writing is necessary for most audiences; if you write in a sexist manner and alienate much of your audience from your discussion, your writing will be much less effective.”

As usual, university eggheads are full of it. Even the woman writing the article at National Review took umbrage with Purdue’s strange claims.

I’m all for gender equality, but I have to say that this seems a bit overblown. I’m a woman (not to brag), and I can tell you that there is approximately a zero percent chance that seeing a word like “mankind” in someone’s work would “alienate” me as the guide suggests. It’s just not that serious, and I’m just not that sensitive.

All of this has gotten out of control. Earlier this month, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau actually corrected a woman who said “mankind” at a town-hall event, telling her to say “peoplekind” instead. Even aside from the fact that “peoplekind” is not a word, that’s still absolutely insane.

Indeed, it has all gotten out of control but the deconstructionists aren’t finished slicing and dicing the English language yet. Deconstruction is becoming the dominant philosophy in universities, and is indicative of a Western culture in terminal decline as Europe and America both show signs they’re dying in the winter of Spengler’s prescient civilization model. Language will continue to be parsed until it is gutted.

Political correctness (self-evident in the move to strip the word “man” from language) and Marxism (removal of all personal identity) are the evil step sisters of the deconstructionist movement. Deconstruction also goes along with Anglo America’s Androgyny Agenda, which is slowly merging the sexes into one with everything from social engineering to chemicals in food.

The name is fitting, however, as deconstructionism will ultimately deconstruct the whole of the Western world in a supreme display of insanity and seething, visceral hatred of the European male and his accomplishments which have ultimately benefited the entire world. Deconstruction begins with language. Next, they’ll be coming for more than just words. All that “science” the white male discovered must be “racist” right?

P.S. Is deconstructionism the way elites plan to get world population down to 500 million, as stated by the Georgia Guidestones? Just a thought.

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  • The elitist destroying western civilation have a literal checklist of the actions they must accomplish to bring in the NWO, one of the biggies is making man (man meaning all humankind male and female),
    into nothing more than the animal these elitist claim every person (except them of course) living on the planet earth is. If they can make us believe that we, all of mankind are nothing more than animals to be used and abused by them, then they reach their goal of literally owning the planet and enslaving all its living breathing “animals including the (man) animal. They are using women through feminism, and massive soy in our food to create a feminine man, hence a man who acts like a woman to accomplish their goals. Language has power, the ancient Egyptians spoke of the power of the word. We need to stop this insanity and use every means to fuel our testosterone, testosterone is power, its time to put a stop to this insanity. Man is a leader and as proven to be so through the eons of time. Its time to stand up and be counted as the men we are, in a word its time to day NO in unison.


    • As you said, ‘it is now a daily burden’ ; to say ‘NO’ repeatedly, loudly, seriously.
      I have an advantage; I have looked death in the eyes a dozen times and know it will come soon enough. There is no point wasting the interval pussy-footing around for pussy(s).
      Double intendre intended.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    I keep my American university academics on rolls next to the toilets …


  • English is an unfortunate language for this feminist climate. We have no gender neutral pronouns like other languages, so the masculine is the default. In common usage either gender is implied but when the feminine is substituted as we often see, it comes off as PC at best and favoring the female at worst. I’m sure women hate the Lord God being referred to as He, even though it makes no logical sense for the supreme being to have a gender. It’s just tradition. As said by the comedian Joe Rogan — “If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      Three genders: he, she, and IT.

      If you don’t know what the hell IT is, that damned thing is definitely an IT.

      If you want to cover your bases, call IT a s/he/it, pronounced Sheeeit. 🙂


  • When you think it can’t get any nuttier, they find a way.
    Purdue is located in West Lafayette IN. The town has a no smoking ordinance that extends to smoking in vehicles and, presumably, in homes. I visited there in 2012.


  • This is standard fare in most English courses these days.


    • The thought has to occur at some time to most people, who are not brain dead, that the real issue is not prejudicial exclusion of women by using the word ‘man’.
      The issue is one of forcing no use of the word woman, or man, since there really are not enough women in the Anglo world to refer to as such.
      In other words, women are trying to hide the word woman under the guise of neutralizing the word man.
      To refer to a woman, who is not a woman, as a woman is like rubbing a puppy’s nose in the pile of shit it just deposited on the carpet. The puppy knows it did something wrong but it doesn’t know what.
      When a woman IS addressed as a woman she is reminded that she is the woe of man in any other capacity than mother and wife.
      Unless, of course, she is a parasitic academic, corrupt politician, thieving banker, pedophile preacher, sycophant journalist, litigating lying lawyer or murderous doctor in which case she is not a woman or even a human. She is the same as a man in those positions;
      Which is some other, unknown, vile species more vicious than a wolverine and slimy than a snake.

      If I was woman, who was not a woman, I would not want to be referred to as a woman either.

      At one time I never thought women were less than men, just different. Remarkably different in so many wonderful ways. Now, I don’t think women are different or remarkable, I just think they are no longer women and are therefor irrelevant.

      If a woman should feel that she is relevant then she can let me know this and I will either confirm her belief or set her straight. It’s the right thing to do.


      • “Unless, of course, she is a parasitic academic…”

        From my experience, 95% of women in education are parasitic.


      • Oh yeah, bloodsucking parasitics.
        I know one who had her husband build a house for each of their children plus theirs. She holds the cards as her husband holds the titles. When he dies she gets them all. Their is no estate tax in Canada.
        The children are all millenialists, one is an academic scientist, the others are soyboys. All unmarried in late 20`s.
        She has a job with the feds and fucked her way up the ladder.
        What a life to live.
        At least the daughter found another soyboy to take care of her as it would not be wise to count on her mother. Not, anyways, until she is too crippled to care for herself.

        My minimalist find of the week? A Nuwave induction burner, brand new at the 2nd hand store, for 90% off retail. And, two books on horses currently selling used for 150. – 500. for $5.

        I meet a lot of girls and women in the second hand stores.
        This year that is my number one target for day game. Number two target is the nature trails around the city. Over 600 km of bike trails around the lakes and rivers.
        Being retired, with a base income, I can afford time to dilly dally where and when the girls are hot.
        Time to buy buy some new bikes.

        At ease Major!


      • “The issue is one of forcing no use of the word woman, or man, since there really are not enough women in the Anglo world to refer to as such.”

        There were quite a few books in the 19th century instructing women on how to behave like ladies. We could use a few more of them (even though the media would do their best to blackball them).


      • Well, Major, I just demand it of them or they get no serious time with me as I have no time for them.
        At the grocer Saturday I saw one of the checkout girls working the floor of the store, Mrs. Ambassador I call her, who has tried to sign me up for their points at least 50 times and whom I call by that name now instead of her real name as she just does not measure up in behavior. I’m 62 she’s around 48. She was raised old school and now behaves new school, like most, as though she was 20. She was just talking up the points program with a woman 20 yrs her senior when I said ‘hello, Mrs. Ambassador’. It always takes her half a minute to recompose herself and answer sweetly when it actually pisses her off.
        I’m walking away before she answers, and then, I come across another one who is 39, admitted, and has been trying to get me into bed for a year. I have used her name often but without proper regard or respect in return. She is walking around the store trying to decide what to buy for dinner that can be thrown in the microwave. She gets one more try; nope. She whines about this, whines about that, and, as usual, is not interested in solutions or suggestions. After circumnavigating the store with her I broke off without a word and left the store without buying a thing.
        Women have far greater peripheral vision than men and wherever we, you, go they are watching your conduct. Bad boy beats betas every time.

        I collect old books and have not seen one on Miss Manners behavior for decades. I did buy two on women this week:
        Women and the Welfare State by Wilson which is a discourse on the merging of the Marxist American system of social justice with the Feminist movement and first published in 1977.
        Yes, after 40 yrs they got what they wanted and now they don’t want THAT. It was something they actually wanted but they don’t know yet what it is.
        The Husband Hunting Handbook by Agnew and Hamrick (all authors forgoing are female) is about capturing your own personal cuck. Published in 1996 it is the old ‘way to his heart is through his stomach’ concept. Not quite kosher by and respect.

        Notably, I know 3 sisters, all almost 60, who followed that same program taught them by their mom to get their cucks. That they did. Their children are the millenium disaster generation.
        You have to go back to the 1920-1940 birth decade to find women born and taught by the well trained generation if you want a REAL woman who does real women things; like have babies, etc.

        OR, as Roosh would advise, set your sights further afield. Way further.

        Ok, ok, there are a few women hiding in the closet who were trained over the last 30 yrs by their mother who held onto the old ways of her grandmother.
        Just don`t hold your breath to find one, or two.


      • “The children are all millenialists, one is an academic scientist, the others are soyboys. All unmarried in late 20`s.”

        I imagine they all love Justin Trudeau.


  • I have noticed, while writing my current book, that indeed the written and spoken language of English is degrading rapidly and with it not just knowledge, science, philosophy, etc. but the very real art of thinking.
    Books designed for grade school students 200 yrs ago are beyond the capacity of thought of most university students today.

    When the City Bus pulled up to the curb I spoke loud enough for the crowd of 40 high schoolers and a couple of adults. ‘You young people don’t mind letting the senior citizens get on the bus first, now, do you?’ Of course I was looking straight at the two 13 yr old boys who had sidled up to the door of the bus. They parted enough for us old folks to get on board then promptly fought to get on and get a seat.
    Too lazy or weak to stand?
    Interestingly the tall handsome one, reminding me of myself at his age, got the seat next to me as it was declined by a girl his age who just saw him get embarrassed. She proceeded to chat him up for my benefit. Trying to give him a little confidence that he might ‘push back’.
    I interrupted with ‘young man’? Which he immediately interrupted to say ‘Do you presume my gender?’, and, I answered ‘no, I’m just not politically correct’. Then I told him the story of his political past and present loud enough for at least 20 people to hear.

    My new book will have a ‘Men’s’ edition and a ‘Women’s’ edition.
    They can buy which ever one they like.
    Of course, there will be no fundamental difference between the two.
    I do suspect, though, that a fair number of people will buy both just to find out what the politically incorrect difference is.
    I can’t think of any better way to double sales.


    • The ” Do you presume my gender,” comment foreshadows the rapidly falling of IQ in all western nations. Its hard to suffer morons at anytime, but now its a daily burden.


      • James, we call that ‘practice’ or ‘exercise’. You think its tough now in the city wait till you have to decide who to shoot based on a split second observation.

        Notably this 13 yr old student, who would have been in Gr. 9, was sitting beside a teacher soyboy and/or gay. The teacher got off at his stop first and gave the student an acknowledging look on departure. Apparently the teacher could hear quite well even while wearing headphones.

        These are the people who will arrest and execute fellow citizens unless they are stopped first.
        Public discourse, and even embarrassment, will be required in order to reverse that trend as it engulfs the entire world. I cannot be stopped but a line can be drawn and you can move that line whenever you move.

        The first time of my public speecking at the so-called ‘free speech’ zone in Ottawa the only rhetoric and cat calls, in an audience of 200 silly servants eating lunch, came from an undercover RCMP. That was 45 yrs ago. Today that division has been replaced by Canada’s equivalent of the NSA. I know some, they are really fucked up Oreo cookies. I suspect they read all my posts and advice to them is ‘get out of dodge before their contract is called in’. They put their life on the line, whether they recognize it or not, for a paycheck. One day it will be called due.

        The time for peaceful revolution is always ‘now’.
        The violent revolution will come without needing you.


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