No More Frivorce Rape: British Judge Says Paying Women After a Divorce is Ludicrous


The most senior British family court judge is calling for fairer treatment of men – and women aren’t happy

It seems Anglo men finally have an advocate in the form of Britain’s most senior family court judge. Sir James Munby has called for the abolition of male slavery and forced wealth transfer payments to women brought on by the divorce-industrial complex. In a speech to lawyers given just before his forthcoming retirement this summer, Munby said it’s ludicrous that men still have to pay women after a divorce in this age of the Empowered™ YouGoGrrl. The Daily Mail writes:

Britain’s most senior family judge called for an overhaul of marriage law yesterday, saying people would one day laugh at the idea that a man had to support his ex-wife for life. Sir James Munby called for equality for divorcees when maintenance payments are settled by the courts, highlighting ‘absurd’ divorce settlements that are unfairly biased against men.

Isn’t it funny how women eschew equality when it comes to treating men equally or assuming equal responsibility for their spendthrift lives?

Munby is right the forced wealth transfers are often destructive to male lives, as the Anglobitch blog recently highlighted with the case of a surgeon whose life was financially and then legally destroyed after a divorce. The surgeon’s plight was highlighted by a prison guard who grew tired of seeing good men thrown into modern day debtor’s prisons because they couldn’t pay their exes. The prison guard wrote:

The very worst case I saw as a prison guard was a surgeon, yes an American surgeon who was one of the most respectable guys I ever met, hard working, worked until 2 a.m. 6 days a week to save people’s lives. With all the work hours, his wife got “lonely” and started sleeping around, eventually having 2 kids that weren’t even his as he found out later.

And then she filed for divorce so she could take the surgeon’s money, blow it on cocaine and stupid luxuries for herself without doing any work herself (that’s the real destination where the “child support” money goes) and sleep around with her favorite Chad of the week, all on her hard working surgeon ex-husband’s money. She won an insanely high judgment in a US family court, millions of dollars in child support and “alimony” that the poor surgeon would have to pay.

Since by the court’s judgment, “she should be entitled to maintain the same standard of living after the divorce”, even though this greedy gold-digging Anglobitch is the one who filed for the divorce to steal from her hard-working husband who was actually saving people’s lives.

Of course, the surgeon couldn’t keep up with the insanely high cost of the forced wealth transfers, was promptly stripped of his medical license and for failing to make court-ordered payments, and eventually thrown into prison.

This is the very type of injustice Munby seeks to eradicate from the court system. The judge went on to assail the presumption that men are in charge in modern marriage, which is of course a total farce because women initiate the vast majority of divorces and hold all the cards in the legal system.

He said it had taken too long to rid the law of the Victorian notion that men were in charge in a marriage, and the law was marked by “hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty”.

Munby also said future generations will judge the current situation harshly – a legal system featuring unchecked female supremacy in family courts.

“Past judicial utterances we now find almost absurd should serve as a terrible warning of how history will, in due course, come to judge the present generation.”

Meantime, the Anglo world continues to practice overt misandry in the court system, and the culture at large. Nowhere else in the world are men trodden upon by the legal system as in the Anglosphere. While Munby’s call for justice for men is refreshing, don’t expect reform anytime soon. Lawyer Jill Kirby offered vociferous opposition to the judge’s call to end the female gravy train. Kirby called for Munby’s resignation:

“He wants to remove fault from marriage break-up, which is unfair to a faithful partner. This is a highly political speech. He should step down.”

It’s obvious from Kirby’s comments there’s a long road ahead until female responsibilities (like assuming financial responsibility for their own lives) catch up with the pace of their privileges.

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  • I would like to introduce to you ying-yang democracy. There is this cycle from hard patriarchy to soft patriarchy and don’t remember the third step but it is basically a matriarchy where the social system collapses, chaos and then it returns to a hard patriarchy. Like feminism killed the Roman empire. Or something that an ex kgb guy called “normalization”.
    What about a ying-yang democracy. Yeah I just called it that. Where you have (something smaller than states) states where only women can vote and states where only men can vote. That way we don’t have to take women’s voting right away and hopefully men can have their safe zones. I’d go more extreme, you have states (or something smaller than states) where only companies are allowed to vote. If you don’t like it just move to another state. Such “voting zones” (smaller than a state) should be small enough to allow it to go bankrupt.


  • It’s called Title IV-D. The state is granted 66 cents on the dollar for throwing the man under the bus. Without it it can not compete with other states. The more men get enslaved the more money the state receives making everybody in the state wealthier. The amount of money that a state receives from this male enslavement is huge. The state would go bankrupt if it adopted a law better for men. It needs to change at federal level. Maybe Ron Paul, he’s for a tiny federal government and delegating everything to the state.


  • This is why there’s a marriage strike. This seriously needs to be reformed.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I think it will go on as it has until someone well loved commits suicide. It may take several well loved men who leave word that this was their motive.


  • I practically danced a jig when I read this. I am just all smiles XD


  • Ironic, the quote from the entitled broad at the end of the article about the judge wanting to remove fault from the dissolution of a marital partnership. Obviously, she forgets that is was women who pushed for no fault frivorce in the first place so that they could obtain cash/prizes, optimize their hypergamy unchecked and control all of the levers of how men and women socialize/conduct heterosexual relationships.


    • Manhandling the Anglosphere

      Exactly. Pulling a phrase from Atlas Shrugged by Francisco and giving it a modern twist 😉 “You asked for it sister!”


  • As I learned the hard way by being force fed through the industrial divorce/DV sausage grinder – it is not in the interest of anyone making a living from the so called justice system for the man to prevail in court. The list of those feeding at this particular trough is legion.

    The woman initiating the divorce and/or making the false DV claim as the opening salvo in her divorce strategy is only the first in line. Then you have the police, the DA’s, the judges, the anger management industry, the Title IV-D wealth transfer, the prison industry, men being fired from their jobs to make room for women, etc., and let’s not forget the second greatest hog at the trough after the woman – your own attorney.

    None of them profit by her losing and the man winning and they will all go to extraordinary lengths to make sure he doesn’t win. Fact, truth, logic and more importantly the law itself have no place in a courtroom. These things only stand in the way of the exercise of raw political power and are swept away like straws in the wind by the hogs at the trough.

    As usual, our host here TNMM, is right. Nothing will change anytime soon. The only thing that will change this evil system is when the raw material (men in any relationship with a woman) dries up. But that won’t happen. Even my nephew, who knows the details of what happened to me, just proposed to his girlfriend!

    As long as the little head does the thinking for the big head, the system will thrive. And the system knows the little head is in charge for the vast majority of men and always will be. Save yourself from their clutches, as TNMM has, by removing yourself from the toxic environment or if can’t remove yourself, go MGTOW. These are the only rational options for a man in the 21st century West. Anything else is insane. Choose wisely. Cheers.

    Liked by 2 people

    • What is your divorce story, Smith?

      And what has been your personal solution?

      I think it is clear that “most” men aren’t redpilled. These youngsters are still clammering to get married and have kids. By the time they wise up, they will probably be burned out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • +RYU While the nightmare was happening I thought I was completely alone and there was something seriously wrong with me. Everyone I knew except for blood family, my best friend, and oddly enough the wife of her father (not her mother) turned on me like a pack of rabid dogs. The story itself is not worth repeating as it would take 100,000 words.

        What I discovered is that I was far from alone. I was merely the latest casualty in a line of men tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, in number. I had everything forcibly stripped from me through lies – a lifetime of work, my career, my self esteem – and was hanging on by the knot in the end of the rope seriously thinking the blackness of the abyss below was the better option. The only reason I didn’t let go was that my older sister had passed a year before and I didn’t want to put my mother through the death of another child, much less the suicide of a child.

        Then MGTOW found me. I realized I was not alone. There was indeed a band of brothers. Every time I hear of a male suicide I weep a little for I know that if our brotherhood had been able to find him he would still be alive. That is what our detractors don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, about us – MGTOW saves lives. But it is only male lives, so they really don’t care.

        But for me, MGTOW was the first step in the solution. It led me down side tunnels on the way to the bottom of the rabbit hole. I learned things about what it means to be a man in an insane world. Through intense study of a wide range of subjects (genetics, fractals, psychology, religion, law, the list goes on and on) and honest introspection I found the bottom of the rabbit hole. What I found there, I will not share with you. For it is indeed very dark and many times I wish I did not know. I consider it to be the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Some things a man, or mankind, should not know.

        The solution for me is bound in how I now self identify. I’m a MGTOW ghost monk. The ghost part is removing myself from an environment designed by nature (DNA) and society (law, norms, religion, etc.) to be in direct opposition to my rational self interest (Ayn Rand). Nature and society both demand that I sacrifice myself for propagation of certain genes (particularly those on the X chromosome) and the good of others society has deemed to be superior to me (women in particular, and the extreme .01% of Alpha males). I refuse to participate in my own enslavement and destruction, as I did for decades. Just that simple.

        The monk part is living the remainder of my days in peace and serenity, comfortable in the knowledge that I have mastered my own traitorous DNA and fully understand why society operates the way it does. My body, my soul, and most importantly my mind, are now freed, the chains cast aside upon the ash heap of my past and the future of suicidal expectations.

        Such freedom is a terrifying concept for the vast majority of men, and completely alien to all women. Freedom isn’t free and a price shall be paid. But the price is a farthing of meaninglessness compared to being the captain of a finely trimmed ship, breathing the sweet salt air of freedom, upon a turbulent and unforgiving sea of chaos.

        I hope this makes sense to you. Cheers.

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      • Amazing comment Mr. Smith, well stated.


      • Oh no you don’t, you dirty jew.

        I want to hear what is at the bottom of the hole. I’m going there too. Maybe you found that same thing I did.


  • This isn’t as hopeful as it looks. He says this….just before retirement. Now he can actually say and do what he means.

    He is virtue signallng. “Yes, I was wrong to rule for the woman for so many decades, but YOU need to do the right thing (while I collect the pension.)”

    Cops and soldiers do the same thing. “Oh I knew the war was a sham, I just couldn’t say anything then.”

    The legal and justice system in The West is a business. He knows where the BigBucks come from. No-fault divorce was a bonanza for lawyers, judges and other System bureaucrats.

    It is the same as a cop speaking out on the War on Drugs or a soldier speaking out on the War on Terror. They all know its a sham, but that’s where the money is.


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