The First Few Days in The Matrix Are Hardest


Time to return to ghosting as I find myself in the matrix again

I’m back in the matrix. I must say, the first few days are psychologically the hardest as I readjust to Faustian/Anglo-American machine culture and the political/social dystopia the U.S. has turned into. I will transform from active participation in society (I feel happy and free when I’m in Latin America) to being a ghost again.

I despise machine culture, as so eloquently described in Man and Technics. I see these prophetic words all around me:

All things organic are dying in the grip of organization. An artificial world is permeating and poisoning the natural. Civilization has itself become a machine that does, or tries to do, everything in a mechanical fashion.

I am becoming Faust.

The Faustian [Western] thought begins to be sick of machines. A weariness is spreading, a sort of pacifism in the battle with Nature. Men are returning to forms of life simpler and nearer to Nature; they are spending their time in sport instead of technical experiments. The great cities are becoming hateful to them, and they would fain get away from the pressure of soulless facts, from enslavement to the Machine, and the clear cold atmosphere of technical organization.

This is why I run away. I’m a human being, goddammit. Not a profit producing machine. My life has value.

My resentment of the place grows each time I come back and get badgered by Police State USA. Some customs official really wanted to know why I was out of the country for so long. I plainly told the guy in a deadpan voice, “To get away from what this country has turned into. That’s why I was gone so long.” He looked stunned and kept asking nonsensical questions and I kept giving him answers like that one. As if it was any of his business what I do or how long I stay gone. Men are now persecuted for leaving this hellhole. How did we go from being free men to asking government permission to travel?

As I drove from the airport to meet up with friends, of course rent-seeking cops had drivers pulled over all along the highway cleaning out their wallets and conditioning them to accept micromanagement of their behavior.

Women, rather than being pretty, thin and sweet now have permanent bitch faces, are fat, and abrasive now that I’m back in a thoroughly socially engineered environment that prides itself on stripping people of their humanity.

Friendships and family have broken down. Everyone remains in consumption mode when they’re on the “spend” part of the sleep-work-spend cycle. Machine-produced food is all around me, being sold at high prices. Politics permeates the air. Identity politics has transformed everyone into each other’s enemies. Even at the convenience store a “Busted” tabloid prides itself on publicly shaming those sheep who don’t obey the dictates of their shepherd. Nobody has time to have any fun because “I gotta work tomorrow.” What’s to like about this fucking place?

In other news, I’m now prepping for my motorcycle road trip coming next month. I will ghost across the nation on two wheels, while we still have freedom to move about. The natural world remains unmarred by human folly in certain areas of the country. Then comes another work cycle, either driving a truck or workamping (haven’t decided yet). All I can think about is getting out of this insane asylum again, which can’t come soon enough.

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  • Returning (not by choice) to the States soon after three years in Thailand. I truly dread it and can only think of the two years I need to endure until i retire (on day one of eligibility) and plot my exit.


  • There is something I’m curious about Remy, if you are willing to answer.

    What do your parents, and in particular, your father, think of what you are doing?

    One would “think” that an older man would know these truths cold. But, often they want to double down and they give the same advice that they got: hold your nose to the grindstone, make that money, start a family.

    It is a sad thing. The red pill doesn’t seem to run in family lines often. “The truth” breaks up families.


    • Relampago Furioso

      My father died when I was 12. My mom is supportive of my choices because she knows the hell I’ve been through playing the system’s games. And how shitty women are to a good hearted man.

      Otherwise, longtime friends think I’ve lost my mind and avoid me. Fair weather friends enjoy anecdotes about my adventures.

      I was always an outcast on both sides of my family (smart kids often get that treatment I’ve learned) so there was no loss there.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “I plainly told the guy in a deadpan voice, ‘To get away from what this country has turned into. That’s why I was gone so long.'”

    This is really bad form: you’re not ghosting hard enough, and you didn’t interpret the customs and immigrations inspector’s question using the right framework as a ghost.

    Within the machine matrix, everyone has a role and is part of a hierarchy, but there are a few roles and hierarchies that are more free than others when it comes to making unusual choices, and so I will help you with that by boiling down your bona fides into an “elevator speech” about yourself to inquisitive agents.

    Your profession: you are a writer, and you also happen to drive trucks because you like doing that for extra cash.

    Your purpose for travel: researching stories and settings for things you are writing.

    Your purpose for returning: your writing doesn’t pay you enough to remain travelling for longer periods, and so you will drive trucks for a while longer.

    Adjust and season with spice as you may see fit.

    I’ve found it useful to ship a few boxes of books home while travelling despite the fact that it would be much easier to sign up for digital accounts in those countries.

    Boxes of books that are seized by customs for import duties look very, very convincing in terms of maintaining the story of your profession and purpose for travel, and if it looks like you’ve bought a little too much, it helps cement your purpose for returning. I routinely pop at least $300 worth of locally purchased books into a box for this purpose on every long-duration trip, just because the valuation declaration triggers a US customs inspection. Believe it or not, the immigrations and customs inspector on your return to the US knows about whether you’ve paid all of your customs duties, in addition to the IRS, because those are US Federal debt obligations.

    You should make a habit of buying a few books written by locals on the history and culture of the places you are visiting even if the sole purpose for doing this is to establish the modus operandi for your excursions on an official level. If you happen to be able to profit somewhat from selling them via your Web site, then that does even more to establish your bona fides, and you can add the profession of “book collector” to your list.

    But always keep this in mind: the real you, as in what you are and what you believe, has to be protected during these encounters, and so everything that these functionaries of bureaucracies need to see should consist of sufficiently truthful legends that are established by your activity. When in doubt, repeat these legends and look extremely surprised that anyone would believe anything else about you.

    Doing anything more than that adds more layers of information to any dossier that may already be open for you.

    Go find Ned Beaumont’s book “Beat the Border” if you need any further edification — it provides a useful summary of certain techniques you’ll find are common for many border crossings, especially re-entry into the US.

    Welcome back to the Exceptional Nation of Spies, Mister Relampago. 🙂


    • Those are good points. Why make the slightest investment in what the border agent thinks/feels? Why antagonize? Why challenge? Why feel any emotion at all for that drone? I’ve been questioned at length too while coming home and I think they’re feeling you out and trying to pick up cues that you’re a mule or something. But to try to take shots at the country….That’s not ghosting. A ghost isn’t noticed. It’s like the guy who splattered his facebook with pictures of the girls he partied with in Costa Rica. Then he nearly was jailed. Why did he have to show off? That’s not true ghosting.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        Here’s Grey Rock Theory for you: “I am a grey rock, prove me wrong or ignore me.”

        The best thing about Grey Rock Theory is that you don’t have to tell anyone you are a grey rock.


      • Manhandling the Anglosphere

        He could just say he’s a journalist researching feminism in the developing world 😉


  • Female border patrol are increasing their harassment of single men leaving Canada via Toronto.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      It’s gay beefcake CBSA inspectors in Vancouver.

      I’m surprised I didn’t get a fucking plastic gerbil in my asshole that last time, and believe me, it will remain that last time


  • You’ll be in the woods soon enough. Surf online at the absolute minimum, if at all. I you know who David Hogg is, you’re losing.


  • Welcome back to the Matrix.
    It’s indeed very difficult to re-acclimate to Anglo like after being abroad in non-western countries for an extended amount of time. When I returned last year from my few months abroad (mostly in South East Asia) I went from the happiest few months of my life to instant recalibration into a catatonic, semi-depressed state. I mean it was literally like a light switch, instantaneously upon returning my mental state took a 180.
    When you go from freedom to Big Brother watching your every move, I guess it makes sense.
    When you go from beautiful, feminine, slim women who actually show you the time of day to fat, ugly stuck-up women, I guess it makes sense.
    When you go from the whole world literally at your finger tips to an 8-5 cubicle jail cell, I guess it makes sense.
    For those gentlemen who have yet to travel abroad to non-western countries, I urge you to give it a go and truly see what living like a man is like.
    Exit the Anglo world, where you are treated like dirt, all because you have a penis. Exit the Anglo world, where those who have a hole are treated preferentially over those that don’t, simply because they have a hole.
    Fuck this place.

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    • Canadian feminists have alienated men in the job market! It will be likely that this will eventually catch up with America!


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    That sounds like more red pills than that customs man could handle. It is sad that a healthy man can feel as you do. This country has brought this on itself.
    As for travel restrictions, the German states tried in the nineteenth century. It didn’t work. That goes a long way to explaining why so many people can claim German descent. If the US government tries it with men, we’ll just find a way around it and the embarrassment will belong to the government.


    • He should limit his convos with these feminist-dictated bureaucrats. Border patrol have the power to put innocent men on no-fly lists for pre-crime reasons, and in Canada, being a single male complaining of the women and signalling intentions to leave Canada is a reason for concerned parties like schools, universities, colleges and workplaces to complain to the police and federal mounted forces. Feminists have profited over the War on Terror that every single male with Red Pill and MGTOW views is considered a potential risk to national security.


    • Its understandable that the German states couldn’t make travel restrictions work a couple centuries ago due to the limitations of technology and the lack of a machine state. But these are different times in which the incredible power and reach of the technology of the state, can allow such a travel ban to be put into place.

      IDK! What do you guys think?

      And yes…there are always ways around a travel ban. I’m a pilot, skydiver, wingsuit pilot, and scuba diver….if I want to cross the US border and leave the country….I certainly have the skill to do so!!

      I would rather not have to sneak around to do it though!


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        I would not like to see it tried. Should they, it would change the nature of the state we live in. Call me old fashioned, but I hate the thought that I can’t carry my Swiss Army knife on an aircraft.


  • Jim, I’ve contemplated that before. Restrictions on U.S. Citizens traveling abroad will require some kind of pretext. The government can’t just say “sorry, but you can’t leave.” It will come as a security measure I suppose, keeping Americans same and all. All the government needs is a pretext, however flimsy.


  • Rel – that’s the same way I feel every time I come back to the states, it takes me about four days to get into the swing of things – with great reluctance. The guys in my gang don’t know what life is like off the plantation and only a few of them go deep into Mexico – we’re in El Paso Texas – and they have said that they don’t understand the rhythm of the people there – the lack of urgency… relax gringo… calmate…

    I spend a lot of time in nature, going on long hikes up and around mountains and in forests when I am here just to get away from the modern world – its machinery as you said and it’s demonic soul… and then, reluctantly… I have to make my way back to the chaos.


  • So in the opinion of the people on here….about how long do we have before the gov’nt begins wholesale restrictions on American citizens traveling outside the country?


    • It has already started Jim – many Americans can not get pass ports if it is “suspected” that they owe a certain amount of income tax, it does not have to be proven, mind you, it just has to be suspected, and I think I read that men that owe child support cannot get pass ports either… soon maybe if you owe money on your credit cards or to any bank you may not be able to get off the plantation…. maybe soon having a different opinion wont let you out, wrong political views wont let you out, wrong religion wont let you out, wrong comment on the internet wont let you out… it’s coming


    • Thots that Hurtz

      Outside? Try restrictions inside. I recently met two Americans who are in the military and they said there are plans to make passports necessary for traveling between states.


      • Agenda 21 in Ontario forces everyone to live in the cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. But now everyone is forced to move into Toronto. It’s also in the conspiracy theory that the feminists seek to create a city-state of Toronto where men will have to use passports to leave the city boundaries. This isn’t a sci-fi thought. Toronto is becoming somewhat a prison state for men that hundreds of men commit suicide in Toronto because they can’t leave the city.


    • The US state department raised the cost of renouncing your citizen ship from $450 to $2,350, I think it was back in 2015. How many Americans have 2,350 dollars to spare? Of course you can still travel, but only the the US (and one other African country) will force you to pay taxes no matter where you live in the world. This makes real escape difficult for many.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        If someone can afford $400k+ to expat to a Caribbean country of legal convenience, that person can also afford $2.35k to file the paperwork to make it stick.

        The trick is to stay off the IRC 877 list (also see 26 USC 877 for details).


    • This is the real purpose of the wall …


      • Funny thing about walls, they might as well be used to keep people locked in, as opposed to keeping others out. Remember a certain wall in Germany not to long ago.


    • Owing child support, alimony, false accusations from women, feminist petitions, ect.


      • Is IRC 877 a No Fly list?


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        In reply to Jim’s question which is showing up in an odd spot within this thread …

        The IRC refers to the Internal Revenue Code which is the basis of law applied by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

        Specifically, IRC 877 is a part of the law that applies to alleged tax evasion, and 26 USC 877 shows that section of law in full. (That’s a citation for Section 26 of the US Code, which is the Internal Revenue Code within the US Code. There’s an online copy of the US Code available from Cornell University that you can find via most search engines, including DuckDuckGo.)

        In essence, if you have assets over a certain amount and you haven’t done your tax planning properly, your name can be added to a list of persons known to the IRS as being required to make tax filings and payments after giving up US citizenship on the basis that going expat was done in order to avoid further US tax liabilities. This requirement is typically enforced by the US for ten years.

        There are specific types of intangibles and other investment strategies that can be employed in order to get around some of the limits, which a competent professional international expatriation advocate can tell you about in detail, but in general, don’t worry about this unless your current or anticipated future net worth is in excess of 2 million USD.

        So if you’ve actually made your fortune as an American citizen, or you are on the way to making your fortune, what I said earlier applies: the trick is to stay off the IRC 877 list.

        Otherwise you and your finances get to go to American Tax GULAG for ten years.


  • Welcome back.
    In my day out of the house, for whatever reason possible, I constantly challenge others who are lost in their self or the machine induced stupor to throw off their cognitive dissonance and recognize they have power over their minds and bodies still.
    It is not yet totalitarianism that we live in.
    Yes, live for today but tomorrow also and next week and next month and next year too.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      Technically if I live for today (day 0), tomorrow (day 1), some unknown day in the future (day n), and the day after that day (day n+1), that pretty much works for me …

      But since I started out in careers as a mathematician, inductive proof probably works best for me. 🙂

      (Although just in case, I have another option worked out that doesn’t require the “axiom of choice” or Zermelo-Frankl set theory, so don’t even go there. 🙂 )


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