Hateful Anglo-American Feminist Messages Are Invading Latin America

Proving the tentacles of The Anglo-American Matrix stretch around the world and in many ways the entirety of Latin America is a vassal state of this evil empire, feminist messages are now inflitrating Latino music and media. It appears social engineering of the same type that has destroyed culture, family, and free expression in the U.S. is now being taken global.

Case in point: A smash hit this year with over a billion YouTube views is now playing into the eyes, ears and minds of young Latinas. “Mayores” centers around a young girl enticing older men with her sexuality then flat out using them as utility objects and walking ATM machines – while bragging about it every step of the way. The plot for “Mayores” (meaning older men) has “Becky G” stealing expensive jewelry from one of her marks after luring him into her lair then handcuffing him to a bed – a larcenous move typical of the Anglobitch in divorce court. The artista promulgating these anti-male messages isn’t alone in her assault on men.

As someone who has long enjoyed the masculine sound of Reggaeton, Dembow, Bachata, Salsa and other forms of Latin music, I was mortified to start hearing whiny chick music all around me in Latin America in late 2017 and early 2018. Even many of the male artists have toned down their lyrics in a move towards being “nice guys” rather than badasses.

Worse, these new songs – which started coming all at once – have the same messages of careerism, YouGoGrrlism and I Don’t Need a Man™ embedded in their lyrics that have marginalized Anglo men while sending women off to chase career girl carrots on sticks. A new wave of Spanish artistas now sound exactly like their Anglobitch counterparts with the same screeching voices, misandry, and vagina entitlement complexes, only in a different language. No doubt, funded by the same money men that destroyed America with cultural degeneracy promulgated by one of the most effective mediums – music.

Additionally, I’ve started noticing Latin news media pushing many of the same fake news narratives as Anglo media. In particular, the “equal pay gap” myth is now being perpetuated, as is a “violence against women” campaign designed to turn men into cucks of the police state in the same way Anglo America has done. (Did you know in many states you can’t buy a firearm if a chick falsely accuses you of domestic violence? How’s that for your precious Second Amendment rights? They hang on an Anglobitch’s whim, like so many other aspects of male lives these days.)

It’s obvious a full court press has begun to destroy the longtime, patriarchal Latin culture with the same cultural hemlock that destroyed the Anglo world. But will it work?

The good news is, people in Latin America generally don’t gather around the television and let it tell them what to think the same way Anglos did for 50 years. However, feminist messages – particularly those embedded in hit music – are having a detrimental effect on the culture at large as I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in the number of Latinas who now want to chase the Have It All™ college/career girl fantasy that has turned millions of Anglo women into worn out, used up, spinster, corporate-dependent, cumbucket cat ladies by age 40.

Feminism has left broken lives in its wake in Anglo America for both men and women, and now globalists want to take this degenerate philosophy global. The globalists are now making bold moves, that’s for sure, springing this trap on masculine Latin America. One can only hope it’s a move of desperation as globalism is exposed by alternative media for the monster that it is. The worst nightmare I can think of is the entire world becoming a carbon copy of the Anglosphere.

Oh, and a quick reminder: The men who founded the free societies we once enjoyed rebelled over much less than this.

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  • Oh, and a quick reminder: The men who founded the free societies we once enjoyed rebelled over much less than this.

    QFT! Our Founding Fathers must be SPINNING in their graves over what has happened here in the USSA! They rebelled over what, 10% of what’s happening now? Yeah, if you read The Declaration of independence’s list of grievances, it sounds like what’s been happening here for decades. Unfortunately, most of the population are sheeple and will do NOTHING about it.


  • Rel, I noticed the same thing in Peru. My GF is from there, and I’ve made a few trips down there. In one of my more recent trips (a year or so ago), I noticed that on TV and in the papers, they’re pushing the same sort of things; I noticed an uptick in the violence against women agitprop. Think of the prevailing messages here back in the early 1990s, and you’ll have an idea of where Peru is. I’m glad I”m not the ONLY one noticing this. I was thinking of moving down there, but if all we’re going to get is the same thing in a different language, why bother?

    Oh, and TPTB have ALWAYS wanted to make feminism a global thing; it was never meant just for us or the other English speaking countries. The elites want to reduce the world population to what they consider a more ‘manageable number’ of around 500 million people. How do they plan to make that happen? By alienating men and women from each other to the point that they no longer reproduce at replacement rates. This has happened in all Western countries, none of which has a replacement rate near 2.11; in fact, many of them are well below that. Combine that with the decreasing life expectancy (thank you, Obamacare!), then the population will go down-just as our ‘masters’ intended…


  • Thots that Hurtz

    If the virus is successful it will spread.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I think it is Roosh who sees this go hand in hand with smartphone market penetration. In any event, these women have to be told that there is a serious downside to feminism. We need to bring the crazy cat ladies into the light. In any event, there is something primally attractive in feminism for women or they would not subscribe to it so easily. That needs to be isolated and combatted head on.


    • Pray tell, Brother Fuzzie, what do you think it is that is so attractive to women about Feminism that they cut off their dick to spite their vagina?
      I’m serious. Dead fucking serious.
      Some women are definitely loopy, and some are definitely insane, but they are not all.
      We are talking about more than 50% of women are feminists at heart.
      What is it?
      Just your opinion, ok, I’m ready to give mine.


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        I really wish that I could put my finger on it. What it morphs into is undiluted hate.

        There is something else about the video. Not only did she steal his watch, she drove off in his Rolls Royce. I don’t think tht would go over too well south of the border.


      • Penis envy has always been a problem for girls.
        Feminism was offered as the answer to the question ‘Tell me again why I need a man’?
        They stole our jobs, replaced our dick with a dildo, or a strap-on and a dyke, got the government to tax us to foot the bill for their irrational acquisition behavior that is never satisfied, etc, etc.
        Of course, their question is answered; because ‘he has a dick and you don’t, he has balls and you don’t, and never will except through him’.
        Now, we have to appreciate that not only are they not satisfied with not having a dick, and balls, none of them are satisfied with their tits or vagina either. Too big, too small, too wide, too narrow….Talk about neurotic.
        Now, they see the writing on the wall and are not satisfied with that either.
        They should ask Gloria Steinem to sort it out, or out her for the slut she is and apologize to us.
        Otherwise, I am on strike and have been for a long, long time. I fuck who I want and not who I don’t want or I don’t fuck at all and I don’t give a fuck. Sorry, redundant.
        Men want pussy but can get along quite well without it. Women don’t want cock, so they say, but can’t get along without it even if they have all the money in the world. Which is fiat anyways.
        Roosh is right, they are attention hounds, but that is not what they want and need the most. When the shit hits the fan they want protection/security and none will be found.
        That’s ok though, they like horror movies and tear jerkers.
        They can have both in one shot.
        Their cats won’t save their ass.


  • The game of pushback is one on one and one at a time.
    As the music and mags come out with their screaming headlines of failed marriage upon failed marriage the truth starts to sink home in the awakening brains of bad bitches reformed not yet too late.
    I swear there are mid 20’s bitches that want me to fuck them and I won’t until they get over their god damned bitchiness.
    Better a vegetable salad on the rooftop than a fatted lamb kebob in the company of a bitch.
    Well, that is more or less what the proverb says.
    There’s nothing new under the sun just more of it.


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    I’ve noticed the same degeneracy lately in the Latin music scene. Also, the music is starting to mimic American rap beats more and more as opposed to the traditional dembow Reggaeton.

    The Latin women I meet here in the Anglosphere studying in college have fully bought the careerism narrative and they are marginally better than American women, at best. Hopefully the lower and middle class Latins(ie- the majority) don’t get too caught up in this western indoctrination. It will ruin their society as well as their gender relations.


  • Perhaps- but there is also the possibility this is a sort of “Hail Mary” play now that they have seen that many American men have wised up to their game and said Go F… yourself to American land wales and entitled gold diggers. In that theory- a relatively un-corrupted country may allow the flame of vagina worship and female entitlement to flare up again- who knows maybe even spreading back to the USA– OR— Maybe Latin America men will not play this “power grab” as poorly as American men did- maybe they saw that result and will not repeat those huge mistakes. We will have to see.


  • Sickening,but sadly, not surprising.


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