John Galt Gets Noticed: Feminist Media Complains About Men Not Working


The loss of male productivity to leech off of has disturbed feminists as men drop out of the workforce

In this world, if you have a penis it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This certainly applies to the topic of work. Feminists bitch and moan when men dominate workspaces, and they are now bitching and moaning because we’re leaving these vaunted “jobs” to let YouGoGrrls run everything.

Frankly, without women spending all our money on stupid shit men can live on much less. I’ve illustrated this with a world-roaming, minimalistic lifestyle over the past two years. Work becomes a secondary concern for men when we return to our spartan natures. The frugal man with a healthy dose of self-discipline can virtually free himself of the banality of the American sleep-work-spend cycle if he applies himself and stays away from predatory Anglobitches.

We John Galts and MGTOWs of the world are now being noticed by the bean counters, who are jealous of our newfound freedom perhaps, and who depend on our productivity to feed the corrupt system they oppress us with. As reported by The Globe and Mail in an article entitled America’s Hidden Crisis: Men Not at Work, Canadian propaganda spinner Margaret Wente writes:

Millions of able-bodied men have dropped out of society – out of working life, of civic life, of family life. Many of these men belong to the Trumpenproletariat. How to re-engage them may be the biggest domestic challenge the country faces.

Yes, we have dropped out of society, Marge. And many of us don’t plan on being re-engaged (re-enslaved is a better term) by coming back to the Anglobitch plantation. In fact, I’m settling into my post-corporate life quite nicely. Just to recap, since leaving corporate wage slavery two years ago I have:

Imagine, if I had a bitch tying me down and nagging in my ear all the time about her wants, I’d never have done any of that. I’d have spent all my cash on her addictions to materialism, consumerism, and eating out. And still ended up in debt paying for a giant house or apartment and some flavor of the month sedan I don’t need.

Best of all, this lifestyle is only costing me about $20,000 a year thanks to the power of minimalism. That success story doesn’t stop feminists like Marge for chastising men, even as our stake in society has been taken away from us. The long and short of the matter is the system can’t function without extracting male tax dollars, because women spend more than they earn over the course of their lives. Naturally, this alarms women who are only able to treat men so poorly because the government tit has historically been full of male-produced milk and honey for them to suckle. She writes:

Political economist Nicholas Eberstadt calls these men “the unworking,” to distinguish them from people who want work but can’t find it. “America is now home to a vast army of jobless men who are no longer even looking for work,” he writes.

Men throwing their sabots into the machine in a symbolic act of sabotage is what happens when incentives for men to work are taken away, men are pushed aside by government policy that targets them for displacement from their jobs, and hiring and promotions are based on diversity quotas and not talent. And now, in a #MeToo world one malicious cunt making a false sex charge can destroy a lifetime of work. Pretty soon, men figure out the toil isn’t worth the reward and start walking out.

I know that’s what I did as soon as I figured out how badly I had been fucked by the Anglo-American system. And you know what? I don’t miss the corporate life. In fact, I consider returning to one of those Office Space “jobs” women fall over themselves for to be my worst nightmare. So, how many more are bailing out on a rigged system?

“Roughly seven million of them age 25 to 54, the traditional prime of working life.” His new book, Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis, is essential reading for this election cycle. “For every prime-age man who is unemployed today,” he writes, “another three are neither working nor looking for work.”

Oh, the horrors! Men not wanting to drive themselves into an early grave to keep big retail in business. I’ll tell you why I left work, and adopted a corporate strategy in my personal life. Because it’s a rigged system. It’s designed to trap people in a cycle of debt and keep them beholden to their “boss” until he decides they’re no longer useful or profitable enough.

What’s more, doesn’t my exit from the male-dominated world of work help out with the pay gap, ladies? Why not focus on the positive? But no, Marge and her ilk go on to blame dropouts like me for the appearance of nationalists on the political scene in America and Europe.

A society where many adults are without vocation is prone to embrace toxic populist politics.

We’re supposed to just shut up and take the abuse. Marge, I didn’t vote for Trump (or Killary or anyone else) and have been one of his biggest critics. It’s the entire system I hate, not just one side of the corrupt political aisle that steadily takes all my liberty away and sends me the bill for it.

It does seem the central planners who dreamed up philosophies like feminism that have all but destroyed the West are finally taking note of the destruction it has wrought upon the landscape, but true to Anglosphere form they blame men for the problems.

At its root, the collapse of the working class isn’t so much economic as it is social, moral and spiritual. This means that economic remedies will only take us so far. Marriage rates for less-educated men have plunged – and unmarried men are far more likely to opt for unwork. The percentage of babies born to unmarried parents has soared. Working-class whites have largely abandoned church (while church attendance among higher-income whites has stayed relatively high). Family and community networks have dissolved.

Isn’t this aforementioned litany what leftists worked so hard to bring about for half a century? Now, they want all that patriarchal stuff back? Marge expounds on the moribund state of Anglo culture, a nation in which whites are quickly dying off post-feminism.

Meanwhile, opiate addictions are ripping through the Rust Belt like a plague. For the first time in history, death rates among white, less educated, middle-aged Americans are actually going up – mostly because of drug and alcohol poisoning, suicides and liver disease. Angus Deaton, the Nobel-winning economist who documented the phenomenon with his wife and fellow Princeton economist Anne Case, calls them “deaths of despair.”

Indeed they are deaths of despair in a society that has completely disposed of its men. My marginalization nearly got the best of me as I gained weight and become very bitter during my corporate years. It was only the Red Pill of truth that saved me.

Of course, nobody gives a shit when men are dropping like flies. But when Anglobitches succumb to their own vices, everyone stop the presses!

Women are not spared. “Across the country, middle-aged white women are dying at staggeringly higher rates, particularly from drug overdoses, suicides and excessive drinking,” reports The Washington Post in a harrowing investigative series. One reason: Women have gained a social license to drink and smoke like men.

But isn’t the fact women are drinking like fish, popping pills, cussing like sailors and sliding themselves under more men than a public toilet a sign of their sexual liberation? Marge’s confusing writeup reads like typical emotional hamster-wheeling from a woman who can see the destruction feminism has caused, but doesn’t want to admit her precious doctrine is at fault. We see female mental gymnastics on display once again.

This man is not working for this reason. Once I saw I was working 70 hours a week only to help the government dig my own grave, I dropped out of a system I once had worked so hard to gain access to. What makes kicking men out of their jobs particularly evil is the practice strips men of the only value we have in women’s eyes: utility value.

I don’t want anything to do with a rent-seeking system that implores me to give my best when the best things in life have been taken away from me by that very system. And with that, fuck off feminists. You will get no free lunch from me.

P.S. As with most empires that crumble and fall away to dust, greed will be the primary cause of death when historians do a post-mortem on Faustian (European and American) society. White women already had the most priviliged, coddled lives in the world when they began to think they could get more themselves and less for men by taking jobs away from men and becoming Alpha males themselves. But, they only killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Now, men rightfully don’t give a fuck what happens to women or the society at large. Women continue to be as avaricious as ever, but their feminist scheme is steadily yielding fading returns with each passing year. It’s a system disorder. And the disorder appears to be fatal to the system. Nice work, ladies!

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  • FunkSoulBrother

    There is no time for new age-y, find yourself, belly-button-gazing, make-nice drivel. What wrong with some of these wimps in this thread?

    In the real world, where the rubber meets the road is reality. And the Government and its feminist sycophants are keeping the main thing the main thing and beating you over the head with it.

    Pick a path. Take action. Correct as you go. Be a guided missile for men’s rights and men’s issues. You can’t do it while you’re being a nice guy.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “Went up the Space Needle …”

    I was very, very disappointed by the Space Needle — I went up hoping I’d meet my hero Doctor Evil, but there was only a Starbucks …

    I’m still not over it. 🙂


  • Relampago have you seen this article that says that 28% of Anglobitches of the UK have mental disorders, yes TWENTY EIGTH FUCKING PERCENT are mentally ill.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Relampago Furioso

      28% seems conservative to me. Most are crazy as hell.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I agree this seems low. Here in the US I personally know a bunch of women on all sorts of meds for mental issues and constantly going to therapy.

      It’s like infidelity stats-they always skew low since people are rarely honest about it or justify it somehow. “Oh it wasn’t really cheating since I only blew him once…” or “I’m not mental, I’m just going through a rough patch the past 5 years”.


  • I don’t disagree with your perspective on that ridiculous Globe & Mail article, but note: Other than learning to dance and to drive a truck (earned your CDL), you list of “accomplishments” reads like it could be written by any of those vapid young women that you rage against, who “love to travel” and have sex with lots of strange men. Except they didn’t have to pay for it.
    Perhaps you should review your long-term perspective, self-analysis and goals.


    • Relampago Furioso

      What should my long-term goals be? What are yours so we can compare and contrast?


      • I really do have a lot of respect for you RF. You clearly were unhappy, and I entirely agree possibly caught in a trap of materialism and dealing with lots of unpleasant dishonest people in the media business. I fully support your promotion of simple living, minimalism, intellectual honesty, independence. I personally have always lived these ways, simple, saved money, built investments, disliked dishonest corporate HR (it is common, though not everywhere) and never supported feminism. But I have always believed in fairness, and treating people of both sexes with respect. Recently I have really been getting into Jordan Peterson. He is all about rationality and taking personal responsibility. I believe you follow him. He is taking the current PC corruption by storm, and having increasingly positive and wide impact. His basic message is man-up, take on burden’s of responsibility, work hard and value virtue.


      • Relampago Furioso

        My message is also one of man-up (though not in the feminist sense of the phrase) to take responsibility for the life you want as a man, work as hard AS YOU NEED TO to and value virtue.

        Rather than telling men consumption and lifelong labor at fake jobs (i.e. makework jobs as most of them are) will make them happy, I’m showing them an alternative path that’s never discussed in the mainstream.

        Freedom to travel, see the world and all the different ways of living, and fuck lots of women while pursuing my own self-guided interests (like living in nature, writing, research into the human condition, photography, etc.) is my personal path. It is only one path of many a MGTOW or John Galt can take.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Just to clarify, yes when I say Man-Up, I use it in the traditional sense of taking responsibility, not the feminist co-opted version.


      • I’ll also add that you are right on about make-work jobs, and never being made aware of other potentials. I was lucky enough to be good at math/physics and had an affinity for engineering, so my subsequent career in engineering has been relatively rewarding and lucrative, notwithstanding boatloads of corporate crap. I’m at a point now, 30 years in, where my skills are sharp and my experience is increasingly valuable at a strategic level, and I can more consulting. I definitely feel sorry for men (and women) that get dumb BA degrees, sell the family farm to do it (or become debt slaves) and end up as corp drones doing soul destroying work. You inspire people to look beyond this.


      • @Steven,

        “Just to clarify, yes when I say Man-Up, I use it in the traditional sense of taking responsibility, not the feminist co-opted version.”

        Nope. Wrong. Those are the same things. You can’t see that yet? “Man-Up Responsibility” is always in tune with the feminine imperative. The ‘traditional’ version was even moreso. Wake up.


      • I would not presume to establish another man’s long-term goals. However, the sustainability of such a directionless existence hardly seems like much of a plan. Don’t misunderstand – – I think your writing can be excellent, perhaps even capable of creating a revenue stream for your future (I understand that long-haul trucking is a rough and grinding career, even part-time).

        Your comment is an understandably reflexive and self-defensive deflection. Think clearer, re-read my comment to understand the irony of your posting compared to the dismissive assessments that you make of shallow women with empty lives.

        As for me, I’ve found my path and achieved my goals, so I merely aim to improve myself and lead a meaningful remainder of my life.


      • Back to Man-Up, maybe better to not use that word, Instead my intention was to promote the stoic ideals of rationality, seeking virtue, and taking full responsibility for one’s emotions and actions. It contains the ultimate personal power, and has nothing to do with feminism. If you don’t like that, take it up with Marcus Aurelius.


  • Good article man. Count me among the “unworking”. I saved up as much as I could and bailed a couple years ago. I’m not rich, but I don’t have to work. I have a few toys such as my car, and I take trips once or twice a year to thailand with some MGTOW bros. The empowered wamen in the US can pay for their own shit.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I have to wonder what did the feminists think was going to happen once they had pulled the rug out from under men? Incentives matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Their solipsistic nature blind them to see that government tit won’t last forever.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. For all the people wondering why men are acting the way they are, they need to look at the incentives….and keep looking…..keep looking…..hmmm….can’t seem to find any, eh?

      Could there be something to that?


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        This has to be selfishness and stupidity of the highest order. Removing the incentives was done deliberately and no one thought of the consequences?


  • Probably some of the best work yet. I love minimalism and Galt articles.

    Liked by 1 person

  • It is not the loss of male tax revenue Marge is really bitching about and she knows it. The government can simply print more money, at least for a short while. The gripe of her, and her ilk, is the loss of revenue (wealth) TRANSFER that the ilk is bitching about.

    Men in sufficient numbers are not dating women, in the tradtional sense, anymore. Hence, restaurants and gift retailers suffer. Hence, the brick and mortar retail apocalypse.

    Men in sufficient numbers are not marrying women anymore. Hence, the industries dependenent upon the marriage ceremony are suffering. But even more telling is the probable steep decline in the revenue (wealth transfer) to the divorce/DV industries. Simply put, there are no longer enough divorces and projected future divorces to fund the lawyers and family courts in the amounts they have become accustomed to.

    And let us not forget. Women are having to make the rent, utilities, car payments, groceries, insurance, etc., strictly on their own. Meaning they don’t the bucks to piss away on frivolous crap like their happily married stay at home grandmothers did. This further exacerbates the retail apocalypse.

    Women don’t like spending their own money on pesky things like housing and what is required to stay alive. They consider that a man’s responsibility. But there are no men, in sufficient numbers, willing to that for them anymore. And the government is broke and cranking up the printing press is making the markets, and those who control them, very nervous.

    In short, Marge can hear the gravy train beginning its grind to a halt and she, as are all women, are terrified at the prospect. The market makers who really run the world will throw women under the bus with the same lack of regard they did the men. Marge knows this and her only hope, the same hope of all women, is to coax or force men back to the plantation. #MeToo has killed that hope, and Marge knows it.

    As always, follow the money and it will lead you to the truth.

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    • Great comment!

      Fuck #MeToo

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    • “The market makers who really run the world will throw women under the bus with the same lack of regard they did the men” was exactly what I was thinking after reading about two paragraphs of this. Women don’t want the responsibility to owning the blame for blowing up the world. John, you are a very observant man.

      Well, ladies, sorry to tell you this, but you did it. You bought it. You eat it.


  • I enjoy reading much of your stuff, although I don’t agree with all of it. I give you credit for taking life by the balls though, and forging your own path. In this case, good article, however I believe you have chosen the wrong specific villain. M. Wente is about as Red Pill as you can get in mainstream Canadian media, she is loathed by the Canadian Left. As a right-leaning centrist, I always enjoy her work. In this case I believe she is more pointing out the facts, and maybe even open to listening to why men drop out. She is not a hard Left nasty feminist.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Her article reads as if it’s telling men to “Get back to work, slaves.” The political right in the Anglosphere also exhibits their own version of pussy pedestalization syndrome. Rookh has discussed this on his blog.


    • Steven,

      Open your eyes. Wente is a poser and of the worst ilk. She disguises her real intent with feigned sympathy for honor and integrity. She is simply running a long employed con game. Don’t trust her one damn bit. It is precisely women like her who orchestrated feminism in the first place. She is worse than a “wolf in sheeps clothing”. She is the same in essence as “lady liberty” and “lady justice”. Look where those motifs brought us. Real justice and liberty emanate from honor and integrity, both of which are male traits and operatives. Women’s are blackmail, chicanery and bribery. EVERY woman must be seen as the walking lie she really is. Men damn well DO NOT need Marge or others like her to help “rescue” them or the civilization.


  • Nice post RF, impressive how you eviscerated that article, piece by piece.


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  • My theory is that women are not capable of seeing the bigger picture or uninterested in it entirely. They see only the small circle that is their world. This was NOT had to predict. It is a rational decision made to insure male survival in the face of an all out vicious attack. Strip a man of all his hard work, his dignity, his life’s vocation, finances, children and all that is dear to him and see what the result might be. It’s not feminine stupidity- it is total feminine apathy. It doesn’t count until it starts to hurt them directly- then they can’t figure out how this happened. They are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!
    The die is cast. MGTOW can’t be stopped, it is not a negotiation, it is not reversible, it is permanent. They wanted change in society- now they have change and they don’t like it. How could they not have seen that destroying men destroys civilization? Women do not build civilizations, men do…………………or they did. Now the piper comes to be paid.

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  • This is one of your greatest post ever!!!

    Who the fuck wants to invest in a society that hates you for having a penis. As Rollo once said for modern women, men are nothing more than draft animals or breed stock.

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  • If more men do not work, how can they eat, drive, buy something, etc.?

    Who enables or takes care of them?

    The way things are nowadays…that is why adults are acting like children or worse.

    If a man does not want to work, I am pretty sure that he does not want to get married and have kids either.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Good question. Personally, I work but just enough to support my own lifestyle in a minimalistic fashion. I plan on having paid for, minimalistic housing i.e. a tiny house, a travel trailer/camper for adventures, a beat up pickup to haul it with, my motorcycle and my classic hot rod (which is already paid for) in only a few years time.

      Rather than going back to the Office Space trough, I learned a trade in which there is high demand and now I can basically write my own ticket of when I want to work. This, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a bankruptcy brought on by being laid off from my corporate job a few years back.

      I’m also working on other ventures abroad so I don’t have to come back to the matrix someday except at my leisure. After having paid for housing and various forms of transportation, I should be able to work even less than I do now and live a fabulous life.

      All it takes is letting go of the illusions placed into your mind from youth by the system about what your life is “supposed” to look like.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am jealous of you and other men who make more money, have your own businesses, and travel around the world. I am planning to have a location-independent life too. I want to get away from my lousy $9/hour job and mediocre life permanently. I am persisting in getting my online business finished so that I can market and promote it.

        I see myself working on my computer, selling services online, paying off my student loans, donating money to people in need, and going on trips to Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, Dominican Republic, etc. I want to enjoy my life because it is short. I refuse and do not care what my family and other people think or do with their lives.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t worry about those people in need bro. They had kids when they couldn’t afford them. That mistake needs to start having consequences.


    • Foreign Love Web,

      You have got to detach yourself from the universe and everything in it. People who make mistakes have to learn from them. When I was younger I actually wanted to have a family but I never forced myself to find a woman because at the time I had no money to support a family so I did not bother. People from 3rd world countries you mentioned have no money yet still go out and produce families in a poverty stricken life its their fault they are in that situation nothing to do with you. The world life and the universe will still keep spinning around whether you wake up tomorrow morning or not. You have to look inwards and sort your own shit out first before you are any use to anyone else.


      • I have to disagree with you regarding the people from third world countries. Some foreigners, in fact, have more money and wealth than we do. You cannot generalize all foreigners. Some foreigners are rich. Others are not. Many foreigners are good. Others are evil.

        In my blog, I give everyone the truth about foreigners, international dating, international marriage, American culture, etc. My proof is images, text links to credible articles or YouTube videos, contact information from international dating/marriage experts, and so on. If you are interested in finding the real truth, visit my blog.


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