Carousel Riders Don’t Make Good Wives


Marital success declines when women ride the cock carousel until just before their biological clock strikes midnight

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Anglobitches who have been around the block more times than the Good Humor man don’t make good bets for marriage. Numerous studies confirm this, but one particular study from The Heritage Foundation is interesting in that it focuses on women over 30, i.e. women whose impact with The Wall is imminent.


The more cock carouseling a woman does, the worse a bet she is for marriage

One would think that as women’s sexual options wane with their breasts sagging and behinds drooping with each passing year, along with the prospect of becoming a genetic dead end as eggs die in their womb they’d settle down and be grateful that any man was investing himself in such a depreciating ASSet. But, that just isn’t the case.

The more sausage they’ve had, the less likely the hapless Beta male who marries one of them is to have a successful marriage. This is true even for women about to hit The Wall or who have already impacted with it. Similar trends are seen among younger women who marry, and although there is a little more statistical noise the trend lines reveal the same sad fact: More cocks before the vows, less marital fidelity after the vows. Marrying an Empowered™ slut comes at an extreme risk to your finances, personal property, and dignity. (At least, in Anglosphere nations. Other nations don’t let women frivorce rape men this way, including those in continental Europe, Latin America, and much of Asia.)

A telling Heritage Foundation study found the most successful marriages involve women who are virgins at the time of marriage. If her husband pops her cherry, the marriage has good odds of surviving – a 4 out of 5 success rate. By the time a woman has 5 cocks before marriage, the chance of marital success plummets – these couples have a 2 out of 3 chance of getting divorced! And by the time women have 16-20 cocks, a full 4 out of 5 will end in divorce.

This is why religious institutions have pushed for sexual chastity until the time of marriage for 5,000 years. Because anything less is not a stable foundation for a society. It isn’t just religious leaders who have tried to impart this wisdom. Anthropologist J.D. Unwin independently confirmed sluttery destroys nations and cultures three-quarters of a century ago after a secular study of 80 tribes and the 6 civilizations thought to have existed. Unwin wrote:

These societies lived in different geographical environments; they belonged to different racial stocks; but the history of their marriage customs is the same. In the beginning each society had the same ideas in regard to sexual regulations. Then the same struggles took place; the same sentiments were expressed; the same changes were made; the same results ensued. Each society reduced its sexual opportunity to a minimum and displaying great social energy, flourished greatly. Then it extended its sexual opportunity; its energy decreased, and faded away. The one outstanding feature of the whole story is its unrelieved monotony.

The takeaway message is when women became “liberated” whores of the type we now suffer in the West, civilization inevitably failed. A full 100% of the time. But, things are even worse than most men imagine. Women are so far gone in the West they’re now accumulating more sexual partners than men. (The 80/20 rule resurfaces.) From the Daily Mail:

By the age of 21 they have had sex with an average of nine lovers  –  two more than their male partner. And a quarter have slept with more than ten partners in the five years since losing their virginity  –  compared with a fifth of young men.

For fun, let’s sprinkle in a dose of feminist hypocrisy.

Young women are also twice as likely to be unfaithful, with 50% admitting they have cheated on a partner  –  half at least twice. Yet if their man was caught being unfaithful, 99% of the 2,000 women surveyed said they would show him the door.

Proving once again the Western world is upside down and how quickly things get out of control once men start acting weak and letting women rule over them (referencing the wisdom in Isaiah 3:12) women have now adopted a male sexual strategy while men have been turned into cucks and incels. Let’s apply some evolutionary psychology to these stats. Nature actually intended things to be the opposite. Men have the biological imperative to cheat, not women. Why?

Sperm is everywhere and eggs are scarce. If a man cheats and shoots a hot load of sperm into a willing slut’s womb, he can produce another load shortly thereafter. However, if a woman gets knocked up, one of her limited lifetime supply of eggs is taken and she’s out of commission for 9 months. This is why female cheating is worse than male cheating. It creates bastard children for Beta Bucks guy to waste his resources on. (What’s more, men have the psychological capacity to separate sex from love. A topic for another time.)

We can glean from these uncomfortable facts the set and frame of Western society has been so irrevocably changed there’s little hope left of salvaging it. Trying to reason with masses of sheeple is as hopeless as standing in front of a fast-moving train and expecting to stop it.

The best a man can do at this point, with the Western world so far gone is protect himself and his assets. Don’t get involved with hos beyond pump and dumps. Avoid marital and legal entanglements with the Anglobitch like the plague. And if the virus of feminism infects the entire world, we can expect a cratering of civilization worldwide.

Here’s an interesting hypothesis that we’ll be testing in the coming decades. Human population growth has been growing at an exponential rate, what’s known in statistics as a J-curve the last century or so. What typically follows such a tangential rise in mathematics is a comparable crash. Feminism and its wicked stepsister Socialism may be the philosophies that bring on the crash. Strap in for a bumpy ride until this insanity resolves itself of its own volition.

History has shown us 86 times that it never ends well.

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  • Women carousel riders make very horrible wives altogether.


    • That’s a fact jack.
      Even the best of women have to be MADE into wives by their men.
      The very, very best of women have been fully trained by their mom, grandma, aunts, great aunts and helped by the tripping over their sisters in trying to serve their fathers.
      What women have lost men have lost. What women have lost is ten times what men have lost as women have lost their very reason for being.
      Yeah, that is as chauvinist as it gets and I see nothing different after 50 yrs examining the issue.


  • I have only found 4 virgins out of 150 bangs and brides. That was from the late 60’s till now.
    So, lots of luck finding a virgin in North America.
    What I have found is that even a carousel rider wants to settle down and make it work when she finally gets sick of getting dizzy.
    In which case, you must not let them get away with anything and must train them in exactly how they are to behave.
    Otherwise you can forget it. At least until after World War 3.
    That is what will reset everything.
    The J curve is about done.


  • I have to wonder how many Anglo women are actually carousel riders considering how frigid they are. Not many I think.

    Frankly though, marriage is increasingly becoming a pointless institution. Its original purpose was to provide increased assurance to a man that his kids actually his. However, paternity testing can fulfill that role much better now. Marriage doesn’t really make sense unless a man wants to be “traditional,” and some men want to be that (although many of them will get burned for trying).


    • Every woman wants to get fucked at least once a month. It is pre-programmed and repeating.
      If you are in the right place at the right time with the right look and attitude then you will get fucked.
      It applies even if you are married.
      There are a number of caveats like birth control pills, diet, propaganda and others which do fuck with their minds and cause vacillation in their cycles.
      Otherwise you are good to go.

      The fact that the next day they are asking themselves ‘why the fuck did they fuck you’ should not go to your head.
      Nor should the fact that they fucked you, period.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Anglobitches are frigid to what they see as Beta males. They’re outright whores with Alphas and Sigmas. The 80/20 rule applies.


  • Is that study where more women have more partners than men true? If it truly is, then Monogamy is truly dead and gone.

    Doesn’t surprise me how many women are hypocrites these days regarding their behavior.

    I don’t know how to feel about this shitshow, Mr. Furioso.
    Do I stay angry all the time?
    Should I feel overwhelming sadness over what has been lost?

    I’m a 25 year old man that has and is still trying to do the right thing, but in my experience, it gets me nowhere. Being honest and having integrity is laughed at by the majority, with the same people embracing degenerate behavior.

    To be honest with you, I’ve never been with a women, yet my biological impulses force me to look and desire them, all while still knowing the all mighty truth of Briffault’s Law.
    Imagine that.
    To want something badly, yet knowing it is tainted, and trying to keep said urges at bay.
    It’s pitiful how I get by, using proxies as substitutes for female affection.

    What do I do?
    Damn it all to hell.


    • David was one of the most courageous men in recorded history.
      You can learn from him.

      There are lots of women under 35 and over 20 who have been fucked over by one or two guys and may have gone lezzie, or, just withdrew to work and save and hope and dream and read romance novels.
      You can be sure they are looking for that knight who will redeem them but are as skittish as a back alley cat.

      That’s your target market. You will find them at the gym trying to lose weight, sometimes, or at second hand stores saving money and indulging their hobbies of clothes and housewares. You will find them on the bike paths and hiking trails and even at the grocery store. They still want to play ‘catch me if you can’ and you still need to practice, obviously.
      Yeah, I have had quite a few fall into my lap but I also chased too many to remember. The ones you chase and catch are the best anyways. There were a great many that I did not catch. Finally I caught one so wonderful I spent 17 fabulous years with her.
      When you are tired of waiting for manna from heaven, get to work.

      If David had approached Goliath with a sword he would have been sliced in two, meaning; the indirect approach is the only way to go.
      And, make damn sure you are paying attention to the clues women give. They have needs and urges too.
      I am no genius but anything I have worked at with all of my heart I have succeeded at.
      I’m pretty sure most humans are the same when you get down to it.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It was a few years ago that a Rollo Tommasi showed that Sheryl Sandberg went public with the feminine strategy of alpha f*cks, beta bucks. At the time, it occurred to me, that by going public, a tactic that is dependent on deception is of no further use. The counter argument was that women were so advantaged, they stopped caring if men knew. I don’t think so. I think what we are coming to is a sexual marketplace where women are going to have to choose, either chase alphas for their whole life or lock in a beta and show him what fidelity is. The current situation in which women are encouraged to have twenty five partners before settling down doesn’t work. Everyone knows that it all ends in divorce. I don’t know which way anglo women will go. My guess is that they will continue to chase alphas.


  • As a longtime married man who gets most of his sex outside the home, I agree with pretty much everything raised by Rel and others in the manosphere. On this most glorious of days – international wimmen’s day – I have one observation to make.
    Modern marriage is the greatest bait and switch in, well, modern history.

    Imagine falling in love with and buying a Porsche or Ferrari. You are won over by the physical attributes and rush it gives you. But within months, that high performance automobile in your driveway seemingly overnight transforms into an underpowered subcompact or, worse, an ever growing minivan that not only doesn’t excite you, it refuses to start much of the time and you are reduced to begging, daily maintenance and purchasing expensive accessories to coax it around the block. And your friends who appreciated your choice of the Ferrari now look pityingly at you and your rusty minivan.

    If automobile dealerships carried out this practice it would be called fraud. In the west it’s called marriage. Your mileage may vary but locking down virgins (if you can even find one), is no guarantee. Buyer beware.


    • Eduardo the Magnificent

      Imagine falling in love with and buying a Porsche or Ferrari.

      That’s the crux of the problem. The idea of marrying for love is a rather new phenomenon. Marriage was a utility, and it wasn’t to flatter your ego. I think this is one of the major causes of divorce that’s overlooked: we marry for the wrong reasons. Both men and women are guilty. Houses built on sand, yadda yadda.


  • Nice article.
    The big take away, if you decide to marry, only marry a virgin.
    Look, most of us are so jaded at this point about women, divorce and feminism that marriage isn’t even something we consider much anymore. But the reality is most men, including myself always wanted to marry and have a family. The caveat being wanting to marry a young, modest, religious, slim and caring wife. Good luck finding that in the anglo world. We have no choice but to go abroad and find this. My only advice is if you do decide to marry, make sure she is a virgin and make sure she grew up and spent all her life in a non-western, non-anglo country. A traditional minded woman has to have grown up and lived exclusively in one of these types of countries. Trust me, Ive seen and known girls that grew up in a non-western country that move to the states and within a few years they’re no different than the women born and raised here.
    It’s unfortunate we have to leave our own countries to find a decent wife for marriage, but as men these are the cards we’ve been dealt, get out there and do what you have to do.


  • I have two quick points. One is this: what we learn by studying history is that we don’t LEARN from history. Two is that JD Unwin was a liberal; that’s right, he was one of those! Unlike today’s liberals though, Professor Unwin was HONEST about what he’d found, and he presented his results accordingly.


  • And the story doesn’t stop here either. it just gets worse. From today:

    A woman in her early 20s — 400,000 follicles.
    Ten years later — 30,000 follicles.

    7.5% of her original supply, or a drop of 92.5% in ten years.

    In Darwinian terms, the romantic worth of a woman in her early 30s goes down by 93% from her worth in her early 20s.

    And just a one year pregnancy drops those numbers by a significant percentage.

    Soooo …all these women that think they will ride the carousel and then think they will get a family just prior to hitting the wall may find that their dreams of happy household with children are permanently lost. This is far worse than just hitting the wall physically. There is no way to retrieve eggs that are no longer viable. Fertility drugs and even IVF have terrible failure rates besides being horribly expensive. This appears to be just another “advantage” that feminism offers young women without their being notified in advance- so they can make an informed decision.

    The reality of biology can’t be changed ( like gender “apparently” ) because it doesn’t fit the feminine imperative.

    Or said another way……..Biology just don’t care.


    • Older women have ONE good point: they’re less easy to knock up! In fact, Ben Franklin counseled young men to get with older women for this reason, among others…


    • …to say nothing of the fact that their eggs deteriorate at a constant rate and produce less intelligent babies and more birth effects, including mongolism, in direct proportion to their age.


  • Your third last paragraph is simply self justification and in no way a recipe for personal success; nor is it a plan for survival of yourself, any woman, or the species.
    In fact, you therein admit you are THE problem and certainly not a solution. Women are obviously not capable of making the optimum decision(s) on their own and you are incapable of helping them to do so.
    And YOU call them HO!
    You’re funny!

    Comes a time to fess up and repent. You are about overdue.
    Watch out for falling pianos, Bro Ho!.


    • Rel, why do you let this clown post here in your comment sections? I know it is probably difficult to ban people, but this guy never offers any value and seems a bit unhinged as well. By the way, another great article, thank!


      • Thank you, thank you, thank you.
        By offer value I suppose you mean how you can get pussy, easy and free?
        Well you can’t.

        You have to earn it one at a time or have it fall into your lap like it does for me. Or does when I’m interested enough in what they have to offer which is not much or often.

        I do feel sorry for you and your generation but not much.

        And Roosh, Rel, or another of his alter egos, recognizes two things that apparently you don’t:
        One is that I have lived that life since I was 13 and know what I am talking about.
        Two is that his blog success is based on discourse and even discontent.

        It is not based on blase compliments or whining.
        Other than that; yes, I am a clown. Kept me from getting killed lots of times just like King David.
        And; yes, I am unhinged. Unhinged from the Matrix. Get it?

        Oh, no, you don’t get it. Sorry, keep trying. Maybe South America.


      • @GargleSpurts,

        I concur. He is a blowhard of the highest order. I just skip over his comments anymore.


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