Boxy Pale Tails vs. Bountiful Booties on the World Stage


The butt don’t lie. Anglo chicks have the boxiest behinds and most boyish features but affection from them comes at an astronomical premium

It should come as no shock Anglo chicks have an overly inflated sexual market value (SMV). Even though they have some of the boxiest, most boyish physical features on the planet Anglo chicks use their presumed value to tease, taunt, and wreck the lives of men in America. Men who apparently are clueless that they’re now paying through the nose for an inferior product. Even if these guys aren’t getting any, they’re still paying through the nose thanks to the massive welfare state.

Men are allowing themselves to be treated like chumps as board-like women exploit them emotionally and financially. Perhaps because they think this is all they’ve got. No, my friends. Women with sexier features do exist. Boxy behinds do give way to bountiful booties. About all you have to do to find them is leave the matrix.

Anglo chicks aren’t just lacking anatomically, but behaviorally as they have become some of the most boorish, classless, inaccessible souls on the planet who consider men utility objects who exist only to be trodden upon. But, for the moment let’s focus on anatomy. Especially, comparing Anglo anatomical features to women on the world stage. TNMM reader John James sums up the situation:

Put her in Rio in a thong and watch her bone-protruding, overly flaccid, boxy Anglo hips get blown away by the legions of 18-25 year olds down there who come at 1/50 the expense/risk and have far more sexuality. The thong doesn’t lie. So many pedestalized, oneitis bait Anglo artsy/pretty girls really come down to earth in a thong. NAKED TRUTH.

It’s true. I see the occasional pack of white girls when I’m traveling abroad and I must say, there’s just no comparison. With the slimmest waists and fullest behinds, better bust to booty ratios, better hip to waist ratios, and features that aren’t marred by bleached, burned up hair, foreign women have got it going on. And, they come without the staggering price tag a self-anointed princess here will run you.

Imagine, some men mortgage their lives for a boyish-figured woman with a bad attitude and a heavy dose of penis envy. Typically, when I come back I am astonished at how unkempt women in this country are. It takes a week or so for me to mentally adjust to being back in this mess. A world in which every woman is “better” than ever man even if she doesn’t deserve her lofty social laurels.


Is a flat behind and ill attitude really worth mortgaging your financial future when sexier women are available?

Culture Matters

My personal feeling is spoiling women spoils them. In a world in which men’s roles have been displaced by Uncle Sugar, women feel they don’t “need” men anymore. A true testament to the fact women only see men as objects to be used.

Women in Anglo America have had it too good for too long, their success coming at a high price. Their materialistic lifestyles place enormous weight on the backs of the men they berate at every opportunity. Women abroad haven’t been spoiled with legions of Beta males scrambling to do their bidding, and this shows with their more down to earth attitudes. (Lesson: Never get on The Hedonic Treadmill.)

This is why women with boxy behinds, flat chests, or mounds of fat think they deserve to have a man furnish them with one of the unattainable lifestyles they see on fake reality TV. But, one good turn deserves another which is why men should exercise their right to use their own SMV to land a sexier women.

All it takes is fleeing the Anglobitch plantation. John James talks as if he’s a man who knows how much finer foreign women are from personal experience.

Untouchable, oneitis bait girls in the USA are mediocre when naked, on the international stage. If I ever have a son (unlikely), our summers will be spent with me touring him around the world so he knows what’s out there. Tits and ass are just what international women simply have on the regular, like purses and shoes. T and A is nothing to commit suicide over, like it is in fatass USA.

Yes, time abroad makes a man never want to come back to fatass (or boxy ass) USA. This once-great nation has become the textbook definition of dystopia.

Not only do women at home have inferior anatomy, but they have afforded themselves astronomical SMV value by torturing men with a lack of sex and affection for decades. It’s a bubble which is now in the process of bursting as feminist brainwashing is exposed for the travesty it is. Much as in finance, a “correction” is in the process of occurring because Anglo pussy futures are far overvalued.

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  • It’s nice to help contribute. Our culture’s complete ignorance in regards to how outclassed American women are compared to the world stage will always boggle my mind. Guys have no idea and they stay here with the lowest of the low, wasting their lives on them. Ridiculous.


  • Warning from someone trapped on the wrong side of marriage: once they own half your pension and get the kid they want, the hair gets cut, the sweat pants come out, the baby weight never comes off (my kid graduates from college soon and she still gets mistaken for being pregnant.) and the sex dries up unless they need to get you back in line. My solid 6+ now looks and acts like a Walmart joke. Why? Because she knows she has me by the financial balls, so,what am I gonna do? As for getting out of Anglo-hell: Yes, do so, but be warned the gimme, gimme, gimme, culture is spreading. I’m in SE Asia right now and the women are by and large beautiful and demure….but once they think they have you they can screech for an iPhone 10 or new shoes with the best of them.


    • American women invented the ‘Have a kid, gain 60 pounds’ voucher. If you ever call them out on their weight, then it’s a direct insult to the sanctity of the child you had together. I’ve seen Eastern European women have 3 kids and they’re back to a buck 15 a few weeks after each birth. As for international women getting more selfish etc,, well they can try but the competition is too fierce. Until they are run over with obesity as well, overseas life is incredible.


  • Yeah just left a restaurant in West Los Angeles. Could not believe of the 6 waitresses there all of the were ugly, tatted, frumpy, ill dressed, chubby or fat, and just unkempt looking. Where are the hotties? Thank God I am in my fifties and married and got hawt poontang when i was young.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Adventures in American farm country: you can tell who the spoiled princess brat women are because they’re the ones who have boxy arses.

    The women who have had to work in fields owned by their families and inter-relations don’t look like this because they’ve had to do squats in order to bring in the harvest each year.

    Small town girl + boxy arse = spoiled rural princess brat waiting for YOU YOU YOU to save her from life in farming country.


  • The best thing would be if more men actually went overseas and brought back brides. Increased supply/competition always reduces cost.


    • The last paragraph is pure gold.

      “Not only do women at home have inferior anatomy, but they have afforded themselves astronomical SMV value by torturing men with a lack of sex and affection for decades. It’s a bubble which is now in the process of bursting as feminist brainwashing is exposed for the travesty it is. Much as in finance, a “correction” is in the process of occurring because Anglo pussy futures are far overvalued.”

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    They wouldn’t see their SMV rank so high if they couldn’t get away with a “take it or leave it” attitude. You are doing the best thing possible by getting the word out. All it is going to take is a few thousand men taking a week off in non Anglo countries with beach resorts. Just socializing with foreign women is going to leave a favorable impression and Anglo women will look the worse for comparison.The real killer for Anglo attitude is when men bring back wives who are good looking and have good attitudes. The last number I heard on that was only fifteen thousand per year, not enough to sink in. Another source of learning for women is to get posted overseas and find out they can’t date, their reputation has preceded them. It is going to take a while. I remember the stock market compared to the housing market as a speedboat to a supertanker. The sexual marketplace is even slower to react.


  • “My personal feeling is spoiling women spoils them.”
    Yes, this here^^^^^^ all day, bro. The whole fucking tourist restaurant industry exists because of this. Men seriously need to stop being her meal ticket.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      Most sit-down “casual dining” restaurants in America aren’t worth the money these days …

      I’m tired of being shaken down for Geneva-level tips by a bunch of arrogant “wait-trons” (mostly American white chicks) who can’t get my orders right and who can’t get my food to the table while it’s hot.

      A friend of mine who also lurks around these parts was talking with me about this today, and he’s become a fan of mall food courts: a la carte menu selection dialled up to eleven, plus no coerced tipping of anyone.

      He doesn’t buy a damned thing in the mall — he just goes to the food court for cheap eats.

      As for me, I’m tired of the Five American Restaurant Food Groups being Sugar, Salt, Fat, Starch, and Flavour Enhancer.

      But the average boxy-arsed American Restaurant Bitch clientèle love that stuff to death.

      Give me Smith & Wollensky’s with Irish beef and none of that bullshit if I’m going to have to sit down for a meal in public …

      The boxy-arsed American Restaurant Bitches are not invited.


      • Restaurants, cafes, bars in North America are dream killers. Way too expensive for high sodium, high sugar foods that are made to blow your tastebuds away. Wait 20 minutes though and it feels like you’ve eaten a bowling ball. Tips plus tax are the killers. You see a 9 dollar entrée and your mind immediately calculates that 9 bucks, “Not bad” up to 14 with tax and tips. 14$ for a mediocre, salt bomb of a sandwich or whatever it is, ramping up you sodium addiction. Costco scallops in butter and olive oil, broccoli, a roll with butter, a piece of decent chocolate and a dram…4 bucks max and much better in every way.

        Mall food is salt city and not a good deal either.


  • Pic#1 looks like the typical cunt who skipped legs day at the gym. Pic#2 looks slightly better from the (((intsagram))) camera angle.


  • I must say that this is not the case in my homelands.(Norway) Women here in general have pretty nice behinds, although obesity is also affecting Scandinavians to a greater extent. I must also say that the extremely shitty attitudes one will invariably encounter in the Anglo countries, UK, US Australia etc. is not nearly as bad around these parts. I don`t know what the deal is with the typical Anglo slut. They bring nothing to the table, yet have enormous expectations. So all in all Scandinavia represents somewhat greener pastures. Also there is a glut of masculine men here, so chances of scoring are pretty decent.


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