Video: Tucker Carlson Brings Manosphere Talking Points to Mainstream Media

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson just threw open the shudders on the Overton Window by bringing manosphere talking points to the mainstream media just in time for International Women’s Day. Carlson’s erudite expose entitled “Something Ominous Happening to Men” helps introduce many of our grievances into mainstream discussion for the first time.

In a litany that completely obliterates many tired, feminist talking points, Carlson eviscerated the claim that women have been “victims” of an evil patriarchy for centuries. He also showed how men are being treated like garbage in the Anglosphere despite cultural narratives that claim we have it made and have been evil oppressors of women.

Carlson predictably misses couching all the facts he lays out with a critique of a highly misandrist, anti-sex, anti-pleasure Anglo culture. This is an important part of any discussion on masculinity. As is a discussion about WHY this is being done. (White men are typically the biggest historical threat to tyrannical governments, among other reasons.)

After pointing out all the areas in which men are falling behind women, Carlson brought on intellectual Jordan Peterson for a powerful interview to help drive home the point that Anglo society is flirting with disaster by mistreating its men the way it does. Bravo to Carlson for bringing up this topic, and to Jordan Peterson for inserting politically incorrect truth bombs into this developing narrative.

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  • Roosh said the same things over 10 years ago when he started his forum. I’m perplexed as to why Dr. Jordan Peterson isn’t shamed recklessly by the lame stream Canadian media, while Roosh got himself into international outrage because of lies from the media in over 25 countries, most of which are feminist occupied Western countries.


  • Jonathan Castle

    The Trump Era is beomming the time of the Great Pushback against the Left.

    Pathologies that have been festering in our society for so long are at least being discussed if not battled outright.

    Like the tip of the spear, Trump’s assault on politically correct speech codes has given room for others to do likewise.

    From Hollywood to the NFL to Feminists…they’re getting called out for their shit.

    Man, it feels good to be fighting back!

    Oh, yeah. Way to go Tucker – and our dutiful host here.


  • Sure…………… make villains of the most productive and hard working segment society to placate to most non productive and least hard working segment (because they complain the loudest). What could possibly go wrong ?


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      Well put. It would seem that they are tired of omelettes and want a goose dinner. Never mind that eggshells are twenty four carat.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Did anyone else notice that Jordan Peterson was very different with Tucker Carlson than he was with Cathy Newman? Maybe it was because this interview covered things that are important? It mattered. Thanks to Tucker for making the attempt.


  • Having just spoken with the backer for Peterson’s latest public ‘educational’ appearance and experience I can see the agenda becoming more and more clarified in muddying the water to produce the desired results; civil disorder and revolution. Since it hasn’t worked in GB or USA lets try Canada.
    How ripe for revolution is it?


    • What is your opinion of Jordan Peterson, Moriyah?

      I have only just learned of him. He is kind of alt light, an intellectual who is getting press by essentially stealing Alt Right talking points.


      • Ryu
        I think he is remarkably well spoken, highly educated, a clear thinker, very direct, clear and to the point about the topic(s) being addressed.
        He is also an academic at a very powerful institution of Canada and the World. with, now, influence beyond the pale. All institutions of higher learning throughout the world are operating on an agenda in operation for over 500 yrs. Religion, politics and banking are at the root of this ubiquitous agenda.

        These institutions must serve the established order which has produced our current environment; which we can see at all levels rapidly degrading; if we are paying attention.
        Furthermore, Mr. Peterson is an ace practitioner of Freudian, Jungian and Ericsonian psychology and hypnosis at all levels of practice. Put him on TV and he can program literally 8 million in GB. He makes Tony Robbins, or Oprah, or Trump, look like mind control pikers.
        Qui bono? Who benefits?

        If Peterson challenged the established order he would be run out of town or dead.
        I smell the hegelian dialectic at work. Certainly the longest time frame model in my lifetime.

        There is no revolution in history, including the last half dozen over 10 yrs, which has been so carefully engineered and laid down as the experiment ongoing in Canada.

        What’s the purpose?
        What is Peterson attempting to do?
        What is he practically doing?
        What should be our expected conclusion to this playing out?
        Something like Milo and the pussy hats in USA?

        It is enough to recognize that His last public demo, because that`s what it was, was the face off of two factions; the rabble outside, malcontents, disenfranchised, confused, gender bent, betrayed, and, the high moral ground inside; with the Church, both Protestant (Queen`s U.) and Catholic, with Father De Souza specifically invited, the establishment, the most senior Law school and alumni in Canada. Law controls everything whether right or wrong.
        I can`t tell you who else I know was there.
        I can tell you this is a major launch to fit a timeline which is accelerating.

        Glad you asked. Glad you are paying attention.
        Sorry if I did not give you an answer sufficient.
        Keep watching.


      • One more thing, Ryu.
        Roosh has spent the last several years telling us what we already knew about the MSM lying bitches and bastards bought and sold by the CIA, Deep State, Vatican, Military Industrial Complex.
        But now, Tucker Carlson comes out swinging like a hero for the common man???!!!
        Yeah, right.


      • Thank you, Moriyah.

        I am familiar with Roosh’s work. There are many, who insist that the current media coverage of Red Pill truths is due to a portion of the population awakening.

        Are you suggesting that a part of the elite are promoting a red pill or Alt Right revolution for their own purposes? And if so, what purpose?

        There is an idea out there, that the world is run by pedos. That all of those stories of sex cults and elite blackmail are true. What are your thoughts on this?

        This story just came out a few days ago:


      • Am I suggesting?

        Was The Marix made for a reason?
        Was it ramped up 10 x’s and then 10 x 10 x’s in the sequel and the finale?

        Are you not a battery fueling the money machine of the beast for their all manner of death machine through the taxes and usury you pay on every transaction you make with a worthless, leveraged currency?

        The global matrix was hijacked by the Church of Rome and her daughters/accomplices over 500 yrs ago and it has been running rampant with the above agenda ever since.

        We are now seeing its successful results.
        Is it not obvious that there is something seriously wrong with Justin Trudeau? i.e. bumfucked as a boy by either his bi father or father in law Sinclair (St. Clair)! Take your pick, either the Templar or the Hospitalier?
        Whether the Red Shield [Red Cross] (Red Pill) or the Blue Shield [Blue Cross] (Blue Pill) it is the same construct.
        A duality supposedly in opposition but actually in concert.
        George Bush Sr. was knighted by the Queen for being such a profitable servant. George Sr., or one of his Templar buddies, diddled George Jr.
        Obviously, right?
        Justin and George Jr. are perfect examples of the Jesuit mind fuck at work.Water boarding is nothing compared to sodomy.
        I don`t hate pedos, bi`s, gays, lizzies, etc. because I know 95% of them were abused before they were 5 yrs old.
        It is not their fault nor do they know what they do is aberrant.
        I don`t take their shit though. I don`t let them cop a feel either. They won`t get a fist full face but they will get a backhand.

        Instead of asking for the answer to your serious life questions on a blogpost comment board you might want to do a little study of your own.
        You could start with ’50 yrs in the Church of Rome’.

        Otherwise, and, in any case, you have to accept that there is no reasonable, deducible answer to your reasonable question.
        It is truly Satanic in the literal sense as well as the biblical. Satan has a death wish for the world because she already has a death sentence from Yahweh. That’s just the way it is.

        The only way to come to terms with this reality, reference Agent Smith for that, is thru practice and understanding of the fundamental laws which not only determine human behavior but dictate the end result thereof.

        The first two are on the first page of the Bible. The rest of them become rather redundant if you keep the first two.


      • Relampago Furioso


        This does seem to be all too convenient. I, too am suspicious whenever something too good to be true like this happens. I worked a decade in the bowels of the MSM so I am familiar with how corrupt it is.

        The thought has crossed my mind that this could be an attempt by the power structure to subvert and take control of the men’s movement, steering us in a direction amenable to their desires.

        Notice how carefully it’s being handled now. But the takeaway message most sheeple will get from watching Carlson’s report is that modern men are weak and can’t deal with women being empowered. This serves the purpose of making men even less attractive in women’s eyes while convincing us we finally have a proponent. (We may not.)

        Peterson has criticized MGTOW and most of his messaging seems to be directed at getting men back into the workforce en masse.

        Just a thought. I’m always skeptical of anyone in media or government.


      • Rel, your comment, above, should have been your blog.
        You come off as a backpedaling sycophant.
        There is a wrench now clogging up the cog.
        In fact, you have just re-framed yourself as a self serving cunt.
        I think you need to explain yourself in depth after a little, or a lot of, meditation.
        Or, is that what your cross country trip is about?
        I assure you that my trip at 14 and again at 16 was not for the purpose of pussy, but to get a clear focus on the environment that I would live and die in.
        Lot’s of pussy from bad boy loving bitches was the bonus.
        In hindsight it was nothing.
        If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.
        The solution is a pragmatic respect for all others even if they were bumfucked or raped as a child and have assumed the character of their rapist.


      • Relampago Furioso

        Don’t get angry at me for having an open mind, and a willingness to change positions based on new developments.


      • I’m not angry, Bro.
        If my words bite it is intended.
        It’s your ass now in a sling for real.
        How the fuck could you not see through that shit?
        I love you Bro, I see you growing now.
        Be prepared to duck.
        You can’t believe they will make someone like Peterson a martyr when they have you instead?

        I tell you though, you should have taken me up on my offer a year ago.
        Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil, but, I may get a little bit shaken when they put a machine gun in my face.

        P.S. I would not be broadcasting my trip across USA if I was wearing your colors. If you have not seen Easy Rider in a while you might want to refresh your memory.
        I had a White Knight on my shoulder during my journey’s every step or you would not be putting up with me now. Which, by the way, I appreciate.


  • I love the crack at public schools at the end


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