The Question Now Isn’t IF the U.S. Will Be Demographically Conquered – But How Thorough the Conquest Will Be


A demographic tidal wave is making whites strangers in their homeland

Most heritage ‘Muricans have no idea the U.S. is only in an intermediary phase of demographic conquest. But, they sense something is wrong as their idea of what America should be fades farther and farther away into distant memory. A demographic tidal wave has inundated them and they’re just beginning to realize it.

As an example, one of the changes heritage Americans have nightmares about is the gutting of the Second Amendment. But, the abandonment of that screed on parchment will happen when the nation reaches a demographic tipping point, as is already being foreshadowed with with news headlines and repeated attacks on that last line of defense against a tyrannical government. The fact is, other ethnic groups are shown to have much less support for gun rights, and as whites are demographically displaced their grasp on the Second Amendment is washing away like sand on the beach.

Here’s an interesting side note before you look to conservative media to tell the truth about how hopeless it really is trying to save the Second Amendment. It is profitable for the fake news media to put on the pretense the Second Amendment fight is a political one – keeping conservatives riled up for fun and profit – when in fact, any demographer sees the inevitability of what’s coming. The truth is demographics is destiny. Whites, who as recently as 1960 made up 92% of the American populace have been in demographic freefall for generations. Population replacement trends have been set into motion which are now almost impossible to reverse. This means laws, traditions, and the overall flavor of the nation will change.

‘Muricans think they can regain control of the nation by voting themselves into redemption. It’s not going to happen. Weak-willed whites have chosen to remain willfully ignorant of facts any demographer worth his salt knew back in the 1970s, i.e. that they were on their way to becoming a minority in their homeland with corresponding losses in political clout. They denied it was happening. I remember being called crazy for bringing it up at work a decade ago. Whites waited until it was far too late to take notice. The conquest of the U.S. is all over but the crying. The question isn’t IF the U.S. will be conquered but how thorough the conquest will be.

Population replacement was the evil genius of the globalists – displacing whites from political power in both America and Europe virtually ensures their success. Other ethnic groups have far different ways of thinking and living, and are much more open to collectivism than individualist whites.

On this topic, Jim Christian dropped this droll commentary on a men’s blog, clarifying things for clueless ‘Muricans who think what’s happening (the nation slipping from their grasp) is about politics. No. You’re being conquered, folks. You just haven’t realized it yet. Anyway, Jim gives us a taste of what the future holds.

End of the day, assuming the psychos in DC haven’t gotten us all nuked is, Hispanics and Muslims (mostly) will fight it out for supremacy in the US. There is no way around it. Trump is a nice respite, but face facts, the demographics are all wrong for our side. Whites were the only ones that quit breeding to save the earth. There will be pockets of White communities. But they’ll rule. And Hispanic/Muslim patriarchies aren’t going to tolerate nor ever suffer feminism of the sort that torments most White men.

Jim is right. Feminists are welcoming in their future oppressors with open arms and open legs. Total insanity as the West has gone culturally crazy. The West has joined the suicide cult of “equality” as illustrated by this video on the Oswald Spengler channel. But it’s becoming more and more obvious other ethnic groups aren’t pursuing equality but supremacy, as even in the halls of Uber the ride sharing service there are now calls for white men to become indigents so others can have their jobs.

With feminists ultimately being useful idiots of the elite, there is at least some good news to cherry pick from all this. Demographic conquest means new rules from new rulers.

The Matriarchy’s annoying tyranny will be smashed in most of your lifetimes. If you’re smart, you’ll keep your chivalry to yourselves, they ain’t worth saving. I love seeing the comments in papers in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the chicks endlessly ask where are the REAL men to protect them from the immigrants their feminist masters invited in, a new and seriously violent, raping patriarchy. Hilarious. The civilized White men, they destroyed them. And even if they DID protect the women, they’d be jailed for racism.

Incidentally, this is why women have been denied political power for thousands of years. They inevitably destroy everything men build up with endless societal shit tests, including the very men who create and maintain civilization. They will ALWAYS pit one group of males against the other to see who comes out on top, then fuck the winners. It’s just the way women have evolved. It was lunacy to think giving them political power would have a good outcome for the society at large. And we’ve only just begun that particular slide into the abyss. The worst awaits.

There’s one important caveat to Jim’s prediction: The crushing of the matriarchy will only be the case if the U.S. survives as a nation state when it becomes majority non-white and isn’t gobbled up into the forming New World Order system of totalitarianism.

How white men let themselves get this boxed into a corner will surely be a topic of debate for future historians. Survival is typically the first order of business for any ethnic group. But not whites, who erroneously thought their survival was guaranteed. This ethnic group has forgotten that the primitive always beats the civilized. Whites are terrified of their primitive instincts and think they can talk their way out of the mess they now find themselves in. That simply isn’t going to happen.

Whites woke up about 40 years too late for that one, after the demographic tidal wave had already engulfed them. That wall Trump is building won’t save them, either because the flood waters have already crashed ashore. It’s too little, too late to save them from drowning – building a wall to protect against floods when the floodwaters have already hit.

Get ready. A cosmic shift is coming in our lifetimes. White men are the Roman soldier at Pompeii.

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  • Jonathan Castle

    Let me introduce a little positivity here. Yes Hispanics may exhibit some tribalism, but:

    1 – they are nominally Christian
    2 – they speak a European language

    It isn’t like Europe where they’re importing millions of historic enemies who explicitly say and desire to conquer them. Yeah, they’re fwcked.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I’m very fond of Latin America. In fact, I consider it the last stand against globalism. Anglo culture has already failed. In fact, I’m in Latin America now. It’s my respite from the cultural insanity back home.


      • Jonathan Castle

        That’s cool. I hope in some way you can help protect them against the globalist onslaught.

        Femism is the first front they open in targeted nation.


  • Math is the language of the universe. Numbers cant lie. Whites are being numerically displaced. Along with the way of life whites created. I hear all the boomers talking about how voting in the right members will fix it all. Pffft.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    It’s not too late to buy Jennings & Rall stock …


  • Cultural Marxists have been pushing for the destruction of the nuclear family in an effort to have the State take control. Why else do you think they have been pushing the phrase “it takes a village ” so hard on us. In the Marxist state you own nothing. Not even your children.


  • As a non-white, non-Christian, the biggest problem I see with the white community is the decimation of the patriarchy/family structure. Basically, what this results in is not enough husband/wife breeding, which means not enough whites. Breaking up the family structure was, is and will be the biggest triumph of the modern rulers.
    Don’t worry, this same issue plaguing the white and black communities is and will plague the hispanic, Muslim and other communities. Part of the Deep State plan is the obliteration of religion in peoples everyday lives, and hence the decimation of the family structure.
    Unfortuantely, this is also taking hold in third world countries. Places like Thailand, Malaysia etc. won’t be much different than anglo countries before long.
    The best option will be to form villages with like minded individuals and have an insulated life to properly raise a family. It’s something Im researching alot right now. And something religious minded people are really looking into starting as well, iregardless if you’re Christian, Muslim, Jew or whatever.
    Men must think outside the box to escape the madness of the Anglo world.
    Educate yourself.


    • Relampago Furioso

      A future like you’ve described gives me hope the future will indeed be about localism and not globalism.

      You’re exactly right that the destruction of patriarchy decimated the black and white communities. Out of wedlock births and divorce were unheard of in both until feminism appeared.


  • Remy: international truck driving. Have you looked into it yet?

    A way to make money, get out of the Land of Freedom, escape the femcunts.

    I’m just checking it now. Have to see how drivers get paid, by the hour or cpm. Might be good to drive in a big country like Oz, EU, Russia, China.


  • Now that the party is long over, that is, the election of Trump, we can see this as little more than a stay of execution. Hillary was committed to the globo-homo femocracy.
    Your right Mr. Furioso, nature rewards the strong over the weak. God only knows what’s coming. I figure we’ve got 3-5 years left to prepare for tremendous social upheaval. But, who knows.
    Interestingly enough, in highly diverse places, such as the metro area I live in, people not only exhibit low trust towards people different from them, but also low trust among members of their own group. A guy named Putnam researched diversity in America.
    Diversity is never a strength.


  • Sadly, even many woke whites think voting will work. It has been 2 years and Trump hasn’t even begun to drain the Swamp; it has drained him.

    Only white men feel SO76 or the Spirit of 1776.

    There are many areas which are unofficially white like environmentalism, going to national parks, work camping, NRA, and so on. 2A is a white male issue, so as we decline, it declines.

    There is a mythology that white male cops and soldiers will awaken and help us….no. They know, just as we know. But they are being paid to protect and serve….those with power. We only hear from them after retirement, when they are old and broken down.

    The reason I and a few others write “Murka” is that the USA no longer exists. That country is literally gone and another one has taken its place.

    The last Americans left fought in WW2. If you want to see what is happening to White America, check your local paper’s obits. Filled each day with dead whites who lead good lives.

    I don’t think God ever intended to save all of the white race from this calamity. I will probably have to expat myself within the next few years.

    Remy, I saw an interesting concept once, which would end the Murkan Police State.

    “Welcome back to humanity, white race.”


    • Jonathan Castle

      Or you could be a demoralization agent convincing us of the inevitability of it all.

      Nothing is certain and if you won’t fight for your beliefs and your children then part of you is dead already.


    • I agree. A country is made up of its citizenry. In the future, 400 million of our 500 million total citizens will be fat, brainwashed dummies, made into zombies by the digital life. A conservative gov’t isn’t supposed to intervene anyway so what can they do? A country is its citizenry. The media turns politics into theatre to make money but a country is as a country does. You can’t legislate your way past a bunch of fat losers.


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