Dump ZuckerFace


Why give this weakling so much power over your digital life?

It’s time to leave Facebook for personal use if you haven’t done so already. I deactivated my personal account weeks ago, and I’m not missing anything. In fact, I’m glad I left that digital ghetto. Here are three important reasons those of us in the manosphere should limit our interaction with ZuckerFace’s panopticon in the making.

1. Shadow banning of conservative and libertarian media is well underway. Numerous web sites not adhering to the dictates of the leftist thought control police have seen a marked reduction in traffic since ZuckerFace unveiled a new algorithm. The new Facebook algorithm released to much fanfare earlier this year was purportedly designed to enhance “meaningful social interaction” but has caused inbound traffic to sites like Breitbart to crash 27%. Meanwhile, CNN – the lowest of the low propaganda channels – saw its traffic increase 43% after the algorithm change.

2. Your data is being carelessly thrown around. The current Cambridge Analytica fiasco is a drop in the bucket compared the other seedy ways the details of your personal life are distributed to companies, political operatives, and social engineers by ZuckerFace. Of course, the corrupt media are crowing about the FTC probing Facebook and threatening to fine them $40,000 a day per violation of so-called “consent decrees.” This is legal speak for one group of criminals shaking down another group of criminals, i.e. the U.S. gubmint shaking down Silicon Valley data lords. Don’t expect anything more than show trials and massive fines (i.e. shakedowns) from this so-called investigation. The government doesn’t have your back, but it might just stick a knife in it.

3. Facebook is becoming a forum for social engineering, and recently tested user acceptance of pedophilia. Earlier this month, Facebook circulated a survey to carefully selected users wanting to know their opinions about pedophilia. The chilling survey read: In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook’s policies, how would you handle the following: a private message in which an adult man asks a 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures. One of the multiple choice options read: [This] content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.

Of course, mainstreaming pedophilia has long been an agenda item of the American left, and TNMM has reported on early attempts at mainstreaming this twisted form of sexuality by such propaganda outlets as Salon. Salon championed wannabe pedophile Todd Nickerson with a series of articles before dropping him and deleting Nickerson’s articles after a public outcry. Shadow banning combined with monkeying around with different algorithms are designed to filter what you can and cannot see online, and forces are at work to get you to accept even more Anglosphere sexual perversion while heterosexuals are marginalized.

These are only three of the biggest reasons men should leave Facebook. There are many others, not the least of which is what a waste of time and energy it is.

In short, stop giving this little twit and his company so much power. The only power he has is the power billions voluntarily hand over to him by typing in, photographing, or videoing every detail of their lives. Hell, go one better and dump Goolag (Google) for DuckDuckGo or another search engine that doesn’t make billions of your personal data. It’s time to push back against the Silicon Valley monopolies, and stop feeding these monsters with free information about us.

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  • Looking for one brave man who wants to step up to the plate and experience and learn the state of the art.
    I’m going to challenge Jordan Peterson to go out on Yonge Street and interact with those he often mentions, the disadvantaged, dysfunctional, disordered, disenfranchised, incapable, which he has no idea what to do with.
    Would you like to go along?
    Got balls? Big ones?
    Game on?
    Name the date and time and I will set it up. Not to embarrass you in any way but to put three disparate understandings in harmony.


    • FunkSoulBrother

      JESUS, PLEASE! You spend a lot of time wagging your d1ck in everyone’s face, bragging, using obscure references. We don’t need moriyah. We need lessiyah.

      (awaiting your most worthy flames)


      • Sorry, you’re not the one!


        BETA BUCK!
        I could go on but for your sake won`t. All of the forgoing and following is now attached to your Google profile forever.
        What you gonna do? Man up or eat shit?
        Think! You have a brain, think!
        Talk, Discourse. Convo. Relate! Berate, if you can stand the debate!
        Or, just shut uppa your mouth, bitch.
        Apologies to the board of directors but bitches have to be slapped down at some point. Better with words than the back of your hand. Bitches never forget. Bitches carry razors when they go to bed.


    • Moyirah, I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that.

      The West is a police state. No strong WN is going to just meet up with someone he just met on the internet.

      Jordon Peterson is a 4 / 10. There are many far more powerful. He is just popular, for the moment. He’ll be forgotten within a year.

      You’ll have to put in the work not just here, but at bigger sites and become a known guy. Develop a good reputation. Then, you can develop your followers.

      No one is going to buy a plane ticket, book a hotel, get a rental car and drive to you just like that. You can explain “the state of the art” and if your material rates, it will spread and be known. You’ll get credit, don’t worry.


      • Ryu
        The question begs answering ‘what’s your agenda’?

        Unlike many people you find online, who treat others with utter contempt which they would never do offline, I hold people accountable in person or online pretty much the same. It is better offline because of the vast number of visual clues used in face to face communications which readily expose intentional deception. That is the failure of the internet as a communication medium which will never be overcome even with video, and we are already seeing considerable blowback and will see more and more. I would not want to hang my hat on an online life or business though I have in the past.

        Contrary to general opinion ‘it is who you know, not who you blow’ that greases the wheels of commerce, and, it is always about commerce. Mr Peterson is paid reasonable for his work and he earns it as best he can with zeal and heart.
        I recommend watching his recent lecture at Queen’s U. if only because it shows the stupidity, and/or ignorance, of the Canadian mob, outside, to be readily compared with the USA mob both which are contrived as we well know. Such were the methodologies of the Balkan Bolsheviks, the Pol Pot tin pots, China’s Chiang Kai-shek and many others. This is extremely dangerous because IT IS now enabled and fueled by the Web.

        School shootings are, pun intended, kindergarten compared to a few well placed AntiFake terrorists disseminated in North America. The only thing stopping them at this point is their love of leisure and ego. However, current recruitment drives are focused, like those of the CIA and FBI, on enlisting the mentally retarded patsies needed to push things over the edge.

        Jordan Peterson, knowingly or not, is the tip of the spear of a coming conflict that will spill oceans of blood in North America.

        I am only one degree of separation from Mr Peterson. If I’m going to slam the man for (some of) his views maybe I should do it to his face and allow him to inquire of my position and give him the opportunity to modify his, or mine. You cannot make a reasonable judgement, of a person in Peterson’s position, nor his agenda, without a personal meetup and personal questions. I like to know and not just think or believe someones prognostications or propositions. I do have issues with his doctrine, lots of them. I have a lot more with the mindless mob outside.
        The invitation for ‘one Brave man’ was directed specifically, not at Peterson, and he knows who he is.

        MY rep online, or off, is not an issue for me. Anyone who wants me knows where to find me. I don’t have a rep online or off except with a select few. There are lots of ideas which are way bigger than those who carry or espouse the idea. The benefactor of this blog, right here that I value, is a person like that. Though he benefits it is not actually about him but rather the ideas he incorporates and indeed lives.

        Mr. Peterson could be being played ignorantly, easily, rather than playing knowingly and I see his integrity as well as problematic ramifications. No one person sees another person coequally, ever. We must seek that objective balance without undue prejudice.

        As for the poor articulators, like Mr. FunkSoulBrother, who don’t like to read what I write, maybe they should not read what I write, or, learn to write something intelligent in exchange. That would be reasonable.

        My personal project, when ready for market, will be launched to a select group already identified and I don’t actually need the web any longer for anything that I do. If I choose to use it I will be promoting my product and not me, or Amazon, or Ebay, or Google, ad nauseam.

        It was certainly wonderful to utilize the web, for 6 months, to access and capture data which would have taken me at least 2 decades to do without the web and would have cost 100’s of thousands of dollars instead of just some time. I have that data accumulated now, offline, backed up in triplicate in a physical vault and not in ‘the Cloud’.
        Anybody operating anything online needs to be backed up completely offline in a hardened state or they are pissing in the wind.

        I pursue MY 6 figure well developed idea, then MY 10 figure well developed idea while listening to and considering other ideas. I don[t have to work for the man and I’m thankful for that. I did my share.
        To me, that’s life.

        P.S. Peterson in the lecture at Queen’s, and others, articulates a very important concept which should be well grasped by all; discourse, conversation, or writing, is essential to thinking and developing both ideas and integrity. Generally, as he also points out less obviously, most ideologies are poorly thought out, empty of real content, and not worth the time or energy and are inherently deadly.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      Do you know what they’ll do to him if he goes into Buddies in Bad Times? Crews and Tangos? Black Eagle?

      That’s just cold.


      • Peterson is not stupid or queer and Toronto is well segregated for the most part.
        Birds of a feather, etc.


  • Moyirah, what do you think of the Sovereign Citizens and the Montana Freemen?

    I think you know that there is very little real “money” in the US and that the dollar is really debt. Yet when the Freemen tried the same tricks the Fed used, they were put away for a long time.


    • Ryu
      I think that Freemen on the Land have the best profile and perspective but being Metis myself I have my own.
      Fundamentally, no man, or woman, is an island nor can they be.
      Society functions best in units of around 250 people working in concert more or less. This was the foundation of America in its greatest period of success. The cities were always, and still are, the demonic factor in civilization. Villages and small towns retain their friendships and social obligations far better than the city can or will ever.
      I could write for hours elaborating on the previous paragraph. It should bear some thought by all.
      Note that the most remarkable battles in history were between huge forces and very small tactical forces.
      Two notables would be the Spartas, who sacrificed themselves for a very, very large, disparate and spread out population base who had an excellent working system of small communities bound together in profitable commerce and servicing the entire Mediterranean with their wares; and, the defenders of the Alamo of whom none were native Texans, they were all immigrants from other states if not entirely other countries, mostly european.
      It is also notable that almost the entirely of the North American Indian poplulation, 95%, was only slaughtered because one tribe was ‘bought and owned’ by the Colonialists. These lessons cannot give value unless studied and understood.

      You can’t fight the Fed is not entirely correct as it is the Secret Service who prosecutes this type of alternative economy or currency of which I have studied around 500 models.

      Note that the Secret Service serves the Treasury first and foremost, you might want to look at the last couple of Secretary’s thereof, they do not serve the President. Indeed, if the SS, (sounds familiar!!!), stood down in Dallas instead of standing up for Kennedy then what will they do for Trump when their Piper calls?

      You can be a Sigma, a lone wolf like me or Roosh, or you can bond together in a community of like mind and abilities that compliment one another. Where everyone, man, woman and child, is capable of bearing arms in battle.

      Then you may have your own currency and it will probably be Silver, which is the only real currency and is antibiotic just from handling, and Gold, which is portable, store-able, Real Estate.

      As for the Montana Freemen and Sovereign Citizens; I can afford them limited respect when they make peace with those whom their Montana pioneer ancestors usurped, the Native Americans.
      Not to mention that the Natives have strayed from the successful business model themselves.

      Food for thought?

      Speaking of thought; one more on Social Media would be ‘why do we so willingly support Fuckerberg’s brand and not our own, or our neighbors? Why is every store on every street owned by someone who lives in a castle far, far away while it is operated by our neighbors who are bonded serfs and slaves?

      Just asking?


      • Why haven’t I seen you more on the Alt Right, moyirah? have you only just started commenting?

        I know a Metis who is a strong WN and is well up in the Red Pill. I am not sure why he would help whites.

        He doesn’t seem to want alot of publicity but I think for you, he would make an exception. You may know him.


      • There are obvious, as in physical characteristics, Metis and there are those, like myself, who just look like the average arrogant asshole white man. Indeed, I am quite capable of being, and have been, an asshole.
        However, most Metis, and Natives, are far more tolerant of the barbaric tribe who have taken control of the planet than the reverse. That does not mean their patience is unlimited.
        I note that when push comes to shove the white man still uses the same tactics against Natives today, like at Standing Rock, as they did 200 and 100 years ago. In fact, they use the same tactics against other whites, blacks, chinos, latinos, etc.
        More power to this humble Metis who is returning kindness to the arrogant whites when he could return, with cause, fire.
        No one should think themselves exempt from wrath as none are truly innocent.
        However, if we walk quietly and peacefully with all who do the same then we have a core of competence which may spread. Meanwhile it is wise to carry a thick staff and thin blade.
        Unless you live in The City, USA in which case you should have a 32 APC at least. Later you can make that your back up and have a 9mm main piece. Like an UZI.
        UZI was named after the inventor Uziyah. Uziyah mans wrath of Yahweh. Yahweh does say that he will pour out his wrath on the last generation of this age.

        How do we know when that is?

        I don’t have a personal agenda. Do I need one?


      • The video did not appear when I first replied.
        Having watched it I can say:
        There are those who will argue, including Catholics, that suicide is a sin worse than murder. That you do not have the right to take your own life because it does not belong to you but to the one who paid your death bond for you, some say Jesus but it is Yahshua.
        Similar arguments could be made on behalf of your parents and grandparents of many generations who made you.
        There are still others who feel it is a subjective decision that can only be made by oneself. Typically being made when they feel no hope as an emotion or conditioned state.
        Personally, I do feel quite strongly that it is a mental illness induced by poor diet and a really fucked up world. If that is correct then nobody bears more responsibility than the leaders of those societies within which suicide is found. I suspect all societies have some.

        Therefore, what is this vlogger doing? What is his agenda in making such a video without any regard for his argument as presented. With regard it makes even less sense as I find no substance in his argument as presented nor would I invest time in trying to figure it out. I suspect he himself is on the edge.

        If someone has no hope they should get some.
        There are simple, effective, cheap treatments with alternative medicine but not with Orthodox.
        Number one cause of depression and suicide is diets which contain large amounts of refined sugars and/or refined vegetable oils. Period.

        The author of that video needs to give himself a shake big time before he finds blood on his hands one way or the other.
        The same goes for any doctor who counsels suicide as a solution for terminal illness or any other reason. That is insanity at best and criminality at worst. A doctor in that position should resign his office and move to a more kind and caring jurisdiction.

        Having worked with a number of people in my life who did commit suicide I have some right to speak on this subject.
        Having studied 10’s of thousands of hours on nutrition for mind and body I think my conclusion is solid and would invite a serious rebuttal if someone thinks otherwise.

        Further, just to be on topic, I feel comfortable suggesting that FaceBook has increased the suicide rate by a measurable factor but don’t wait on any academics or clinicians to put together 2 + 2 because they are now coming up with 5.


      • I think it is useful to have an agenda, even if only you know it and even if you pursue it by instinct.

        Years ago, I found another of your type Moyirah. He was WN, jew, PUA, MGTOW aware and anti gov. Knew about gang stalking. Was part Indian and liked their cultures. He lived up on some mountain in the sticks in New Mexico.

        Are you Christian Identity? Few use the work Yahweh consistently other than them.

        Have you found much traction in putting your philosophies out there?

        I don’t think most are ready to be awakened, even on the Alt Right. You may enjoy Breck’s recent work on Gangster Bolshevism and Davidian Theology.


      • If Facebook folds, which is unlikely, you will see suicide rates multiply exponentially.
        Look out for your friends and associates.
        They are going to need some real help.

        I have used the proper and correct name of Yahweh consistently for 55 yrs and see no reason to stop before I die. Not least because everyone who knows the Bible knows that is His name. Most that know his Name know a lot more. Even the 5 yr old’s.

        I have read all religious works older than 1,000 yrs and many sub works including major and minor aberrations. I have also read most New philosophy ie. Scientology, etc.
        It appears there has been no new thought in several thousand years just rehash after rehash and better, or worse, mind manipulation techniques.

        Tyranny is the same no matter the title.

        My current agenda if you want to call it one is to follow the life cycle of 50 wild plants, of 6 species in one genus, not hybrids, for a complete year observing their progression.

        Until Damascus gets nuked I will continue on my current path.


      • I was remembering Philip Nolan, not Peter, who was a Texas Horse Trader, a spy for the US Government, first man to map the interior of Texas around 1800, and died from a single bullet in the forehead from a posse of Mexican soldiers who captured his entire crew and took them as prisoners to Mexico. Nolan’s map has never showed up.
        There is a county, a big river, a tributary and a small town named after Nolan. Silver ore was discovered along the river in Hill County in some quantity. Their are many fossils in that area, also, including dinosaurs.
        Philip was real cowboy. No bullshit there.
        I slept under the tree where he died. Only because a friend owned the land.
        Many parts of Texas have not changed much in 100 – 200 yrs.


  • Moyirah, what do you think of the Sovereign Citizens and the Montana Freemen?

    I think you know that there is very little real “money” in the US and that the dollar is really debt. Yet when the Freemen tried the same tricks the Fed used, they were put away for a long time.

    Someone here or at Rooshie’s posted a vid of this guy, who is an SC. The Sovereign Citizen Movement has always been on the fringe of the Alt Right.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “No reputation is a good reputation.” — Mozzie in White Collar

    I don’t help sharpen the knife that some asshole is going to try to use to cut me.

    I sharpen my own knife so I can cut the fucking asshole a new asshole.

    Common sense. Just fucking common sense.


  • Dropped out of FB several months ago. Don’t miss that crap a bit.


  • Cut the cord just over a month ago. I joined FB way back in 2008ish and enjoyed it for a time – reconnecting with high school friends, people I had been in the military with, etc. Then it slowly started getting creepy. First I changed my name. Then I stopped loading apps or playing games. then I started blocking people and apps. For the past year I had been spending less and less time on it, recognizing that it was now toxic in so many way and couldn’t be controlled in any way other than to drop it. The first few days were tough – withdrawals from the habit of constantly checking for updates (who liked my post, who is arguing with me, what is that crazy chick from work posting now, blah, blah, blah). The fact that it was hard to quit just reinforced that i should have done it a long time ago. BTW – FB makes it surprisingly easy for you to archive and then download your old pix and posts. The fear of losing all of those pix is what kept me around for a while but it really is a three or four click process and then all of your stuff is on a thumb drive and you can deactivate.

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  • I made a FB account back in 2011 when I moved away to another city with the intention of keeping in touch with friends and family. I kept it for a few weeks and swiftly cancelled it, haven’t looked back.
    Social media is an insidious waste of man’s precious time.

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    • A man called me the other day though I did not answer. He left a message and I heard the message though I did not return the call.
      Life and time are too precious to engage with those who will not work to resolve their issues and advance themselves and our race.
      He can drown for all I care, and I do care, at this point, because, I have spent hours and hours in conversation with him. Commending his talents and assets and asserting his potential while he demonstrates his pettiness and commonality with criminals and conniving cunts.
      Who would want that for a friend. Him? I dare say he would not and therefor why should I?
      His defining characteristic is the use of Social Media to define is character.

      You are correct, Dat Guy, SM, Social Media, Sado Masochism, is an insidious waste of any intelligent, determined, even desperate man’s intent to assert his being and insert his plan for existential existence on an inhospitable planet not of the original design or intent.

      Let us keep those things in mind.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I am glad that I am not hooked on facebook.

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  • Was on Facebook briefly a few years ago. All it did was make me angry. SJWs and snowflakes spouting all kinds of ridiculous nonsense. Realized I don;t need that crap in my life and cancelled by account.

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  • In more than ten years of social networks I have not heard of one single commercial success story from so-called social marketing. Not counting, of course, those who sell social marketing consulting services; parasites that they are.
    Billions of hours of entrepreneur’s time have been wasted chasing a puff of smoke.
    Suckerberg is like Bozos, both are sucking the planet dry and milking it.
    Consider that Bozos can put 100,000 people out of business in one day. Those he is currently doing business with, as sellers on his site, have sacrificed all of their business data to him. Suppliers, clients, costs, sales numbers, gross and net profits.
    He can replace them all in one day. In one hour.
    He will attempt to do the same with every health food supplier and health food store once he has the data he needs.
    Mark my words.
    You think we have totalitarianism now? Just you wait and see what’s coming!
    And now in local news…


    • Go on, Moyirah. Tell us more.

      I too have heard that the Medical Industrial System would like to get rid of vitamins and supplements, like the EU or Canada does.

      Then, using the Hegalian Dialect, more people get sick….needing medical care….which expands the Medical Industrial System.

      (( They ))) use this everywhere now. War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on Crime…


      • The Canadian Medical System is practicing euthanasia according to the discrimination of the presiding physician. If the cost does not fit the system then you are dead.
        You are fucked either way if you reside here.
        Better to know how to resurrect yourself or others as needed.
        May Yahweh bless us as much as the Gods have cursed us.


  • Even though I made tons of money with the web I knew FB was a scam after 2 weeks and shut it down.


    • There used to be a very strong MRA, in the early days. He was Peter Nolan, aka GlobalMan. You remind me of him, Moriyah. Did you know him?


      • That name sounds oddly familiar, though not from the web.
        I did not know him, I think I did not know him
        Peter Nolan; the rock without land. What a dichotomy.

        All knowledge, understanding and wisdom are rare and precious and each of us should do all we can to attain to it and keep it and share as best we know how.

        Be careful as there are those who will kill you for speaking truth. Indeed, there are many.

        There are a few key things I try to live by instead of dying by the alternative.
        Less, not none, less dairy, meat, refined carbs, alcohol, mind or spirit altering elements, negative thoughts, words or deeds.
        More, water, air/exercise/sex, raw veggie proteins, unaltered fats and carbs. Fresh, raw fruits or the best equivalent. Friends, who you can talk to about truth and they will listen and give feedback though sometimes contentiously.
        I use organic instead of chemical, cocoa instead of coffee, wine instead of liquor, herbs with honey instead of chemical colors with candy.
        I might speak harsh words on hard subjects but softly, carefully, considerately unless the opposition wants to fight.
        If you have to fight then you need to kill.
        In a fight who will win, the one with the knife or the one with the brick?
        More die in knife fights every day than from guns by a long long margin.
        The winner is the one who strikes/connects first.
        Avoid a fight by all means, but, if you have to fight then kill.

        Know that all shoes have walked paths too. Could you walk those paths? How much better to learn from their walk in the park/jungle.

        We have 1 million species of plants on earth and we barely know .005% of their characters and what they can do. The wise women, and a few men, knew what they could do. Consider the rowanberry, the mountain ash, or the sweet brier, the rose.

        1,000+ yrs ago we went into the dark ages, induced, and lost more knowledge, of value, in a few decades than we have in toto today. Certainly, for centuries, there was complete and utter ignorance living side by side with brilliant understanding. Remember, always, that was by personal choice made daily, on both sides.

        Right now, every man and woman has the choice, to choose to resurrect the understanding that was hijacked and suppressed and doors will open as though by … a breath.

        Every second hand Value Village, Good Will, St. Vincent, Salvation Army and many more independently run, mostly by the most beautiful women on earth, has a veritable treasure trove of priceless books for $2.00 or less, which will tell you haw to live without, or in spite of, 911, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and death.

        Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James and Phyllis Balch. Nutrition Almanac by Dunne, Kirschmann and his daughter. The Herb Book by John Lust. And, many, many more.
        Anything on Wild Food. Anything on Ethnobotany.
        I cut my own throat here as these are becoming quite rare as they disappear into landfills or feed woodstoves of the ignorant.

        Do not wait or hesitate. Time waits for no one.

        A calcium bentonite clay either adsorbing, absorbing or both. Tea Tree. Rose. Goldenseal. Echinacea of both kinds including the root. Eyebright. Without your eyes you are dead.
        Their are many more but not too many to acquire and learn to use.
        B, F & C is a key.

        Let the New Modern Man, The True Golden, Olden Man, know how you do.

        When you weep for your brothers blood spilled it is a little late. Weep now for your lost mate, your woman and your child even though yet unborn and unkown, and then their is one who may hear and answer. Then listen very close.


      • Thank you, Moriyah.

        GlobalMan was a very special MRA, a soverign citizen type. His big thing was to get 12 honest men to hold a jury for all the corrupt judges he wanted to try, who had been screwing men in divorce court. He could not find those 12 men in all his years commenting.

        I shop at Goodwill already and get many excellent books there. The best books are the oldest. The wisdom of the ages, sold for 1.99$.

        I’m impressed with you. So you know the “Dark Ages” were not dark, that they were very advanced. Maybe more advanced today. Many of the serfs of that day took off 6 months a year to build cathedrals. Few today could take off half the year.

        “Previously the MRM ran Globalman aka Peter Nolan out of town. He was the one true leader that movement had. He was uncompromising, strong, and extremist, which was why his presence could not be tolerated. ”


        Moriyah, have you ever been recruited or tempted to join ((( them )))?

        You know, the elites. I have heard stories from a few very advanced types who have fielded offers. I hear they are always looking for talent.


      • What I find most sad about Social Media is the lack of depth intellectually and emotionally but more important is the elimination of real social interface in preference to artificial. How mentally ill is that?

        This Social Media monster was created over a long time period by the power structure which directs humans. It is an almost perfect enslavement tool.

        I’m not one to be recruited by either the corporate mob or secret societies though I have danced with both. Their is not evidently enough benefits to be derived.

        More importantly, I recognize that the one who pays the Piper calls the tune and I like to listen to my own music choices. At this moment it is Classical Adagios and Allegros.
        I rebuff these offers and sometimes rebuke the one offering.

        For satisfaction in life, it is more than enough for me to have several hours every day, even whole days for weeks at a time, to spend on my own studies.
        I like to actually know; not just believe the dominant spiel of the day.

        Our mind is still our own and I don’t believe AI will ever be able to empty it without our permission and assistance. Of course, notwithstanding coercion. Still, any pain is quite tolerable with will power and, eventually, the nerves shut down from shock or you die.

        Today, we have much the Dark Ages did not in IA (intelligence amplification). It behooves us to use it while possible as our current state of luxury and delirium over our self importance as a species is not likely to last much longer.

        All in all, the idea of working for anyone, or any entity, really makes me sick.
        The next expositon of that is a story from an old friend about his boss having him build a cattle enclosure fence. He had a bright idea and did it his way but the boss didn’t like it and had him build it over the boss’es way. The boss decided he like my friends design better and had him rebuild it again. Fuck that shit!!!

        I can do it for a couple months but that’s about it.
        I worked for Canada’s equivalent of the IRS for several months as a youth and, thankfully, recognized it for what it was before I made a 40 yr commitment. Some of my acquaintances made the other choice and lived, or died, to regret it.
        For me that would have been like going to prison for life.

        The MRA movement, per se, is just that and that only.
        It will neither gain traction nor masses of adherents.
        As it is said; there are dreamers, doers and don’ters.
        I just go ahead and do my dreams.

        Mr Furioso does his with zeal and reverence and it is a very refreshing aberration from the norm.

        In conclusion, on Social Media, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley are very pleased at the ability of humans to build really big screens for the latest Father figure to dominate the minds of the masses. They are, however, much more pleased that humans have learned to make really small screens to take wherever they go for constant indoctrination. Even more so; that they pay for it themselves.


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