Video: The Story of Your Enslavement

Bukowski said it best: Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the races. In this stirring expose on modern, clandestine slavery by Jerry Day, we find out just how far psychological manipulation has come since its inception with the propaganda model created by Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays a century ago.

As Day illustrates, “breaking” male slaves in front of their women (similar to the all-out propaganda attacks on white men today, intended to humiliate them) was a surefire way to get women to manipulate their sons into behaving the way the slavemasters wanted. To be compliant and subservient. Today, that means single moms indoctrinating their fatherless sons into complying at school and being subservient in the corporate world. (This is why fathers have been systematically banished from the household over the last 50 years.)

Day discusses media propaganda that have set that narrative of men being evil oppressors and women being divine victims in Anglo America as part and parcel of a pervasive divide and conquer agenda. Day also defends male/female gender roles in relationships, and mows down the claim that women have always been powerless in society. The truth is, they’re the most powerful change agents ever known.

Further, Day confirms that without family or other societal incentives to invest themselves in, men revert to living nomadic lives.

The important question “Why does a lifetime of work only produce a pile of debt?” is also bravely asked. Regular readers of TNMM will already know the answer to that question. Debt is slavery, and debt is how the puppet masters maintain control over the populace. This is why college degrees – which once empowered youth – have become instruments of debt servitude in the modern era.

There are so many other valid points brought up by Day as he elucidates the dire straits we find ourselves in this video needs to be spread far and wide. All in all, this is one of the most striking and accurate documentations of just how far gone we are down the primrose path to totalitarianism in the West.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    It isn’t really slavery because in a system of slavery, the so-called “masters” have the obligation of maintaining their “investments” …

    Do you see that going on anywhere within this system? Do you see anything resembling an obligation going the other way?

    Instead, as I’ve said before, nearly everyone is being held hostage, and this is an ongoing hostage situation.

    But let’s be clear: I’m talking about realism, not a pervasive element in today’s political climate …


    • Yep! Too true.

      Thomas Jefferson, architect of the American system of ‘Freedom’ and one of the wealthiest slave owners of his time, clearly warned of the difficulties and dangers of freedom vs slavery. Too few recognize his words today.

      Americans are now quite content in their slavery of the mind and little can be done to free them when they don’t want to be free.

      All of Jefferson’s slaves were both asset and obligation to him; a truly free man. He was FREE of guilt. He took care of his slaves.
      In reality, today, there is no freedom possible. Your possessions, through their titles, own you and you are responsible to them and for them until they expire. You may not hasten their expiry.

      Such is not the case with your slave master of today who has no obligation or responsibility to you once you are no longer a revenue generator. At that point they pull the plug on your respirator. Literally, not figuratively.

      What we have is not freedom but totalitarianism so far beyond fiction as to be a true horror.

      NOT ONE liked my comment about Hitler. Apparently NOT ONE knows or admits Operation Paperclip which brought the core of Nazism to America, physically, in the person of 3,000 operatives. Grandpa Bush was waiting for them with open arms.
      America has certainly not been a FREE country for at least 70 years and more like 105.

      Stop deceiving yourselves and the world. Wake up to your predicament and reattempt Jefferson’s solution while you can still draw breath. Time is so very short.
      Indeed, they are about to pull the plug on the earth’s respirator!


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        Are there little up/down like buttons here? I don’t see them — uBlock Origin filters those out for me along with social media crap.

        I’ll say what I have to say without worrying about some consensus existing for it in advance, and in fact I’m pretty sure that most of the hyped crap on the Internet is really made so because of the activities of bots

        Don’t let the fact that the Internet is a Skinner box for people with twitchy reflexes bother you in the slightest.


      • Thanks Angry
        I don’t actually mind down votes because they tell me someone is at least reading.
        What bothers me is the incredible level of ignorance that exists in what is supposedly the greatest country in the world.
        There are few diseases that kill as many people as does ignorance.

        Any nation, or person, who puts making money as their highest standard of ‘NATIONAL SECURITY’, which the USA does, is ultimately going to have a very rude awakening.
        It is not my desire to see any suffer but it is what it is.
        When America falls it will be far more terrible than that of Rome.
        It will certainly take a thousand years, or more, to recover.


  • Chris Stevenson

    Hitler said that first you get the women, then you have the children and the men will follow.


    • Hitler was right, Hitler was a patriot, Hitler was a nationalist!
      Will we serve that mentality and agenda or a step up.


  • Stefan Molyneux covered this too:


  • That guy is good! Thanks for sharing the video with us.


    Thank you Roosh.
    The shit eating smirk pasted on the face of Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, is a constant reminder of what Jerry Day says so clearly, exactly and eloquently.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  • The issue of debt is a complex one. Personally I have never had debt, always lived below my means, and with an engineering career had enough income to sock away to build equity. Never had student debt (Canadian tuition) bu downside is I have paid a fortune in taxes. Overall by being a minimalist, I have done pretty well. Anyone replicating this model (which TNMM promotes) can have success and avoid becoming a debt slave.


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