Good Morning from the Gulf Coast


Good morning from the Gulf Coast! I’m back in ghosting mode as I return to the States for another work cycle. Meantime, the next month or two will be about enjoying time on the road before returning to the machine to earn some money. That will be followed by more adventures abroad.

While my official road trip won’t begin until next month, I decided to start prepping now. What better way to prep than getting “lost” with a road trip to a state park I’d never visited before about 500 miles away from home? One situated right by the Gulf of Mexico. I had never set up a tent before last night and had never driven so far (all at once) on my bike. There was a sense of accomplishment as I successfully pulled off both.

There’s something to be said about tent camping. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity, peace, and tranquility my first tent camping experience brought me. I hear birds chirping now as the sun comes up over the horizon.

Spring is already in full bloom here on the coast. I saw two rabbits scampering outside as I walked around, reminding me that life in the natural world goes on while life in the human world becomes bereft of pleasure – at least in this culture.

More to come.

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  • Legend!!! Good luck Mr. Furioso!!!


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    This illustrious nomadism reminds me of the Mongols and their far-ranging campaigns. Crossing back over into an ‘unsettled’ lifestyle represents the ultimate rejection of existing society. Keep it up.


  • Nice Ninja, nice setup. What’s with the opaque milky windscreen?
    Enjoy your trip!


  • When you have to fix your bike on the road, then you’ll feel REAL accomplishment! I’ve been there, done that. You have a good mount in the Ninja 650…

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  • you need to upgrade your tent stakes to bigger ones from the campig section in most any department store or you will witness a flying tent one windy day


  • Boom!! Well done sir.


  • The Gulf Coast and Florida are considered vacation paradises for Canucks lol. But I’m not sure why they aren’t enthusiastic about Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia, or even Tallahassee, FL? Liberal feminists don’t like Black cities?


  • I have many happy memories going to Gulf Shores, Alabama with my family as a kid. This was way back in the 80’s. The place was still small and didn’t feel overcrowded and wasn’t a tourist based, consumer trap. My god how things have changed. The whole coast is high rise after high rise and fake southern charm. My brother in law got arrested on his wedding day for carrying a mixed drink in a stryrafoam cup from a restaurant across the street back to his hotel on the beach. I’m not going to mention the cost of bailing him out.
    most of the locals down in gulf shores and orange beach live on the back side of the place. If you hang with them for a while they’ll smoke you up.


  • Tent camping, the domain of the young buck. Been there, done that. Then to the big class A for the ex ( mistake of course ) now the minimal high top camper van. Stove top, sink and water tank.


  • One thing I`ve learned from quite a few camping trips is to bring a tarp that`s easy to mount/attach to some trees etc. It`s gold on those rainy mornings to have an outdoor space that`s dry.
    Something like this will do;


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