Beware of Friends Bearing Gifts: Jordan Peterson Calls MGTOW “Pathetic Weasels”

There’s an age old maxim that advises men to “Beware of friends bearing gifts.” And Jordan Peterson’s sudden ascendance to the throne as the unofficial spokesman for the men’s movement, who is assumed to speak for all disaffected men in the Anglosphere has certainly seemed like a gift to many. Finally, our voices are being heard in the mainstream media.

While I have initially given him the benefit of the doubt and accepted Peterson at face value, at the back of my mind I puzzled over what the calculation is. Why is he there? Why hasn’t his reputation been destroyed by feminists and the corrupt media? Until now, men have been persecuted for saying the things Peterson says out in the open.

In the case of one particular man, Roosh V of Return of Kings fame has suffered both defamation and a witch hunt which have had him blacklisted in true Soviet fashion. The Washington Post libeled him, and he has been kicked off of virtually every digital platform from Paypal to Disqus. Why the sudden about face by the corrupt media? Ryu dropped by TNMM to offer this explanation:

There are many, who insist that the current media coverage of Red Pill truths is due to a portion of the population awakening.

The power structure must be worried that so many of us have awakened from our Blue Pill slumber. This was my reply to Ryu:

This does seem to be all too convenient. I, too am suspicious whenever something too good to be true like this happens. I worked a decade in the bowels of the MSM so I am familiar with how corrupt it is.

The thought has crossed my mind that this could be an attempt by the power structure to subvert and take control of the men’s movement, steering us in a direction amenable to their desires.

Notice how carefully it’s being handled now. But the takeaway message most sheeple will get from watching Carlson’s report is that modern men are weak and can’t deal with women being empowered. This serves the purpose of making men even less attractive in women’s eyes while convincing us we finally have a proponent. (We may not.)

Peterson has criticized MGTOW and most of his messaging seems to be directed at getting men back into the workforce en masse.

Just a thought. I’m always skeptical of anyone in media or government.

What makes Peterson most troubling as an unofficial spokesman for the manosphere are recent comments he made in his classrooom about MGTOW. He called men who have dropped out because they’ve been pushed to the margins of society by a deeply gynocentric culture and misandrist legal system “pathetic weasels” before issuing a carefully worded apology. Peterson lectured his psychology class saying men need to let women tell them what’s wrong with them, which is what the Anglo power structure has been doing for decades – letting women tell “defective” men how to “fix” themselves.

One of the top-rated rebuttals to Peterson in the comments section following the YouTube video exposing him certainly makes sense:

Peterson completely ignores the fact that it is the legal system that stacks the deck against men. The legal system gives ALL women an inordinate amount of power over the man in an intimate relationship. This fact alone is enough to dismiss Peterson’s point almost entirely.

Is this really the man we want speaking for us? I’m not a MGTOW personally although I do have sympathies for that movement because I know how marginalized men are in Anglo America. But I certainly am a Ghost and a John Galt, and this trio of dissidents is troubling to a corporate-government complex that profits from exploiting men.

Peterson makes William Shakespeare’s famous monologue come to mind, especially when analyzing any of the tripe broadcasted by the MSM:

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.

As I alluded to in my response to Ryu, Peterson’s narratives always boil down to getting men to participate in the economy again. It’s as if he’s trying to direct men back onto the plantation. Herding them to participate in a society that exploits them as expendable revenue producers for the Socialist state. Is Peterson a fake? Is he a plant by the power structure? Or is he the genuine article? We’ll be watching. And so should you, with a skeptical eye.

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  • Jordan Peterson as demon dealer. The truth about psychology and it’s use in media. Truly demonic. Be careful what you ask for…


  • He is only in it for the money he is just hopping on a bandwagon with a little Red Pill here and their. Everything he says is already common knowledge he has nothing to add. His apology was a planted question for him they had already decide before the interview to ask that question this is so he can get more people signed his YouTube account etc, Look how much he makes a month $60,000 dollars.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Well, someone else has linked the Peterson apology video. It would be best to take him with a grain of salt, as we should to all. I do remember Paul Elam being a great leader until he did his PigTOW video. That set the whole cause back. It may be that they want us all back on the plantation, but they won’t restore the social contract, making the offer and empty handed one. At least, we are making an impression ad getting noticed. However, I don’t think they’ll get real until they see men expatriating in droves. The world has been down this road before. Immigration to the US and Canada in the 19th century made governments in Europe writing laws against it. Good luck enforcing them in Texas.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Three words: staged media event.

    How convenient that the “apology” comes right after making a deliberately angering statement — it’s right out of Ryan Holiday’s playbook for engaging the Internet public through “rage profiteering” and click bait. JP only “apologised” so he could attract the attention of certain market segments he’s been pandering to all along.

    I usually don’t read the emanations of click bait philosophers, I usually don’t buy the products of click bait philosophers, and I usually don’t watch the videos or listen to the podcasts of click bait philosophers.

    But I always sure as fuck don’t give one flying toss about men with high-pitched voices who are trying to shake up some shit like bitchy little drama queens.

    This includes Mike “I’m A Chicken Hawk” Cernovich as well.

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    • True al media advents are staged he just looking to expand himself to the Red Pill/MGTOW market place its all about the money $$$$$$$$$$. Before long we can look forward to his first MGTOW video. Have you noticed he and will not say anything controversial he wouldn’t want his youtube/multimedia accounts suspended.


  • I read an article a couple of months ago describing “leading feminist women” discussing the need for large numbers of men needing to get back into the workplace. This guy is their mouthpiece. He’s a plant, a fraud. They want man muscle back working but under their feminist re-enslavement terms. Remember when William Wallace
    yelled “Freedom” in the movie Braveheart, men work in a free society on their own terms or we do not work.

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  • I never trusted Jordan Peterson and I never saw him as a spokesman for MGTOW. ..I’ve always seen Peterson as a right wing conservative who just happens to share some of our views but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s one of “us”

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  • Let Mr. Peterson and his tradcon friends save Western Whores Civilization. I just don’t give a shit about his message. I live my life the way I see fit and my way is mgtow!

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    • Yup. Coming soon is the all out, siren blast call to get men back on board for marriage, duty, civic responsibility, overwork, and general self-sacrifice. Tradcons will up their shaming, even TV commercials will start to honor fathers, sitcoms as well. “Leading feminists” will likely make moves too. It will be at least a little bit gratifying in some ways, but don’t be fooled. That life sucks. It will be the same subservient, self-sacrificing role. Only this time, society in general will be smart enough to pat the good boys on the head instead of giving them the middle finger, which it has been doing. “C’mon back, white boys. We need your massively disproportionate over-production. We need the only demographic that even has any sense of sacrifice whatsoever.” Sorry. The middle finger comes from us now.

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  • Anglobitches……. LOL


  • If men can ignore the entire construct of the MSM. And embark on creating their own empire’s then there would be no need to establish who is for or against the masculine movement. To go on a path of distinction requires the slaying of enemies and allies to coerce and I feel not to many men have the will to even consider this as a way forward for themselves!


  • Rel – did you miss Prof. Peterson’s subsequent apology for calling MGTOW types “pathetic weasels”?

    In my view Prof. Peterson actually did have some valid points in his original video. His problem was lack of precision with his language. He was (rightly) criticising the VirginTOW types who take the negative experiences of men throughout the Western SMP and MMP and project that same anger and disgust onto ALL women, thereby swearing off the idea of relationships and marriage completely.

    Their fury is understandable. In my mind there is nothing particularly wrong with wanting to sleep with as many women as possible – this is a fundamental male biological imperative.

    However, this way of life fundamentally ignores one inescapable fact: we are at war with the forces of the regressive Left, of Islam, and of the globalist elites, who want us all to bow to them and worship them as gods.

    Prof. Peterson is simply calling attention upon the fact – and it is a fact – that the MGTOW philosophy is one of surrender. It doesn’t matter how one tries to spin it – that is exactly what MGTOW is, a refusal to fight for Western civilisation.

    One can argue (again, rightly) that there isn’t anything worth saving any longer. Well, fair enough – but then what are the alternatives? By all means, let individual men escape to better and warmer shores, nothing wrong with that. But what happens when those destinations refuse to accept foreign invaders any more, as they are beginning to do?

    Wars are not won with words. They are won by men showing up to fight. If we simply refuse to fight entirely, then where exactly are the vast majority of men in the West supposed to go, and what are they supposed to do?

    To his credit, Prof. Peterson offers solutions to those problems too. One can take exception with his proposed solutions for being too “tradcon”, but Prof. Peterson has repeatedly pointed out in his writings and his lectures that one cannot save the West without first fixing oneself. In that respect, his advice and point of view makes a very great deal of sense.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I mentioned his apology in the article.

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    • I’m MGTOW (I guess)

      Have I surrendered by;

      Starting to learn my fourth language

      Lifting 4 times a week

      Reading 50-100 books a year

      Working 6 days a week

      Working on my second novel project

      Studying high level grammar

      Becoming an A-grade minimalist

      Learning to eat, drink and smoke like a king on 10$ a day

      Giving up Hollywood, toxic friends, digital entertainment of all forms

      Cutting sodium, sugar and alcohol to A-grade levels

      Revamping my wardrobe

      Living overseas for 15 of my last 18 years

      Enjoying the company of well over a hundred beautiful young escorts

      Learning all the manosphere’s principles and internalizing them

      Cutting out social media


      I did all that over the last 2-3 years. Am I a quitter? Am I lazy? Did I give up?

      Just because I’m not making sacrifices to fit cultural expectations doesn’t mean that I quit.
      In fact, it’s the best play. Going headlong into 70-80 hour work weeks just feeds the non-white male demographics who are currently in position to leech off of your good-boy overwork. Fuck that. I work overseas. That money is mine.


  • Peterson isn’t the spokesperson or reprasentative of the red pill or manosphere. He has specific views on societal matters as to relates to the genders, some of which overlap with the red pill ideology and some which don’t. To expect him to have the exact same views that red pilled men have is naive and essentially narrow minded. Appreciate him for what he is doing and the things you may disagree with him over, pay no mind to it. I’m certain all who frequent this blog share many views but also disagree on many things.
    At the end of the day, to expect Peterson or any other public figure to be the savior, it’s going to take a whole lot more than one or a few men to change where this country is and where it’s headed.


  • Note he did apologize later, for calling MGTOWs weasels. His argument against MGTOW was rather than dropping out to avoid toxicity, stand up to it, embrace one’s masculinity and take on the world.


    • Paul Elam has made a video about his “apology”, see


    • Relampago Furioso

      “Embrace one’s masculinity and take on the world.”

      Isn’t that really about getting men back on the plantation to work?


      • I guess it depends on you view society, or even believe in society. As a kind-of libertarian, men being free doing their own thing as independent actors is fine by me. More power to you. Mountain men rule. But if men want to live in groups, acting more inter-dependently, then that becomes a society, Society needs leaders, and men have traditionally been those leaders, and have lead with all sorts of virtues (as outlined by a lot of the Greek philosophers, including the stoics). Participating in society doesn’t necessarily mean to accept being a sheeple slave. I reject feminism, I reject identity politics I would NEVER apologize for being a white male (I’ve seen men do it and its embarrassing). I act as a local leader, and get involved in politics.


  • It isn’t unheard of for The System to try and water down a popular movement.

    This happened in WN with “Milo” or “Jack Donovan” being called racist nationalist leaders. How can a racist movement be lead by a flaming homo? But the media “seemed” to buy it, or perhaps they wanted the masses to buy it.

    The Tea Party and OWS were heavily infiltrated and busted out.

    The thing is, Jordan Peterson isn’t all the dangerous. There are certain issues he doesn’t touch – like the jewish control of media, the CURRENT Murkan Police State, and so on.

    I’ve learned a few “basic” things from watching his talks. But his material just isn’t very controversial. MGTOW and PUA “should” be obvious today.

    I do think your solution is right, Remy. Expat and make bank here (the only thing Murka is good for anymore…and not much longer).

    Most men cannot be saved. The dysgenic affect of Murkan culture has dumbed them down too much. I have done “almost” everything possible to awaken them. Empires don’t come back from falling this far.


  • On a roll, huh?


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