End Sex Scandal Sensationalism: Start Snooping in TV Anchors’ Sex Lives

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

What dirty laundry can we find in Anderson Cooper’s sex life?

The incessant pace of sexual voyeurism infesting Anglo media is aggravating and counterproductive, to say the least. The public has been conditioned to stand back in horror when “incidents” surface revealing that 12 years ago a sitting president might have banged a side chick who happens to be a porn star, or another one got a BJ in the Oval Office, or some other public official makes a pass at a supposedly asexual goddess at the office.

It’s latent Anglo-American Puritanism at its worst.

The latest example of this twisted obsession with public figure sex lives came and went with a recent CBS interview featuring Stormy Daniels, a buxom, siliconed, bleached blonde porn star Trump the faker reportedly banged one time. The duplicity of the media was astounding as 60 Minutes tried to turn a kiss and tell tryst into the crime of the century, while it was hosted by none other than out of the closet CNN mouthpiece Anderson Blooper. This odd juxtaposition representing the MSM’s unquestioning acceptance of all forms of sexuality except heterosexuality in modern times.

Blooper tried to dig for as many graphic details as he could. However, as reported by Nick Nolte at Breitbart, the interview turned out to be another Al Capone’s Vault style embarrassment:

The dirt came from interviewer Anderson Cooper, who found it “newsworthy” to include salacious details, such as Stormy playfully swatting Trump with a magazine. The only news value there is just how desperate the far-left Cooper is to embarrass the president.

Going for the Humiliation Gold, Cooper even asked the former porn star, “Did he use a condom?”

Note the low level of the modern media with Blooper’s odd preceding question. Putting aside Blooper’s curiosity about the minute details regarding how Trump reportedly humped Stormy, the much-hyped expose turned out to be another Van Jones-style nothingburger. Nolte writes:

So basically, after all of the anti-Trump establishment media’s Barnum Bailey Bravado, here we are on Monday morning, right back to square one after Sunday’s night’s massive misfire.

In other words, we are right back to Trump Might Have Had Consensual Sex With a Porn Star 12 Freakin’ Years Ago If Anyone Cares. And nobody cares.

There’s a quick way to bring an end to all this vampirish, fanged mouth sexual intrigue. Start watching the watchers. Fish around for lurid details from media personalities’ sex lives. There’s a lot of dirty laundry there – take it from someone who was on the inside.

Why don’t we ask Anderson Blooper about his sex life? About relationships he’s had that have gone wrong? About improper relationships he might have had. About what kinks he has in the bedroom. If he uses a condom. Does Blooper run trains with other men? Does he worry about HIV since he is in a risk group for contracting the disease? When Blooper answers, we will need to find inconsistencies in his statements and grill him on those, presenting him as untrustworthy and trying to hide something. Surely, knowing these facts about the anchor’s sex life relate to his credibility as a public figure and news presenter if the same standards are applied to Blooper that he applies to others.

Self-righteous talking heads might not be so keen to pass judgment once the lurid details of their own sexual dalliances start becoming public. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Right, Anderson?

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  • Sebastian Hawks

    Anderson Cooper is supposed to be some sort of gay type called a “power bottom.” The type that doesn’t simply bite the bullet and receive so they can have it reciprocated and take their turn to put it in themselves and have their nut, but furiously pushes back on the meat with a vengeance during the abominable act.


  • How does Anderson Cooper manage to pull down $11 million per year? His network, CNN, doesn’t even have a million viewers. Hell, many of the shows draw barely more viewers than test patterns do! I could understand someone pulling down that kind of coin if he had millions of viewers; I could understand if they had a highly rated show. But AC has neither of the above; his show and ratings don’t seem to MERIT that kind of salary. How does he get the kind of money he does? Moreover, given the fact that CNN has few viewers, where do THEY get the money to PAY that salary?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Considering almost all public schools play CNN for students, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got indoctrination subsidies.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Chris Stevenson

      the massive amount that the existing advertisers pay would astonish you. these advertisers are less concerned with total audience numbers than with influencing the current viewer base and also to a large degree controlling the debate.

      Liked by 1 person

  • he likes to travel to France and stay for long periods of time, openly stated in the media and by him. with the amazing amount of money that he is paid every year he can buy children and young teens to his dark heart’s desire. at a certain level of wealth a man can get anything that he wants with no consequence. the secret to his escapades will be found in France where homosexual pedophiles with money are easily indulged. this is a known fact.


  • If its on TV its bullcrap. All the news is fake, nothing gets out that TPTB dont want. Cooper is actually a Vanderbilt, one of the richest families in the world, its no surprise he is pushing all sorts of agendas.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Maybe Maury Povich can ram a piece on Anderson Cooper onto the ass end of his show …


  • Do an internet search for his mother. That’s enough to foment a scandal.


  • I prefer to call him Anderson Pooper; what with the poo-piracy and all.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    This is an excellent idea. There is no limit to the public’s appetite for scandal. I would imagine the female newscasters would be the more blatant in their indiscretions. Let the chips fall where they may. Pun intended.


  • The talking heads of the MSM Have no idea what this country has become or how much rage is boiling under the surface.
    Mr. Cooper probably has never been to a small town in Kentucky, or a barrio, or ghetto. These people are mouthpieces for the corporations. I hate to say it, but they’ll probably never have to suffer the consequences of what they promote, whether gun control, open borders or female empowerment.
    a reckoning is coming. God only knows what.


    • Rel, sounds like a good plan (exposing the cretinous news anchors of the world like Blooper), but as someone who was in the news media “industry” yourself, how much influence do the talking heads really have in terms of what kind of salacious garbage is pushed regarding politicians’ sex lives? Isn’t the agenda of a (fake) news room pushed by the senior executives or (more likely) the (((ownership))) of the media organization employing said talking heads?


    • The irony is that it will eventually be the very immigrants that people like Cooper welcome in unlimited numbers, whether more conservative Latinos, or Muslims, that will shut people like him up. There`s no CNN equivalent in the Muslim world, nor in Latin-America. (Plenty of leftists outlets, but not the pro immigration and anti-male sentiments.)


    • I always considered Mr. Pooper to in fact be a mouthpiece for the CIA. But then again, I guess that’s de-facto the same thing as being a mouthpiece for corporations.


    • Rel, sounds like a good plan (exposing the cretinous news anchors of the world like Blooper), but as someone who was in the news media “industry” yourself, how much influence do the talking heads really have in terms of what kind of salacious garbage is pushed regarding politicians’ sex lives? Isn’t the agenda of a (fake) news room pushed by the senior executives or (more likely) the (((ownership))) of the media organization employing said talking heads?

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