Racial Bolshevism: White Males Explicitly Targeted by Uber “Diversity” Executive


An Uber executive doesn’t like white men; she called for their self-immolation at a recent film festival

Racial Bolshevism (a term brought to light by TNMM over two years ago) in the ongoing, clandestine American Socialist Revolution continues targeting white men for elimination from the workforce. This, while at the same time white men are being chastised for leaving the workforce by men like Jordan Peterson.

It seems white men are to be the new pariahs in America and the world as those screaming the loudest about racism practice overt racism themselves. Uber chief brand officer Bozoma Saint John recently told an audience at the South by Southwest film festival:

“I want white men to look around in their office and say, ‘Oh look, there’s a lot of white men here. Let’s change this.'”

Let’s flip that statement to analyze just how racist it is. Imagine if an NFL or NBA executive told an audience, “Oh look, there’s a lot of black men here. Let’s change this.” We can all imagine the weeks of genuflecting the corrupt media would engage in, and the fire and brimstone we’d hear from ethnic groups. Bozo-ma even does her original statement one better:

“Why do I — as the black woman — have to fix that? There’s 50 of you, there’s one of me. Ya’ll fix it. Everybody else needs to make the noise — I want white men to make the noise.”

Indeed, white men are expected to cuck themselves and celebrate their own demise in a dystopian 21st century America. At least the mask slips off the totalitarian left when they take positions like these. George Carlin’s statement about “rights” made during one of his best known routines comes to mind when discussing this type of twisted equality.

Sounds more like one group trying to control another group. In other words, business as usual in America.

Isn’t that what this is all about? The equality narrative has never been about equality but one group trying to oppress the other. This is, unfortunately, the hallmark of our species throughout history. White men better had wake up before they become the social lepers of the 21st century.

Additionally, this new “take the white man’s jobs away” narrative dovetails with the ongoing divide and conquer agenda in America. My prediction? When all ethnic groups in the nation are reduced to squabbling factions who can’t get along with each other and can’t stand each other, gridlock will get worse and the shadow government will come out of the shadows and start ruling like tyrants.

Meantime, not quitting your job and giving it to someone else is becoming “racist” in America. This insanity is why I run away. While there’s still a world worth running away to.

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  • Your problems with propagandists bashing white people are unfortunately not just yours. In Croatia, homos, gypsies and women have more rights than the people who actually produce most of the wealth and pay taxes, white Catholic men. And even though gypsies get apartments, welfare, paid utilities, firewood in winter etc. and STILL steal in shops and break into your house, you are not even allowed to defend yourself and you and your biggotry are the problem. White Catholics are called Catotalibans in the media because we have conservative views, it seems that voting for a different government doesn’t actually do anything. We tried it. The “left” and the “right” are actually the same crew. Just work your ass off, pay your taxes and shut up while we tell your kid that he gets to choose if he wants to be a boy or a girl. And no, you will not win that custody case. No thanks, I refuse to participate. Totalitarianism never left us, we never became a democracy. My father and uncles went to war for nothing.


  • Jonathan Castle

    Spot on Rel! Cultural Marxist stir the pot, create resentment and division, and degrade us until finally we are so debased they take over completely.

    It’s amazing how overt it is now. ‘There’s too many of you white guys!’ They don’t even care about demoralizing their own workers. In fact, that seems to be the goal.

    On the positive side, ‘white’ people will begin to cherish their cultural heritage and identities as European-Americans, where the ‘american’ part means less and less every year.

    The big dynamic that bears watching is how European-American *women* respond to anti-white racism.

    They were perfectly happy to throw European-American *men* under the bus to get their affirmative-action freebies…but now the worm has turned on them and they’re starting to figure it out.


  • Someone can have my crappy job.

    I am planning to create my own job anyway.

    United States is really becoming self-destructive nowadays.

    That is why, in my blog, I am really encouraging many people to go overseas.

    There is that saying “Everything you truly want is outside your comfort zone”.

    So, most of your desires are located in foreign countries.

    If you stay in United States, you are not going to find them.

    Plus, you may become or remain a victim of racial, gender, etc. discrimination.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    This ends with “upper middle class” people of all kinds deciding that they need to fence in their wealth by forming limited liability companies and other legal entities through which they do all of their purchasing, investing, and hiring in highly structured ways …

    Because the entities involved are so small, they don’t need to follow EEOC guidelines to the letter, and in fact they are typically absolved of such things as ERISA and other forms of health care compliance as well.

    When these people need someone to do something, they’ll look for someone within their social orbit who already has a company doing that, and if there’s a match, then it’s a problem solved. If the people involved don’t already have companies or sole proprietorships, they’re sent in the direction of a friend who has a convenient “job shop” offering consultancy services for a percentage of the billable take.

    Everyone who gets “hired” has already been vetted.

    Bozo the Uber thot doesn’t need to worry: these people don’t look at resumes when they’re considering who to trust.

    They don’t announce positions that are available because they make room as conditions permit.

    They’ll contract out raw labour projects because for them, the degree of separation is absolutely worth it.

    Uber’s mistake is in not forming separate entities to isolate all of the raw labour demands (such as the drivers) from a very small and agile holding company, possibly an international banking corporation (IBC) located in a more business-friendly locale or country.

    Why do you think there’s a separate Alphabet company from the rest of Google?

    Because the real powers at Google didn’t want to make it possible for certain invading plebs to take over the business.

    It’s still not too late for Uber’s management to put their second and third-tier organisations in their proper places.


  • Watch society crumble to the ground. Just like that bridge in Miami that only lasted 2 days. Head designer was a Latin female who talked trash about how women can build as well as men, but also with an ‘artistic touch’. Basically, she made bridge design into a grrrll power vehicle instead of just building the f’ing thing properly. People died.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      Welcome to the new design paradigm: prefab bridges “built” off-site as sections that are sited into place.

      Oh, oops, the cable tensors snapped during installation and siting? But strain theory math is HARD!

      It’s easy to create a prefab bridge in a design suite if you can pretend that it’s “art” instead of civil engineering.


  • I’m not even white and I see clearly the double standard that is applied against white men. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a White History Month? Or a White Entertainment Television channel like BET?

    I travelled extensively throughout South East Asia and noticed that white men there got hot, slim Asian girls even though they themselves were fat, ugly and clearly beta. My point is, white men in the States seem to be bigoted against, whereas in SEA they are treated like kings, simply for the color of their skin. If I was white, I’d be spending a ton of time in SEA. And if I wanted to marry Id get a hot, young, slim wife from out there as well, from Thailand or Phillipines for instance.
    I’m treated like shit in the States for the simple fact that I have an appendage instead of a hole. So, white or not, fuck this place.


  • Everybody is now after “The White Man’s” job, kick him out everywhere in the boardroom, Films, TV, Papers every conceivable business get him out. Here in the UK hardly a day goes past without some feminist MP complaining about women’s lack of rights in the workplace, everyday on newspapers websites full of stories of women being oppressed its gets getting completely ridicules. The White Man has made it worst by backing down and kowtowing to them as they have lost their balls British men act like castrated guildings the UK is becoming one giant workfare place for women. perhaps the powers that be want women in all these high paying jobs are they are more willing to blow all their money on crap. I just don’t care anymore I will look out for myself and that is it, also I have no family whatsoever of my own or any family members left so I can just look out for number one I know it sounds selfish but there you go.


    • Steve
      That attitude is only the beginning of freedom.
      When you are truly selfish you become self sufficient and finally, truly able to help others. There are others who need help and will help you too.
      Keep an open mind to possibilities.
      Be free!


  • That’s a fair prediction.
    Bozo is one sick clown; she speaks for Uber?
    Uber is now on my boycott list which is about as big as a book now.


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