Man Sues Syracuse University Over “Victim-Centered” Sexual Misconduct Policy


Syracuse University is being sued over its sexual misconduct policy

If you don’t already know, women are perfect, asexual goddesses in the eyes of the Anglo legal system. They’re also seen as such culturally, polar opposites of supposed knuckle-dragging men who harbor “nasty” sexual urges that must be “purified” by an increasingly Puritanical culture. This bias in favor of women extends onto college campuses nationwide.

In another case of a woman’s word meaning more than a man’s, Syracuse University recently kicked a student out after a sexual assault charge was leveled against him. has been covering the matter:

A former Syracuse University student was kicked out of school for a sexual assault he says he didn’t commit. John Noakes, who is black, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit saying a female student, who is white, misidentified him months after the attack in a Marshall Street alley.

The good news is the school is getting sued over its biased sexual assault policy. The bad news is all it took was a report of drunken grab-assing to get Noakes kicked out of school while his accuser didn’t even have to show up at his witch trial. Noakes was never charged by police.

Anglobitch privilege strikes again, it would seem. Call it the curse of the pale tail. The incident stems from Noakes and his unnamed (of course!) accuser both getting drunk one night at Orange Crate bar then making out in an alley behind the establishment.

The woman, who was not named in the lawsuit, says she was pulled into the alley next to Breugger’s Bagels around 1 a.m.

The [woman states the] assailant tried to kiss her, but when the student turned away, he put his hands down her pants and touched her private areas, according to the police report. A witness pulled the woman away. The attacker — a stranger — was not caught that night.

In my opinion, it sounds like the “attacker” grabbed her ass as a continuation of what had already been happening in the bar.

But, never are important questions asked. Why would a supposedly upstanding young woman get drunk and wander out into a back alley with someone she didn’t know? Crucially, was she flirting with her “attacker” before he made his move? Was he chasing after her like a maniac or was she leading him on? Had they been dancing together and/or rubbing up against each other on the dance floor? It’s funny how important details like this never surface. Also, is petting enough to destroy a man’s life?

Personally, I remember how slutty white chicks get in a bar when they’ve been drinking it up. This goes all the way back to my college days over 15 years ago. Even then I would see them all over men in the bar. And they would act the sluttiest around black guys.

Noakes’ accuser had a witness with her, and the duo later picked him out from a lineup of photos months later. But, even the female witness commented on the so-called victim’s drunkenness.

“There is definitely a chance she could have pointed out a different person from the person that she was in the alleyway with,” she said.

That didn’t stop Syracuse University from taking immediate, politically correct action, even though Noakes wasn’t prosecuted by police and the “victim” wasn’t made to appear at the institution’s kangaroo court.

Noakes was found responsible for the assault after a Title IX hearing process that is being hotly debated around the country. The federal government recently lightened the pressure on colleges to police non-criminal sexual conduct. Critics say the process used by universities favors accusers; supporters say it keeps colleges safe.

If you haven’t noticed, the “safety” racket is reguarly used to strip what liberty is left from Americans’ lives. Whether or not Noakes made the grab-assing move the school’s policy favors false sexual assault claims from women. Noake’s attorney writes:

Syracuse has adopted a biased, ‘victim centered’ approach aimed at always believing and supporting the victim without regard to the results of any investigation or adjudicatory process. Students like Noakes are effectively presumed guilty and schools apply the very lowest standard of of proof — just more than 50 percent of the evidence. That’s far lower than the legal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

So, once again we see these days all it takes is a girl calling a man is a “witch” before he is promptly burned at the stake in a #MeToo world. Circumstances don’t matter, and women’s drunken behavior doesn’t matter.

Syracuse University won’t comment on the pending lawsuit, and changes to its sexual misconduct policy are unlikely. The supposed victim will remain unnamed atop her pedestal, never made to face the man she accused. Nor will the concept of personal responsibility ever surface in the world of total female domination of both rights and privilege.

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  • The bar was off campus, right? If that’s the case, doesn’t the City of Syracuse have jurisdiction? Shouldn’t that simple detail keep the university out of the whole matter altogether? Am I missing something?


  • In a similar case that turned out much worse for the young guy; my best friend was accused of rape – while at university, in Australia. He’d been “dating” the psychotic bitch; they’d had sex several times previous to the night in question. Alcohol was heavily involved. As he was living off campus, the university could/did not intervene. He was charged by police and it came to trial 18 months later. The por bastard was coaxed – by his lawyers – into pleading guilty (because the barister had another trial he wanted “collect from” that week). He got a 4 year suspended sentence – and, of course – “that” criminal record for the rest of his life. She came back a few months later for “her pay-day”. Five grand they gave her. His parents paid 20 grand in legal fees, and the guy was from that point onwards cuckholded from the ability to earn a decent living “for life”. Five fucking grand to destroy a young man’s life. “Take away accountability and take away reason, and now you’ve got yourself a woman” (As Good As it Gets).


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I don’t think men should be attending college, in light of this. What we have is another he said/she said scenario that can’t be confirmed, unless there is surveillance video. It seems that, in every case, women are going to get the benefit of the doubt to penalize men. If this doesn’t constitute a “hostile environment”, I don’t know what does. Following that reasoning, a few colleges and universities need to be shut down for the message to sink in.
    What can men do in the meanwhile? Take as many online courses as possible, attend community college to the greatest extent, and avoid college and university until it is the last option.
    Another thought. It seems that black men/white women scenarios are overrepresented. The best advice for black men is not to go anywhere near white women.
    Finally, we need to see false accusers prosecuted with vigor. No more “slap on the wrist” sentences. Prison.


  • I really would love to know the facts of this case. For example, was he even at the bar? Are the witnesses reliable? (Probably not.) When did she report the “Rape?” Was it that night or a few weeks later. And since this took place off campus between two adults, and the police declined to charge, is it even any of the University’s business?

    That said, this sounds like a Defamation of Character action big time. No proof but we’re going to let everybody know that you’re a rapist. Major negative impact on education and possible future career.

    I hope that his attorney knows what he’s doing, hope that he hired the very best. And I hope that this results in a very big payday with major punitive damage award.

    Just a thought.



    • Actually, the law makes schools report ANY “crime” ANYWHERE NEAR CAMPUS to the federal government. Even if no students / faculty / staff were involved. On a small contiguous campus it would be approx. 1-5 miles. Frat houses and any off-campus property owned by the school counts as campus property. Bars and any other establishment visited by students counts as off-campus.


    • Since the incident occurred OFF CAMPUS, why does the university have any jurisdiction at all? Isn’t this under the purview of the city?


  • Be vewy, vewy careful if you play with girls. They don’t play fair.
    Nor can they take a joke, or a poke, they are grrrlllls.
    Women have their limitations in everything that men can do.
    The other side of the coin is that they can have babies.
    They would do well to stick to their specialty.

    A serious point worth considering: A woman without a man is like a ship without a rudder; A man without a woman is like a ship without an anchor. If you want to settle down in a port for a long time then a woman is fine to have. Otherwise…


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