Anglo Misandry: Deadliest Mass Shooters Grew Up in Homes Without Fathers


The deadliest mass shootings are perpetrated by young boys without fathers

The Anglosphere is destroying itself with cultural and institutional misandry, brought on by the madness of modern feminism. Turning fathers into little more than disposable accessories that women change as often as designer handbags, Anglo common law and the insidious divorce-industrial complex have had a bigger part in destroying the fabric of society than guns by eliminating the roles of men and fathers.

Supporting this claim, this thought crime fact just dropped: 26 of the 27 deadliest mass shooters grew up in homes without a father. That’s 96% of them. This astonishing truth was the first casualty in the orgy of gun control madness following the events at Parkland and every other mass shooting tragedy of recent memory. (If government narratives are even to be believed. But, lets take them at face value while we analyze the biographies of the purported mass shooters.)

Surprisingly, Fox News and other mainstream outlets are now picking up on narratives formed in the crucible of manosphere Realtalk. After being out to lunch on men’s issues for generations, our collective voices are finally being heard by the spinmeisters. They now acknowledge the Anglosphere’s regular mistreatment of men and the destruction of the institution of marriage, on which all of civilization is based are having detrimental effects:

The root of fatherlessness rests in two things: our culture’s dismissal of men as valuable human beings who have something unique to offer, and its dismissal of marriage as an institution that’s crucial to the health and well-being of children.

What the U.S. needs is single mom control, not gun control. Astonishingly, Fox also outed manipulative behavior from mothers in their expose on mass shootings and single mommery.

The unfortunate result is that some divorced mothers use any opportunity to undermine their children’s relationship with their father or, if not that, dismiss the significance of a father’s role. In 2016, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were getting divorced, Jolie actually said it never crossed her that mind her son “Mad” would need a father. That may be an extreme example; but it’s not something anyone, Hollywood star or regular person, would have thought—let alone said—twenty years ago.

Indeed, dads and men in general are considered nothing more than “the help” in modern Anglo society, bumbling idiots and disposable meal tickets as Jolie’s remarks attest to. Male roles are supposed to be limited to writing checks and handing out money unconditionally while “wise” women spend it on reckless consumerism.

The child support check clearing is all that matters. And if “dads” don’t pay up, it’s debtor’s prison for them. What makes the child support fiasco even worse is the fact that by virtue of paying such high amounts, fathers are less able to spend quality time with their children by virtue of the fact they have to work themselves to the bone to stay out of debtor’s prison.

The masses of men are catching on to their mistreatment. Derek posted this comment in response to the report exposing the correlation between fatherless homes and mass shootings:

Most women don’t seem to think it’s important to have the father around who is an equal stakeholder – they’d rather have the control and collect money every month, who cares what’s best for the kid. The courts seem to agree, as they tend to only let the dads have every other weekend in most cases.

We know well the certitude of Derek’s statement. Realizing that I was to be nothing but a slave – never on equal footing with women with regards to my own children in the eyes of Anglo law – is a big part of the reason why I developed a visceral hatred for Anglo culture, and have been clawing my way out to live a better life abroad.

Not to mention compounding factors like the way men are shamed for having normal sex drives, the way heterosexuality is marginalized, family is marginalized, and 80% of men have become incel at least part of the time by the sexual jungle unleashed by feminism. These men forced to watch as quality women ruin their lives and the nation cock carouseling with bad boys, and “good guys” getting nothing but wage slavery and loneliness in return.

Don’t expect change even though word of the modern man’s plight is now oozing out into the mainstream dialogue. The best option for most men is still to abandon this failed society by expatriating or to drop out and enjoy the decline poolside.

Any solutions that are applied (if these Realtalk reports aren’t quickly shuffled under the rug) will be at best bandages, since the destruction of men and the family is a major agenda item of the New World Order. Not to mention, a goal of appropriately named deconstructionism and post-modernism – previously discussed here at TNMM – which is becoming the dominant philosophy in America’s universities.

A world of total chaos – brought on by matriarchy – is what the elite crave. The more broken down a society is, the more profitable it becomes.

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  • Too many good points here. It’s a harsh reality.


  • I’m very glad you posted this. I’ve been talking about this for years, albeit offline.

    Anyone who can not see this obvious correlation simply does not want to observe the truth.

    My last statement fairly encompasses all modern feminists, so it should really be no surprise.

    It’s unfortunate that men will be caught as victims in the crossfire. Otherwise, if its just circular, and two feminists (or a single mother) raise one of these, and end up gunned down by said, all I can really say is: “Welllp. Yeah. Anyway, in other news.”


  • thedarkmessiah184

    This post is spot on. It’s a shame that these young men didn’t have father(or male) figures in their lives to teach them about female nature and how society disregards and exploits men. I also didn’t have a father figure in my life and I had to learn about female nature the hard way, which was not fun at all.


  • Now THAT is a story I have yet to hear in any media-liberal MSM or otherwise. Nobody has talked about the fatherless factor here…


  • Canadian mass shooter Marc Lepine must have been the only mass shooter to have selectively targeted his gun range. He selectively shot at women he purported to be militant feminists on his campus aiming to destroy men. This was in 1989.


  • Oddly enough I was just thinking about this very topic last night after looking at a picture of the Florida shooter. He struck me as a bratty mammas boy who grew up without a father so I started looking for references about mass shooters and whether they grew up with fathers or not. I couldn’t find anything until I read this post tonight. Sad but true. Look at the African American community as well. Lack of fathers in the home equates to violence for some reason.


  • “What the US needs is single mom control, not gun control.”
    That is concise and goes directly to the point. I would like to see it happen. I think we will see effective male contraceptives first and that may fix a lot of this.


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