Your Savage Pilgrimage: How British Folk-Ways Shaped American Dissidence

Men have long sought an exit from an oppressive culture – it drove them across oceans into the unknown in the past

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

The overriding ethos of this blog is not merely escape from Anglo-American misandry; but rather, active pilgrimage towards a better, more exciting and adventurous mode of life. But Relampago Furioso is not alone in this quest for a more fulfilling, man-friendly existence. There are many precedents in America’s illustrious cultural history, and their inspiration has a surprising origin.

Jon Krakauer’s fascinating book Into the Wild was inspired by an affluent youth named Christopher McCandless who dropped out of conventional society before dying of starvation (or food poisoning) in the Alaskan wilderness. Although his short but adventurous life ended in 1992, the bus where he died is still a place of pilgrimage.  Sean Penn’s poignant film subsequently cemented McCandless’ place in modern American culture as an icon of dissidence and restless alienation from the established order.

However, McCandless is not such an idiomatic figure. A distinctive strand of transcendental alienation has always defined the American male. It is present in the Hudson Valley School of painting, in leather-stocking Romances, in Westerns, in the novels of Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac, in the memoirs of Jack London and Henry Theroux, not just the lives of Christopher McCandless and RF. While there is a disturbing strand in Anglo-American culture leading inexorably to feminism, machine values and secular Puritanism, there are alternative ideals or memes within the culture from which awakened men can also take inspiration.

The Masculine Quest is undoubtedly the most potent of these; and the one most at odds with secular Puritanism. But where did this distinctive American meme originate? If Anglo-Saxon commercial Puritanism were the sole ingredient in American culture, such dissidence would simply not exist. Fortunately, Anglo-American matriarchy, secular Puritanism and crabbed legalism are not the sole ingredients of American culture, as we shall see.

In his tremendous book, Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America, David Hackett Fischer identifies four different strands in American culture: Scots-Irish ‘backwoods’ culture, southern Cavalier culture, Yankee industrial-commercial culture and Puritan New England culture. These all have distinct origins in Britain: the Scottish Borders, Southern England, the English East Midlands and East-Anglia, respectively. And they all persist in modern America, however distorted by time and circumstance. Backwoods culture still defines rural American life, and its participants are Hillary’s ‘deplorables’; Cavalier culture still dominates Southern middle-class life; Industrial-Commercial culture rules Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the Pacific North West; while Puritan culture dominates law, academia and government.

Obviously, the Puritan-Industrial strains stand together, as do the Backwoods-Cavalier strains; and these pairs are mutually antagonistic. While the Backwoods-Cavalier strands are transcendental, hedonistic and masculine, the Puritan-Industrial strands embody all the crabbed, mechanistic, matriarchal, legalistic, repressive drivel we loathe in this quadrant of the Manosphere.

Sadly, the Puritan-Industrial strand has now achieved almost complete dominance in the United States. Southern defeat in the Civil War was the beginning of this Yankee stranglehold, which their political dominion has only strengthened (Check out Clyde Wilson’s The Yankee Problem: An American Dilemma (2016) for a scathing study of this ongoing programme). In fact, misandrist Anglo feminism is really just one part of a transplanted Yankee Puritanism with distinct origins in Eastern England (East Anglia). The puritanical tyrants Oliver Cromwell and Margaret Thatcher both came from this region of England, interestingly enough; which was already a distinct kingdom defined by religious fanaticism 1500 years ago.

In cultural terms, the awakened American male’s ‘Masculine Quest’ expresses a desire to escape the dominant Anglo-Saxon Puritan-Industrial culture. Indeed, the pan-Anglosphere men’s movement as a whole can be viewed in these terms. The Quest is really just part of an ancient but ongoing struggle for male freedom from the oppressive binds of ancient cultural memes originating in the British Isles. The Matrix and the Quest, the Blue Pill and the Red; in most respects, these conflicts fit neatly into the Backwoods-Cavalier / Puritan-Industrial dichotomy described above. Obviously, the virgin beauty of the vast American landscape has lent the American dissident’s Masculine Quest a lyrical quality that British masculine resistance to Puritan-Industrial oppression lacks completely. While the British staged the Mutiny on the Bounty simply to escape repression and the lash, the American male retreats into the wilderness, travels to Europe or pens On the Road – in short, does lyrical things.

American men still have an optimism that other men lack. Aldous Huxley suggested this was partly a product of social selection: the most spirited, hopeful and adventurous left Europe to find freedom in America. Exploration of the wilderness by fearless pioneers only heightened this daring spirit: And for all its faults, American liberty still inspires the world. However, the pioneering spirit now only exists among America’s dissidents fleeing the Puritan-Industrial Matrix in pursuit of personal fulfilment.

The current debate over gun ownership is always couched in political, legal or criminal terms. From my perspective, the issue is a spiritual or cultural one: for the gun is simultaneously an American symbol of wilderness, freedom and virility. Abolishing the American’s right to bear arms would instantly abolish Backwoods-Cavalier America and its unique, questing transcendentalism… which is, of course, why America’s secular puritans and their feminist allies are so obsessed by restricting access to firearms.

The New Modern Man’s conceptual toolkit is only enriched by knowing the true origins of the cultural memes he confronts on a daily basis. When the Awakened man knows where he stands in the wider scheme of history and culture, it gives his life epic gravitas and decisive purpose.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It is not the nineteenth century anymore. Where are men going to go? It looks as if Siberia is the last frontier and at least Russia is not very fond of feminism. Oddly, there is a new theory that mankind’s origins are in Central Asia and not Africa. I lean to this because it is a solution for the individual. The collective solution would be rebellion.


    • Strange you should mention that as there are only two countries I look at for a serious option; Cuba for the weather and laid back life and Russia for the solid philosophy AND religious morality. Being from Canada even Siberia is not a problem with a decent China made down filled coat. On top of a mountain in rural Cuba is really attractive.


  • I salute you, Moyirah.

    Most of your generation didn’t learn those things. Kent State “should” have taught kids that soldiers and cops WILL shoot and kill you if ordered.

    Your ideology is an interesting mix of WN, red pill, MGTOW, and Christianity.

    I am curious though, why you hone in on Rooshy so much?

    I agree that his transformation from young man PUA to middle aged Alt Righter has been interesting. But he isn’t a big leader on the Alt Right, as he is Muzz. Only a white man can teach WN properly. In time, he will return to the religion of his ancestors and preach Islam. One can see it already.


    • I don’t think Roosh will go religious at all until he fully understands it.
      He is smart and sees the error in all the major religions. They all preach peace while making war with their billions in donated assets. Everybody wants to leverage to the moon. Usury is slavery and always has been. Everything else is a manifestation of that lust for money that becomes a lust for blood.
      The minimalist is the only brave man. He is the modern kin to the warrior and his squaw(s).
      There is no courage without the fist, the hand, applied to mold and shape the world he can touch, smell, hear, feel, beneath his feet and in his face.
      You have to like winter camping. You have to be willing to climb that 80 ft tree to see what’s on the other side.
      I want Roosh to make it through to the other side. He is moral, he is humble. He does what he says and, nine out of ten of the men watching him could not, would not, do what he does. They live vicariously through him. The one in ten will end up as one of 100,000 in the new coming.

      I’m not Christian, I’m Yahwist. Though raised by a Catholic Mother and a Protestant Father I have Ashkenazim, Celtic and Native North American blood lines which are very strong. Meaning that I knew what they meant before I was seven. They each go back over 350.000 yrs.
      I have studied to show myself approved and am now finishing my magnum opus on the biggest cover-up in human history.
      When I`m finished that my life will be done and I can check out.
      Till then, we have to face the music.
      You can feel the tension ratcheting tighter and tighter. Like Fight Club the first time you watched it. Or the first time you stared down a gang of 6 men led by a woman and walked away smelling like a rose and alive.

      Men need women and women need men. They just don’t believe it right now. Instead they believe a lie.
      The worst lie of all is the one we tell our self.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “We can have more Kent States right here in California … If it takes a bloodbath, then let’s get it over with.”
      — my best recollection of what Ronald Ray-Gun said …


      • In spite of Ray Gun Ronald being just another Hollyweird whore he was a business man with the first and last ‘in the black’ Olympics of the modern age; not a small feat.
        I had the same, and only, hope for Trump and the Fed Fiasco defacto economy. Trump was and is a Manic Media made man out of touch with reality when it comes to Tommy Guns.
        Ronald had seven assassin attempts and came real close to Nirvana. Just how close does Trump think he can get to civil war without spilling blood? Especially his?
        Further, the number one target of any Nuke strike on America, even a suitcase, even deep state directed, is New York City, specifically, now, the 700 block of 5th Ave.
        Maybe harrump Trump is going to spend the rest of his life at Mar a Loco, or on Mars, but Melania, Barron, Ivanka and asst kin won’t want to go with him. They like Hollyweird East!

        ‘I’m late, I’m late’ said the white rabbit.
        ‘I’ll go’ said Neo.
        You still want that Red Pill, Mr. Trump?


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    … we are the grey men
    we are the angry men
    learning together
    discomforts in our craw …


    … our savage voices
    now shouting together
    yank back the meaning
    of our injuries from broken glass …

    this is how the world begins
    this is how the world begins
    this is how the world begins
    with the whimpering of what fell before us.


  • Thots that Hurtz

    Great book, very inspiring. Keeping freedom alive begins with one’s own self.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “While the Backwoods-Cavalier strands are transcendental, hedonistic and masculine, the Puritan-Industrial strands embody all the crabbed, mechanistic, matriarchal, legalistic, repressive drivel …”

    Which is why when I’m back in England, I tend to spend most of my time in the West Country (mostly Somerset and Devon).

    I’m probably going to stop flying into London and start flying into Bristol instead — I only go to London for book shops, stationers, and certain things that are difficult to source in the West Country. I’m already flying into MIA or ORD the day before, so it’s mostly a matter of choosing another flight.

    Why would I put up with the snatty (and often snotty) people of London when I can hang out in a place as beautiful as Wells or Exeter?


    • Rookh Kshatriya

      Why indeed? London is the Anglosphere capital of repression, usury, gynocentrism and soulless machine culture. The English mystic William Blake argued that London was the physical expression of Urizen, the spirit of mechanical Reason which rules English culture to the exclusion of all else.


      • Never forget that the foundation of England’s polite murderous society, if not that of the Scots and Celts, and by extension that of the USA, is Romanism.
        The Roman de la Rose chivalric bullshit, and the schizophrenic Christian politico/religio meme promulgated through the tool of the entirely mistranslated bible, with the attendant bankers bullshit, has infected the thought of the entire world.
        Even Islam is now Christian and has been for quite some time. All of Islam is supported by the Western debt bubble.
        In fact Islam is a complete fabrication as we know it today and has little to do with the philosophy of Muhammed or his wife and benefactor, Khadijah.
        The woman who gave him his multiple children supported him financially. This is Islam then, and, now.
        Usury will implode the system.
        It will look like one of those disaster movies showing the dark side of the planet lit up like a Christmas tree where the lights go off one sector at a time till there is no more light, or heat, transit, communications, or, food or water clean enough to drink.
        Nuclear war will be an afterthought.
        When the US goes down most of the world goes with it.
        No country will be unaffected. No human will be untouched by the terror.
        Best to build your integrity as that is all you will have for sure.

        The one thing that human hubris refuses to wrestle with, mentally or otherwise, is Satan’s system that is designed to do one thing only; wipe out all humans to deny Yahweh his plan.
        Satan is female!


        Glad I got that off my mind.


  • P.S.
    There are two kinds of criminals out there waiting for you; one is the kind you have already met in South America; the other is the kind who wears a miniature Centurion Shield on his chest and a 9mm on his hip. The second is far more dangerous.
    Just a reminder.


    • Yes, criminals with badges are far more dangerous. How did you come upon that conclusion, Moriyah?

      Many of your generation of the type “thanking them for their service”. They agree with the current manifestation of law and order, Murkan style.

      Usually it takes many years for an American to wake up to the true nature of the police, miilitary and government. You have had that time, but what woke you up?


      • At 14 yrs old I found Ottawa under Martial Law and awash with Airborne troops locking down the perimeter of Parliament Hill. Nonetheless that was the scheduled day for our Anti-Vietnam War demonstration. Understandably only a half a dozen people showed up to protest and most did not stick around longer than it took to pass out their assigned quantity of flyers.
        Problem was the only people to give flyers to were cops and soldiers. I only needed them to point one Sten Submachine gun in my face to get the message.
        This was, of course, the introduction to the real Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada which in the small print says that all of these rights can be suspended for up to 5 yrs and thence renewed indefinitely. They call that the ‘notwithstanding clause`.
        Subsequent protests at various ages put me in opposition to a variety of characters from CSIS to RCMP, Swat Teams, Local Sheriffs, Marshall, INS, ICE, FBI and a few other.
        It has been sufficient to verify that these are all franchises designed to protect the ‘security interests’ of oligarchs, landed gentry, parasitic politicians of others of that ilk. In other words ‘generational money’.
        That fact that they blew up a mail box 3 blocks from my house added emphasis to the points made.
        Not to mention of course that Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Justin’s father, sold out the country for an interest in the same company as did his nemesis, Brian Mulroney, who belongs to Trump’s Mar a Lago.
        Is this beginning to smell?
        The only reason I am alive and prospering is because somebody big has HIS eye on me.
        Don`t ask me why.
        I can be as big an asshole as anyone, but, I do have a space in my heart for the widow and orphan and I know that cuts me some slack.

        Now I leave it to others to protest whatever the fuck they want because it is not going to change a thing. So long as our global system is built on usury the vortex at the sewage pipe will spin faster and faster until the planet, and our speices, is sunk.

        Find a woman, make love, make babies, grow veggies and you might make it.


  • I know the story and own Into the Wild but have never felt compelled to read it.
    I suppose it was enough to hitch hike coast to coast, live in communes in the 70`s, have a `57` Blue Bird school bus for a home before moving up to a 26 ft Fifth Wheel, and, to meet a vast variety of wildlife face to face in the True North.
    It is, of course, much, much better to learn from the short sighted mistakes of others than it is to live and die from them yourself, but, on the other hand, nothing beats the real McCoy.
    Certainly Roosh is living moment by moment with trepidation mingled with anxiety in one hand and his thirst for uncovering undiscovered, new pussy in the other.
    Nothing like the adventures of youth even if in middle age.
    You can figure, Roosh, that you have less time ahead than you have behind.
    I trust you will make it count.


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