Men’s Rights Considered “Hate Speech” By New ADL Algorithm


An ADL video claims these terms are sources of hate speech

Realtalk is changing the world. Which is why the entrenched power structure hates it.

The corporate-government complex continues hard at work trying to find some way, any way to shut the phenomenon of Realtalk down and return American minds to the clutches of their myopic propaganda model that held sway for half a century. Now that the once dominant alphabet channels have become laughingstocks and men are finding out the truth about the shit sandwich they’ve been served on a cold platter, globalist plans for world domination could be shattered.

How to solve this pesky problem of “disruptive” free speech?

Create an online “hate speech index” algorithm which will someday comb the internet targeting blogs, videos, and discussions to classify as offenders under spuriously defined hate crime (in actuality thought crime) criteria. Censorship is, of course, the ultimate aim of this algorithm: “Your article or video triggered our ‘hate speech index’ algorithm and has been removed.”

Unfortunately, in this day and age free speech is mitigated by leftist corporations in Silicon Valley. The precedent is already set for censorship of libertarian and right wing views. Private companies don’t have to carry messages they don’t want to carry on their servers.

What classifies as “hate speech” according to an ADL video produced in conjunction with the University of California at Berkeley? Terms like: Men’s rights. White rights. Conspiracy. 9/11 truth. 2016 election. The Donald. Guns are cool. In other words, any speech that doesn’t agree with establishment doctrine.

The propaganda touting this “hate speech index” is another display of misandry, intolerance and Racial Bolshevism from the authoritarian left. They don’t want you talking about the chains they’re placing around your ankles. This is how free speech will die. When it is conflated with nebulous definitions of “hate speech” which is any speech the left doesn’t agree with, then automatically scoured from view by computer algorithms. Then, freedom itself will die.

Do you see how Socialist Revolutions almost always end in mass bloodshed? For if people aren’t free to express themselves or speak their minds, or to dissent, what else is left but fighting back? Now, Trump’s betrayal of gun owners makes more sense. Globalists need to disarm people before moving forward with plans to micromanage the masses’ speech and thought patterns.

My decision to flee The American Socialist Revolution looks better all the time.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    While I’m happy to jump on the next Conspiracy (ka-ching) as much as any First Amendment-loving (ka-ching) person, I’m not happy to Ask Trump Supporters (ka-ching) what they think about Nazi Hunters (ka-ching) stalking protesters in front of the Dunkin Donuts on Good Cop Free Donut Day (ka-ching).

    But when I need a cop, I call 911 Truth (ka-ching) be told only when I’m sure my New Right (ka-ching) side-feeding shotgun isn’t up to the task of fending off hordes of delusional Democrats that The Donald (ka-ching) and his neo-conjob Republican (ka-ching) counterparts thought needed a Safe Space after the 2016 Elections (ka-ching). Guns are Cool (ka-ching), but not as cool as Black Firearms Matter protesters in police gear beating the shit out of people who practise Censorship (ka-ching) in violation of both the rights of men and Men’s Rights (ka-ching).

    Now before any of you Crackaz tell me I’ve forgotten about White Rights (ka-ching), I’ll give you the low-down on this hoe-down: now that every single one of the ADL’s “magic phrases of hate” is in this comment, they’ll be spankin’ here for their Super Hangry Soy Sausage Jerk-a-Thon from now on.

    Can’t you use some ADL Soyboy click product in this here site?

    Just tryna help a bruv out with all that click traffic you need.

    (ka-ching) 🙂


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I just saw this today and am reminded that those in power can stand up to a lot of things, but one of the things they can’t is humiliation by their own action. The President of China wants to extend his term of office to life when he is limited to two terms. To facilitate this, China has banned Winnie the Pooh.
    The internet is more powerful culturally than Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press.


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      It’s one thing when YouTube picks on small originators, but they are going after Alex Jones. While I don’t watch much of him, there should be a place for him under the umbrella of free speech. Consumption of YouTube is dominated by men. You would think they would leave well enough alone and run with it?


  • The insanity continues.

    “My decision to flee The American Socialist Revolution looks better all the time.”

    I think there’s a prodigious amount of men that are right behind you. Men that are making preparations to dip from this strange anglo world we find ourselves in.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring others.


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