Why Tradcons Fail


Tradcons posture a lot, but eventually bow down and accept the creeping feminism and Socialism of the left

So many of today’s keyboard warriors strut around like cocks of the walk and posture on message boards, but keep showing up at GloboWorldCorp jobs that feed the very beast that oppresses them with fresh lifeblood, i.e. tax revenue. Meantime, their beloved government slips further and further from their grasp thanks to a demographic tidal wave, but they remain oblivious to the fact WHY they exert less and less control over the republic each year.

Frequently, they often White Knight for Anglobitches, denigrating women from other backgrounds.

Not me. And not other Ghosts and John Galts. We put our money where our mouths are. This is the crucial difference between the “complainers” and “keyboard warriors” brigade and those of us who are taking meaningful action. While others notice the decline, we not only notice it but act accordingly. I’ve rearranged my entire life to escape the clutches of the system and reduce my contribution to the System to near naught by earning and living on less. And I’ve refused to get entangled with women who inevitably would destroy the fine-tuned financial machine I’ve designed for myself.

Conversely, I’ve learned to not expect much more than complaining from tradcon guys. And a lot of “Trump is Jesus” vicarious living under the mandates of whatever conservative media tells them to think – while they remain as blind as the Obamaites were to the totality of just how fucked over they are. The Trump warriors are a perfect illustration of Lincoln’s famous quote:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

Tradcons are people who, while awakened on some fronts are the people who get fooled all of the time by political machinations of so-called conservatives. You know, the very people who have been throwing them overboard for half a century since the New World Order project began with a Dallas murder November 22, 1963.

Tradcons can’t see outside the system and can’t see the totality of how they’re being manipulated by the left-right march to tyranny. As the left adopts what is inititally a ridiculous, unacceptable social position, the right plays symbolic opposition until conservatives eventually accept the new status quo. Just as the dust settles, the left then creeps farther out into left field and the right begins the outrage-acceptance process again.

They’re angry, but expect the very political system that destroyed their lives to now fix those lives because of one man. Meantime, we in the Ghost and John Galt brigade won’t hold our breaths waiting for a Hail Mary pass. We will act in accordance with our own self-interest until such time the system brings us incentives to come back and participate in it. We are the people you cannot fool with the shadows on the wall in Plato’s cave.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “I’ve rearranged my entire life to escape the clutches of the system and reduce my contribution to the System to near naught by earning and living on less …”

    The thing most people don’t take into account about being an outlaw is that you have to be highly aware of the parameters and limitations of the law, and that’s because you’re always pressing up against those parameters and limitations.

    You’re doing this when you’re working within the limits of what is allowed by the student loan programmes that you’re stuck with, and the way you’re doing it makes a lot of sense given those parameters and limitations.

    But it also makes sense for some people to work at corporate jobs so they can put away money in order to do the kind of thing you’re doing at some later point in time, such as during an “early retirement” or during several “sabbaticals” away from these jobs.

    What’s different is the “traditional conservatives” have come to love their imprisonment and to love their prison guards, and they cannot imagine what it would be like to be outside them because for these people, there is no outside for them to imagine except through annihilation. The end of their world means that they cease to exist.

    I may pay all of the taxes I am legally compelled to pay, but I don’t love the systems that require me to do this, and in fact I believe that if there’s a stupid solution to a stupid problem, government can intercede and make both the problem and the solution even more stupid.

    What changed things for me was Waco in 1992 — at the time I had copies of the legal paperwork from the FBI and the BATF via Gun Owners of America, and when I looked through it all, I had to wonder why a Federal agency felt compelled to go “full military” on those people. At the most, I saw some alleged child protection violations that should have been dealt with by the State of Texas, and I saw some alleged Federal tax stamp violations (for weapons conversions and manufacturing) that should have resulted in licence fees and fines. The American media made the entire thing into a case “for the children”, which was odd because a Department of the US Treasury should not have been involved with child protection cases.

    I can’t love or even like these systems because over 25 years later, I still don’t understand why those people needed to die, including many of the children that the BATF was meant to be saving … except so that the government could continue its ongoing “love-in” with the traditional conservatives and the totalitarian liberals who need it to continue in its present form.


  • The United States is still the world’s biggest, most profitable arms dealer. As an American, it disturbs me that my tax dollars funnel into this system that assists in killing innocent lives abroad. It’s yet another reason to do all you can to build a life outside the Anglo world. Easier said than done, but impressive to see that those that do flourishing. Hopefully, like minded men are not far behind in getting out of the Matrix and starting a new life abroad.


    • RIGHT ON!
      But, if we opt out completely who will change it?
      That is a rhetorical question.


      • I don’t think ‘the WHO will change it?’ question can be answered until ‘the WHAT will change it?’ is answered; hence, dipping and moving abroad. I don’t think anyone has a real, viable solution to fix this country. Most men are fed up and don’t want to wait for change that in all liklihood never come in their lifetime. The reality is that there may be nothing to change, in the sense that what is happening is simply preordained and will continue until some apocalyptic event reverses it.


      • Yes, sadly, I believe your conclusion is correct.
        Nonetheless, Canada may not be MY country per se but I was born in this geographic area of the planet that sustains me and I’ve made it my home for most of my life.
        I see no reason I should give it up because it has and is being ransacked and devastated by a consortium of bankers, corporations, priests and parasitic bureaucrats.
        If anything, I intend to stay here until and through nuclear war and, if still alive, rebuild from the ruins. I feel that is the least I can do.
        To think we can run anywhere in the world and escape the monster beast of USA is delusional at best. USA is being exported everywhere by Hollyweird and Co.and it is accelerating in magnitude and gravity.
        That said, discourse is extremely important and I highly value Roosh for that reason alone.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      War may in fact be the solution for Americans, albeit a highly stupid one …

      That doesn’t mean that America’s problems weren’t also stupid or that they weren’t created in part by Americans.

      Somewhat recently there was a British politician who came under fire in the UK media for stating flatly that the people of the UK are to blame for their own political problems, and that they have created through their often conflicting demands and wants a need for solutions that MPs feel compelled to vote for despite knowing that they may likely make things even worse.

      By extension, bureaucracy is in essence a set of overlapping stupid solutions to stupid problems.

      I see Americans as wanting more bureaucracy, not less, because they believe that the bureaucracy can help them gain “one-up” positions against their perceived enemies as well as in petty disputes, at least when they’re not trying to game it for mercenary purposes.

      And so I blame Americans for creating the present-day reality of America, and I also blame Canadians for creating a mediocre Maple Leaf State to the north of the United States. If either of these are directly fixable, and I’m not convinced that they are, you first have to fix the people. To put this in present-day British terms, this is a very big ask.

      Given this, isn’t it a lot easier simply to run to somewhere else where you’re a tolerated guest, especially somewhere else where there aren’t enough resources to allow “the people themselves” to give themselves all of the goodies and free treats that they tend to want?

      Rel’s proposition is simple and straightforward: I can’t fix this, but I can go somewhere else where I am treated better.

      So here’s some mood music for Rel …


  • What bothers me the most about paying taxes is that the government buys bombs and bullets and kills people to enforce their commercial slavery.
    I have and will tell any government minister that to their face on every opportunity.
    I will not do it in front of the seat of government, as I have in the past, because I have no desire for them to use those bullets on me.


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