ESCAPE Gets Closer to Release


ESCAPE: My Journey From Small Town USA To Media Ivory Tower To World Roaming Nomad is still being written, and a spring release is planned. It’s an expose on what led me to my current life, and how I discovered the “truths” we are told about life are secretly backward – but we have to find out for ourselves how and why.

I’ve been taking my time on the book because I want it to be a quality read and a statement about a hateful Anglo culture, male alienation, as well as Going Galt and leaving behind a society that no longer benefits men for a more fulfilling, minimalistic, nomadic life in the early 21st century.

An early sample of the book is now online. A release on Amazon Kindle in digital and paperback format is planned. Of course, the book is not finished yet, so page numbers will change as each of the chapters and sections are expanded and revised. ESCAPE will be released before my nomadic spring adventure – coast to coast across the U.S. with only two wheels and a tent – which will also be turned into a book. (Full of original photography!)

Stay tuned.

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  • Looking forward to reading it! Based on the table of contents, looks like we have some parallel experiences


  • I just read all the way through that excerpt, and I can’t WAIT for the whole thing to come out. That’s good stuff! I wanted to keep reading, but there was no more to read, unfortunately-at least not now. I’ll be buying a copy of this book soon as it’s done… 🙂


  • Please tell us when that book is coming out; it looks great! I just looked at the table of contents, and on that basis alone, I want to buy the book right now!


    • Relampago Furioso

      I’m hoping it will be out by the end of the month. I’m taking my time with it because I want it to be a classic. For sure, I’ll have it done by mid-April before I leave on my 30-45 day cross-country motorcycle camping trip.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I wish you all success.


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