What I See Each Time a Couple Passes


How much is that chick costing him a month? Does he even realize it?

“I wonder how much that piece of tail is costing him.”

That’s what I think each time a couple passes by. Especially if it’s a high SMV chick. This might seem crude or unusual to those uninitiated in the crimson arts, but that’s the reality of relationshits for those of us blessed and cursed with the ability to see unvarnished reality.

Every woman has her price. Hypergamy. Briffault’s Law. Penguin prostitutes. The list of proof backing up that claim goes on and on. Hell, just open your eyes if you’ve never used them before and pay attention to the way chicks behave.

My next thought after seeing the couple is: “I wonder what mistake he’ll make (or she’ll claim he makes) that will end that relationshit.” How much it will cost him. If he’ll be turned into a slave by the family court system.

I used to envy men with attractive girlfriends but now I almost feel sorry for them. I know what circus act the poor bastard probably had to put on to get that girl’s attention, or how much of his life and freedom he had to mortgage to entice her hypergamous instincts with consumer purchases. That is, if he’s the typical well-meaning Beta male.

I also know he’s now subject to her whims legally, culturally, and spiritually. He’s one false rape claim or “It’s not you, it’s me” away from having his life destroyed and his motivation taken away.

In short, the bloom is off the rose. Once you’ve stared into the gaping maw that is female sexuality and psychology, you’ll never see women – or the men who are with them – the same way again.

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  • Take it from someone who is trapped on the inside….RUN. Save yourself. Run fast and don’t look back. Years ago married a solid 6+ with great life skills. She was like a throw back to the 50’s…cooked, cleaned, pampered, the works. Now she is a -3 and falling fast with no desire to pretend anymore. Of course, she “owns” half my pension, half of my bank account and half of everything else. You’ve been warned.


  • Has it happened yet?!

    I just prayed for all the men and boys of my country to recive enlightenment about the twisted and depraved nature of female sexuality of epedemic proportions!

    I belive that prayer is best used in situations where the positive outcome you seek is vastly outside of your own power, ablity or station in life to achieve. However, I’ve never heard a megachurch pastor ask his flock to devote even a few words of prayer to the above mentioned. WHY!

    Sure, they’ll ask us to pray for some dumb bs like starving Ethimopians in Kenya, But will never have their people press in on bleep that realy matters!

    WHY? Because they’re all vipers and can’t be trusted. That’s why! Who needs em.

    Don’t get married.


  • I don’t understand how many men think women from other countries will somehow magically be “different”. Jaguars hunt, no one has to teach them to hunt, it is innate and instinctive. Women have innate and instinctive behaviors too- here we call it AWALT. To think that somewhere they are different is to think that somewhere jaguars don;t know how to hunt. Beware the jaguar that you think doesn’t know how to hunt, beware the woman that you think is a NAWALT. The biggest difference is that the jaguar doesn’t take your house before it is finished.


  • As was said here (and other places men frequent)- EVERY woman has her price. The difference between pussy that is free and pussy that is paid for is that the pussy that is free costs more- sometimes a lifetime of saving and working. Almost makes one wish to be a low SMV male. You could almost make a mathematical formula for it: Male SMV is inversely proportional to bank account balance.


  • Speaking from inside the trap (years ago married solid 6+ with good life skills, now quickly on her way to from 3….2….1 with the personality of a 2×4): RUN. Save yourself. Run quickly and don’t look back.


  • Yeah, she’s high SMV (simply thin in USA, i.o.w.), and he’s got to keep slaving away at some yuppie style startup or whatnot for 70-90 hours a week to stay relevant. Put her in Rio in a thong and watch her bone-protruding, overly flaccid, boxy Anglo hips get blown away by the legions of 16-25 year olds down there who come at 1/50 the expense/risk and have far more sexuality. The thong doesn’t lie. So many pedestalized, oneitis bait Anglo artsy/pretty girls really come down to earth in a thong. NAKED TRUTH. Untouchable, oneitis bait girls in the USA are mediocre when naked, on the international stage. If I ever have a son (unlikely), our summers will be spent with me touring him around the world so he knows what’s out there. Tits and ass are just what international women simply have on the regular, like purses and shoes. T and A is nothing to commit suicide over, like it is in fatass USA.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I agree. Stuck-up Anglobitches with boxy asses (the few that aren’t fat with blue hair) don’t hold a candle to women on the world stage. And you’re right that superior women come at a fraction of the risk and expense, too.


    • I used to admire married guys in my blue pill days. Literally, it is a complete 180 now. Anytime I see a dude with a wedding band, I immediately think “slave collar”. A wedding band literally signifies “slave to the one vagina who despise you more than you could ever imagine”.


      • * despise = despises


      • BonkHers is spot on here. Took the old man decades to learn this ( I was blue pill for a long time). I used to envy married men. These days I just feel sorry for the poor deceived suckers.


      • I know what you’re saying BonkHers and I agree. I see married men as dopes too. They’re giving their lives away and they’ve already past their peak, assuming they’ve had a year of premarital sex before getting married. What’s left? They’re mistaking physical attraction to an under 30 girl for love. And they’re handing away their life even though their male imperative has about 6 months until its expiration date. Then 40-50 years of serving the feminine imperative. I have to disagree a bit though. The ‘slave to vagina’ syndrome isn’t the case though. Maybe one in twenty guys (under 35 y.o. couples) is with such a hot woman that he is sexually overpowered. After 35, maybe one in a hundred. So the whole ‘pussywhipped slave to the vagina’ thing really isn’t there. I wouldn’t mind being in that situation frankly. A young Sofia Vergara as my wife and I’m doing what I’m told all day long. Worth it. What 97% of men are slaves to is the legal threat of divorce. They are also a slave to a culture that actively eliminates sexual pleasure from men’s lives. Give it ten years and there won’t even be strip clubs anymore. Not that those are a good deal. And they’re already filled with such low grade women that there really is nothing there. Hot escorts are very expensive and come loaded with the threat of organized police stings. So men are slaves to their own culture which actually targets their happiness for elimination. Men are really slaves to the fact that their demographic (white males) is a voting block that is split right down the middle; lib and cons, and therefore useless to politicians. Politicians don’t cater to us. We haven’t been sold a false victimhood narrative to rally us as a united voting block. That’s what we’re slaves to. Don’t give these women so much credit. I would love to be a slave to vagina and live life in a pussywhipped haze to some hot woman. Too bad almost no one is even in that position.


  • After I had my eureka moment, I said to my friend, “I have seen into the void, and I can’t un-see it”.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Well said.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.”

      Nietzsche, from “Beyond Good and Evil” — not bad for a “Eureka moment”, actually …


      • Just to clarify, what I meant by “eureka moment” is the moment in which I came to understand what women really are. I was explaining to my buddy why I simply have no interest in relationships with women (of any sort) and never will again. He said something like, “you can’t think like that’s man”. The reality of course, is that one cannot help but think “like that”, beyond a certain event horizon.


      • like that*


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