Chicks Dig Criminals: Nikolas Cruz Gets Inundated With Fan Mail (and $$$) from Girls

US School 192276

“Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome. I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts,” writes one Cruz groupie

Nothing turns women on more than a murderous psychopath. (At least, a purported murderous psychopath if matrix agenda setters are to be believed.) No sooner than Nikolas Cruz was locked up did legions of women come out of the woodwork to start seducing him with love letters, snapping sexy photos of themselves and even sending him cash. Fox News reports:

Lovestruck groupies from around the country are showering the Parkland, Fla., gunman Nikolas Cruz with fan mail, including sexually provocative photos and donations.

This case is an important lesson on the twisted nature of female sexuality. Women wouldn’t let Cruz figuratively smell where they peed when he was a bullied loser. But now that he’s a criminal superstar with his face plastered everywhere, the panties can’t come off fast enough. TNMM has reported on the hamster wheel propensity that compels chicks to spread eagle for bad boys in the past, an unflattering reality about female sexuality. Women get wet at the thought of screwing bad boys but vaginal moistness dries up at the thought of banging a nice guy.

Cruz being showered with love letters from hot ladies is far from unusual. Mass murderers often run virtual harems, and even have women begging these thugs to breed them. Criminals now wind up with 3.0 children on average per lifetime, while Beta males are on the road to genetic extinction in a post-feminist world.

There’s a term for women who get off on fucking violent criminals and thugs: Hybristophiliacs. This term would include a large segment of the female population if the truth be told. What are hybristophiliac girls writing to Cruz? Seductive lines like these:

“When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you. Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome. I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts.”

Yep, the kind of women most Betas only dream of are now chasing after Cruz. They even send him nudie pics. Fox writes:

A Chicago woman reportedly sent Cruz numerous suggestive photos, including one in which she slurps a Popsicle while wearing a bikini, and another in which she shows off her backside for the camera.

Yes, female psychology is that dark. When’s the last time a woman actively sought you out to send a picture of her behind? Probably never if you’re the typical mangina working in an Office Space setting. But, after women heard Cruz killed 17 students they turned him into a virtual celebrity while becoming hot and bothered in the process. From Fox News:

Cruz’s attorney, Howard Finkelstein told one newspaper he’s “never seen this many letters to a defendant” in 40 years as a public defender.

Knowing this, it doesn’t take a genius to realize letting female instincts run wild will totally wreck a civilization. We’ve discussed the consequences of letting female sexuality loose many times in the past. From our article on Convict Game:

Cultures that don’t rigidly control female sexuality are doomed to devolve over time into an uncivilized state for many reasons, not least among them the fact that criminals reproduce more than good guys do in the absence of proper female guidance. Ergo, chicks dig jerks. And they breed like wanton whores with criminals.

Obviously, nobody listened. There’s a kicker to this sordid story. In true gynocentric fashion fitting for Anglo media, Fox News tries to explain away the estrogen-driven interest in Cruz by defending and pedestalizing women, insinuating only defective women thow themselves at thugs:

The unseemly interest in Cruz may stem from women with poor parental relationships, or a strong desire to save an apparently lonely and vulnerable figure, mental health experts told the paper.

No, Fox News. This episode of love letters to mass shooters is yet another illustration of the depravity of female psychology. Criminals get love letters from and bang the hottest ass on a regular basis. When stories like this surface, it’s one of the few times we get to see women for what they really are – and the reality doesn’t fit your candy floss propaganda imagery extolling them as goddesses imbued with superior virtue.

This gynocentric propaganda brainwashes millions of well-meaning men. The truth is, once again nice guys finish last. And women will beat a path to the jail cell of a criminal to lay down for him.

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  • Thots that Hurtz

    Women can’t tell the difference between a thug, a nut, or a professional soldier. They do know power though. You can’t change their primal nature but you can change who represents a higher standard.

    In Old Europe the Aristocracy set the standards, and interestingly the men were trained from a young age to fight. They were posh gangsters. And the result of their successful killing and use of power? Well-bred young ladies who were guaranteed to be virgins.

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  • Suddenly Im feelin proud to be an Incel!

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  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Charles Manson was a psychopathic vagrant with a harem of young girls before the Tate murders, and after he was sent to prison continued to attract female attention from far and wide until he died a decrepit old man behind bars. Serial killer Ted Bundy was popular with woman after going to prison. Gangsters of yore never wanted for female company.

    This is nothing new. It’s women throwing themselves at the dark triad. Just as they do not admit to their rape fantasies, they won’t admit to the ‘gina tingles they get from killers. They rationalize their behavior with innocent plausibilities, and the media gives the poor little dears a helping hand, because gee, women are sugar and spice and everything nice.

    This is why you must learn game, especially if you live in Anglo America. Unfettered hypergamy is not a pretty thing, fellas.

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  • It’s no surprise to see the Lamestream media deliberately avoiding the psychotic reality behind this behaviour; the puppets and stool-pigeons who “present” this garbage – mindlessly spouting it from the monitor in front of them – are in fact, as clueless to the “very sick” and totalitarian agenda behind the Rockefeller designed/implemented Feminist Movement as the average blue-pill Beta who is still comatose enough to be watching it. They would not have that job, if they weren’t.

    As you guys know, the Feminist Movement was designed/implemented by the Rockefeller “elites” to create divide and conquer, of men and women, to destroy the family unit; removing the child from it to be raised by the state (note the blaming of “the parents”) and to have the “beta” males pay for everything.

    The Feminist Movement has been a resounding success … nothing is ever a woman’s fault!
    Keep up the good work Red Pill guys. We may just well be humanities only hope.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    This story is all over the internet and I think yours is the best treatment of it. Feminism let female sexuality out of the bottle and we will never see it go back in. It is ugly and antisocial. What gets to me is all the brilliant commenters who are trying to sidestep the obvious.

    My question is, while most of the people defending this claim that there is an evolutionary and reproductively sound reason for this behavior, it is so blatantly antisocial and reproductively destructive that I can’t understand how it has manged to survive. Humans have always been social creatures.

    Another thought, until this incident, this guy was socially ostracized and condemned by his peers to lifelong celibacy. Only this incident has changed circumstances. Women are very sick.


    • Relampago Furioso

      My guess is the destructiveness of unchained female sexuality was checked by male behavior and cultural mores until men were transformed into today’s geldings.

      It seems to run in cycles.

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      • fuzziewuzziebear

        I can’t think of another era in history that has granted this much license to women and promoted them to the position of goddess while men have been demoted to slaves. It is unique.

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  • no shock here.


  • You are wrong to chastize women for this, Remy. Their “instinct” is more correct that the intellect of most men.

    The right move today isn’t to “obey.” The System is totally corrupt, from top to bottom. Either one is a slave or a criminal.

    Nick Cruz is superior to alot of men and definitely superior to the wagecuck. Nick will get more ass in the next year than the average married CubicleDrone.

    God “uses” the genetic instinct of women to bring down a rotted and decayed society. His genes are better than the genes of an incel. It is amazing to watch.

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    • Ryu,

      He’s not wrong to chastise women. Not chastising women is the cause of the whole downfall. You are a mixture of black pill and tradcon “Man Up” horseshit.

      Liberal Feminists: “Nothing is women’s fault”

      Conservative Feminists; “Nothing is women’s fault. Stop abortion. Some of those fetuses are females, you know.”

      Male Liberals; “What did the feminists say? Okay, then that’s what I say. Nothing is women’s fault.”

      Male Conservatives; “Nothing is women’s fault. They are our better halves. We just have to find a way to be better men.”

      Ryu: Female instinct is more correct than the intellect of most men. You are wrong to chastise women.”

      MGTOWS; “WTF is going on?”

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      • The reason women have been allowed to decline is the weakness of modern men.

        They are too weak to put their women back in line. Women hate a masculine void. Thus, they seek and submit to superior men who will do it.

        Psychotic racist killers are willing. So are Muzz. In Europe, there is a saying “rapists over racists.” Women prefer a strong rapist to a weak racist.

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      • Feminists; “It’s all men’s fault”
        Tradcons; “It’s all men’s fault”
        Ryu; “It’s all men’s fault”

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    • I have to agree with Ryu.
      You cannot blame the women if it is patently, in the genes, necessary to rule women to prevent them from killing their young or instituting Marxist revolutions. We now have both as hallmarks of the entire gender of women.
      Therefor who do you blame?
      I might pull women because I am ODD, ADD, ADHD and PTSD but not because I am Psycho.
      The more I reject, pointedly, their immature and even deadly behavior the more attention I get from them.
      It is my responsibility to put them in their place and theirs to submit. If they do not, will not or cannot do so then I write them off before I fuck them. I don’t need retarded women anywhere around me.
      It does not matter their appearance, profession, wealth or anything else if this aspect is neglected.
      Therefor I am blameless, guiltless before my maker in this regard.
      How about you guys?

      In my opinion, in this regard not too much different than Jordan Peterson, if men do not rule women they will be ruled, and liquidated, by women.
      Choose your weapon(s).

      By the way, both Emily and Carmen gave me attitudes this week while trying to get my attention. That’s when the expression ‘ignorance is bliss’ actually makes sense. I blissfully ignored them.
      Khadijah, on the other hand, could not have been more pleasant and submissive. I gave her plenty of attention and polite affection.
      Guess who I’m favoring this week?

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      • I have learned to love the thumbs down as I know when these men, or cunts, or both finally do wake up it will be a sight to see. Until then there is no sympathy to offer them whatsoever.


    • You are closer to the truth than this moriyah person, but you are still incorrect. Women’s instincts are not primed to strengthen human society, they are primed to increase entropy. This is the reason you do not see other animals evolved to build societies. Intelligence is a divine spark, an idiosyncracy created by nature that goes against nature’s overall goals of thermodynamics if it is allowed to persist.

      I would use an analogy.

      Say you would like to keep deer from being killed crossing the road. Moriyah thinks the best course is to try and explain to and shame the deer into not crossing. What he does not understand is that shame only works within a certain frame of perspective. The deer will think ‘this human is jealous, insecure and greedy. He doesn’t want to stop anything, there is no danger! He wants all the tasty plants across the road for himself!’

      Then we have you, who wants to run across the road with the deer and delude himself into thinking that he owns them. The deer even concede that he gets it. His folly is putting the perspective of dumb animals incapable of building society as some high truth on a pedestal.

      The reality: the only way to stop them from killing themselves as a species is to murder their parents, take their children, lock them in a fence and then feed them. Teach them that the outside world does not exist. Do this for every generation. This limits their perspective and puts it in your frame of control. Until some idiot comes along and thinks it isn’t right and opens the fence.


      • Your summary is correct if you are applying it to the human condition and what the overlords of this planet have done to their human chattel, meaning YOU.
        And, it is part of my job to open the fence even if some of the sheeple get run over in the ensuing melee, meaning, YOU.
        Otherwise, your analysis is rather irrelevant to our discussion within the context of Matrix control and direction. It is also assumptive and fundamentally confused in;
        ‘Intelligence is a divine spark, an idiosyncracy created by nature that goes against nature’s overall goals of thermodynamics if it is allowed to persist.’
        I have never read such a confused statement. You need to get your dictionary out and, maybe, book an appt with your psycho.


  • There’s no hostility at all being directed to these horrific females. Fox first hints that it’s the parents (father’s) fault. Blame men. Then goes on to praise the virtue of these monsters by crediting them with trying to save a ‘lonely and vulnerable’ figure. Oh what wonderful women they are! Out to save him! Even in this context of some of the most disgusting behavior I’ve ever seen, the women are STILL pedestalized.

    At least it has been made so extremely clear to us. Our culture is in a state of psychotic pedestalization of one gender over another. The information is loud and clear. They have made it so easy to MGTOW overseas. No other option.


    • Yeah, fundamentally you are right;
      they called child migrants ‘dreamers’ for coming to America seeking a better life when they should call Americans ‘dreamers’ for staying in America expecting a better life.
      Realistically, Americans can go anywhere they want and they will find the exact same life because American fascism has created that life everywhere that Hollyweird plys it’s trade.
      Look on the wall of the American senate where the Facis is proudly displayed as the symbol representing American ethics and mores.

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