7 Steps to Become a Ghost


Disappear into the ether by becoming a Galt-like ghost

As men are pushed to the margins of society by a misandrist Anglo culture and creeping Racial Bolshevism, becoming a “ghost” is the next level of civil disobedience for the Red Pill man who wants to give this crazy culture the finger. Since participating in the schemes of the Anglosphere is not worth the sacrifice for men any longer, many of us have decided to enjoy the decline poolside.

In my case, I quit my corporate job in the mainstream media over 2 years ago and have been working when I need to driving a big rig while roaming the world part-time. (Phase Two of my nomadic transition will include me becoming a “workamper” living in an RV rent-free, doing summer jobs for 6 months while spending the other 6 months abroad as I pioneer workable ghosting life plans for men who want to escape the system. Expect another book on these two methods of ghosting at some point in the next couple of years.)

When it comes to balancing work vs. pleasure as a ghost, the job isn’t what matters as much as resolve, self-discipline, and frugality. That trio helps transform ghosting from a pipe dream to a success story. The key to Galt-style ghosting is a paradigm shift in thinking away from a consumption mentality and towards minimalism. We are trained from childhood that the only way to be a competent adult and to lead a happy life is to consume more, more, and more. This just isn’t the case, as The Minimalists detailed in a blog, book, and documentary.

For us, it all started with a lingering discontent. A few years ago, while approaching age 30, we had achieved everything that was supposed to make us happy: great six-figure jobs, luxury cars, oversized houses, and all the stuff to clutter every corner of our consumer-driven lifestyles.

And yet with all that stuff, we weren’t satisfied with our lives. We weren’t happy. There was a gaping void, and working 70–80 hours a week just to buy more stuff didn’t fill the void: it only brought more debt, stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, guilt, overwhelm, and depression.

What’s worse, we didn’t have control of our time, and thus didn’t control our own lives.

Indeed, the system thrives on trapping men (and control of their time) with promises of prosperity and material wealth that it continually falls short of delivering. But it never falls short on trapping them in a hamster wheel of debt designed to deprive them of all the hours of their lives. The system also thrives on teaching men to search for happiness from extrinsic goals like rewards, praise, money, image, and status rather than inherently satisfying intrinsic goals like personal growth, pursuing close and connected relationships with friends and family, and cultivating a desire to help others.

How do men make the change to pursuing intrinsic goals? Minimalism is the keystone to living a ghost lifestyle. Minimalism helps shift men away from extrinsic to intrinsic goals in the search for happiness. The genius of the minimalist/ghost lifestyle is less, less less.

Personally, I’d describe my post-corporate life living on $20,000 or less a year as a free spirit/world roaming nomad as far happier and freer than my life making $50,000 as a wage slave ever was. But, where to get started? How do men make the numbers work when making such a drastic change? Here are 7 steps along the path to the minimalist/ghost lifestyle.

1. Adopt minimalism. Minimalism is not about deprivation. It is about aligning your short-term actions with your long-term values. Becoming a minimalist is key to freeing your time and your wallet from the clutches of the consumer society. In my case, it was learning to live out of a carry-on bag, a laptop bag, and a suitcase. I’ve been living this way for 2 years, and would never go back to living a life obsessed with pursuing consumer items. Experiences and adventure are much more fulfilling. As a nomad, I can step into an 18-wheeler and drive while saving 90% of my take-home earnings. Eventually, I plan to transition from life as a seasonal trucker to a seasonal workamper who lives out of a small RV stateside while working, then takes his earnings abroad for adventure.

2. Get out of debt. Author Michael Mihalik put it best: Debt is Slavery. It is not a tool as much as it is a one-way ticket to bondage. Debt allows bankers and bosses to control your life. Think of it this way: If you didn’t have any payments and had $10,000 in the bank, would you be as willing to take shit from HR at your job?

3. Save up a Fuck You Fund. Once extricating yourself from the web of debt and adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll find that money starts piling up. In fact, it piles up so fast you may regret having lived your life any other way in the past. Put this money in savings. You’ll feel lighter and freer with each deposit into your newly created Fuck You Fund. A Fuck You Fund is intended to give men the freedom to do just that – say “Fuck You!” to their soul-sucking GloboWorldCorp job.

4. Stop watching TV and quit social media. Television is influencing your mind and your desires far more than you think. In fact, television is so insidious those who quit watching cold turkey exhibit withdrawal symptoms. Worse, regular television watchers begin to think their own lives are unreal because they don’t match the illusions they see on television every day. Social media is also sucking up your time, anywhere from at least 2 hours up to a high of 9 hours per day going by “average” users. What will you be missing? Memes, pop culture, and gossip by limiting or eliminating social media? TV and social media are forms of thought control (especially in this age of shadow banning and overt censorship from Shiticon Valley) and the ghost banishes both from his life.

5. Develop a sense of courage and a healthy dose of self-discipline. Living life as a true ghost requires an enormous amount of courage. The religion of the masses is safety and comfort, but the ghost knows true inner strength comes from having the courage to take risks and accept the outcome – whether it be success or failure. There is a fair amount of risk associated with this lifestyle. Which is why you’ll also want to develop self-discipline. However, if you can learn to adapt to a life of frugality and sharpen your long-term planning skills, the ghost lifestyle will reward you with an enormous amount of freedom and personal satisfaction.

6. Quit your job. When I quit a job in the news industry I had worked so hard to get into, many thought I had lost it. Maybe I did lose it. But I look back on that decision – leaving a corporate world that had repeatedly exploited me – as one of the most important decisions of my life. If I didn’t quit, I would have never had two of the most fulfilling years of my life – with an eye on making the transition I’ve enjoyed permanent.

7. Start enjoying life. Many regular readers will know I’ve been to the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia in just the past couple of years – as well as 47 states in America and virtually every major city. I’ve been in brothels in Nevada and Germany. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Discotecas in Latin America. Banged hot chicks all over the world and even dabbled in some mild recreational drug use. I’m taking a motorcycle road trip with nothing but a backpack and a tent this spring. The result? A level of personal life satisfaction most men dare not dream of. It has certainly been more enjoyable than going in to lick the boot every morning and looking at the same sad sacks talk about fucking their next meal in between recounting the last episode of make believe they imbibed last night on Netflix.

What I’ve discovered since becoming a ghost is danger is overstated by Anglo society and the safety most people cling to is nothing more than illusion. The system wants men to believe there’s no way out, and if they try something new it will end in disaster. Wouldn’t you want a mass of serfs to think that way if you were their master?

You can become a ghost, free of the soul-sucking wage slave lifestyle. But, the ghost lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart. It will be the most profound transition most men ever consider. That said, with no risk there is no reward. And if you fail in your pursuit of the technicolor lifestyle, you can always go back to the drab corporate world we all know and hate.

Metallica perhaps best sums up the minimalist and ghost philosophies in their hit Wherever I May Roam: The less I have the more I gain. 

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  • You’re not going to make any money work camping and furthermore because of your obligation, you won’t have time to work side jobs. How ya gonna save $$ for 6 months in Paradise. You need a business.


  • NO. 4. TV I threw my TV away ( Electronic Jew ) about 5 years ago.


  • Office life is taking it’s horrendous effect on me, not sure how much more I can take.
    These people have only two topics to discuss in the work place: food and TV. They are so dumbed down at this point, they don’t even know it. Anytime I make a point that is red pilled, I instantly get looked at as if Im some kind of weirdo.

    The women here, my goodness are they disgusting in their looks and more so in their behavior. I got a white girl’s number whilst going for a walk during my break, I noticed she gave a homeless man a hug and told him to keep his head up, that’s what precipitated me approaching her. I thought wow, Ive never seen someone hug a homeless person, she must be a kind hearted person.
    Prior to texting her I googled her name and of course her social media is all public and she’s your typical feminist, metoo, liberal chick, but Im like Ill contact her for a date since she seems like a nice gal and see how she is and I needed to get laid (it’d been a dry streak). Im sure you all know what happened, crickets, no response to my text. That in a nutshell is your typical anglo chick. Hug random homeless people but no decency to respond to a text to someone you gave your number to. Fuck em all.


    • Upside down USA. The homeless asshole is who she rewards. He’s the good guy. You’re the privileged ‘jerk,’ and not in the meaning of jerk=attractive either. No offense, but you know what I’m saying.

      I saw in the news recently that a stunning, young nursing student got slaughtered by a dude named Orlando Tercero who most outlets aren’t showing. I saw him though and he looks like an absolute rodent. Then I read that this stunner had been dating him! He slaughtered her after she dumped him and began dating a dude named Kevin Ocampo.


      So there you go. The ultimate prize is now being given to the lowest. Upside down USA. I was at a pool party in an Asian capital. Of course Asians were there but it was half-foreigners too. The three knockout Swedish girls beelined it for obnoxious African dudes who were acting like idiots.

      So, the information is out there. It’s a free-for-all basically.

      The anti-white male thing is very well entrenched in so many ways. No point in crying about it anymore. Time to adapt. I’m giving that advice to myself, basically, not you. I’ve got to move on from the stunned, angry stage of dropping out and time to start enjoying life again. My friends see me as this kind of sage or sorts but what does that get me? Verbalizing it has a time and place, but you can’t stay in that phase forever.


      • Here’s a better link. Look at this girl and look at the low-grade Nicaraguan she’d been “I’m not racist” brainwashed into rewarding. She is a full 10 and this little jerk got her, at least for awhile. Then she left him and he killed her.



      • We Stray
        You are drooling and oozing with so much envy and jealousy as to be sickening.
        The difference between you and Roosh is he does what you don’t.
        The difference between you and me is I do what you don’t and won’t because you are hooked in by some claw that you cannot extricate.
        Give yourself a serious shake.


      • Of course, if you lay on the sidewalk long enough then sooner or later you are going to get kicked in the teeth.
        Had you asked nicely you might have gotten a nice tip.
        As it is, you should get up off the sidewalk.


      • moriyah,

        You are such a space cadet. I hope you’re just a bot or my trust/wonder/interest in humanity just took another kick in the balls.


      • Really, huh!
        Blue balls, I think they call that.


      • Yeah because expats always end up with blue balls, right? The whole point of TNMM and its readerships’ lifestyles is that expatting gets your balls drained. I think you projected there you weird, incoherent m’fer.


      • I didn`t waste an hour though you might have. I type at 70 wpm and think way faster.
        Actually, I finished moving my thousand book library today into 8 bookcases which surround my 5 monitors and 3 computers so I can be more productive/profitable with less work and more fun.
        Now I’m sitting down to a home cooked meal of organic corn and red beans with goats milk butter, nutritional yeast and Himalayan salt. Very tasty.
        My current project will make me more in a month than you will in two life times. Probably more. I like to be conservative with sales and income projections.


  • The Chinese money launderer driving that latest model and even the future models of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin on campus is also part of the problem! Get these foreign criminals out of North America Donald Trump? Or is Donald Trump accepting of immigrants and terrorists as long as they give him money$?


  • How is housing costs in the Dominican Republic? Does the country allow feminism and Chinese money launderers to pay over US$1,000,000 for a shack in a poor part of the country like what is happening to Canada and the USA?


  • Feminists will get low cost or free housing while unemployed men will have to sleep on the streets in Canada:
    A new building featuring 52 units of affordable housing for women on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is now officially open.

    The Olivia Skye building at 41 East Hastings St. cost $32 million to redevelop and will have a total of 198 units, most of which are studio apartments.

    “Opening a development like this is one of the many steps to bringing some relief to the housing crisis in our province,” said B.C. Housing Minister Selina Robinson on Friday.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    This sounds good. What is getting to me is that the US could turn nasty to men and that expatriating would be the way to go. Maybe it is a fantasy, but how would feminists react to a significant number of men leaving the country?


    • Brother Fuzzie
      I don’t believe women will react more than to take note as in; Huh! Where did all the men go?
      They won’t actually do anything specific because they are, generally, simply reactive and not proactive. They will moan and groan but not act.
      There are lots and lots of women who would like a man in their life but they will do nothing except ‘want’. The number of women who actually flirt with men is quite small. Those women tend to have a stronger need or desire for sexual relations on a regular basis. They also tend to fuck around rather than be committed.
      All women want a man for something but will do little, besides look ‘pretty’ which is subjective at best, to facilitate the process and most will do nothing at all to initiate it.
      We have already reached a point where women are noticing, and speaking up about, men going their own way while ignoring their own behavior and responsibility.
      In the meantime, just be yourself around women and some will notice and give you their attention. I promise. The vast majority of men are living lives as Hollyweird cutouts. Women are VERY intuitive and can smell fakery like a dirty diaper.
      A REAL man, in the eyes and minds of REAL women is attractive no matter his age or appearance within reason of course.
      I think Roosh will back me up on this but in any case I look forward to his response.

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    • Who cares, they never cared about us, so fuck em and what they think.

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    • The Angry Outernationalist

      There’s a little known fact about international travel that warrants sharing …

      Although all countries have entry policies that require you to present a passport or some other type of approved identification, that document is required to prove your identity, not your admissibility.

      You may still be admissible to a particular country despite showing up with no identification and no paperwork at all.

      Generally this is not how to do things because you will be guaranteed an immediate transition to secondary inspection and immigrations interviews, but if you show up at a country’s official border without a passport because you had been denied the right to travel by your home country, what does that make you?

      As long as your denial is not for a criminal offence recognised by that country’s laws, it makes you a refugee from your home country under international law, that’s what.

      If you want a border you can cross without a US passport, find your birth certificate and US driving licence, and then give Mexico a try. You can probably obtain a long-term visa through a consulate of Mexico if you can demonstrate having sufficient funds and resources. I’m not familiar with the programmes that Mexico offers today, but this used to be done on FM-2 and FM-3 visas.

      Some people in the US have given up their US citizenship to become world nomads with refugee travel documents — they are stateless persons. Three treaties govern the treatment of refugees who travel with these travel documents, and those treaties determine which countries accept those travel documents for identification. Under the provisions of these treaties, the country typically has to accept tourists travelling as refugees up to a maximum stay duration, and they are typically deemed refugee residents of the country that issued the stateless persons travelling document unless other arrangements are being made.

      But the idea that some people can keep you from getting out just by arranging things so you’re denied travel documents?

      There are many ways to work around the scenario that you are worried about.

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  • Work Kamping?

    So you know about Amazons slave army of white geriatrics. The others here don’t know what that is yet, Remy.

    WorkKampers is the name for Amazon.com’s seasonal warehouse labor. it is old white retirees who live in vans and RVs. They have no 401K, savings, or anything.

    They adopted “minimalism” because that was all that they could do. Either that, or fly a sign on the corner.

    There is a certain honesty necessary with minimalism: the money is gone, and the Murkan dream is over. It isn’t really a choice, but a necessity. Most of the former middle class is headed to the gutter.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Oh, I know about Amazon’s slave armies. And I’ve written about the Americans who have been screwed out of the retirement they were promised. But the term workamping is much broader than Bezos’/Bozos’ world. I won’t be working for Amazon. And a Ghost can use it to design an awesome lifestyle of 50% work/50% pleasure each and every year.

      In fact, I did a test run applying for jobs this week and just got offered a May-October job making $13 an hour in a National Park with a free RV hookup. For a very easy job. That’s just one offer. I had another bite making $12 an hour in another National Park. I only filled out 3 applications. That’s around $13,000 for six months of work with no living expenses other than food.

      Money like $12-13 an hour sounds like chicken feed to most people. But it sounds like a four-course meal to the determined minimalist. I can live abroad for 6 months on $3,000. As long as my income is below $18,000 I pay zero on the student loans that sold me into bondage. (I can do other things to earn the other $6,000 I’m “allowed” to earn each year.)

      I will be purchasing an A-frame pop-up camper to live in when I decide to live the workamping experience. These campers are so light I can hitch them up to my 17-year old (but immaculate) hot rod and tow them while enjoying 25 mpg with V8 power. This means I can work anywhere in the U.S. where there are seasonal workamping jobs.

      So, this isn’t something I am just pulling out of my behind. I’ve put an extensive amount of research into it already. And truly believe it is a viable plan for someone who wants to follow my path. I’ll be writing more about both my escapes from the corporate world – trucking (which has already been a success story) and workamping in a coming book that will me out sometime next year.


      • I’ve learned that I can eat surprisingly well with meals I like a lot for 10$ a day or less, all-in. TenDollarClub. Who’s with me? It’s not deprivation at all. It’s unprocessed food, no restaurants ever and it’s very healthy. It includes a dram at night as well. Costco and supermarket sales are the key, as well as about another hour a day of effort/cooking/shopping. It allows all the meat/fruit/veggies I need and the low sodium/low sugar life attunes your taste buds to real food which you start to like a lot. You will no longer need overly rich, processed food that is designed to blow away your taste buds. It all calms down and a piece of mildly seasoned pork starts to taste as good as anything you’ve ever had. Ten dollars all in, is the daily goal. No restaurants ever unless it’s a special occasion with friends.

        Clubs/Bars; NOPE. Girls are terrible now and I was never the type to pull anyway, at least in the USA. Way too expensive for no return but a hangover and the depression of kicking up some old, very disappointing emotions. Not to mention that any miracle score could be followed by #metoo or a girl who drains your cash. GIRLS ARE OVERSEAS ONLY.

        Entertainment; NOPE. None. Don’t spend a single dime on movies, TV or music. I don’t watch/listen anymore anyway. Outside of TNMM and a few other online things, I’m done with digital-visual life. No TV, movies, youtube, porn. It’s all a brain killer. Can’t believe the time and money I’ve wasted on entertainment. Entertainment is for pussies. I have a library card and I read which I don’t consider entertainment anyway.

        Electronics; laptop, 70$ kindle for travel. There are tons of free/cheap books/free classics on Kindle and I’m loaded for life, but I read real paper books when home. Hand me down smartphone which I hate being obligated to have. I only use internet in free locations.

        Clothes; decent set of shoes/belts/ties/blazers. Many I got before minimalism took hold. Since then I’ve found that goodwill is a gold mine. I dress better than anyone I know, by far. No one else even has the concept of dress in their life anyway.

        Possessions; 6 pocketknives (not minimalist, I know) 2 watches, 1 very understated but classy watch and a weekend toughie, 5 straps, tobacco pipe, great shave kit, decent mug, decent snifter, shot glass for measuring, great wallet. A few childhood trinkets safed away. NOTHING ELSE outside of daily necessities. No bike, no toys, no hobbies like fishing/camping, although I definitely would get into that if I were stateside permanently. That can end up paying for itself.

        Minimalism; financially, emotionally, socially, entertainment-wise is an absolute must. It will awaken your mind in ways you can’t believe. It becomes a drug of its own. Once money is just a necessary tool and not a source of joy, you are set free.

        Right now the thought of dropping 2$ for a bagel and 4$ for a latte just to pass some time mid-day almost sends me into a panic attack. I can’t believe I used to live like that. Or ‘treating myself’ to a 6$ cheesecake on Sunday afternoon or something. It’s not a ‘treat’, it’s just an out of control craving when you’re in the throes of sugar addiction. Same goes for sodium addiction. Dropping 12$ to stuff my face with sodium drenched pizza, plus a shitty beer or whatever. Throwing away money at clubs to try and jaw at girls and ALWAYS be disappointed. I can’t believe I would lob over 9$ to watch a piece of shit Hollywood movie full of leftism. It breaks my heart and it’s my biggest regret but I have to start somewhere


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      • Relampago Furioso

        Awesome comment. Thanks for sharing.


      • @John,
        Lots of men in Toronto, Ontario, Canada complain that if they don’t drive the 2019 model of BMW, Aston Martin, Maserati or other luxury sports vehicles, not one woman there would even look at them, and if the man only tries to start a conversation with the woman, he gets charged with criminal harassment. Lots of these feminists also ‘date’ international ‘students’ from China who drive the 2015-2020 models of Lambos and Ferraris on feminist campuses!


      • Yea…sell the hot rod and get a truck man,


      • Yeah, a truck like the ’67’ El Camino with the 396. Keep the rod too.


    • Great comment John James!


      • Thank you. I know that long, personally-involved comments are usually a drag but I had to share. Young dudes NEED to get their spending screwed down airtight, right away.

        Daily economy and micromanaging your daily ingestion is actually a type of weapon in 2018. As is simply going without possessions or property. Those are the new swords, guns and armor needed to win back some ground in the culture (gender) war. The Conan style dudes who think the war will play out in the streets are outdated. Their antiquated viewpoint is why we are getting routed. You can’t just beat your chest and draw on some kind of male rage. No one cares. The gov’t will never have our side. Even a male dominated gov’t takes the female side, imagine when females start to approach 50% or beyond of gov’t reps. If you think that won’t happen then go spend time with some 6-25 year old boys. They have been zombified with fatherlessness and a culture that has only insulted them and done everything possible to strip them of self-worth, not to mention drugging them and a constant, all compass points shaming of their natural masculine selves. There isn’t going to be any comeback anytime soon.

        So get your new weapons which are (in my opinion);

        -a low profile
        -a shut mouth
        -an extreme, crazy degree of minimalism
        -Get to where the top five things in life that provide happiness to you are free or very cheap; for me it’s reading, lifting, hiking, writing, language study.
        -a willingness to live overseas
        -zero emotional attachment to any object or location. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these things, it only means you can leave at the drop of a hat, much like Neil McCauley in “Heat” at least until he breaks his own rule by pedestalizing a woman. Sad.
        -health, diet and physicality in the top 5 percentile
        -no addiction to any form of dopamine-based pleasures; sugar, alcohol, entertainment, porn, internet, gaming. Replace all that with a library card, barbell and hiking boots, maybe some fishing or hunting gear.
        -no need for any form of approval.
        -an understanding that, until proven otherwise beyond a doubt, a woman is only offering physical sexuality. They bring nothing else to the table, until proven otherwise to an extreme degree and that’s on them. It’s not your concern. At this point, they must prove that they offer more than sexuality. Personally, I see nothing close in any way. Sad. A 19 year old girl overseas who doesn’t even speak the same language as you, offers FAR more than ANY 30 plus empowered Anglo with cellulite (which she is guaranteed to have).

        When 10$ inflates to 100$ through your own mental decision to make it so. I bought a 79cent Cadbury egg the other day and actually was kind of depressed and disappointed in myself for about an hour. Knocked off nearly 1/10 of my daily allowance for some sugared up goop that isn’t good for me. Why not just wait to get home and have a couple teaspoons of molasses for the same degree of satiation for about 8 cents, while adding a bit of iron to my system also?

        Half a can of low sodium beans with some broccoli and piece of buttered whole grain bread is as healthy as can be. You will feel great afterwards and it runs you about 95 cents. Have that meal 3 times a week. Or you could’ve knocked down a salted up Jersey Mike Sandwich with a peanut butter cookie for a seemingly harmless 9$ expense. It’s not harmless at all. Twenty five years later, you’ll realize that rich restaurant food, sugar, and alcohol ran you about 150-250k more than you needed to spend. It’s staggering. That’s retirement levels of money right there. That’s a couple decades of life expenses in the third world, easily. And it’s all due to simple, daily ingestion. Swap out water or tea for every dime you’ve spent on a drink of any sort (worthless juice, soft drinks, alcohol, energy, latte, whatever) and for some, that adds up to 200k by the end of their life.

        Once you prove to yourself that you can be as happy as you’ve ever been way below the poverty line then life begins again. I just want young dudes to know this.

        Oh, what about marriage, you say? Get the fuck out. Just get the fuck out if that’s your question.

        Restaurants are an incredible waste of money. Even seemingly harmless ones like Subway etc are an enormous waste of money. You’re being taxed and you’re always covering the restaurants excessive taxation, so you’re double-taxed, plus any tipping involved. Restaurant eating can actually very seriously keep you from your dreams in life. It’s that much of a mistake. And clubs/drinking/bars….oh man. Don’t look back on your life and see that you’ve dropped 100k on alcohol and associated stupidity. That same 100k could’ve gotten you a lifetime of Hugh Hefner levels of sexual pleasure overseas. Same goes for cable/electronics/assorted, random shit in your house. It’s all a scam.

        Two suitcases worth of shit (and maybe only one) is all you need and you can be in the 5 percentile health-wise on less than 10 bucks a day. Ingestion should be for health, not pleasure. Ironically, the more you commit to health, the more pleasure you will get anyway, not to mention the incredible amount of saved money. Restaurants are dens of high sodium. Then you’re addicted to sodium and you’re mis-reading your fix of sodium with ‘tasting good’. Same goes with sugar. Alcohol, lattes etc. It’s all addiction which leads to your fix being misread as pleasure. It’s not.

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    • You sound like a more disciplined version of myself.


      • Yeah, well I’m a bit of a larper too. I’m halfway giving myself my own pep talk. I’m new at minimalism so I’m all gung ho, but I know I’m never going back. The main reason for that is that it’s a great joy to go through a day on 8 bucks or so. It adds to my life in a big way. I hate that I’ve been so fooled into associating money with emotion. It’s a ruse.


  • OK here’s a question. You say you are saving 90% of your income during the time you’re working, which sounds like you manage to live on $2000 for 6 months. So far so good. How much of the money you saved is spent on adventures during the other 6 months? Just trying to get a picture of the long term you project. How long will you have to do this to take your savings to another country and be able to live off the interest indefinitely? It sounds good, but what about when you’re 60, is this workable?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Well, it’s closer to $3,000 bare minimum for a comfortable life if I stay in one place. However, since November I’ve been to the Caribbean, South America and Europe. And I upgraded my motorcycle. So I’ve spent way more than $3,000. I’ve gotten down to my reserve “emergency fund” and am already planning on returning for another work cycle this spring. My next moves will be to save for another round of adventures abroad AND an A-frame popup camper. (I also have around $16,000 in available credit on credit cards for a true SHTF scenario. But I consider those deals with the devil and don’t plan on using them.)

      Then I’ll have two options: My CDL for trucking half the year OR living in an RV in a National Park for 6 months while working. Both are rent free ways of making quick cash. Coming into the matrix, cashing in then getting out like a bandit. I’ve worked very hard on both these plans, crunching numbers and doing extensive research. So far, the trucking gig has been a great success. But working seasonal jobs in National Parks also sounds like fun.

      Someone who is retired with big bucks in the bank would have a much different outlook than mine. I live on close to nothing. It wasn’t hard for me to return to that kind of lifestyle because I grew up poor and have always been poor. Even when I was a “TV star” I made shit pay. So corporate America throwing the middle class overboard forced me to embrace the life I already knew growing up.


      • Right, but is the plan to eventually get out for good? I think this way because I’m older, and think about work winding down at some point. You’ll need a good stash to do that. Would it really be so bad to kick some serious ass for a few years with a high paying job, pay off the damn loan and be done with it? Is your intent to stiff them for the loan? Sure you were sold a bill of goods. We all were fucked over in some way or another. Isn’t limiting your income kind of well, limiting? You can always limit your spending.


      • Trump will most likely write off USA school loans and if he does Canada will have to do the same.
        Universal income is scheduled for all of Ontario starting in 2020. The US may follow that closely behind.


    • Unless something is done to stop the influx of money launderers from China from purchasing property in North America, it will ve very costly to retire on savings interest alone, especially when countries like Canada which is based on feminism, relies on low interest rates to spend for feminist projects and supplementing the police state.
      Right now interest rates at Ally is only about 2.5% or 4% if they have a promotion. Not that much to begin with. In Canada, high interest rates are only at 1.50% or less for high interest savings accounts for online only banks. You could probably get 2.3% at Home Capital, but you might lose your savings if Home Capital collapses because of the real estate bubble in Canada.


  • Great points, I have lived most of them for 30 years. Less is way more.


  • Your best post yet.

    One caveat; there’s nothing wrong with making money. What’s wrong is most often how we spend it.
    In one year, working an hour a day, I earned 450 thousand USD and gave 95% to a charity for widows and orphans. That was the least I could do.
    The rest of those days were spent in the garden or herding cats, sheep and dogs.

    It is indeed a greater challenge and reward to engineer minimalism than it is to take and hold the whole world as your own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The horseshit is strrrooonnnnggg with that one Moriyah. Why not bump it up to four hours a day for two years and take home six million?


      • Yeah, so, pay me and I will give you the details, otherwise… live with the stench.
        Smells like roses to me. Been there, done that.


      • @westray,

        The bullshit is strong with just about every one of his (her?) posts.


      • Some people live it, some people plan for it, some people work for it, some just talk, talk, talk,
        Mr. Cuckmebro.


      • Sure thing. What should I pay you? 200k for five minutes? Get your horsehit out of here. There are guys here trying to carve out new lifestyles and you’re bringing whack-a-doodle stuff in here. Get out of the way.


      • The Art of War
        Is it better to pay 1,000 ozs of gold each day to support an army to fight an unnecessary war; or to pay 100 ozs of gold once to get the intel necessary to defeat your enemy without going to war?
        You, We Stray, chose the former and will pay for the rest of your short life.
        Oh, that others might learn from your sacrifice.


      • You’ve wasted an hour today arguing with me. Why didn’t you use that same hour to bring home your 3k? I’m worth 3k to you?


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