Where Was CNN On Obama’s Alleged Gay, Coke-Fueled Affair


Obama’s alleged gay, coke-fueled love affair has been out in the open for a decade, but few have ever heard of Larry Sinclair

Left-leaning propaganda outlet CNN recently became very hot and bothered over an alleged bombshell interview between Anderson Blooper and porn star Stormy Daniels. In their minds, finally they’d have a classic Anglo-American sex scandal with which to hang the current straight, white male president they hate so much. The cherry on top was an openly gay interviewer persecuting a heterosexual president for banging a floozy before an audience of millions.

But, the ruse backfired. As the interview came and went it only further cemented the Clown News Network’s image as a fake news outlet. That said, isn’t one decades-old, alleged sex scandal as good as another?

Showing CNN’s extreme bias, a comparable story with just as much (or more) evidence was almost totally ignored. Larry Sinclair has claimed since 2008 that he and then Senator Obama had a coke-fueled gay love affair together. But, it never became a major issue during Obama’s presidential campaign or during his regime. In the press conference video linked above, Sinclair told reporters Obama’s gay affair (which happened while he was married to Michelle) began at a bar called Alibi’s:

I mentioned I could use a line or two to wake up. Senator Obama asked me if I was referring to coke and I stated that I was. After stating that I was Obama stated he could purchase cocaine for me and then made a telephone call. Senator Obama and I then departed the bar in a limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where Senator Obama exited the limousine with $250 which was provided to him by me, returned a short while later with an eight ball of cocaine which he then gave to me.

This is where Obama’s purported gay lover drops a graphic, detailed sex scandal in the lap of the anti-sex, scandal-hungry press. But, since it’s gay sex and not straight sex it seems they decided to keep it hush hush. Sinclair continues:

I did ingest a couple of lines of cocaine and shortly thereafter and shortly thereafter Senator Obama produced a glass pipe and packet of crack cocaine from his pocket. Obama then smoked the cocaine. I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine. After which, I had the driver take me to my hotel at the Comfort Suites, Gurnee, Illinois. The following day, November 7, 1999 Senator Obama appeared at my hotel room unannounced, uninvited where we again ingested cocaine and I again performed fellatio on Senator Obama. Significantly, both the driver’s telephone call to Senator Obama and his telephone call to the drug dealer should appear on the driver’s and Senator Obama’s cell phone billing statements.

Why wasn’t Anderson Blooper sent down to blow (heh) this story wide open in a much-ballyhooed 60 Minutes interview? Does the subject matter hit too close to home? (I personally knew a gay anchor who loved coke-fueled sex parties.) Importantly, Sinclair resurfaced during the Stormy Daniels news coverage to claim he had much more evidence (credit card receipts, cell phone records connecting Obama to a drug dealer, etc.) than the former porn star. But, Anglo media wouldn’t give him the time of day.

There are also reports Obama had quite a few gay flings like this one. So, the former president seems to have a history of cheating on Michelle.

If the fact few people know the name Larry Sinclair but everyone in America knows the name Stormy Daniels doesn’t prove the gross extent of Anglo media bias, and outright vitriol fake news presenters have towards heterosexuals, libertarians, and conservatives nothing will. The talking heads in cheap suits completely glossed over a ready-made sex scandal, subject matter they normally salivate over. But, the sexual orientation and the political leanings of the subjects were part of the in-group rather than the out-group. So, no media circus resulted.

Have you destroyed your TV yet?

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  • I can’t STAND Anderson Blooper! It’s not because he’s gay, either. I simply cannot stand him. When I hear his voice, I have the same reaction as when I heard BHO’s voice-disgust. I get the heebiejeebies, big time, when I hear either of their voices.

    Oh, and can anyone tell me WHY Anderson Blooper gets paid $11 MILLION a year? Can anyone tell me that? How does he get that kind of money when he barely cracks a million viewers on an average (i.e. sans Stormy Daniels) night? Moreover, how can CNN, with its abysmal overall numbers, afford to PAY that kind of salary? Sorry, but I don’t get it…


  • Sebastian Hawks

    OK, I’m skeptical on this. You have all these accusers seeking 15 minutes of fame with a grain of salt. And the Michelle thing, if not photoshopped, is probably straps from kevlar rigging under the clothes to protect the President and First Lady from nutjobs who make be out there.


  • If you go on YouTube and type “Michelle Obama is a man” in the search box, you’ll find LOTS of interesting videos! There’s one video where Barack called Michelle Michael. Of course, there’s the infamous video of Joan Rivers saying that Michelle is a tranny! Isn’t it interesting how Joan Rivers died during a rather routine medical procedure-things that make you go HMMMM…


  • Anderson Blooper and the Communist News Network wouldn’t blow the whistle on this; that would be blowing the cover of a brother in arms! Can’t have that! Obama is a communist, just like CNN and its mouthpieces. Obama is gay, just like AB. I could go on, but you get my point. CNN and its personalities IDENTIFY with Obama; he’s just like them. Of course they won’t blow the whistle on him!

    However, if Donald Trump had had a fling with Larry Sinclair, the story would be different now, wouldn’t it? For that and many other reasons, I haven’t gotten my news from the Lamestream Media in DECADES…


  • I heard Obama was a gay hooker. Of course, the media would not cover this. The Murkan media is nearly 100% liberal.


  • I didn´t even know about this Gay Mulatto´s affair, well spoted Relampago.


    • I didn’t know about it, either. I’d heard that BHO was a closet gay, but I never knew who Larry Sinclair was-and I read alternative media exclusively…


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